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Chapter 129: Preface One

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Anyone who could attend the Trade Conference was not a fool. To be more precise, every single person were either quite smart or extremely smart. In addition to the intelligence that they had, sixty to seventy percent of the participants in the Trade Conference were all experts or would have experts by their sides.

So when an indomitable aura appeared and quickly spread through their surroundings, many people discovered its presence and immediately wanted to investigate it.

It was only when ninety-nine percent of them ran into each other in the same place and stared at each other in dismay, did they realize that they seemed to have been thrown off?!

This was practically a terrible event that could not be tolerated at all!! There were at least ten hunters above Rank Nine around them, okay?! They could even be shaken off with such experts present?! Then, putting it in another way, didn’t this mean that their life and assets were not protected?!

Just as this group of rich and powerful moguls could not help suspecting everyone the more they thought about this, three groups — JinYu and Ye Huang as one, Long ChangLi and Qi TianCong as another and the three Bosses as the last — were staring blankly at a golden sphere in a dense forest not far away from them.

When Jin Yu and Long ChangLi’s groups met, they were very calm. After all, they had a certain understanding of each other’s strength as each regarded the other as their most powerful and cryptic opponent. Therefore, it was no surprise to run into each other here. However, Jin Yu and Long ChangLi’s groups were unable to understand where the third group came from and what kind of force they were, and the couple of subordinates behind them were not speaking. It was nothing for Jin Yu and Long ChangLi to worry about despite this unknown group being rather strong. However, the three leaders who did not seem to get along well gave everyone an exceedingly dangerous feeling.

It seemed that the three standing opposite them were dangerous existences they had never encountered before.

At this time, the three bosses who had smuggled out of the Desolate Star were also having second thoughts.

They were full of confidence before they came. Although they looked down on human beings as their social enemies, they had done a careful investigation of the people they would meet in the near future. They were familiar with the Long ChangLi’s group, but were a little surprised at Jin Yu’s group. They all recognized Ye Huang, Bai Wei, Ling Chong and Long ChangXiao since they were people from the Ten Great Villainous Clans. These three kings from the Desolate Star even knew Zhang LiangShan, the Head of the Military Department. It was enough to prove that the information system of the savage beasts on the Desolate Star was also quite developed.

However, this Big Boss Qi who put a lot of pressure on them just by standing there, and even made the ice block extremely wary, was an existence they absolutely did not recognize. If this person was like Shan BaiLu whose strength was substandard, then they could not be bothered with this obscure person. However, the strength of this fella even made the strongest ice block feel threatened and secretly put up his guard. They must definitely investigate the identity of this person!

The three bosses were shocked when they neared the seemingly harmless fish. This person not only had an aura that made them want to get close, he also had a type of power made them extremely reluctant to get into conflicts with him. Although he looked harmless and was extremely weak, this fish was the one the three least wanted to provoke. His danger level was also a little higher than Big Boss Qi.

The expressions and attitudes of the three groups were quite unnatural because of the unexpected existence that each of them faced. Their positions just happened to form a perfect triangle around the golden ball of light, so they were staring at the ball in the middle in consternation.

“Ah! Its color changed! ”

Bai Sha suddenly exclaimed. Everyone saw that the ball of light, which was originally gold, suddenly began to shake. Its color changed from gold to red, and then turned black and finally became a golden red. As a proper ancient hominid species, Jin Yu could not understand such a scene at all. However, the expressions of the people from the Ten Great Clans and even Zhang Liangshan agitatedly changed after seeing such a scene.

“It’s going berserk?!”

Ye Huang’s expression was extremely ugly. Even though this beast was no longer within the area of the Trade Conference, a beast going berserk was almost one of the tactically agreed taboos for the entire human race. One of the most famous and circulated versions of beasts going berserk in the history of human and beast development was the Level S transcendent beast that had the bloodline of the White Tiger. After seeing its clansmen being tortured to death, it went berserk. It’s power rose sharply and eventually exceeded its Level S ability. Then, after three days and three nights of massacring, the beast self-detonated and died under the joint suppression of ten Rank Ten Hunters.

After years since this incident, there would always be a case of a beast going berserk. The response from the humans were divided into two sides in the face of such a situation.

One side advocated to treat beasts like they treated their relatives and friends — with equality and friendliness — so that they could get along with beasts better; others felt that the reason why beasts went berserk was because those people were not managing their beasts strictly enough. They advocated the domestication of beasts from cubs and a strict control and management over them. In this way, they would truly put an end to the betrayal and rampaging of beasts.

In any case, these two sides maintained their own opinions and the number of people in both camps were almost the same. It was only later when some beasts owned by those who advocated equality and friendliness towards the beasts went berserk for some reasons, that the majority of the human beings gradually began to accept the tyrannical methods of the latter. At the least, the latter did not have any beasts which went berserk.

… However, this was only superficial data.

If the latter’s method was so effective, why did the Ten Great Clans and many of the current leaders treat their own high level beasts so well? Although they would sometimes coerce the beasts, they allowed them to act on their own will in many aspects. After all, beasts were different from animals; the latter were easy to tame while the former had their own way of thinking which would be the higher its level was. In the words of the first President of the Royal Hunter Academy, what was the difference between human beings and beasts besides their different appearances?

This was the truth.

When people were oppressed and provoked, they would become angry and sad, and turn rebellious and revengeful. Then, why couldn’t a beast do the same?

Once they decided to rebel, the consequences would be as turbulent as the sea.

This was true of both man and beast.

So in the minds of humans, a beast going berserk was an extremely dangerous matter. This was because the first thing they would do was to heartlessly massacre humans without any emotion after most of them went berserk. This was was the danger of a berserking beast.

So when Ye Huang and others saw that the golden ball showed the characteristics of going berserk by suddenly turning from gold to red and then to black, they almost wanted to attack without hesitation. Although the people on Long ChangLi’s side did not agree with Ye Huang and the rest, they knew that it would be a devastating blow to this Trade Conference once the golden ball turned black. The strength of this unknown beast was at least at Level A+. The strength of a beast dramatically rose after it went berserk and a Level S beast was too dangerous!!

Thus, the ones who immediately attacked were Ye Huang, Long ChangLi, Bai HongHu, Shan QingZhe and some of their guards. Bai Ling wanted to attack too, but she was pulled back by a man standing beside her who looked very loyal and honest. Jin Qian frowned. Then he looked at the nearby Jin Yu, and finally pulled Shan BaiLu along as he took a single step back.

In any case, he was a doctor. Even if it was a berserking beast, his profession did not allow him to take the lives of beasts if it had not gone berserk. The others did not immediately make a move on the beast that was about to turn berserk for various reasons. At this time, Jin Yu tightly grasped Qi QingLin’s left hand with one hand, but his eyes were staring fixedly at the beast emitting a bright red light.

“Humph! You guys still want to kill all witnesses with us present?!”

King Bai Mao sneered. He just knew that human beings were despicable. They did not think about how to alleviate its pain upon facing such a beast that was struggling to retain its sanity, nor did they reflect on what they did to raise its hackles and make the beast behave in this manner. The first thing they thought was always to exterminate the danger. They never thought that this danger was a result of their actions.

With Bai Mao, Hong Mao and Bing Shan here, the attack of Ye Huang, Long ChangLi and the rest did not have any effect. What was worse was that their attacks seemed to accelerate the rate of the beast going berserk. Seeing that the color of the ball slowly change from red to crimson, then to blood red and to red-black, the expressions of Long ChangLi and others changed. Even Ye Huang could not help but look at Qi QingLin.

In the current situation, he was the only one who could suppress the berserking beast and instantly kill it.

“… Qi—”

Just as Ye Huang was about to speak, Qi TianCong who was standing in Long ChangLi’s camp, had already shouted, “Qi QingLin! What on earth are you doing! Don’t you know that it’s us who will suffer a calamity once this thing turns berserk?! Why are you acting like a blockhead now?! Hurry up and kill it!!”

The golden ball suddenly started trembling as soon as Qi TianCong spoke. Ye Huang was looking even more anxious now. At the same time, the three kings on the opposite side shot a fierce and murderous glare at Qi TianCong.

“Shut up.”

Qi QingLin only used these two words to reply to Qi TianCong. Then he suddenly raised his head up and shot a silver ray at the trembling ball. In the latter went rigid and slowly took the shape of a protective circle.

“It’s your choice whether you want to go berserk or not. No one has the right to interfere and obstruct you, nor will anyone incite you. But if you start a massacre after going berserk, I will exterminate you myself.”

After saying this to the golden ball, Qi QingLin ignored Long ChangLi’s group and looked directly at the three kings opposite him. Although the three all had different expressions, they had a slightly favorable impression towards the method Qi QingLin had adopted.
“En, I’m prepared to take him as my younger brother if we conquer the Earth in the future.”

“Your sister! Even three of you are not a match for him!” Bai Mao shot a look of contempt at Hong Mao.

“Three of you are not a match too.” Bing Shan concluded after falling silent for a moment. What this got him were the angry gazes from Bai Mao and Hong Mao.

While the scene in the dense forest was in a deadlock, Fei YuSheng was holding a glass of red wine and looking at the light screen in front of him with a gentle smile from certain a VIP Hall. He just knew that Qi QingLin would do that. However, it was not enough. That golden ball and the other fellow were existences that he personally tormented. The hatred in their hearts for human beings was endless and could never be suppressed. It would never disappear because of such a tiny kindness.

What’s more, even if this was outside of his expectations, there was another even more terrible existence. At this moment, it was also slowly struggling, raging and full of resentment in a certain place, walking towards the darkness on the other side.

“He he, let’s open a gorgeous curtain for the most bloody and splendid new era in human history! He he he he… Ah ha ha ha ha!!! “

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