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Chapter 90: Taking a Leave and Meeting Up

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

Although Qiu ZiYan’s heart was brooding, he didn’t check the message. His control of Tang XiaoYu was only limited to ‘prohibiting contact with the questionable people he was with in the past’. He did relatively respect the other areas of his personal space.

Besides, it’s not all that bad for a kid to have more friends.

“What are you doing?” As the ointment was quite cold, Tang XiaoYu opened his eyes groggily, puzzlement written all over his face. Is he going to continue?

“Don’t be scared. Go back to sleep.” Qiu ZiYan inched over to give him a gentle kiss on the lips, “I’ll help you apply the ointment, or else it will be painful for you tomorrow.”

With his mind at ease, Tang XiaoYu shut his eyes again obediently.

Although –beep- was exhausting, Qiu ZiYan still didn’t feel any bit of sleepiness after applying the ointment. He lowered his head to kiss his lover’s face and butt. His heart was brimming with so much love for him that it almost burst.

“Stop it. Go to sleep.” Feeling itchy and uncomfortable due to Qiu ZiYan’s repeated kisses, Tang XiaoYu lifted his leg to kick him weakly.

Qiu ZiYan curved his lips into a smile before hugging his partner from behind, “Good night.”

With his hand grabbing Qiu ZiYan’s arms, Tang XiaoYu seemingly fell asleep right away.

My god… I think I’m going to collapse out of tiredness.

I’ve never thought this is more exhausting than fighting!

On the other hand, Su Nuo was still in his pyjamas, sitting on the toilet. His face was grim as he messaged.

Why isn’t he replying?!

He’s driving me nuts!

“NuoNuo.” All of a sudden, Mr Director knocked on the door.

Oh shit! Su XiaoNuo almost dropped his phone out of shock. Is anything scarier than a random knock at night?!

“Are you having a stomach ache?” Ouyang Long stood outside the door, asking, “Why are you still in the bathroom?”

My stomach is totally fine. I’m hiding here just to confirm if Tang XiaoYu took his leave! But if Mr Director knows I’m keeping myself awake because I’m worrying for Big Bro, he will definitely be pissed! That might even disrupt their relationship! So, I should keep mum!

“Yeah.” Su Nuo gave a feeble reply, “My stomach hurts.”

Someone should give me an award for being so convincing!

“Can I come in?” Ouyang Long asked

“Just go back to the bedroom. You are making me nervous by standing outside.” Su Nuo’s tone was still weak, “I’ll be fine soon.”

Su Nuo couldn’t help but think, my acting is just so perfect!

After dilly-dallying for a minute or so, Su Nuo finally returned to the bedroom.

“Do you have an upset stomach again?” Ouyang Long pulled Su Nuo into his arms, “It definitely isn’t from the dinner. Did you have some snacks behind my back?”

“…”Not at all! Su Nuo was shrouded in gloom. I am super healthy, ok?!  Look at how lively and energetic I am! My little butthole is also healthy pink; I can even have -beep- right now, or for that matter, have two rounds of -beep-!

“Take a pill.” Ouyang Long handed him a tablet, “If you are still sick tomorrow, let’s go to the hospital.”

Woe is me, I have to take medicine even though I’m fine. Su Nuo let out a sigh as he threw the pill into his mouth. Wait, will I get poisoned if I take medicine when I don’t have to? Su Nuo got a little panicky.

“Here, lie down.” Ouyang Long patted the area next to him.

Su Nuo lay down obediently and pulled his clothes up, revealing his stomach.

“No more ice cream before bed.” Ouyang Long helped to rub his stomach, “We will have hot porridge for breakfast tomorrow.”

“I swear I didn’t eat behind your back…” Su Nuo grumbled indignantly, “The ice cream was on the floor only because Cotton Candy opened the fridge.” I’m telling the truth! You must believe me! Trust is very important in marriage!

“Sure.” Instead of arguing with him, Ouyang Long dimmed the lights and kissed his forehead, “Just sleep.”

Belly rubs were so comfortable; so warm and relaxing. Satisfied, Su Nuo let out a sneeze before falling to sleep…?

Of course not. After all, his elder brother’s matter still wasn’t settled yet. As his little brother, how can he just doze off?

A good little brother must be fretting over it!

Ten minutes later, Su XiaoNuo sighed unwittingly, “Haah…”

“What’s wrong?” On the contrary, Ouyang Long was tickled pink by his lover, who was still adorable even with a crestfallen face.

“I want crab dumplings for breakfast tomorrow.” Su Nuo rubbed against him, “I don’t want porridge.” What’s good about plain porridge? Delicious, juicy dumplings are the way to go!

“No way.” Ouyang Long scratched his nose, “You have to have porridge tomorrow morning. You can only eat anything else after we are sure your stomach is fine.”

…Forcing a glutton to give up juicy dumplings for porridge was such a cruel move.

Filled with resent and bitterness, Su XiaoNuo buried his head into his partner’s arms.

It’s all Qiu ZiYan’s fault!

If he approved Tang XiaoYu’s request for leave right away, I wouldn’t have to worry for the whole night. Then, I won’t have to hide in the bathroom to send a message, and won’t have to take medicine for no reason, which will not get me prohibited from having crab dumplings! Not being able to have crab dumplings is just too abominable!

Muscle man definitely did that on purpose!

The revengeful Su Nuo couldn’t help but to pinch Mr Director hard; super-duper hard!

A small portion of Mr Director’s skin grew red the moment it was pinched.

“Hey.” Ouyang Long found the situation both amusing and upsetting, “The only thing I did was forbidding you from having dumplings, do you seriously have to do that?”

Wut? Su Nuo came back to his senses at once. He lost control of his actions when he let his mind ran wild. Ouyang Long’s question made him seem like an utter moron!

Su Nuo’s cheeks flushed red.

“You little glutton.” Suppressing his laughter, Ouyang Long gave a forceful kiss to the person in his arms.

No matter how dumb he is, he is just so cute.

I’m not a glutton at all! Su XiaoNuo howled in his heart. Still, he didn’t express it out as Mr Director’s kiss evolved into a French kiss instantly.

It felt so good.

“If your stomach is fine the next morning, I’ll let you have crab dumplings.” Ouyang Long kissed his cheek, “Happy now?”

“Yup.” Pleased, Su Nuo leaned on one side and hugged his lover’s waist.

“Let’s sleep.” Ouyang Long switched off the lights.

Under the quiet night, Su XiaoNuo snored lightly, sleeping like a baby. In the end, he overslept the next day. Likewise, Tang XiaoYu slept in too.

Qiu ZiYan measured Tang XiaoYu’s temperature with his palm on his forehead. Only after confirming his lover wasn’t sick did he let out a sigh of relief.

“ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu opened his eyes. His voice was still hoarse.

“Yup.” Qiu ZiYan sat next to him on the bed, “Are you still feeling sick?”

“I’m fine.” Tang XiaoYu tried to sit up, but he had a terrible waist pain.

“Don’t move, just lie down.” Qiu ZiYan pressed down his shoulders, “I’ve ordered porridge, it will be here soon.”

Tang XiaoYu stared at him, not even blinking once.

“Why are you staring at me?” Slight amusement in his tone, Qiu ZiYan raised his finger to scratch his partner’s nose.

Tang XiaoYu clutched his hand, his ears a little heated up.

“When are you going to bring me to your grandfather?” Qiu ZiYan asked in a low voice.

“Sometime later…” Tang XiaoYu coughed a bit, “I’ll be heading back home a few days later.”

“To vaccinate?” the corners of Qiu ZiYan’s lips curled into a smile.

Tang XiaoYu acknowledged with his silence.

“Alright then, I’ll approve your leave.” Qiu ZiYan finally relented, “Remember to put in a good word for me with your grandfather, ok?”

Tang XiaoYu broke into laughter while poking his cheek.

“I’m going down to take the porridge for you,” Qiu ZiYan covered Tang XiaoYu with a blanket, “Be right back.”

Tang XiaoYu nodded and watched him leave the bedroom. As he grabbed the handphone next to him, he noticed an unread message from Su Nuo.

It was sent at three in the morning? Tang XiaoYu was puzzled. Why did he send it in such a late hour?

The content of the message was straightforward, it was just him asking if Qiu ZiYan approved his leave with an anxious emoji accompanying it.


Tang XiaoYu sent a short reply.

However, numerous emotions were behind that short answer.

He only planned on requesting a leave but ended up being ‘eaten’ in bed.

How in the world did it turn out like that?

It’s approved? Relief washed over Su Nuo instantly, following shortly with joy.

[Did the method I taught you worked?]

Su Nuo was full of pride.

After staring at the screen for three seconds, Tang XiaoYu switched his phone off silently while swearing in his heart to never listen to Su Nuo’s so-called suggestions.

He had nothing to say about those suggestions.

Su XiaoNuo waited for quite some time, but there wasn’t any reply, so he was rather annoyed.

Wow, ungrateful much?

“NuoNuo, wake up. Your breakfast will be dumplings.” Ouyang Long called out from the kitchen.

Wut?! Su Nuo’s eyes brightened up at once and strolled to the kitchen with his slippers.

Amazing! I can even smell them with the door closed!

“Do you have any work today?” Ouyang Long asked.

“No, not really. I’ll probably go to the office in the afternoon.” Su Nuo ate a small tomato as he replied, “What about you?”

“I’ll be having a meeting in the morning.” Ouyang Long answered, “Continue resting at home if you don’t have to go to the office. Let’s have dinner together later.”

“ok.” Su Nuo was well-behaved,

As expected, it’s so romantic to discuss daily stuff with my beloved in a sunlight-filled kitchen!

After breakfast, Ouyang Long headed out. However, before he drove to his company, he gave HanWei a call.

“Yes?” HanWei was surprised.

“Let’s meet up if you are free.” Ouyang Long stated.

“Did something happen to NuoNuo?” HanWei’s tone went solemn.

“No.” Ouyang Long answered, “He’s fine. He doesn’t know I want to meet you.”

“… One hour later. At the coffee shop beside west city district junction.” After a short hesitation, HanWei ended up giving in.

Although he seriously wanted to ignore that guy, he had no choice.

Too bad for having a dumb and disappointing little brother.

What a tragedy it was.

Of course, the adorkable Su XiaoNuo would never even think his handsome lover would meet his big brother behind his back. He was still browsing the net joyfully. Not only did he attack Qiu ZiYan with his side account, he even searched his own name and liked positive comments such as ‘NuoNuo is so handsome’. What a demented guy he was.

After that, Su Nuo stood up for a stretch before stroking the piano beside the bed. It was a present from Mr Director.

Of course, he only stroked the piano a little, not bothering to even open up the fallboard. Practising the piano is such a pain in the ass! Plus, my fingers will have a cramp, the risk is too great! With a small pork rib that he took from the kitchen in his mouth, he went back to his computer and got into gossip threads effortlessly.

It’s been a while since I visit these threads; I miss them so much.

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