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Chapter 89: Be honest and messages late at night

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie


“Who told you to sneakily see these things, en?” Qiu ZiYan spoke softly next to his ear.

“I didn’t.” Tang XiaoYu resisted a bit, “it was pop up by the computer.”

“Excuses.” Qiu ZiYan did not have the intention of letting him go.

“…” Tang XiaoYu knew fully well that no matter what he said, he will most likely be rebutted back, hence he just shut his mouth up.

At most it will be kisses and touching, it was nothing serious or important!

But this time, Mr. Qiu seems to want… a bit more.

“Excuse me!” Tang XiaoYu stopped his hand that had been sliding down and stare at him.

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan had a very innocent expression.

“I am going to rest now.” Tang XiaoYu pushed him away as he stood up, his heartbeat seems to be beating very fast!

“My wife.” Qiu ZiYan hugged him from the back, as though he was a big plaster!

If Su Nuo saw this, he would definitely be very happy! Qiu ZiYan was definitely not a manly man inside out, this feels really good!

“Stop the nonsense.” Tang XiaoYu ears heated up.

“I am not doing any nonsense.” Qiu ZiYan bent down and carry the person up, “Let us go and do something fun.”

Tang XiaoYu: …

Who could answer him, how is this any fun?

The bed in the bedroom were big and soft, the blanket and the quilt were sky blue colour chosen by Tang XiaoYu, feels very refreshing! It was definitely not camouflage military quilt thought by the fans or the pink lace gauze thought by Su Nuo’s perverted mind!

“You seems to grow some meat recently.” Qiu ZiYan put him on the big bed and pinch his waist while he is at it.

It felt that it was hopeless to just want to sleep, Tang XiaoYu turned over his head and closed his eye! It was completely a ‘after you finished seeing, touching and kissing, we will slept earlier’ this surrendering form.

It is not like this had not happened before.

There is no difference between dying one time and two time.

Qiu ZiYan lip curled up, he slowly unbuttoned the pyjamas’ buttons.

The naked skin touched the air and unconsciously surfaced an area of small bumps.

“Cold?” Qiu ZiYan asked sofly.

“…En.” In this period, no matter if you reply or not, it seems to be very awkward. Tang XiaoYu could only perfunctory replied.

Qiu ZiYan get down from the bed to close the window, when he returned, he took off his bathrobe, showcasing Su XiaoNuo heart wreaking and teeth clenching good body figure, the real madness of the muscle and chest! And the thing inside his black underwear was also attention grabber!

Tang XiaoYu lay on the bed, he slant his head to look at him.

“Is your husband figure good?” Qiu ZiYan lightly pressed on top of his body.

Tang XiaoYu wrapped his hand around his neck, his body was heated up a bit.

It is really sensitive!

Qiu ZiYan took off Tang XiaoYu pyjamas pants, showcasing the thin white legs and yellow underwear.

Indeed, since last time both of them had close contact in the bathtub, Mr. Qiu felt that he liked it when Tang XiaoYu wore this colour, and hence he called Mai Ke to buy a total of two dozen! And he was very despicable that he confiscated the rest of the other colour underwear he owned!

The dominance was too big that it could not be expressed by words!

“Since it going to be wore for me to see, of course I chose it.” Qiu ZiYan reason was very justified, “equality between couple, you could also help me chose.”

Tang XiaoYu fell into daze for a few seconds then… accepted his fate.

Since underwear colour this sort of topic is too weird, he did not even want to discuss about it.

And who want to help you choose underwear!

“Do you have a feel?” Qiu ZiYan lay on top of him, he slowly move his underwear.

The scene was unlimitedly good.


Tang XiaoYu’s face flushed red as he took out his leg and kicked him and threw a pillow towards him while he is at it.

Qiu ZiYan moved forward a bit to hugged him and heavily sucked on his neck till a hickey came, “Milk flavour.”

“You then have milk flavour!” Tang XiaoYu said in anger.

“Call me your husband.” Qiu ZiYan sucked on his ear lobe.

“…” Dream on.

“My wife.” Qiu ZiYan was not hurt even by a single bit, instead he tightly hugged his thin and skinny waist to let the most sensitive part of both person to tightly touched each other.

Even though it was separated by the underwear, but they could still feel each other hot and hardness. Tang XiaoYu breathing became rapid, his face had also started to flush red.

“Do you need me to help you?” Seeing him in such a state, Qiu ZiYan asked while he laughed softly.

As he really did not want to react to his bad taste, Tang XiaoYu just turned over his head and fake death.

“You are no longer feeling unwell?” Qiu ZiYan fidget a bit.

“Don’t move around unnecessarily!” Tang XiaoYu exploded a bit.

“If I does not move around, how are you going to feel good?” Qiu ZiYan said as though he was justified.

Tang XiaoYu face exploded into redness, why is this person so shameless.

Qiu ZiYan used this period where Tang XiaoYu fell into a daze and strip his underwear! Naked body was really luring!

Tang XiaoYu had not yet reacted on what had happened, he was laying on the bed with a pillow stuck below his belly!

“What are you doing!” Tang XiaoYu felt like breaking down, he tried to crawl up to escape.

But he definitely could not escape.

“After three months, baby you will be twenty.” Qiu ZiYan pressed on his back.

“…” So what! Tang XiaoYu pressed his face on his pillow.

“Eating up ninety days earlier should be fine, right?” Qiu ZiYan voice is really low.

Eating up?!

Tang XiaoYu when into shocked for a while then turned his head around to check if he was joking.

In Qiu ZiYan eyes, it hid a few things that are different from normal.

“Brother ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu felt panicked.

“Are you willing to give me?” Qiu ZiYan put his hand forward and gently message and teased.

Tang XiaoYu breathing became rapid as he tightly held onto the blanket.

“I will be careful and not hurt you.” Qiu ZiYan dimmed the wall lamp and then from the back neck, he kissed through his shoulder, back, waist then stopped at the slightly curved hip.

Feeling his hot and wet tongue swimming at his hip, Tang XiaoYu bitted his lower lip while his eyes had some dark water light.

“If you are feeling pain, just tell me.” Qiu ZiYan took out a lube from the bed drawer the squeeze some out at his left palm.

“En…” The cold sensation with the sudden foreign object, Tang XiaoYu furrowed his eyebrows.

“Be good, relax a bit.” Qiu ZiYan was very patient and meticulous, his hand movement became slower and softer. As he saw Tang XiaoYu’s expression gradually became calmer, he added another finger.

“Pain!” The body that had never been entered by any foreign object was unripe, Tang XiaoYu felt grievance for the first time.

Previously what ever bitter things he tasted before, no home to return, no food to eat, being blocked in the alley and was beaten to half dead, laying in the snow with only one breathe left… he never cried, only more hatred was growing, until he finally met him.

“Brother ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu turned his head around to look at him.

“Is it very painful?” Qiu ZiYan saw his red eyes and took out his finger while hesistated.

Why not… wait for a while.

Let him grow a bit fatter then continue.

Tang XiaoYu shook his head and shrunk into his hug.

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan was a bit confused, he felt that he was too sudden and caused him to be upset.

“You do it.” Tang XiaoYu wrapped his hand around his neck while his voice is like mosquito.

“You sure?” Why is he suddenly so open; Qiu ZiYan was a bit surprised.

“Yes.” Tang XiaoYu did not lift up his head, his ears together with his neck turned red.

“I give you one more chance to say no.” Qiu ZiYan pressed the person back to the bed, his voice was very coarse.

Tang XiaoYu courageously closed his eyes.

Qiu ZiYan laughed lightly then gently covered the blanket for him, and do nothing?

How could it be!

Even though Su XiaoNuo often imagine muscle man will become eunuch, but that was totally impossible!

In fact famous model Qiu was very aggressive! Comparable to Mr. Director!

“Baby don’t be nervous.” Qiu ZiYan kissed his forehead, then suck that excited little thing.

“En ha…” Tang XiaoYu voice became louder a bit like a kitten tail, causing people heart to be itchy.

Qiu ZiYan became faster, at the stage where Tang XiaoYu was confused, he put a finger in again.

Tang XiaoYu breath in with all his might to try to relax.

Seeing him so cooperative, Qiu ZiYan unconsciously laughed, hearing that, Tang XiaoYu semi consciously opened his eyes, “what are you laughing about?”

“My wife.” Qiu ZiYan like it so much that he just fidget around his neck.

Tang Xiaoyu: …

The plot seems to be going off-rail?

But the next second, the god of destiny told him, the plot is actually normal that it could not be even normal, it did not dash off-rail!

“Pain!” Tang XiaoYu shout out.

“Be good, tolerate a bit.” Qiu ZiYan movement was very slow.

But slow does not mean it was not painful! Tang XiaoYu’s tears was coming out!

“It will not be painful later.” Qiu ZiYan coax him, “it will feel very good.”

“You you hurry it up.” Tang XiaoYu only wanted to quickly finish.

“Faster will caused you to be in pain.” Qiu ZiYan kissed his eyes.

But the problem is even if you are not moving, it is still painful! Qiu ZiYan body froze as he did not even dare to move his body, his eyes red like a rabbit one and strangely he remembered “I am a bald little devil” comment.

Muscle man are usually good in looks but not good to use, that place is definitely very small! Putting in cotton is really fake!

Actually there is nothing wrong with being small! Tang XiaoYu agreed with bald devil for once!

As right now, this is actually too pain pain pain painful!

Even though at the beginning of the opening up is full of thorns, but luckily when it came to the middle period, it was gradually entering an optimal stage. At this painful experience, Tang XiaoYu finally felt a bit… comfortable.

“No longer feeling pain?” Hearing his moaning gradually became sweeter, Qiu ZiYan finally let out a breath of relieve.

Just now he almost thought he did not had talent in this area.

For a couple harmony in life, this is really really important!

The bedroom light was bright and beautiful, the little yellow underwear lay on the floor, he could no longer protect his little master thing and thing.

It totally had no face to see others!

Heartache that this was his first time, Qiu ZiYan was really controlled, after a time, he carried him to go to shower.

Tang XiaoYu sat in the water, his hand weakly hold on to Qiu ZiYan’s shoulder.

“Very tired isn’t it?” Qiu ZiYan helped him to wipe his body.

“Brother ZiYan.” Tang XiaoYu voice a bit hoarse.

“I’m here.” Qiu ZiYan patted his back, “If you are tired, then sleep.”

Tang XiaoYu lean on his chest, his whole body was very lazy.

Even though he was already very careful, but getting hurt during the first time was unavoidable, after wiping the person’s body dry, he tuck him into bed then turned around and when to the study room to looked for some medicine. But he saw Tang XiaoYu’s phone, which was on the table, lit up, the sender shown was Su Nuo.

Mr. Qiu suddenly became confused, when did the relationship between the two became so good, why were messages being send so late at the night.

The world was too cruel~

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