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Chapter 98:  Extra – Movie Shoot 1

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie


The happiest thing in the world was when you could sleep with the person you loved until you naturally woke up and then ate a hearty breakfast!

Currently, this was the life Su Nuo was having.

Of course, there were a few times he did not wake up naturally, but was kissed to wake up, but this was also very awesome!

It was really comfortable!

“Morning.” As the sunshine entered through the window, OuYang Long pinched his cheek.

There was the sound of distant waves on the shore; Su Nuo lay in their soft nest as he stretched his body, and his eyes opened a thin slit, “I dreamt a long dream yesterday.”

“What did you dream about?” OuYang Long asked

“I dream that a large wave of aliens attacked Earth, then the Tian Chen entertainment building was destroyed, and Jason was cruelly captured by tentacle monsters somewhere outside the Milky Way.” Su Nuo’s dream was really scary.

“What about you?” OuYang Long smiled.

“I was eating barbecued skewers to celebrate,” Su Nuo laughed. “As I finally did not need to work.”

OuYang Long: …

“If you really don’t want to work, then we could extend our holiday.” As such, Mr. Director was a real loving top!

“… Forget it.” Su Nuo listlessly lay on the bed, “It’s just a throwaway remark.”

Being a strong man, how could he be raised by others, that was not manly at all!

Having said that, but just thinking that he would be entering deep woods to film a movie, Su Nuo could not help but sigh deeply.

It really was better to die than to live.

ZhongLi FengBai obviously did not think the same. He was on leave the whole time while Mu Qiu was sick. Now that he finally could return to work, his mood could not be any better.

Mu Qiu had been ransacking the cabinet and drawer in the bedroom since morning and was helping him to pack a big luggage.

“What are all these?” ZhongLi FengBai was shocked and angry, “And there is even a black casserole pan!”

Is his man! 

Out of!



“There are wild chickens in the mountain; I learned how to make one into a soup to drink.” Mu Qiu took out packs of vacuumed packaging star anise and cinnamon spices, “I mixed it myself, cook with one packet every time.”

“Put it away!” Director Zhong roared.

Completely unappreciative, this was really cruel and cold to the extreme.

“Why?” Mu Qiu furrowed his eyebrows, “Your body just healed up, you need to drink more soup.”

“No!” ZhongLi FengBai glared at him angrily, “It’s too stupid!” This is not wartime, he doesn’t need to carry a wok wherever he goes!

Mu Qiu resigned, “I do this for your own good, so that you eat well and don’t get sick again.”

“Then why couldn’t I borrow a wok from the locals?” ZhongLi FengBai really wanted to grab him by the collar and shake him.

“The soup brewed in this casserole pan is nice, and you’ll be able to drink more than one bowl.” Mu Qiu was very stubborn.

“I will not take it!” ZhongLi FengBai was so tsundere that it angered both gods and mortal men.

“Then I take away the investment.” Mu Qiu brought out his old trick.

ZhongLi FengBai immediately widened his eyes, “How could you be so despicable!” You actually threatened me!

“I will accompany you to the car, you don’t need to carry it yourself.” Mu Qiu took another big plastic from the bed and squeezed it into the luggage.

“What was that?” Director Zhong felt like breaking down.

“Mosquito repellent and some commonly used medicine.” Mu Qiu mustered his strength to close the luggage.

“Those things will be prepared by the team!” ZhongLi FengBai holded his forehead.

“These are the brands you usually use.” Mu Qiu stood up and lifted ZhongLi FengBai up, then made him stand on a scale.

Director Zhong: …

“When you return, I doubt you will have gained weight, but at the very least, don’t lose any.” Mu Qiu held his chin, “Don’t make my heart ache.”

ZhongLi FengBai’s face turned red in embarrassment.

And so, he kicked Mu Qiu away and calmly floated off into the kitchen.

What happened to him recently!

Being more and more!


This is really!


In the high-rise condominium, Qiu ZiYan was currently sitting on the balcony as he was making his call, “Are you used to it yet?”

“En.” At the opposite side of the ocean, in France, Tang XiaoYu lay on his mattress, “Today, the landlady baked a cake for me.”

“What about school?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“The registration has been completed; I will officially attend lessons starting tomorrow,” Tang XiaoYu said. “Everyone treated me well, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll be going to the mountains for shooting. I’ll probably often wind up without a signal,” Qiu ZiYan said. “If anything comes up, call Mai Ke whenever you like; he will not be following me.”

“Be careful when you’re shooting,” Tang XiaoYu reminded him. “After 5 months, when my language exams are over, I’ll return home to see you.”

“En, quickly sleep for now.” Qiu ZiYan kissed him through the phone, “Goodnight, darling.”

“Goodnight.” After hanging up the phone, Tang XiaoYu missed him a bit.

Mr. Qiu sighed by the window.

It just had been five days, why did he start to feel like bringing the other back?

Had he known this earlier, he would not have sent him to France to study… 

This was really a miscalculation!

Even though everyone’s heart had their own concern, life still needed to continue. The next morning, the shooting team had driven their way towards the airport and brazenly began their journey towards the shooting area!

According to Su XiaoNuo’s imagination, the so-called ‘mountain area’ would be easy to reach—just alight from the plane, then sit for a while in the car and finally smoothly arrive at a serene small village, starting the tiring but happy shooting life! You heard it right, it should be happy!

However, the reality was clearly much worse because in order to capture the beauty of primitive life, the village ZhongLi FengBai chose was very inconvenient to be accessed by all means of transport. The small car kept turning around on the mountain road and had turned and turned until Su Nuo finally vomited; using a plastic bag, Su Nuo vomited so much that he also coughed up bile! Seeing this, Dai An’s glass heart was going to break!

The car finally stopped, and Su Nuo weakly said, filled with hope, “Are we there yet?” 

“Probably.” Dai An helped him out of the car, then he saw more than ten horses.

“If we keep going with the car, we’ll have to take the long way around,” the vice-director said. “We will be a lot faster if we ride the horses with the villagers leading us.”

As such, Su Nuo wearily got onto the horse; because he was already dehydrated from his vomiting, he had no strength left.

Dai An had no choice but to sit on the same horse as him so that he could support him from the back, at the very least making sure that he wouldn’t fall off.

“My dear, you are so good to me,” Su Nuo said weakly. “If there is reincarnation, I’ll definitely give up my empire in exchange for the chance to live by your side and look around the world.”

“…”  You don’t have to recite the script now! Dai An hugged his waist tightly.

This really made people’s hearts ache!

As the producing team had prepared beforehand, despite the house being very old, the furniture and the blanket in the room were still not bad; they even had the smell of sun. Su Nuo zoomed into the blanket and deeply let out a breath of relief.

“Rest properly.” Dai An poured a cup of warm water for him. “Work will start tomorrow, so use the remaining time to sleep.”

Then, Su Nuo started to snore.

Dai An’s hand stopped moving; that was really fast. Looking around the four surrounding grey walls, and checking his phone’s signal, which was frequently very weak, the queen sighed deeply.

The days ahead would be bitter.

“I’ve arrived.” Director Zhong stood in his room, admiring the sunset while tiptoeing to try and get a better signal.

“Have you cooked the chicken?” Mu Qiu asked.

… Fuck!

Director Zhong angrily hung up.

How could there be such a guy who can’t read the atmosphere!

This was really terrible!

“Ah Liang.” The scriptwriter called in the yard, “Let’s go for a walk; dinner will be ready by the time we return.”

“Please don’t casually use the name I had before I entered the industry!” Director Zhong was very angry!

For a fragile and sensitive artistic teenager, the name Zhong ShengLiang was a dark past!

“Forget it, then.” The scriptwriter was with him since young, so he of course would not bow down to his power. “I heard the locals made chestnut sauce chicken and stir-fried sausage with wild mushrooms.” Of course, in order to make it more appealing, he purposely emphasised on his tone.

Therefore, Su Nuo was of course woken up by it, and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Dai An was immediately shocked, he was already in such a state and he still could think of eating?

“There’s sausage?” Su Nuo asked with a trembling voice, on his journey towards here, he vomited out all of his stomach’s contents and he was currently very hungry.

The trembling soft voice… The queen immediately heart-achingly took a pair of chopsticks and a bowl and ran towards the kitchen where he snatched two big bowls of vegetables and a bowl of rice with a few tomatoes before the food was served.

“I’m starving.” Su Nuo seemed to bury his whole face in the food.

The movement of his chopsticks was really fast, like a hurricane.

“Burp.” After finishing the last chestnut, Su Nuo put down his chopsticks in satisfaction.

Organic, without any pollution, it was definitely fresh and tender and so delicious!

“Mr Dai, NuoNuo.” A girl knocked on the door from outside.

Shit! Dai An quickly stuffed the bowl into the cabinet, “Is there anything?”

“We’re going to eat soon,” the girl said. “There is a meal specially prepared for NuoNuo.”

“Got it.” Dai An took out a tissue paper and wiped Su Nuo’s mouth, “We’ll come soon.”

“There is still a second portion?” After the girl left, Su Nuo asked the queen.

“You still want to eat?” Dai An startled, this appetite was too large!

Su Nuo thought deeply for a while and then asked, “Is there soup?” He ate too fast just now, and he was currently choking a bit!

“There probably… should… be.” Dai An moved his understanding about Su Nuo to another level.

As the weather was not considered very cold, the canteen was in a big yard; when everyone came, it was quite lively.

“We’re one bowl short on chestnut chicken! The sausages also became fewer!” The villager was panicking, and he asked the service, “Did you guys eat it beforehand?”

“Of course not!” The service felt humiliated, “How could we do such a tasteless thing?”

“Cough cough!” Su Nuo was choked by water.

The girls in the team immediately screamed in their heart, just drinking water and could hurt yourself accidentally, he was really fragile and delicate!

Really really makes others have motherly love for him!

“Mr Dai, we have prepared a separate meal for Nuo Nuo.” The assistant carried a big platter over, raw vegetables with tofu, mushroom and fruits, it really was extraordinary!

“Are you satisfied?” The assistant asked.

Satisfied my ass! Su XiaoNuo roared in his heart then raised his head and smiled faintly towards him, “Thank you.”

Su Nuo’s smile took the assistant’s breath away. He was a man like Su Nuo himself, but Su Nuo was strikingly beautiful and clean-cut! No wonder he had so many fans!

“Where’s the director?” Very quickly, someone noticed the problem.

“You don’t need to care about him.” The scriptwriter walked in in long strides. “Everyone, let’s eat.”

“The director is not eating?” The vice-director was confused, “He said he was hungry on the way here.

The scriptwriter looked at the faraway roof with his eyes filled with disgust.

“I didn’t say the village chief was handsome!” ZhongLi FengBai lay on the roof’s ladder highest point as he angrily roared, “I said the village was very hot! Did you actually hear it clearly! Huh? What are you saying? I didn’t listen clearly! There is no signal here!” 1

No Signal!


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Translator Notes:

  1. T/N:   Since Chinese is a tonal language, the phrase village sounds like village chief, same goes for handsome and hot.


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