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Chapter 58: Fourth World (17)
Translated by rotting Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

In order to attend the celebration, Bai Duan applied for leave from school for several days. He was full of joy and couldn’t wait. He was not looking forward to meeting other players, but was eager to see Xie Yan.

Since Xie Yan submitted the feasibility report on the game and it passed the reviewing, he participated in the team dedicated to upgrading the company’s equipment, bringing him into a period of business.

Because Xie Yan was involved in this project, he knew a lot of secrets surrounding the update. In order to prevent information leakage, all the team members had been closed off. Let’s not even mention playing games online, even their communication with others were heavily restricted and monitored. They could only call other people, but the video calls were prohibited.

It could be said that Bai Duan had not seen Xie Yan for a long time, and the yearning in his heart was flooding like water. When he learned that Xie Yan would also attend the player meeting, he wanted to grow wings and fly to his side.

After quickly handling his own affairs in school, Bai Duan packed up and boarded an aircraft and flew to the city where Xie Yan was. As soon as he landed, he looked around for a chubby figure, which should be very obvious to spot. However, he was disappointed that all the places he looked at had ordinary sized people.

“Hello, Mr. Bai. I am Wang Hui, the assistant arranged by President Xie to come and receive you.” A cautious and polite greeting came from behind Bai Duan.

Bai Duan turned to look at Wang Hui, who was dressed in a suit and a tie on. Wang Hui had the look of an elite. Bai Duan raised his eyebrows in surprise, “President Xie?”

“Yes, President Xie Yan,” Wang Hui nodded, he took the initiative to lift Bai Duan’s luggage up. Then, he quickly and seriously explained, as if he was too afraid of Bai Duan having any misunderstandings, “This is because [Ten Thousand Realms] is going to undergo a large-scale upgrade. As such, we’re at a critical stage, so President Xie is very busy and couldn’t leave the company. He also wished for your forgiveness, Mr. Bai.”

Bai Duan knew nothing about this, he nodded in a confused way, “Wasn’t Xie Yan… in the position for a little over one year? How did he suddenly become President Xie?”

“That’s because President Xie is very capable!” Wang Hui’s expression was full of respect and worship, when he was talking about Xie Yan. His eyes were shining, he seemed to revere him as an idol. Bai Duan learned from his mouth a Xie Yan that he had never known.

In Bai Duan’s heart, Xie Yan had always been a quiet, introverted, honest and sincere fat man. He had never expected him to succeed in his career so much, he only hoped that Xie Yan could gradually integrate into society through his work and hope that he would no longer feel inferior due to his appearance.

However, in Wang Hui’s words, Xie Yan was a respected, highly skilled and brilliant idol. He proposed several reform measures to the project team and gradually conquered all the technical difficulties that the company could not solve before. According to Wang Hui, without him, there wouldn’t be such a major upgrade to the game as this.

Although it had only been a little over a year, Xie Yan had quickly become an indispensable pillar of the company. The game company naturally attached great importance to Xie Yan’s talents. In order to keep this talent in their company and make him serve them wholeheartedly, Xie Yan was quickly promoted. Later on, he even became a small shareholder of the [Ten Thousand Realms] with how talented he was. He quickly turned from a small employee to a leading figure.

Now, even the old employees had to call him President Xie with respect. He was also required to participate in all the decision making processes in the company. The company’s upper brass also gradually found that Xie Yan not only had excellent tech skills, but also had a very good sense when it came to the business market. The projects that he supported always showed huge profits at the end. As such, Xie Yan’s scope of responsibilities was no longer limited to technology, but involved operation managements as well.

In short, after listening to Wang Hui’s descriptions, Bai Duan was stunned.

He was sent to the hotel where he would be staying in by Wang Hui. After a short rest, he set off for the venue where the players’ meeting will take place. It was said that Xie Yan would go there to meet with him directly after work.

Because of the large number of players participating in the meeting, the game company of [Ten Thousand Realms] rented a huge venue. When Bai Duan arrived at the hall, many players had already gathered there. Since most people choose to scan their faces directly in order to save time or increase the sense of substitution, there wasn’t a huge gap in everyone’s appearance in game and in reality. The players generally didn’t have too much strange feelings after meeting each other’s real faces, so they quickly gathered together to talk and have fun. Their faces were filled with joy and excitement from being able to find companions.

Bai Duan didn’t play with others in the game much, but his face was quite well known. As soon as he entered the door, he attracted attention from everyone.

For a while, the whole conference hall seemed to be quiet, even the hubbub of conversation stopped. People were tongue tied as they watched Bai Duan calmly walk to the front row seat, and finding the seat that was marked with his name to sit down.

After a moment’s silence, the venue was bustling again, all the players were exchanging their shock to one another. From time to time, they would turn their eyes to Bai Duan from their seats with disbelief.

A player who had a pretty good relationship with Bai Duan glanced at the ID name printed on the tag on Bai Duan. He also specialized in the ‘agility and control route’, after glancing, he asked in a small voice, “You… Are you really Bai Wei?”

Bai Duan nodded, “After looking at this face, why do you still think otherwise?”

“Because of your face, there’s even more doubts!” The player wryly smiled, “We all thought that the rumor was true! You… why didn’t you come out and refute back?”

“Why refute? I think it’s good,” Bai Duan shrugged. “This way, aren’t my Qian LinFeng and I more suited together?”

Hearing this powerful reason, many players were speechless, they did not even know where to begin.

After a while, another player’s expression turned complicated, “You and Qian LinFeng, are you really together?”

“How is this something you guys doubt?” Bai Duan’s tone was quite discontented, “My relationship with Qian LinFeng had always been good. There is no problem for us to be together!”

Hearing Bai Duan’s answer, the public no longer had doubts, and they all marveled at this real life version of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. Fortunately, they had been used to this and had already accepted the relationship between Bai Duan and Xie Yan. In addition, since most people would show more restraint in their words and behaviors in reality than they would on the Internet, no one made any comments that angered Bai Duan. Either sincere or perfunctory, they all expressed their blessings and admiration.

“By the way, do you know? Rise Along With the Wind and Luo Xi are here today too,” A player blinked and said, unsure if he did it intentionally or unintentionally.

“Who?” Bai Duan couldn’t remember for a second. It took a moment for him to remember who those two people were — Cheng Hong was Rise Along With the Wind1, the person who leaked Xie Yan’s information in reality to the game and Luo Xi was Xie Yan’s ‘ex-sweetheart’.

Those two left the game earlier on, and had disappeared from Bai Duan’s world for more than a year. Now they suddenly reappeared, but it still aroused Bai Duan’s rejection, “Oh, they came? Where are they?”

All the players naturally looked and asked around, and they soon helped Bai Duan find the two. Cheng Hong seemed to have led a bad life, he had no spirits at all. He was lazy and decadent. He was unemployed and was even more gloomy than Xie Yan was. As for Luo Xi, he still looked the same. He had a beautiful and pitiful baby face, he sat alone in the corner with a cup of juice in his hands, his eyes sometimes move to the direction of the door, he seemed to be waiting for someone. A moment later, Luo Xi turned his head to Bai Duan, his eyes happened to collide Bai Duan’s. It seemed that Luo Xi was frightened, so he quickly moved his eyes away, and bowed his head, not daring to look around anymore.

Seeing his pitiful appearance, Bai Duan clicked his tongue and completely gave up the idea of ‘meeting up’ with him.

Just as Bai Duan was observing Cheng Hong and Luo Xi, there was another commotion at the entrance of the hall, and all the players were whispering to each other, guessing who the man who just walked in was. The man walked in a hurry, obviously he had just rushed here from another place. He was slightly panting, his hair was slightly disordered, and sweat stuck on his face. Although he looked a bit awkward, it couldn’t hide his handsomeness and his upright features at all. Instead, it made him look more sexy and attractive.

He was dressed in an expensive suit, he had a straight figure, his chest was moving up and down as he puffed. Anyone could see how attractive the figure was hidden under the tight fitting suit, his every movement was full of strength and beauty.

The first thing he did after stepping into the venue, was to look around with his sharp eyes. Everyone could not help but feel a blush and a spike in their heartbeat when those eyes went passed them. It was a pity that the sight moved away very quickly and mercilessly, as if they were nothing to him — that was until his gaze landed on Bai Duan who was sitting in the front seat.

Bai Duan was now fiddling with his optical computer, wondering whether he should contact Xie Yan and ask when he would be arriving. On one hand, he was worried that he would disturb Xie Yan’s work, but at the same time, he felt that he had waited for too long and it was hard. The closer it was for him to see Xie Yan, the more restless he became.

When the man came in, Bai Duan just glanced at him a bit, but he was not interested, so he looked away. He never expected that the man would walk straight to him, and even stretched his arms out to give him a hug.

Although Bai Duan was being a little absent-minded, his response was not slow at all. He sprang to his feet, and flinged the man’s arm away, his face was full of rejection, “What are you doing?”

For those who wanted to grope him, Bai Duan was never nice to them. The slap on the man’s hand left a red mark. The man hissed as he took a breath of cold air, then he took his hand back and rubbed it. He had disbelief on his face as he looked at Bai Duan, he asked, “You… you don’t recognize me?”

Hearing the man’s voice, Bai Duan’s eyes widened — this time, it was his turn to stare and be shocked.

Although the appearance of the man was very unfamiliar, his voice was something Bai Duan was very familiar with. When it was late at night and he couldn’t sleep because he missed Xie Yan, he would find his voice recordings from the optical computer to accompany him to sleep.

“You are Xie Yan! ” Bai Duan opened his mouth wide and blinked his eyes subconsciously.

“It’s me!” Seeing that his lover recognized him, Xie Yan’s face showed a brilliant and charming smile. Xie Yan once again stepped forward, he brought his beloved lover tightly into his arms.

This time, Bai Duan didn’t resist. He obediently lied in Xie Yan’s arms — his face was full of confusion.

A/N: After 520 is 521 2… Such an eye-stabbing love story. Yet, I’m not only single, I’m a single dog who have to work overtime. OTZ

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Translator Notes:

  1. This is a Chinese idiom, the pinyin is Cheng Feng Er Qi, as you can see the first word is Cheng, it sounds like his surname.
  2. 520 means ‘I love you’, it’s usually what couples send to each other, so she’s joking here lol


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