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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


  1. Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf rushed to Mr. Fox’s door, like a gust of wind, and barged in regardless. He  didn’t want to create a change at this juncture. Although Mr. Wolf wanted to hammer Ms. Wolf’s dog head very much, it can’t be denied that Mr. Wolf was as excited as a brat inside. Mr. Wolf’s heart was swirling as he stepped carefully into Mr. Fox’s house. 

??? Mr. Wolf turned around, but did not find Mr. Fox. A little anxious, Mr. Wolf gave a heavy snort, and from the corner of his eye, suddenly glimpsed white hair in the corner, shaking. Mr. Wolf was amused, not surprisingly. Full of aggression Mr. Fox had balled himself into a ball, and was quietly asleep.

Ms. Wolf was waiting on the boulder in front of Mr. Wolf’s house with anxiety when two figures, one black and one white, became obvious in the distance. Ms. Wolf smelled Mr. Wolf’s scent and ran up to him with a faint heart. “Brother!” 

Mr. Wolf glared at his loud sister; Ms. Wolf instantly went silent. Mr. Wolf carefully held the back of Mr. Fox’s neck, slowly walked home, and gently put Mr. Fox on the bed, until he was sure Mr. Fox did not wake up. Mr. Wolf was only slightly relieved. God knows how much he saw Mr. Fox’s tear marks and felt heartache.

You, come out here. Mr. Wolf gestured with his eyes, and Ms. Wolf only had to hang her head and follow Mr. Wolf in a gray manner. “That’s your sister-in-law, understand?” 

“Understand, understand.” Ms. Wolf nodded her head frantically, as if she was going to nod her head off.

“Heh,” Mr. Wolf gently laughed. 

Ms. Wolf felt her little life was saved, and could not help but talk more again. “Brother, you do not strike nothing, a strike is such a lovely fox, ah.” 

Mr. Wolf did not want to share the cute routine of the little fox with his sister who made his wife cry, and asked, “What do you want to do here?” 

Once interrupted, Ms. Wolf suddenly remembered that she had business on her mind. “Ah, Mom said she missed us and asked us to go back and get together.” Ms. Wolf paused. “But it must still be the matchmaking thing. You don’t have to worry about it, mom is going to harp on me again.” Ms. Wolf’s sad face successfully pleased Mr. Wolf, who already had a fox in mind.

“Let’s go the day after tomorrow.” Mr. Wolf, who couldn’t wait to take Mr. Fox home, made a decision at once.

Mr. Wolf waved his tail happily and threw it away when he was done giving Ms. Wolf a sentence to go play by herself and swung into the house, leaving his sister outside mercilessly.

Mr. Wolf lightly jumped on the bed and circled Mr. Fox with his own body, with a full expression of possessiveness. Satisfied, he used his tail to gather Mr. Fox in his direction before Mr. Wolf quieted down and closed his eyes to catch up on his sleep.

The dreaming Mr. Fox felt as if he was in a furnace, struggled to wake up, and saw Mr. Wolf looking at him fixedly, and did not know how long he had been looking. Mr. Fox, who found himself trapped, was suddenly emboldened by evil and stomped Mr. Wolf hard. Mr. Fox glanced at Mr. Wolf and jumped up and ran away.

Mr. Wolf was shocked and rushed to catch up with him, skillfully grabbed Mr. Fox by the back of his neck, and regardless of Mr. Fox’s violent struggle, dragged Mr. Fox back to his own den.


  1. Life Stone

Mr. Wolf carefully controlled his strength, gently but strongly suppressed the struggling Mr. Fox. “Don’t you move, little fox.” Mr. Wolf’s voice became a bit hoarse, the fox that was stained with his own breath was moving restlessly in his arms.

Fuck! I can’t stand being a male! Mr. Wolf rolled over and pinned Mr. Fox under his body, and his hot nose sprayed on Mr. Fox’s ear. Mr. Fox never knew his ears were so sensitive, he could only lie under Mr. Wolf’s body and let Mr. Wolf  do whatever he wanted. Mr. Wolf heaved a few breaths before biting the back of Mr. Fox’s neck and nibbling him a few times. 

Mr. Wolf finally gave up and said to Mr. Fox, “I’ll let you go this time. Wait for me here, don’t run away!” Saying this, Mr. Wolf, wind-like, ran out of the cave. Mr. Wolf ran a few meters and turned back to say, “And do not cry!”

Mr. Fox’s brain was dizzy. !!! Mr. Fox gradually reacted to Mr. Wolf again, and formed himself into a ball, but this time white with a faint pink.

Mr. Wolf jumped into the cold pool of water, trying to use the cold outside to dispel the fire inside himself. Not long after, Mr. Fox felt Mr. Wolf’s aggravated breath again; indeed, a cold Mr. Wolf walked into the cave. Mr. Fox didn’t know how to face Mr. Wolf, but Mr. Fox felt himself being picked up again. Mr. Wolf carefully put Mr. Fox on his back, just said, “Hold on,” and then sped up.

Mr. Fox was lying on Mr. Wolf’s back and felt that the route he was traveling was becoming more and more familiar. 

Ah. Mr. Fox found that Mr. Wolf’s destination was really a flower field, but today’s flower field seemed a little different. Vaguely, Mr. Fox seemed to see two unidentified objects standing and lying in the flowers. Mr. Wolf put Mr. Fox down, arching his head to Mr. Fox, indicating him to go forward.

Mr. Fox was puzzled, as Mr. Wolf seemed to be a little nervous, and slowly came to the unknown object and looked at it carefully. Ah, it was obviously a wolf and a fox made of flowers! Mr. Fox’s face turned red and he didn’t know how he could see the doting in Mr. Wolf’s eyes, but he intuited that it was Mr. Wolf and himself. Mr. Fox could see that, except for its slightly larger size, the stone was exactly the same as the one Mr. Wolf had given himself before.

“This is?” Mr. Fox looked down at the stone around his neck and then looked at the stone in the box. 

“This is the life stone that belongs to the wolf clan alone,” replied Mr. Wolf, who sat not far behind Mr. Fox A trace of apprehension could not be hidden in his pretend calm tone. After a pause, Mr. Wolf went on to say, “It is also the mate stone that the wolves give to their mates.”


  1. Mates

Oh, the love stone … Mate! Mate Stone!!! Mr. Fox’s head exploded with fireworks.

“I like you.” Mr. Wolf took two steps forward and plopped down in front of Mr. Fox. The usual calm self-control was gone, and he said, “You. Will you put on another piece for me?”

Mr. Fox looked at the submissive Mr. Wolf, but his heart seemed to be a little fox in a moment of shyness; it rolled, and in a moment of excitement, jumped around. A moment of time can not be back to the mind. Mr. Wolf closed his eyes and quietly waited. After a long, long time, at least Mr. Wolf was feeling so nervous. Mr. Wolf’s mind even flashed how to regain the heart of the little fox, when he felt the rope on his neck that was gently put on by Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox, trembling with mouth holding the rope, set Mr. Wolf cautiously seemed to be a wolf and a fox in this life.

Mr. Fox’s face was hot and he thought, No matter what, Mr. Wolf is mine!

Mr. Wolf pounced on Mr. Fox, and one wolf and one fox were laughing in the flower field.

Wait! Mr. Fox’s expression suddenly stiffened. That strange wolf! Mr. Fox arched in Mr. Wolf’s arms and said in a small voice, “Mr. Wolf. That, your fiancée…” 

Mr. Wolf’s brain, immersed in love, did not have to calm down, and picked up the little fox on a wind-like run home. “Ms. Wolf, you give me—come out!” 

Ms. Wolf cautiously poked her head out and quietly surveyed the big brother’s look. Well, safe. And then goose-stepping like a little angry daughter-in-law, moved to Mr. Wolf, and before he could open his mouth, she heard Wolf Green say, “Call him sister-in-law.” 

Ms. Wolf instantly understood, embarrassed, and wanted to hide behind Mr. Wolf. “Hello sister-in-law!” Ms. Wolf yelled out without hesitation. “Sister-in-law! My name is Ms. Wolf, big brother’s half-sister, I made up that I am his fiancée! Big brother has always kept his body for you!” 

Mr. Fox’s face had been hot since he saw Ms. Wolf, and shy and embarrassed, really did not know what to say. Mr. Wolf saw this, his face was a black, and he blocked the little fox to the back for protection. “Ok, ok, hurry up and get lost, do not disturb me and your sister-in-law’s two-person world.” 

Ms. Wolf was angered, but she dared not speak, took three steps back, and ran away.

Mr. Wolf pushed Mr. Fox into his own territory and vaulted Mr. Fox onto the bed. Looking at the little fox whose whole body was stained with his own breath lying on his own bed, Mr. Wolf thought, ah~~~~~

The inner swings are immense.

“Wolf… Mr. Wolf, are you okay?” Mr. Fox watched as two bloodstains appeared under Mr. Wolf’s nose, and panicked as he came forward to check.

“Ah, I’m fine, I’m fine.” Mr. Wolf forced his mind to suppress the juvenile thoughts, and washed his face, by the way, to calm his overactive brain.

“But I want Mao Mao to accompany me ~ sleep.” Mr. Wolf gently took Mr. Fox to the bed. Continuous emotional ups and downs made Mr. Fox also a little tired, soon Mr. Fox snored a little. Mr. Wolf, satisfied, licked Mr. Fox, and also closed his eyes.


  1. The rest of my life, please teach me more


In the early morning, a light shone into the cave. Mr. Wolf waved his tail and opened his eyes. Mr. Fox was still nestled in Mr. Wolf’s arms, and Mr. Wolf couldn’t resist licking Mr. Fox’s ears.

Although Mr. Wolf’s action was very restrained, the harassed Mr. Fox just shrugged his ears and let Mr Wolf hold his breath nervously.

Grip~Grip again! Mr. Wolf’s tail fluttered in the air excitedly (because he was afraid of the sound of flapping on the ground).

Mr. Fox felt in his sleep as if he was being watched, opened his mouth, and woke up with a small yawn. He opened his eyes and met Mr. Wolf’s wild eyes.

Mr. Fox …? (Slowly typed out a question mark).

Mr. Wolf looked at the dazed little fox, simply so cute he could vomit blood, could no longer control himself, howled and rolled over to Mr. Fox to complete the years of (?) Mr. Fox’s wish, from head to tail, gathered the whole little fox again, gathered until Mr. Fox lay softly in his arms!

Mr. Fox was tossed and turned (ravaged ~ ravaged), and it was difficult to break free from his clutches. He  gasped to calm his thumping heartbeat.

“Mao Mao, come home with me.” Mr. Wolf buried his head in Mr. Fox’s neck with pleasure and said in a low voice.

Mr. Fox raised his head, shyly but still looked straight into Mr. Wolf’s eyes, and a bright smile bloomed on his face.

“Yes, Mr. Wolf.”

“There’s one more thing I want to tell you.”


“For the rest of your life, please tell me everything.”


13. Later

Later on, Mr. Wolf took Mr. Fox to meet his parents, and after they returned to their home, they tied the knot in the presence of both parents and agreed to be married for life.

In this life, Mr. Fox was making fun, and Mr. Wolf was laughing.

It was enough.


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Cute story ☺️

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That was really rather lovely. They were not the same animal and both male, but found love together and were accepted by their families. Very sweet.

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Aaaaa thank you for bringing us this story~ It is a nice, lighthearted, and short healing piece, perfect to sooth a tired body and heart. <3 They were all just right

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