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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


  1. Fox Valley

Anyway, Mr. Wolf followed Mr. Fox back to Fox Valley.

“Mao Mao! You’re back after all.” (Mr. Fox swore he must have heard Mr. Wolf laugh out loud!) As soon as he saw Mr. Fox, his mother greeted him warmly and groomed Mr. Fox’s messy fur. 

“Son, who is this?” Mr. Fox’s father inquired as he stood next to the mother and son who were hugging each other closely.

Mr. Wolf took two steps forward and introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Wolf Green. I live next door to Mao Mao.” 

“Dad, Mr. Wolf is my friend,” Mr. Fox added immediately afterwards. 

Mr. Fox’s father used his mouth to arch Mr. Fox to the side and lowered his voice. “Son, why do you hang out with wolves? Look at your little body, it’s not enough for them.” 

Mr. Fox looked back at Mr. Wolf and was a bit torn inside, he didn’t know what to tell his father, and Mr. Wolf’s ears could hear their words clearly.

“Mr. Wolf is fine, he wants me to have a lookout on the road before accompanying me,” Mr. Fox spoke up and explained. 

Mr. Fox’s father looked at Mr. Fox with an indescribable expression, and sighed for a long time. “It’s just that children are too old to stay, and dad doesn’t want to interfere with you too much.” 

…? Mr. Fox felt that this sounded strange.

On the other hand, Mr. Fox’s mother had apparently been dazzled by Mr. Wolf’s rainbow farts. “You are so elegant, I have never seen a fox as fallen, gentle and beautiful as you.” 

“How can your fur be so soft and delicate? Do you have any secret?” 

“No wonder Mao is so polite, because he has a mother who knows how to read and write.” 

“Stop.” Mr. Fox, who had just finished talking, pressed his paw on Mr. Wolf’s mouth. What is Mr. Wolf doing? Mr. Fox thought with shame.

Mr. Fox’s mother was not happy, she had not seen such a talking beast for many years, a slap away from her son without eyes. “Go, go, go! Sit at home, you must try my handiwork today.” The fox mother happily left her husband and son behind and enthusiastically pushed Mr. Wolf through the door.

She said it was a craft, but in fact it was just a secret sauce for the roasted rabbit. Mr. Wolf was eating and praising his mother, while his father was gnashing his teeth.

Mr. Fox was depressed. Mr. Wolf usually does not talk so much, why is he so unusual today?

So the dinner ended with Mr. Wolf’s praise, Mr. Fox’s mother’s pleasure, Mr. Fox’s father’s grumbling, and Mr. Fox’s depression.


  1. The Party

After spending the night at Mr. Fox’s house, Mr. Wolf woke up early in the morning and was very refreshed. He went out hunting and took advantage of the fact that Mr. Fox’s family had not yet woken up. Mr. Wolf quickly processed the prey and put it on the table; although everyone could now accept cooked food, most beasts still liked raw meat.

Mr. Fox drifted into the kitchen in a daze, and Mr. Fox’s father and mother also followed the sound. It was a happy breakfast time, but of course there was also a lot of praise from Mr. Fox’s mother and a little squirming from his father.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wolf was bored and lying in front of Mr. Fox’s house, his big fluffy tail wagging. Mr. Wolf was the head wolf at the fox clan’s party, so he couldn’t go with them.

After a long time, Mr. Wolf saw Mr. Fox jumping back and forth. Mr. Wolf squinted his eyes and found another larger fox walking beside Mr. Fox. “Hello, you are Mao’s neighbor, right? Mao is under your care,” the strange fox spoke politely. 

Mr. Wolf nodded slightly. “You are?” 

“Hu Po, I grew up with Mao Mao, I am half brother of Mao Mao.” Mr. Wolf could see that Mr. Fox was very intimate and trusting to this fox, and although he felt a little upset, Mr. Wolf still politely exchanged a few pleasantries with Hu Po.

“Then I’ll go back first, see you tomorrow,” Mr. Fox responded, turned his head and saw Mr. Wolf staring at himself with unblinking eyes. Mr. Fox was a little weak. “What, what’s wrong, Mr. Wolf?” 

Mr. Wolf just twitched his ears and didn’t say anything else.

Mr. Wolf was waiting patiently for a while, but the door was suddenly quiet again. Mr. Wolf sighed in his heart, got up and lightly jumped out of bed, and opened the door to the surprised Mr. Fox. 

“Ah, well, I want to ask you if you are interested in the market tomorrow?” Mr. Fox was sitting nicely; two fur paws were moving a little restlessly back and forth. “I can go home after the fair tomorrow.” 

“Didn’t you have an appointment with your brother Hu Po? I wouldn’t have to go through the hustle and bustle.” Mr. Wolf also does not know what kind of twist he had, he obviously wanted to go with Mr. Fox. 

Mr. Fox was stunned. He did not know why Mr. Wolf’s tone was suddenly so impulsive. Mr. Fox, who was a little uncomfortable, held his breath and said, “Brother Hu Po is the stall owner, he is also going to set up a stall tomorrow. I just want to find you to accompany me to the market, what’s wrong with that!?” 

Mr. Fox’s head buzzed when he saw Mr. Wolf’s dumbfounded look, and he tried to run away with a blush on his face. Mr. Fox was caught by the fierce Mr. Wolf, who pounced on Mr. Fox’s tail. Mr. Wolf threw Mr. Fox onto the bed and rolled over onto Mr. Fox himself. 

“Wolf, Mr. Wolf?” Mr. Fox called out in a weak whisper.


Hey!? Mr. Fox looked at Mr. Wolf, who seemed to be sleeping sweetly, and put up a small struggle, only to be embraced more tightly. No, it’s not. Mr. Fox’s brain suddenly went blank, and even in this bizarre situation, there was a surge of sleepiness. Mr. Fox closed his eyes and fell asleep completely.

Mr. Wolf slowly opened his eyes and looked at Mr. Fox lying meekly in his arms. Mr. Wolf restrained himself from the urge to howl at the moon, and could not help but lick Mr. Fox, and then wrapped his arms around Mr. Fox and also went to sleep. Mr. Fox also went to dreamland.


  1. Mr. Wolf’s Bad Taste

In the morning, Mr. Fox, who felt that he was tightly shackled by something, stirred his legs and opened his eyes first. A magnified wolf’s face suddenly appeared in front of Mr. Fox’s eyes, and Mr. Fox was stunned for a moment; his face seemed to be hot as he recalled the embarrassing scene last night. 

No matter what, let’s slip away first! Mr. Fox carefully removed himself from Mr. Wolf’s arms, sneakily climbing out of bed, the original distance of a few steps hard to walk for ten minutes, the movement is slow like a slow-motion camera. 

Mr. Wolf, who was supposed to be sleeping, woke up as soon as Mr. Fox got out of bed, but the bad-hearted Mr. Wolf didn’t make a sound and looked at Mr. Fox’s clumsy figure with amusement. After hearing Mr. Fox step out of the door, Mr. Wolf finally couldn’t help but bury his head in the blanket and let out a muffled laugh. How can my little fox be so cute!?

Mr. Wolf, who was in a very good mood, waited for a few minutes before pretending that he had just woken up. Mr. Wolf quickly cleaned himself up and greeted Mr. Fox in a natural manner. “Mao Mao, it’s time to go.” 

Mr. Fox’s hackles rose. “Mr. Wolf, Huze! My name is Huze!” It’s obviously a family member’s intimate name for himself, but when it came out of Mr. Wolf’s mouth, it had a bit of an unspoken meaning.

Mr. Wolf smiled faintly. Mr. Fox thought Mr. Wolf understood, and was just about to sigh when he heard Mr. Wolf said quickly, “Okay, Mao Mao. Got it, Mao Mao.” 

“Mr. Wolf!!!!” Mr. Fox was annoyed.

A wolf and a fox argued, or rather, Mr. Wolf teased Mr. Fox unilaterally, and finally reached the entrance of the market anyway. The lively market did not attract Mr. Wolf’s attention much, but teasing Mr. Fox, whose face was red, was the source of Mr. Wolf’s happiness. Mr. Fox also participated in the market too many times, turned around and did not find anything new, and had the idea of going back.

After saying hello to Brother Hu Po, Mr. Fox took Mr. Wolf back with him. Seeing that Mr. Wolf was not interested in the market, Mr. Fox suddenly stopped and looked at Mr. Wolf with bright eyes. “Mr. Wolf, I’ll take you to a place!”

Mr. Fox deftly walked through the forest, and Mr. Wolf leisurely followed Mr. Fox.

Through a forest, Mr. Wolf’s eyes suddenly opened up, for a time, forgiven for having seen the world. Mr. Wolf also froze in front of the scene. The sunlight cast down through the gaps in the branches and leaves, fell on the sparkling lake, and escaped into the air. Tranquil and peaceful, the beloved little fox was running and jumping around the lake, forgetting to roll in the grass. His snow-white fur shining was dazzling so that Mr. Wolf’s eyes could not help but chase his silhouette.

At that moment, Mr. Wolf told himself, yes, it’s him.


  1. Oleander

After returning home from Fox Valley, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Fox’s life seems to have returned to normal; except when going out to say hello to each other, there is no other encounter. Several times Mr. Fox looked at Mr. Wolf in a hurry, just wanting to open his mouth to say something, but Mr. Wolf was in a hurry to leave. Mr. Fox’s heart felt a little unspeakable loss.

Mr. Fox finally couldn’t resist. He went to the flower field and chose a branch of oleander to give to Mr. Wolf. A wolf with shiny hair and a strong body suddenly came out of the grass and stopped in front of Mr. Fox. 

“Fox, may I ask if Wolf Green lives here?” A delicate female voice spat out from the wolf’s mouth.

Mr. Fox, who hadn’t had time to calm his frightened heart, was instantly confused by the windy and strange wolf, and it took him a long time to realize that he was looking for Mr. Wolf. “Yes, you are?” 

“Ah, I am his,” the strange wolf who was talking suddenly saw the oleander on the ground and said, “fiancée,” after a pause.

Mr. Fox did not know how he got home, but only vaguely remembered that his mouth was full of nonsense, and wished them a happy wedding. Ah, what am I saying! 

Mr. Fox cowered in the corner, his head against the wall, and his back looked a little pitiful. “Mr. Wolf is such a big idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!” Slap, slap.  “Idiot.” Mr. Fox’s eyes went hazy for a moment, and tears came out indefinitely. Mr. Wolf is just being nice to you, don’t think too much about it! 

Mr. Fox spit on his self-righteous self in his heart, and until he cried himself to sleep, Mr. Fox’s heart was still numb and sour.

As soon as Mr. Wolf came back, he saw his own family’s heavenly and earthly bastard lying lazily on the ground, fiddling with a flower that could not be named. “What are you doing here?” Mr. Wolf’s words were extremely disgusting. 

The strange wolf’s eyes lit up with a brush. “Older brother, your older sister has solved a big thing for you!” 

Looking at his sister’s smug attitude, Mr. Wolf’s heart suddenly swept through a hint of ominous foreboding. “What did you do?” Mr. Wolf glanced at Ms. Wolf. 

Ms. Wolf didn’t mind Mr. Wolf’s attitude at all, and mysteriously pointed to the flower that was not much left of for her to play with. “Older brother, did you know what this is?” 

Ms. Wolf also knew that her older brother would not pick up her words, so she self-consciously finished in one breath. “This is the oil tree flower ah, older brother, means first love. What, save it or not? I have helped you to solve another suitor, quickly. Why aren’t you thanking me?” 

Mr. Wolf’s inner turmoil reached its peak.

“But that little fox’s appearance was quite pathetic,” Ms. Wolf muttered to finish her sentence.

“Fuck you!” Mr. Wolf finally could not maintain the gentle appearance, exploded a foul mouth, and was like a whirlwind as he breezed out.


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October 29, 2022 6:35 pm

Poor Mr Fox and shitty Ms Wolf. Brother should have burnt her house down.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 30, 2022 12:58 am

Aiyo 😅 Mr. Wolf wasn’t able to tell his siblings that it’s serious this time. He even met mc’s parentals and saw their attitude towards him taking their precious cabbage. At the same time, aiyo, this tactic that’s usually used to move along the two leads’ love development 😅

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