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Chapter 13 – 16: Yin Dang Shou

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Yin Dang Shou rubbed his palm and said, “I don’t know what the other residents complained about me, I don’t throw objects or make noise. As you know, I’m a student from a nearby university. I have to take classes at ordinary times. I don’t do anything to affect other residents. Maybe there’s some misunderstanding. Manager, look…” 

Yi Qi nodded, “In this regard, our security room will naturally investigate and find out clearly. However, as for the contents of many residents’ complaints, after our investigation, it is found that there is such an issue. Mr. Yin Dang Shou, if you understand what I am talking about, I urge you to correct it.”

Yin Dang Shou scratched his head with a confused face and said shyly, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. My lifestyle is pretty normal…”

Yi Qi pulled out his mobile phone and showed Yin Dang Shou a picture he had taken one Friday morning. Yin Dang Shou’s mouth dropped open and his eyes were as wide as a circle. He looked at the mobile phone screen Yi Qi showed him, his hands were shaking. Subconsciously, he wanted to grab the phone and delete the photo.

However, Yi Qi quickly took the phone back, cocked his legs, and while enjoying the photos on the phone, he said, “Mr. Yin Dang Shou, your lifestyle is indeed very normal. As for masturbation, I can understand that you are a man. Who has no desire? Especially for a strong man like you, it’s normal to have strong desire, but you seem to be a little more open-minded?”

Yi Qi raised his mobile phone. The picture above is the scene of Yin Dang Shou’s masturbating in front of the floor to ceiling window of his bedroom. Each photo was more powerful than the last, one even captured the moment when Yin Dang Shou came, the semen still connected with the tip of his penis, and looked extremely erotic.

Looking at these pornographic photos, Yin Dang Shou became very shy and wanted to rob the mobile phone and delete all the photos, but Yi Qi’s next sentence made him dare not act rashly. “Of course, sir, you have to rely on force to subdue me. It doesn’t matter if you delete the photo, because I’ve already saved it on the computer. If you don’t want all the residents in the community to receive your naked photos the next day, you’d better sit there and don’t move around.”

“Are you threatening me?” Yin Dang Shou was extremely angry. His chest constantly puffed up and down, and even the muscles were shaking. It was very beautiful. Yi Qi resisted the impulse to grab him hard. Sometimes it’s good to just appreciate it.

“If you think so, I have nothing to say. After all, I really want to help you solve the problem. You should know that more than one household has complained to us about this problem. It can be imagined that this behavior of yours, sir, has affected a considerable number of people. If they want to ask for spiritual compensation from you, and they go to court, you will suffer a loss.” Yi Qi was unmoved, with a calm face and calm tone. This attitude was the best way to deal with people who are angry.

“What can you do?” Yin Dang Shou grabbed the bait as expected and gasped for breath. Maybe he also knew that this incident had a bad impact on his reputation. After all, it is not a glorious thing, or even a disgrace. If he could find a solution, Yin Dang Shou would be willing to do it.

Please enter the trap, Yi Qi will finish this step soon!

“If the other residents know that you openly expose your masturbation scene to the other residents… I probably don’t know how attractive it is when you masturbate. According to many residents, seeing you masturbate, some involuntarily wanted to top you, seriously affecting their daily work and rest. This is what they are dissatisfied with.” Yi Qi admired himself for being able to say these nonsense words calmly. However, as long as the momentum is good, people will even believe nonsense.

“…Huh?” Yin Dang Shou looked at Yi Qi with a frightened expression. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing

“Maybe you don’t believe what I said, sir, but what I said is true. So in order to help the other residents, I have thought of a solution. Please unconditionally cooperate, sir.”

Yin Dang Shou frowned and looked at Yi Qi incredulously, “Unconditional cooperation?”

“Yes, sir. If you can’t, tomorrow’s headlines in the major newspapers in the city may be ‘Reappearance of pornographic pictures’ and so on. As for the protagonist, you must know exactly who it will be.” Yi Qi said slowly, enjoying the flustered expression on Yin Dang Shou’s face. Hum, if you dare to let others fuck you in front of the window in such a high profile way, are you not prepared to be threatened? He just wanted to punish him. First, he destroyed his psychological defense line. Later, it would be easier to top.

Yin Dang Shou’s face showed a helpless expression, “Well, I’m willing to cooperate unconditionally. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

Yi Qi was a little surprised by the other party’s performance of accepting his blackmail so quickly. He thought he would have to spend more time talking. Unexpectedly, Yin Dang Shou looked strong, but was boneless. since he gave in so quickly. No wonder he was born to suffer from being manipulated. However, it saved him a lot of effort.

Especially when hearing Yin Dang Shou’s charming voice saying, ‘I will do whatever you ask me to do,’ Yi Qi just wanted to order him to kneel down and help him with oral sex, so that he could have a good time first.

However, this will only backfire, making Yin Dang Shou’s psychological defense more solid, and it won’t be so easy to attack in the future.

“Now, sir, please take me to your bedroom, and we will verify whether my solution can help you solve the problem.” Yi Qi said solemnly. It was hard to know whether he had any other impure purpose, but he did have a purpose, and it was very impure.

Looking at Yin Dang Shou’s unnatural expression, Yi Qi knew that he also thought of that layer, but he had already said the words, which did not allow him to repent. What’s more, he did not force him to say these words. Everything was voluntary. Yi Qi nodded, yes, everything was willing.

Yin Dang Shou led the way in front of him, and his buttocks swayed, which made Yi Qi’s heart move greatly. Especially since he knew if he opened the bath towel, he would see the beautiful scenery. He could not help but admire his own calmness.

Self control is not something that every man has. Men like Hua Zixiao have never had it.

“This is my bedroom.”

After two steps, Yi Qi couldn’t help sighing. He didn’t get to appreciate it enough.

When Yi Qi peeped on Yin Dang Shou masturbating countless times, he didn’t know how many times he had seen the furnishings in this room, he didn’t pay them much attention at those moments. Instead, he took a step forward and suddenly opened the curtain, and a large glass window was displayed in front of them.

He pushed against the glass with his hand, it was very stable, he didn’t have to worry about breaking it because of excessive force. In other words, he didn’t have to worry about the danger when he wanted to play.

Yi Qi knocked on the glass and asked solemnly, “According to our investigation, sir, you have a very serious exhibition fetish. Is that true?” 

Yin Dang Shou was stunned and immediately denied it, “It’s not like that!”

“Sir, can you explain why you have to tear down the walls and replace them with high transparency glass? And every time you masturbate, you open the curtain for people to watch? Does this make you feel special? Please think about it carefully.” Yi Qi looked at the shy and embarrassed expression on Yin Dang Shou’s face, and laughed in his heart. He is going to destroy his psychological defense and slowly lead to his lewd side hidden at the bottom of his heart. Even if he is a stranger, he can be coquettish. After that, he will be able to do whatever he wants!

“I really want to be seen…” Instead of struggling, Yin Dang Shou mumbled out the fact.

Yi Qi nodded his head, and the expression on his face was so upright that people would not doubt whether he had any other purpose. “Now, sir, please drop your bath towel and stand in front of the French window to let others enjoy your nudity. Imagine that there are more than a dozen people looking at you.”

“This…” Seeing Yin Dang Shou hesitate, Yi Qi immediately looked at him with threatening eyes, and then raised his mobile phone. However, he still had the handle in his hands, and knew that Yin Dan Show would not dare disobey what he said. What’s more, he isn’t doing much about it. What’s he being so shy about?

Maybe he was really afraid that the photos would be spread. Yin Dang Shou gave in and showed a humiliating expression on his face. He turned his back to Yi Qi and faced the French window. He yanked hard and then threw the white towel into the corner.

Yi Qi looked at Yin Dang Shou’s naked body. As expected, he didn’t even wear underwear!

The big fat buttocks fall into his sight, which makes Yi Qi’s lower body swell more and more. It’s really hard to hold back.

He braved his desire and went to the cabinet beside the bed. If he remembers well, Yin Dang Shou collected some useful things here. Sure enough, he opened the drawer and Yi Qi found a bulky electric dildo. Although the length and thickness were not as good as his, they were quite useful. It seemed that he wanted to satisfy himself. It’s impossible for Yin Dang Shou to be such a rogue without any toys. Fortunately, he has enough toys to use and play with him.

“Now, sir, please show us how to use this electric dildo.” Yi Qi’s smile was very evil now that everything was in his hands.

“What? Us?” Yin Dang Shou grabbed the other key words.

Yi Qi said with a faint smile, “You probably don’t know that many residents are hiding in the floor opposite you, the floor below you and the roof of the rooftop. They are peeping at your performance with binoculars now! Come on, don’t let them down, show them quickly.”

“No, I refuse!” Yin Dang Shou’s face showed a flustered expression, and his eyes kept shooting to the opposite floor. However, no matter how he looked at it, he could not find the figures of the residents, because they did not exist at all. It was Yi Qi who lied to him. Although he was so scared now, no one could tell what his performance will be like in the future.

“What? This is the joint request of the households affected by your masturbation. It can make up for their mental loss. Can’t you even do this little thing, sir? Or do you want these photos to be circulated and be sued by those residents for a large amount of mental damage?” Yi Qi followed the guidance and asked Yin Dang Shou to abandon his sense of shame. “What kind of choice should you make? I think you already have the answer in your heart.”

Yi Qi also stopped persuading. He put his electric dildo into Yin Dang Shou’s hand and said expectantly, “Okay, now please spread your thighs against the glass, and let the residents have a look at your beautiful ass hole.”

Yin Dang Shou showed a painful expression, turned around, slowly bent down, his hands shaking, spread his legs, exposing his ass hole in the sight of no one.

Although it’s a pity that he couldn’t see the beauty of the ass hole at the moment, Yi Qi felt very relieved to see the humiliating and unwilling expression on the face of the muscular man. Do you dare to look for other men to cheat behind my back? If you don’t pay a price, you won’t have a long memory!

“Well, sir, it seems that your ass hole is itching. Would you like me to relieve the itching?”

“No – no, I’ll do it myself!” Yin Dang Shou said nervously. Then, under the hot eyes of Yi Qi, he turned the electric dildo set to its maximum power, he poked the constantly shaking electric dildo into his ass hole without lubrication. The facial features on his face were tangled with pain, and his strong legs trembled, as if he was about to stand unsteadily.

Yi Qi held his arm and exclaimed, “Sir, are you really bold and unconstrained? Do you have such a strong sexual desire? Can’t wait to thrust it in? Why, is it itching that badly now?”

“No. Ah! Mn… It’s not… You… I was told to put it in. Is it…” The electric dildo was shaking very fast in Yin Dang Shou, and his face contorted, full of comfortable colors. He could produce such a strong pleasure without any lubrication, it really is a lustful body that could make Yi Qi feel awesome.

Of course, it’s also possible that Yin Dang Shou, who had just done it once but had not been satisfied, now showed such a cheerful expression. It’s just as if he had never been fucked by the little white face. It’s really sad that whenever he wanted to be satisfied he had to use the dildo; it’s a waste of such a great body and muscles!

The color of Yi Qi’s eyes gradually darkened, full of lust, staring at Yin Dang Shou’s face and his fat buttocks constantly shaking because of his pleasure. His body was taut because of the pleasure. He had very beautiful muscle lines. Yi Qi really didn’t know how he worked out that he could have such beautiful lines. Yi Qi could not stop loving such a great body!

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