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Chapter 17 – 20: Exhibitionist

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

“I did tell you to insert it, but I didn’t say that you can’t lubricate it first. Tsk, it seems that there is water coming out of your hole? What a lascivious body! Come on, raise your buttocks and let the residents opposite watch your lewd slutty hole.” Yi Qi noticed that some transparent liquid flowed out of Yin Dang Shou’s asshole. He didn’t expect that his small ass hole would automatically let water out, he was so humiliated. In addition, he thought that many people were peeping at him, he could get such a strong pleasure. Come on, Yi Qi guessed it well; Yin Dang Shou really is an exhibitionist.

“You… Mn! Ah! Mn. What a pain…” Yin Dang Shou’s serious face no longer had any other expressions, only comfort and joy. The cold and hard facial lines gradually softened to achieve the meaning of obscenity. His thick legs constantly trembled, along with his whole body, because of the violently shaking electric dildo. His thick cock was even harder, waving its hole at Yi Qi.

Yi Qi looked at Yin Dang Shou’s big cock. How can such a man with such capital be willing to give himself to such a small white face? He would rather masturbate than be fucked by a pig! Yi Qi was angry at the thought of his ugly face, that man hated Yin Dang Shou’s thirst, he just wanted to find some embroidered pillow instead of trying to seduce him. He should not satisfy his vice!

Yi Qi estimated that the pleasure behind was not strong. Yin Dang Shou trembled and wanted to reach out for the electric dildo, but Yi Qi stopped him. “Remember, sir, you can’t do anything I didn’t ask you to do. If you dare disobey my orders, you know what will happen.”

“But… but I… I’m itchy…” Yin Dang Shou twisted his buttocks and looked at Yi Qi eagerly with lust on his face. He seemed to hope that Yi Qi could help him.

Yi Qi slapped Yin Dang Shou’s fat buttocks, who gave out a satisfied groan and seemed to experience pleasure.

“Sir, is this lewd body not satisfied? According to your reaction to the residents, just an hour ago, you performed a fierce sex scene here. Could that man not satisfy your little coquettish hole?” Yi Qi put his finger into Yin Dang Shou’s lips and played with his tongue wantonly. Yin Dang Shou was also very excited. Subconsciously, he licked and chased his finger, as if playing with a big cock. However, hearing Yi Qi’s words, he was shocked and looked at Yi Qi with shame, “How could… How could they see… “

“Oh? Sir, didn’t you install this window just for people to see? To tell you the truth, according to the reflection of a resident on the opposite floor, he was very sexually excited when he saw you being done by a man. It’s clear that you are such a man, who is willing to be ridden by other men. This huge contrast made the resident so excited that he had to masturbate to you three times before he was forced to soften. You made a resident come for you three times. Do you plead guilty?” Yi Qi didn’t expect Yin Dang Shou to lick his fingers so excitedly. It seemed that he had achieved his goal; he had fallen into the whirlpool of lust. Now he is full of thoughts about how to vent his desire, and has no time to think about other things.

“I’m guilty…” Yin Dang Shou murmured.

“That’s right. You are guilty. You should compensate the resident on the opposite floor for their loss. You caused him to lose so much energy. Don’t you think he’ll suffer a great loss if you don’t let him come inside your body?” 

“Mn…Compensate… I’ll compensate…” Yin Dang Shou murmured.

“Sir, how do you want to compensate?”

“How to compensate? I don’t know…”

Yi Qi’s eyes flashed with excitement. “Do you want me to give you an idea?”

“Yes… please… “

“According to the response of the resident on the opposite floor, he didn’t enjoy the sex show today. I, the security manager, suffered a loss too. I will contribute my cock to your small slutty hole and meet the requirements of the resident.” Yi Qi looked like he suffered a big loss. “It’s just, I’m not interested in men. Sir, you have to make me hard in order to handle the matter.”

Yin Dang Shou was confused by Yi Qi’s words, and could only repeat foolishly, “How to get you hard…”

“Mn, don’t worry. According to our records, your name is Yin Dang Shou. It’s really a good name, and it’s appropriate. Sir, you’re a lecherous little experience. I wonder if I can call you Dang Shou?”

“Whatever you want…”

“First of all, I will arouse my sexual desire by implementing a series of measures. Well, if you are a sports student, you should have good physical fitness. First, do a hundred push ups and squat jumps. It should be very simple for you.” Yi Qi sat down on the bed leisurely and looked at Yin Dang Shou with his arms crossed, and said with ease.

This was obviously difficult for Yin Dang Shou, even though he usually trained with these basic movements, now his asshole had a dildo in it and was constantly shaking, which stimulated his prostate. It will have some influence on his performance.

Yin Dang Shou did not hesitate. He stretched his body and pressed his hands on the floor. He naturally did push ups. However, every time he bent over, this cock would inevitably rub against the ground, which seemed to make him feel different. Yi Qi noticed that his cock seemed to be even more swollen. He sneered and said, “You really have the right name. Even doing a push-up can make you feel happy. Are you so lewd?”

“No… It’s not…” Yin Dang Shou retorted breathlessly. With his flushed expression, it was not convincing at all. On the contrary, it made people feel that he was enjoying himself and seemed to have obtained pleasure by rubbing the ground with his cock.

Yi Qi didn’t stop him from doing this; let him have a good time before he finds out how terrible the next pain was.

One hundred push ups soon ended. Although Yin Dang Shou was panting, Yi Qi observed that he still had a surplus of physical strength. He was worthy of being a sports student, and his physical strength was good.

As he was about to continue to do one hundred squat jumps, Yi Qi stopped him. He reached out and grabbed his cock. Then he grabbed a cockring and pushed it straight to the root. Without his permission, Yin Dang Shou could not ejaculate.

If you want to shoot, just beg me!

“Mn… What are you doing?” Yin Dang Shou twisted his body uncomfortably with an angry expression on his face.

Yi Qi photographed Yin Dang Shou’s stiff cock. “Ejaculation is a very rude thing, especially shooting before the tenant on the opposite floor. It is a great disrespect to them. You don’t want to make them dissatisfied.”

Yin Dang Shou was silent before starting squats in silence. The sweat flowed down from his forehead, he didn’t sweat much only because it was insufficient exercise. If Yi Qi wanted to see Yin Dang Shou sweating and sexy, it would be impossible today. However, the serious expression on his face had already satisfied Yi Qi. This was a face he had never seen before. This other side of Yin Dang Shou also attracted him.

After a hundred squats, Yin Dang Shou’s breath became unstable, it seemed that he was a little tired. Yi Qi sat down on the bed and whispered, “Come here.”

Yin Dang Shou just took a step. Yi Qi snapped, “Who told you to walk?! Get down! Climb over here.”

“What?!” The expression on Yin Dang Shou’s face changed greatly. He looked at Yi Qi angrily, his fist clenched, and he seemed to want to beat him.

Yi Qi lifted his eyebrows and raised his mobile phone. Yin Dang Shou’s breathing became more and more serious. His angry and strong chest was constantly moving up and down, it was very full of masculine beauty, he could see that Yi Qi only wanted to grasp it hard. However, Yin Dang Shou was obviously hard headed, so it was impossible to adjust without any time.

Under the threat of Yi Qi, Yin Dang Shou finally gave in and slowly fell down, like a dog, crawling toward Yi Qi on all fours.

“Stick your ass up! Let the opposite tenant see your lewd little hole!” Yi Qi said discontentedly.

Yin Dang Shou showed a humiliating expression on his face, but he still did as he was told. His buttocks pursed high, even his legs were open. His posture was very lewd as he knelt down under Yi Qi’s crotch. The strong sense of contrast to the prior disobedience made Yi Qi’s blood boil, and the satisfaction in his heart made him very happy.

Yi Qi looked at the humiliating and painful expression on Yin Dang Shou’s face, and showed a ferocious smile. He raised his big feet, stepped on Yin Dang Shou’s face mercilessly, and said with a vicious smirk, “First lick my feet, lick it well, and then I’ll give you a big dick!”

When he just came in, Yi Qi took off his shoes, and his socks were still on his feet. Although he did not know whether Yin Dang Shou had a foot fetish or not, to humiliate him and break his defense line, he must start from an unexpected direction.

Sure enough, Yin Dang Shou struggled with resistance, pushed Yi Qi’s big foot away with his hand, and cried out angrily, “You… you’re sick, aren’t you?! Pervert!”

“I’m sick?” Yi Qi looked at him menacingly with a contemptuous smile on his face, “Mr. Yin Dang Shou, who is the pervert? Would normal people get up in the morning and masturbate in front of the window? And open the curtains so that everyone can see? Even though men have sex and also want to let others watch, at this point, you can see, Yin Dang Shou, you are a real pervert! Now that you are so hungry and thirsty, what are you pretending for? I’m kind enough to help you solve the problem, and you agreed. Isn’t it that you’ve become a whore and want to make a nice memory? There are no such cheap things in the world.”

Yi Qi’s words made Yin Dang Shou blush, he muttered, “Just… Even if it’s good to be done by you… I don’t have to lick your feet…”

Yi Qi looked at Yin Dang Shou lazily with his legs wide open. “Mr. Yin Dang Shou, do you think all men in the world are gay? You don’t mean that I am too. Compared with a man full of muscles, I love those women with hot and soft bodies! I have to have sex with you because of my duty. If you hadn’t done those abnormal behaviors, I wouldn’t have to suffer such a crime. So is it not your duty to serve me well and make me hard? My sexual preferences are a bit strange, but if you can’t stand it, that’s fine. But you will find the picture in tomorrow’s newspaper. It will be wonderful!”

In a contemptuous and annoyed tone, Yi Qi knew that his expression must be very flat now, and he threatened the muscle man so blatantly. If he heard this, he would not hesitate to wave his fist, but the muscle man did not dare to do so. Who was the one who gave him this power in the first place? If you don’t want to be discredited, you have to be obedient!

Yin Dang Shou took a deep breath again, clenched his fist, his face was red, showing a humiliated and despairing expression, so rich that Yi Qi didn’t even blink an eye, for fear of missing Yin Dang Shou’s expression.

Yi Qi waited patiently for Yin Dang Shou. If he didn’t have the patience, he would directly coerce Yin Dang Shou to have sex with him. However, that would be no different from rape. What he wanted was Yin Dang Shou to submit to him, and he would conquer Yin Dang Shou from the body to the heart!

After a long time, Yin Dang Shou finally made a move, his forearms were tight and his veins bulged out. He slowly lifted Yi Qi’s big feet, put it close to his mouth, and closed his eyes tightly. He stretched out his tongue like a small animal, quickly licked it and then retracted back.

Yi Qi picked his eyebrows and looked at Yin Dang Shou’s move. Somehow, he felt that something in his heart became very soft. Because of this softness, he said coldly, “Open your eyes and just lick it. What will it feel like? Either don’t do it at all, or do it well for me!”

Yi Qi won’t give up humiliating Yin Dang Shou just because of pity, it’s because he understood the feeling in his heart that he can’t stop now. He can’t stop before Yin Dang Shou’s defense is broken!

Yi Qi’s words made Yin Dang Shou finally understand the current situation. Fearless struggle is useless. If you want him to let you go, you have to serve him well and give him a good time. Anyway, he had already been thrusted into today, it’s not a big deal to change another person.

Yi Qi didn’t say these words out loud, it’s not good to say some things too clearly. It’s necessary for him to feel them slowly, and now it seems that Yin Dang Shou has understood.

His tender tongue gently swept to his feet, from top to bottom, then from bottom to top. He licked his socks wet, especially at the toes. Yin Dang Shou even put it into his mouth, one by one, and ate with relish. The appearance of enjoyment made Yi Qi doubt if his toes were really that delicious.

However, it is undeniable that Yin Dang Shou licked his feet, which made him very happy. The numbness of the feeling came constantly, which stimulated him. His cock had already become erect, and his suit pants were held high, which was very attractive!

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not a fan of humiliation, looking forward to next chapters. Thanks for the updates. So fast and consistent. Great job all.

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Thank you!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
September 20, 2020 12:10 am

Yi Qi is really taking things slow. He knows his stuff well, to dominate people to surrender as a sub. I don’t against dom-sub, but more keen on SM, since it’s actually satisfy both side. The S has do do effort to satisfy the M. So, who is who the master, both are the master to each other. I guess it’s actually similar to dom-sub, but involves humiliation on one side. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks!

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Thanks for the chapter!

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Thank you for the story. I wonder how long YDS has been chasing YQ.

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