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Chapter 25 – 30: Getting His Love

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The sun was just right. In the quiet community, the higher the building was, the more sunlight will be in the room. However, there was only one such building. In the suite on the top floor, the wall of the bedroom had been replaced by a huge French window. At the moment, the curtain was open, and the scenery in the room could be seen clearly, but it is a place of lust.

The hot erotic scene would make people blush and their heart palpitate. A body-builder with strong muscles, his arms thicker than some people’s thighs, his strong chest even bigger than some men. His buttocks are round and attractive, especially when he kneels down on the ground, his waist in a sexy arc. Watching the man made their blood boil. The swelling of his penis pointed to the ground, the base covered with a cock ring, so even though his glans wanted to erupt, he could not come.

Such a perfect ‘muscular’ man is now in such a shameful position in front of the huge French window, allowing people to watch his play. Behind him stands a man, who is wearing a shirt and trousers, and his beautiful face is slightly tangled at the moment. Obviously, he looks extremely happy. After a closer look, the zipper at the crotch of the man’s pants is open, revealing a very thick cock, which almost enters fully in and out of the lifted buttocks.

The man is well-dressed. If one only looks at his upper body, one can’t imagine that he is doing such obscene and pornographic things at the moment so provocatively. Especially, the muscular man under him is completely naked without any trace of clothing. This contrast gives people strong visual stimulation, and the level of provocation is upgraded again!

In addition, one can see that the man is thrusting in and out, and the well built muscular man’s face shows a cheerful expression. His eyes are slightly blurred and his mouth is constantly shaking. It is a pity that nothing can be heard through the glass. However, one can still imagine that it must be some obscene language. With this scene, one can not know how many men have killed their precious descendants by coming.

The man doing the vigorous exercise is handsome and the size of his cock is also amazing. In any case, although the man below is not very handsome, his beautiful muscles add points for him. Looking at such a fierce muscle man beneath the other man’s body, such a sense of contrast is enough to make people unable to move their eyes, hands constantly moving in the lower body, very eager to join them, or fantasize that the person who is being fucked or manipulated is themself.

The erotic scene in the room is constantly upgrading, and both of them are sweating profusely. In particular, the suited man grabs the muscle man and turns him over onto his back. They are face-to-face. The muscular man sheepishly takes his eyes off the man above him. The man forces him to look at himself and watch the interaction between them. 

It’s just a pity that the only thing that can witness this scene is the sunshine that is in full of favor here. Even if the curtains are open, no residents can see it. Even if someone notices something wrong here, they can’t see the situation inside. It’s a waste of such a hot scene.

It’s just that women and the moral man don’t care about this. They only continue their daily lives.

With Yi Qi’s constant thrusting efforts, his huge balls bump into the buttocks and send out crisp sounds of “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa”, the obscenity of the room makes Yin Dang Shou gradually open up. From time to time, his mouth would let out some grunts, the manly groan greatly arouses Yi Qi’s sexual desire. No matter how manly he is, how many muscles he has and how fierce he looks, in the end, he’s still lying under him and groaning like a woman, which greatly satisfies his self-esteem.

Yi Qi grabs Yin Dang Shou’s stout legs, puts them on his shoulders, forces him to look at the place where they met, and works hard on Yin Dang Shou’s hole like a pile driver.

“How about it? Dang Shou, did I make you happy? But I feel that, oh, you are wet inside, the water is so fierce, I must dry you out. I really want you to see your coquettish expression. It is really very charming, even if you don’t say it, your eyes have betrayed you. Don’t worry, I will do as you wish and mercilessly dry you up!” Yi Qi says aloud, constantly destroying the last line of defense in Yin Dang Shou’s heart. As long as he breaks through, Yin Dang Shou will be immersed in sexual desire, and then he can play with him however he wants!

Yin Dang Shou’s eyes immediately glared at him, trying to dispel the obscene color. It seems that he’s telling Yi Qi that he doesn’t really want to be done by him like he said. However, with the insertion of Yi Qi’s cock, his eyes became blurry again, and the lustful color that had just been dispelled filled again.

Yi Qi smiles and continues to tempt, “Dang Shou, tell me, who is more handsome? That little white face this morning or me? Whose cock is bigger? Who makes you feel better?”

When asked about this, Yi Qi was also very mean-hearted and ruthless against the sensitive spot in the depths of Yin Dang Shou’s hole. He had been looking for it very early on, but he kept trying not to touch it. At this time, if he suddenly forced his thrusts, it would certainly destroy his defense line.

Sure enough, Yin Dang Shou’s body trembled, and he even shook his lips and answered him, “You. Ah! Your cock is bigger! You make me feel better! Ah! How comfortable…”

Yi Qi is glad to strike while the iron’s hot. “Do you want to be done by this big cock of mine all the time? You’ve been dried to death by my big cock?”

“I want to! I really want to be killed by your big cock! I really want to be fucked all the time…” Because Yi Qi was pushing against his sensitive point with the top of his glans, Yin Dang Shou felt so happy that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Tell me, are you a whore? A whore who is eager to be dried by a big cock?” Yi Qi followed the guidance.

“Yes! I’m a bitch! I’m a big bitch and I should be on my knees! I like big cock! Ah…” Yin Dang Shou answered without hesitation. His hands were constantly twisting and his lower body was swollen. He seemed to want to come.

Yi Qi felt that his breathing was getting harsher. Unexpectedly, he heard Yin Dang Shou admit that he was a whore, and that feeling was even better than touching his prostate.

“Is that because you’re willing to do anything to be done by a big cock?” Yi Qi leaned down and bit Yin Dang Shou’s erect nipple, with a sly look in his eyes.

“Yes! I would like to! As long as I can be fucked by a big cock…” Yin Dang Shou cried.

“Then promise me we’ll do it all our lives!” Yi Qi stopped his manipulation of Yin Dang Shou’s prostate and held Yin Dang Shou’s chin with his big hand, forcing him to look at him whilst saying his purpose word by word.

“How? Why did you stop? Don’t stop! Move…” Yin Dang Shou writhed uneasily, and even took the initiative to use his ass hole to clench around Yi Qi’s cock. He wanted him to continue to fuck him a lot.

Yi Qi scolded secretly, so he had to take out his cock and grind it against Yin Dang Shou’s hole while staring at his eyes tightly. “If you want to be fucked by my cock, answer me!”

“Back.. Answer… What?” Yin Dang Shou gradually regained his mind and looked at Yi Qi with bewildered eyes.

“Tell me. Do you want to be fucked by me all your life, never leave me and always stay by my side?” Yi Qi looked at Yin Dang Shou with all his face in earnest. After he was sure that he really had feelings for the muscular man, he no longer hesitated and was determined to chase for his hand and firmly control him. He was afraid that he would miss the first man who had made his heart beat in so many years.

Yin Dang Shou looked at Yi Qi for a long time, and then he said, “You… Is that a confession to me?”

Yi Qi raised his mouth slightly, chuckled, and bit Yin Dang Shou’s lips. “Yes, I’m confessing to you.”

“How can you express yourself like this…”

Before Yin Dang Shou finished, Yi Qi looked at him and said affectionately, “Yin Dang Shou, I like you.”

Yin Dang Shou opened his mouth, his face was slightly red, he moved his eyes unnaturally, and said rudely, “Are you fucking nuts? Get the hell out of here!”

“You haven’t answered me yet.” Yi Qi said unhappily.

Yin Dang Shou put on a lewd smile, “If you screw me up, I’ll tell you the answer!”

Yi Qi’s throat kept rolling, this cheap whore! At the same time, he felt happy from the bottom of his heart. Yin Dang Shou’s last defense line had been broken by him. How could he let him do it so easily when he couldn’t wait to be fucked?

“You want me to fuck you? Okay.” Yi Qi said. He knew that Yin Dang Shou could not wait for him to grind his cock into his hole, and he needed him to thrust in to relieve his emptiness.

Sure enough, at first Yin Dang Shou was still in his right mind, looking at Yi Qi with a flushed face after a long time. His face was full of lust, and his muscles on his bound hands were tight. It was very beautiful, but he could also see that he was enduring with difficulty.

Yi Qi followed the guidance, “Why endure so much? As long as you ask me, I will satisfy you.”

“Asshole!” Yin Dang Shou scolded and glared at Yi Qi angrily, but his waist kept twisting. He even took the initiative to move the cock into his hole.

Yi Qi was so happy with his inconsistent words and deeds that he patted his thigh with a hand and stopped his movement. “Can’t you help it? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. There’s no one else here except me, and you don’t have to worry about being heard. Although there are many men looking at you with binoculars, they can’t hear you, but your lewd appearance is enough for them to shoot several shots!”

Yin Dang Shou’s lips trembled. “What did you say?”

“Why do you think it’s a bad thing to say that I’m a fake? Although I’m not the manager of the security room, it doesn’t mean that what I said is not true. Come on, you can see through the window with a telescope even though it is covered by the curtain. There is a man who is holding his cock and masturbating at this time!”

Yi Qi turned Yin Dang Shou upside down and looked at the opposite suite. Sure enough, he could see something reflecting light. Yin Dang Shou was silent.

It was Yi Qi’s home, which he had arranged before he went out. The telescope was specially placed there for a rainy day. Just then he found out that there was something reflecting light from there, and it was enough to bluff Yin Dang Shou.

“How about it? Is this discovery a pleasure to you? Don’t you want to be seen that way because you like to be exposed so much? Just now, your lustful face was clearly seen, and you, here, your dick is so hard, do you want to come? Oh, without my permission, you can’t shoot out even if you suffocate!” Yi Qi used his hand to play with Yin Dang Shou’s dick, it was indeed very big. He was also holding back very hard. The feeling that he wanted to shoot but could not was painful.

As expected, Yin Dang Shou was shaken and said softly, “Untie me first and take off the cock ring!”

Yi Qi thought for a moment, these two things were no longer very useful, and he had been bound the entire time. It must be very hard for Yin Dang Shou. But even if he wanted to resist, Yi Qi was confident he could subdue him.

Yin Dang Shou, who was free, rubbed his wrists and turned a little red at Yi Qi’s teasing smile. Then he consciously opened his legs toward Yi Qi, spread his butt cheeks with both hands, shook his hips and said, “Brother… Please…please fuck me with your big cock, and destroy me. Please, I’m itchy…”

Without saying a word, Yi Qi grabbed his big cock and poked it into Yin Dang Shou’s hols. He leaned down to hold him, and pushed it in vigorously. His lips wanted to touch Yin Dang Shou’s, and they stuck together warmly. Yin Dang Shou even actively stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, inviting him to enter his mouth and play a game of chase together.

This was Yi Qi’s first time to explore Yin Dang Shou’s mouth, so he happily swept every corner with his tongue. Fortunately, Yin Dang Shou’s lung capacity was very good. They had been kissing for a long time, but there was no oxygen deficiency. On the contrary, Yin Dang Shou licked the corners of his mouth with an insatiable desire. As attractive as it was, there will be more obscene things to come.

“Dangshou, did you have a good time?” Yi Qi straightened up, grabbed Yin Dang Shou’s thigh and made him put it in an ‘m’ shape. He was frantically thrusting his waist, and his cock was sticking into the hole desperately.

“Ah… I’m so happy. I feel so good. I’m so happy with this big cock…” Yin Dang Shou didn’t feel shy at all and yelled. His eyes were blurred. His hand felt his chest consciously, playing with his standing two bright red nipples in order to get further pleasure.

Yi Qi’s eyes were slightly red, “You son of a bitch, still playing with yourself? I’m going to fuck you.”

Another round of fast thrusting, Yi Qi seemed to be crazy. Every time he thrusted in, it hit his sensitive point hard. A heavy thrust made Yin Dang Shou scream like crazy, and he was so frantic.

Yi Qi’s facial features are slightly tangled together. The muscles of his arms are tight, and his waist constantly rises, which gives him good waist strength. Otherwise, such a fast jerk could  make his waist break quickly. However, his speed does not decrease at all.

Yin Dang Shou is moaning under him. Obviously, he is extremely happy and a tired look can not be seen. Therefore, good physical strength also has an advantage in sex! In addition, Yin Dang Shou is a sports student, so his physical strength is better than Yi Qi’s, due to years of exercise. If he lies down like this without exerting force, he won’t feel tired even if he does it all night.

Yi Qi is also glad that, although he is an office worker, he has never stopped his usual exercise. He always takes two or three days a week to go to the gym, and when he has free time, he goes mountain climbing and running. Therefore, his physical strength is not much worse than that of his college days. Although his muscles are not of Yin’s Dang Shou’s exaggeration and beauty, he can’t be underestimated. It’s just in this way that he can hold Yin Dang Shou down. If he was out of physical strength, he would have been despised by Yin Dang Shou and would have gone to find another man.

He absolutely would not allow such a thing! Just thinking like this made Yi Qi very angry, and his speed increased for a few minutes again. He pinched Yin Dang Shou’s nipple with his hand. He was very rude and did not show a trace of pity. Unexpectedly, this pinching made Yin Dang Shou’s cry a little louder. It seems to feel very good.

He didn’t expect Yin Dang Shou to be a potential masochist!

Yi Qi immediately understood as he pinched more mercilessly, until his nipples were red and swollen, and made red marks on his chest one after another.

Yin Dang Shou’s throat was hoarse and his face was flushed. He kept shouting, “Ah! How comfortable! What a big cock! It’s very deep! Fuck me! Fuck me! Just fuck me…”

Otherwise, he had been groaning, listening to Yi Qi thrusting. For such a brawling muscle man, he really had no way to do it. He was almost out of control. However, before meeting Yin Dang Shou, he had never come first. This time, he doesn’t feel good about Yin Dang Shou. Who knows whether he will be willing to be fucked by him next time.

He must conquer Yin Dang Shou now!

“Say, do I make you feel good?”

“Yes, you’ve done me good. I’m so happy…”

Yi Qi asked nervously, “Then say if you like me or not, do you want to be my wife?” 

Yin Dang Shou was stunned and immediately said without thinking, “Like…like…I like you very much. I want to be your wife.”

“Then what should you call me?”

“Ah! It’s not… Ah! Husband! Husband, I love you. Husband, your wife is so comfortable! Husband, you are so fierce. Ah, no more! Husband, your wife is going to come.. Ah…” Yin Dang Shou screamed, and then his cock trembled. The milky liquid spurted out and landed on his chest, abdomen and face, looking very lewd.

Yi Qi was shocked by the call of ‘husband’ from Yin Dang Shou’s mouth. In addition, Yin Dang Shou’s hole tightened again. Yi Qi couldn’t help but roar, and came in Yin Dang Shou’s hole.

Yi Qi gasped for a long time before he regained consciousness from the lingering charm of his orgasm. When he looked down, he saw Yin Dang Shou with his eyes closed and his face covered with his own ejaculated semen, which was very attractive. Yi Qi couldn’t help but lower his head and carefully lick the milky white liquid.

“Mn…Senior…” Yin Dang Shou looked at Yi Qi blankly, a little embarrassed.

“Senior?” Yi Qi licked the corner of Yin Dang Shou’s mouth and raised his eyebrows.

Yin Dang Shou’s ears were reddish, and after a long time, he faltered, “Ah… My husband…”

“Good wife!” Yi Qi beamed with joy, looking at Yin Dang Shou’s unexpected shyness, he couldn’t help biting his lips. Originally, he just wanted to kiss him gently. Unexpectedly, Yin Dang Shou was so enthusiastic that he held them together with their lips, stood up and fell on the bed. Yin Dang Shou straddled Yi Qi and kept grinding his cock with his own, and the soft penises swelled again and stood upright together.

“Wife, want it again?” Yi Qi gasped and looked at the fiery Yin Dang Shou, pulling the corners of his mouth and laughing happily.

“Mn, I want it.” Yin Dang Shou said, his lower body writhed, as if his ass hole was itching.

Yi Qi was a little tired. After all, he has just done such a fierce exercise, but how can he say he is tired if his wife still wants to. “Wife, if you want it, move yourself?”

Yin Dang Shou glared at Yi Qi, straightened up, carefully grabbed Yi Qi’s dick and pushed it into his hole. Then he sat down slowly.



The moment Yin Dang Shou sat down, they both uttered a comfortable and refreshing moan at the same time. Yi Qi subconsciously stood up and motioned Yin Dang Shou to move himself.

Yi Qi just lies comfortably on the bed. Yin Dang Shou supports his waist and abdomen and tries to move up and down slowly. Every time he sits down, the cock pushes in deeper, making him tremble.

After being familiar with the movements, Yin Dang Shou became more and more obvious and less satisfied. Yi Qi, who had been enjoying himself comfortably under his body, saw the opportunity and actively cooperated with his movements. When Yin Dang Shou sat down, he pushed himself forward to the depths of his hole, which made the breathing of the two people quicken.

However, after a long time in this posture, even though Yin Dang Shou’s physical strength was good, he began to feel a little tired. Yi Qi laughed and hugged Yin Dang Shou’s waist and limbs. Suddenly, he changes their posture, while quickly rising and biting his earlobe, “Wife, we’ll be together all our lives.”

“Good.” Yin Dang Shou is concise.

“Do you have anything to say to your husband?” Yi Qi already has a smile in his eyes.

Yin Dang Shou looked seriously, “Husband, I like you, and I also want to be with you. From now on, you can only have me in your eyes. If I find that you are in someone else’s heart, I will not forgive you!”

“Mn, why don’t you trap me? Like this?” Yi Qi made a bad effort at banter and looked at Yin Dang Shou.

“It’ll be a hundred times more powerful than that!” Yin Dang Shou roared, his legs tightly around Yi Qi’s waist and his hands tightly around his neck, “I will never let you go, you will never get rid of me in this life!”

“Then let’s be entangled for the rest of our lives.” Yi Qi laughs, his lower body accelerating again, and Yin Dang Shou makes a lewd cry, and they are immersed in the sea of desire again.

The sun is shining outside, and their happy life is just beginning!

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Wandering System
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