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Chapter 21 – 24: Getting His Approval

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Yi Qi stepped on Yin Dang Shou’s face with his whole foot. He just wanted him to step back a little, but Yin Dang Shou didn’t want to, he even licked his feet with his tongue!

This whore bitch!

Yi Qi couldn’t help scolding the man inside his heart. He knew that Yin Dang Shou was born to be obscene, otherwise, he would not have done those actions and brought people back to fuck him. It seemed that it was a waste to pity him so much!

After stepping on Yin Dang Shou, Yi Qi stood up and looked down at him, who was kneeling in front of him, and pushed his crotch. Sure enough, he noticed a glimmer of desire in Yin Dang Shou’s eyes. Oh, the little white faced chicken was so small that it certainly didn’t satisfy this bitch. Now, when he sees a big cock, will there be any reason he won’t want it? He will wish that his asshole was empty right now and for the big cock to thrust in immediately!

Yi Qi stood up and pulled hard, took off his belt, and slapped it on Yin Dang Shou’s smooth back. A vicious red mark immediately appeared on the bronze skin, which unexpectedly made Yin Dang Shou more sexy. Yi Qi, on the rise, swung the belt and kept hitting Yin Dang Shou.

Yin Dang Shou is a man and a sports student, his muscles are very developed, his natural skin and flesh is thick. Those traces looked ferocious and terrible, but in fact, there was no pain at all. You could see from Yin Dang Shou’s expression that there was nothing other than slight humiliation, especially when Yi Qi’s pulled his belt off, Yin Dang Shou’s reaction was so intense that he seemed to be happy.

Yi Qi paid close attention to Yin Dang Shou’s sensitive parts. With each slap of the leather belt, he could feel Yin Dang Shou’s breathing getting heavier. Well, this state is good, it seems that Yin Dang Shou’s sexual desire has been gradually drawn out by him. Maybe he will take the initiative and throw himself into my arms?

Lifting Yin Dang Shou’s chin with his foot, Yi Qi sneered, “Open my zipper with your mouth and lick your favorite big cock!”

Yin Dang Shou, covered with red marks, raised his head and looked blankly at Yi Qi. After a while, he regained his consciousness. He knelt down and straightened his back to get close to the package. He rubbed his nose gently against it and tried to bite the zipper with his teeth. However, the zipper was very small. It was very difficult to bite, but he was not allowed to use his hands.

Yin Dang Shou was very hard. Instead of biting the zipper, he had been biting the package. His saliva was rubbing against the top and there was a very obvious mouth watermark.

Yi Qi tsked and said, “Look at your cheap appearance. You need to zip it down, not lick. Can’t you wait to eat a big cock?”

Yin Dang Shou looked at Yi Qi angrily. He raised his head and bit the zipper at once. He pulled down with his teeth easily.

Finally, Yin Dang Shou was sweating and panting. His tongue kept licking and moving against the corners of his mouth, it seemed that his mouth was dry. Yi Qi said grimly, “Haven’t I let you rest enough? The zipper’s down but there’s still my underwear! If you don’t liberate my cock, will you be willing to let it suffocate in the underwear?”

Yin Dang Shou had a confused face, a little bit tortured by Yi Qi. After listening to Yi Qi’s words, he had to carry out it obediently.

Of course, because of the large area, underpants are much easier to pull than a zipper. In addition, Yi Qi’s cock was very large, and held the underwear high. Right after Yin Dang Shou zipped it down, the cock directly pushed out of the suit pants. Yin Dang Shou opened his mouth and pulled down his underwear easily.

The thick and ferocious cock suddenly jumped out and hit Yin Dang Shou’s face hard. The hot temperature and length seemed to surprise him so much that he was stunned for a moment. Even when the glans touched his lips, he did not move away. Instead, he gently shook his lips intentionally or unintentionally, as if seducing Yi Qi.

Yi Qi couldn’t help but utter a soft groan. Yin Dang Shou’s hot lips also touched the hot cock. Although it was an unintentional move, Yi Qi felt his lower body expand, and could not help holding his cock and stuffing it into Yin Dang Shou’s mouth.

Yin Dang Shou had not yet regained his mind. Yi Qi knocked against Yin Dang Shou’s open lips subconsciously, so his cock was pushed into his mouth smoothly. What’s more, Yin Dang Shou tightened his mouth and sucked it slightly.

Yi Qi immediately felt that his cock was wrapped in the warm and moist mouth. The soft meat in his mouth sucked him up and groaned. He grabbed Yin Dang Shou’s hair and jerked his lower body violently into his mouth.

“Mmm… Amm.. Your cum is light.. Mnn… But thin… Mn… Come on… It’s not easy to…” In the end, Yin Dang Shou kept shaking his head to spit out the long and thick cock in his mouth.

But Yi Qi was happy. How can he be allowed to interrupt?

With a fierce hand pulling his hair, Yi Qi grinned grimly, “Do you want me to step back? Yes, as long as you are good at licking my big cock, I’ll be out when I’m finished!”

“Mnn… Mnn… Mnnnnn…” Yin Dang Shou’s cheeks were forced to concave down, and his speech became more and more unclear. Yi Qi couldn’t hear what he was saying. However, he didn’t care what he was saying, it was probably just asking him to withdraw. However, with such a tight mouth, he couldn’t bear to leave for a while.

After a while, Yin Dang Shou’s face showed a sad expression, and Yi Qi sneered, “What? Have you never eaten such a big cock? Look at your satisfied appearance. Have you ever enjoyed yourself so much?”


Yi Qi automatically translated Yin Dang Shou’s words, “Oh? Not enough? Want more? Well, what a greedy child! I’ll try my best to satisfy you.”

Yi Qi pinched Yin Dang Shou’s chin hard, but the latter couldn’t touch him and opened his mouth. Yi Qi stood up and thrust into Yin Dang Shou’s mouth with his cock!

“No, no, no.” Yin Dang Shou struggled desperately, waving his fist and smashing it into Yi Qi’s balls. Yi Qi quickly reached out to catch his fist and immediately felt a burst of pain in his palm. He looked at Yin Dang Shou with a cold face. Yin Dang Shou was really trying his best, if he hit his balls, maybe he will be disabled!

He retreated as he wanted, and Yi Qi slapped him in the face with a loud bang. A clear palm print remained on one side of Yin Dang Shou’s face, which was slightly swollen.

Yi Qi sneered and said, “It seems that you still don’t understand your situation. I’m so disappointed in you!”

Yi Qi picked up the belt that had just been thrown aside and quickly tied up Yin Dang Shou’s hands in case he really wasted his life. How could such an important thing be discarded? What’s more, he hasn’t let Yin Dang Shou feel what a real big cock is yet!

Yin Dang Shou retched. Even though he was slapped by Yi Qi, he didn’t have any reaction. He just took a big breath of fresh air, it seemed that the oral sex made him very uncomfortable and was beyond his tolerance.

As Yi Qi tied his hands, Yin Dang Shou raised his eyebrows and looked at him. He said weakly, “Are you really here to solve my problem? I’ve never seen a security room manager treat tenants like this…”

Yi Qi couldn’t help laughing. He squatted down and patted Yin Dang Shou’s face, laughing, “What? You didn’t know something was wrong until now? Too bad it’s too late, you dared to let the wolf in, so you should be ready to be eaten! My little sheep, this is to teach you not to trust others so easily.”

After that, Yi Qi picked up Yin Dang Shou and threw him on the bed. He knelt down in front of him with his back to him, while he stood by the bed, holding the plump buttocks with his big hands and separating them hard, revealing the mysterious garden.

It may be because he had been fucked just now, the color of Yin Dang Shou hole was still very gorgeous, different from ordinary pink and tender daisies. It was a kind of bright and attractive red color and made Yi Qi thirsty; he wanted to lick it. However, it would be very inappropriate for him to do so now. He wants Yin Dang Shou to remember this sex with him for  life!

Although he also felt heartache, Yin Dang Shou had to pay the price for today’s act of looking for another man!

Yi Qi’s eyes were a little deep, holding Yin Dang Shou’s strong waist with one hand and his big cock with the other hand. He accurately found the hole. His waist sank and forced his cock into it.

“Ah! God damn it! What are you doing! Get out of there!” Yin Dang Shou immediately struggled violently. From his voice, Yi Qi could already hear that he was full of pain. Although he could not see his expression at the moment, he could also guess that his facial features were entangled because of the pain. However, his hands were tied, and he knelt on the bed like a dog, he was pinched by Yi Qi no matter how hard he struggled, he could not escape Yi Qi’s torture.

Compared with Yin Dang Shou, Yi Qi was not better. He originally wanted to use Yin Dang Shou’s lewd personality. His hole has been played with for a long time and he thought it must be very loose, so he pushed in his own cock, since any loose good could make him happy.

However, as soon as he poked it in, he knew that he had made a mistake. The asshole was still very tight. Compared with ordinary dicks, there was only a tiny difference, it was not a big pine in his imagination.

This discovery made Yi Qi more and more sure that he had picked up a treasure this time. Looking at Yin Dang Shou, he became fonder of him, and could hardly put him down. Facts have proved that his active attack this time was a correct choice. If he had stayed at home and peeped at the muscular man, in addition to his sexual fantasies, he wouldn’t have known that he could eat the best food of the year. It was so amazing that he didn’t want to leave the man’s body!

It was not easy to finally push his glans in. Both of them were very tired and sweating. Yin Dang Shou had already yelled feebly and his voice became hoarse. The whole person knelt down on the bed and let Yi Qi play with him.

Yi Qi was not much better than Yin Dang Shou. The chrysanthemum cave was very tight, and there was no lubrication. His meat stick entered with difficulty, the glans constantly squeezing by the tender meat inside. The pleasure contained pain, and was just on the edge of uncomfortable.

Yi Qi slapped Yin Dang Shou’s buttocks and said in a hoarse voice, “If you don’t want pain, relax for me.”

However, the sensitive asshole was tightening up more and more, and Yi Qi’s face became twisted. Maybe it would be better to come back and lubricate it, but it was not Yi Qi’s style to give up halfway. He held Yin Dang Shou’s strong waist with a grim smile and said, “Since you want to hurt, I’ll make you feel better!”

As he sank down, Yi Qi, without saying a word, pushed hard. He kept squeezing the tender meat, and let his cock go in deeper. This was a difficult process, which not only consumed physical strength, but also required the witness of blood.

“Well? Out of the water? As expected, such a whore. Under such circumstances, it can still leak water. It seems that I have really done a good job? Haha, it turns out that you can get pleasure from being raped. Yin Dang Shou, you are really great.” When Yi Qi reached the bottom, he found that the tender meat had become wet, and the corridor was not so dry and narrow. He immediately understood what was going on. He exclaimed, if it was a treasure, it would come out of the water automatically. It was the first time he found it.

Yin Dang Shou had been silent, his face buried on the bed sheet, and he expected to die of shame and anger. Yi Qi saw him insulting him more and more, “Yin Dang Shou, if I’m not wrong, you must have been longing to be fucked by a big cock. Don’t pretend to be pure in front of me. From the moment I found you masturbating in front of the window, I knew you were the kind of person who was coquettish to the bone, and still an exhibitionist. Tsk tsk, your hole is so empty, so eager to be fucked by a big cock?”

Yi Qi’s big hands held Yin Dang Shou’s buttocks and were not like the ones he’s used to playing with. They had no soft touch, instead, they were very hard. Yi Qi could move up and down with a flick of his hand, but he just couldn’t bear to move. While opening up the hole, he played with his big butt to divert his own attention. Otherwise, he would have come just from the tightness of the asshole!

Kneading, grabbing and pinching, Yin Dang Shou’s buttocks constantly changed shape and gradually became pink. The color was very attractive and beautiful, especially when he found out that after playing with him, he seemed to hear Yin Dang Shou’s suppressed groan. Yi Qi gave a sneer; A slut was still a slut. Being played with as a bottom will give such a feeling, but he was still the first to be so sensitive. If he lets other people play with him, they would definitely like to play with him again, and also a second time!

Thinking of the little white face who had done Yin Dang Shou, Yi Qi’s face suddenly became gloomy. It was impossible to dare to touch his man’s asshole without paying the price. What’s more, he could not say when the little white face would like to do it again, it seems that he has to find a way to make the little white face understand that not all assholes can be manipulated.

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