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Chapter Three:

Who else hit you?

The store Chubby had selected was next to the school. XiaYao never goes there, one- because he had no money, and two- there was no one he could go drink bubble tea with.

After entering the shop, XiaYao instantly recognized a familiar person.

It was a beautiful girl; she smiled towards XiaYao and Chubby who had just entered, “Welcome, what will you drink?”

Chubby’s face immediately turned red, XiaYao after all has lived several years longer than him, one glance and he could see what chubby was thinking. He placed his bag on the chair beside the door, and said to Chubby, “I’ll drink whatever, you can go order, and I’ll wait here.”

XiaYao looked at Chubby’s gleaming eyes, looking at the girl.

She’s the school campus flower, but it was not because of this that XiaYao recognized her, he only knew her because she was ZhouDu’s rumoured girlfriend.

After XiaYao and ZhouDu had gotten together, he’d never asked ZhouDu about the relationship with the school’s beauty because he didn’t dare to ask, as ZhouDu and him dating wasn’t because ZhouDu liked him, but because… …

Someone pushing the door interrupted XiaYao’s thoughts, he looked up and it was like he got burned, hurriedly lowering his head.

Chubby came with the drinks together, standing in front of XiaYao with an aura of summer.


“Thank you.” XiaYao said lowly, stretching his hands out for the tea.

ZhouDu stood at the door, frowning at the two people sitting there.

“You came.” The school’s beauty walked out from the corner and found a table. Pulling open the chair, she said to ZhouDu, “Come sit.”

ZhouDu sat down opposite her.

XiaYao’s heart felt uncomfortable, he quietly drank his tea with his head hung. Chubby’s face that was once peachy was now dark.

“What do you think the relationship between those two is?” Chubby craned his neck up to XiaYao and whispered.

XiaYao shook his head.

After ZhouDu sat down, his eyes never left XiaYao, seeing those two all close and secretive; his face took on an unsightly expression. He turned his head to the side.

“What is wrong with you?” The school beauty smiled at ZhouDu, “Who are you giving that face to?”

“Nothing.” ZhouDu sat straight up, asked: “Those two?”

“Who knows.” The school beauty shrugged and said, “Went with their girlfriends probably.”

“Then I’m leaving.”

“Eh, wait wait wait wait.” The school’s beauty grabbed ZhouDu by the sleeves.

The two’s movement attracted XiaYao’s attention, looking up. Seeing the scene, it seems like he couldn’t handle it, dropping the tea, he took his bag and said one sentence, “I’m going back first.”

Chubby quickly chased after him, shouting: “What’s wrong, wait for me ah, hey.”

ZhouDu’s fingers on his bag tightened, he turned to look at the campus flower to ask: “Do you think I’m handsome or that fatty just now is handsome?”

“What?” the school’s beauty shocked for a moment, then laughed and said, “ZhouDu, you’re actually jealous of a fatty? Ha ha ha.”

“Who’s jealous of him!” ZhouDu growled out, slightly angry.

His growl jolted her, her eyes wide.

“Since those two are not here, let’s talk about it next time.” He left the school’s beauty standing there stupidly, walking out astride his bag.


After XiaYao returned home, he went directly to his room, turning it upside down, looking everywhere for a long time and yet he couldn’t find that diary.

That’s the proof that he liked ZhouDu for two years, but now, even that’s gone.

He sat down blankly on the bed, the scene of the school’s beauty laughing at ZhouDu in the tea shop floating through his head. His whole body felt painful, curling up in the bed.

XiaYao knows, this type of pain will follow him for a long time.

Later on, ZhouDu will get into a different university then him, will have his own girlfriend, will get married, will have kids.

And XiaYao himself will just be a part of ZhouDu’s high school memories. As a classmate he was not familiar with.

Before he just had a crush on ZhouDu, but now, since he had been together with ZhouDu for several years now, cooking together, sleeping together, and even fighting.

Experiencing all this and then giving up was much harder than not experiencing it and giving up. But XiaYao does not regret his choice, he no longer wants to become the despicable person he was in his previous life.

He’ll forget ZhouDu. He will.

Saying it was easy, but following through is hard. On the second day at the school gate, he met ZhouDu once again. XiaYao could only lower his head, pretend he didn’t see him and hurriedly walk past.

ZhouDu’s expression darkened.

“Who owes you money so early in the morning?” WangHao holding a cup of soybean milk, walked to ZhouDu’s side, laughing. “What’s up with you?”

ZhouDu ignored him and walked straight away.

WangHao was already accustomed to ZhouDu’s nasty temper, not bothering, just swung behind him into the classroom.

Not long after XiaYao had settled down, the representative of the English class came to his side.

“I still haven’t handed in yesterday’s collection of papers, have you finished?”

XiaYao didn’t think that she’d wait for him and withstand the teacher’s scolding, suddenly feeling a little bad.

He quickly took out the paper from his schoolbag and handed it to the representative of the English class.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” The English representative’s name was An Pengpeng, she smiled sweetly at XiaYao, “Why didn’t you do your homework last time, family problems?”

XiaYao didn’t think that this girl would stand here and talk to him, he’s not good at dealing with girls, suddenly feeling somewhat shy, “No, I forgot.”

“Next time I’ll remind you; do you have a mobile number?”

XiaYao didn’t have a phone, at that time phones were too expensive, and he didn’t need a phone for anything.

As he was prepared to reply none, An Pengpeng was gently pushed to the side.

“You’re blocking the way.” ZhouDu stood in the middle of the two, face expressionless.

The English representative left, embarrassed.

ZhouDu’s unique body scent suddenly blew onto his face, XiaYao took a whiff. This scent and the scent in ZhouDu’s scarf before he died were exactly the same; XiaYao suddenly covered his mouth, presently running out from the classroom.

ZhouDu’s face darkened like the bottom of a pan.

He stood there trying to calm down a bit, but still angry, he glanced at the direction XiaYao had run away to, and didn’t think before following straight after.

He wanted to ask him what his problem was? He said he likes him. How come once he saw him it was like he meet a ghost.

XiaYao ran towards the toilet, breathing a few breaths before calming down.

He stood with his hands on the sink, looking at the tap in a daze.

He felt like he was overreacting a bit.

A few people behind the compartment looked at XiaYao, patted his shoulder and said, “Hey, you got a cigarette?”

XiaYao’s mood wasn’t good, so the tone used to reply was not so polite: “I don’t smoke.”

“Stop playing dumb, cunt.” The one with tattoos became irritable and pulled XiaYao’s shirt collar up.

XiaYao was shorter than him by half a head, along with a weak build; he was reeled to the sink.

That person saw how pale and handsome XiaYao was; he got even madder and reached out to dig into XiaYao’s pockets.

“Let me go.” XiaYao struggled violently.

The person grabbed XiaYao by his hair, pressed his face to the sink, and cursed: “Just borrowing a couple to smoke, what’s wrong, so short-tempered…”

Before he could even finish speaking, a fist knocked him to the ground.

XiaYao was shocked to see ZhouDu appear in front of his face.

ZhouDu placed XiaYao behind him with one pull, his eyes ice-cold at those that were knocked down on the floor.

XiaYao looked up at ZhouDu’s back, his eyes starting to swell up.

“Who else hit you?” ZhouDu asked not turning his head, looking at those in front.

XiaYao wasn’t even able to answer before the one on the floor already stood back up and rushed towards ZhouDu. The bunch on the side also immediately joined in on the tangled fighting.

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August 6, 2017 12:34 am

How cute, he just can’t be honest… but XiaYao is kind of dense for not noticing from his actions too

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August 5, 2017 6:25 pm

So far, i really like the characters, especially XiaYao. He knows he had been despicable in their last life so he’s trying really hard to not be the same person. I don’t blame him for thinking he wasn’t loved, there’s only so much tsundere-esque you can accept for several years before it becomes borderline abuse, so he believed all those years of relationship were him forcing himself to ZhouDu, and that ZhouDu really hates him.

Thank you for your hard work!! I’m really looking forward to how this story would go from here.


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I got this love/hate relationship going on with this kind of stories sprinkled with heartache 😆

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Wife Of Genius Min Suga
August 17, 2017 11:51 am

I like the updates….and I think it’s better if this time…ZD try hard to make sure that XY will not be insecure….
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To be Honest…what this couple need is COMMUNICATION!
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Anyway thanks for the update dear^~^

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