Honjitsu wa Ohigara mo Yoku

Luck Day for the Wedding Cover
Lucky Day for the Wedding
Artist: Fukushima Yucca
Language: English
Chapter 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 + Extra
Prologue + Complete Volume


In the middle of a turf war between the raccoons and the foxes are trapped the rabbits. The rabbits receive a proposal from the divine fox spirits saying that they will protect them if they hand over a beautiful bride. However, since there are no girls of a marriageable age, Rikka (the rabbits’ head’s son) decides to go talk to the divine foxes. What he did not expect was that the head son of the foxes, Shirou, would fall in love at first sight with him. How will these two opposites get along? Can a fox really love a rabbit?

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Kawaii Senpai no Kaigoroshikata
Shijuuhatte Anthology — Hihou-kan

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