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Chapter 30: “ZhouDu, quickly come to the stadium; there’s a pretty boy here trying to hook XiaYao.”

Translated by Andrew of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At 7 o’clock on Saturday morning, several large buses were parked at the school gate. The early morning sunlight was currently passing between two tall buildings, lazily spilling onto XiaYao’s body through the bus window.

The physical education teacher stood at the bus door, keeping track of the names and classes of the students boarding the bus. XiaYao held his school bag in his arms and looked at the deserted school gate in a daze.

The phone in the pocket of his school uniform began to vibrate with a buzzing noise, and XiaYao was brought back to reality. He dug out the phone from his pocket, and the ringtone drifted throughout the interior of the bus.


“Which bus are you in?”

XiaYao stuck his head out the window and looked around before replying, “I’m in the second one.”

“See you soon.” After ZhouDu finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Shortly after, XiaYao saw ZhouDu walking up the aisle from the front door of the bus. The two people’s eyes met, and XiaYao couldn’t help but blush.

There were many empty seats on the bus, but ZhouDu didn’t even spare them a glance; he went directly to XiaYao’s side and sat down.

“Have you had breakfast?” While saying that, he dug out a bottle of milk from his school bag. After he unscrewed the cap, he handed it over to XiaYao.

XiaYao was stunned for a bit. ZhouDu put the milk in his hands and said, “Quickly drink.”

After he had lifted his head and taken a sip, ZhouDu revealed a satisfied smile. He pointed to the milky white circle around XiaYao’s lips and said, “Are you a child?” He didn’t find it disgusting, and as he spoke, he directly used his sleeve to wipe XiaYao’s mouth.

XiaYao blushed from his words. He forcefully pulled his hand out of ZhouDu’s and whispered, “There are many people on the bus.”

ZhouDu grumbled in dissatisfaction, “I counted when I got on the bus a moment ago; there’s only seven people.”

XiaYao straightened his back and sat upright, pretending he hadn’t heard anything.

Shortly after, the phone in his pocket buzzed again. The only person who knew XiaYao’s cell phone number was ZhouDu, so without even having to think, he knew who was trying to reach him. He continued to drink the milk, not planning to pick up the phone that was still buzzing in his pocket.

“Hey.” ZhouDu held his cell phone in his hand, then he elbowed XiaYao and said, “Classmate, your cell phone is buzzing.”

XiaYao shot a glance at him, and very slowly dug out his phone.

There were three unread text messages on the screen.

XiaYao opened them and looked. As expected, they were from ZhouDu.

“Is the milk good?”

“I really want to kiss you right now.”

“Did you miss me last night?”

Looking at the three texts made XiaYao’s face heat up. He pretended not to know anything and stuffed the phone into the pocket of his school uniform once again.

“Hey,” ZhouDu elbowed him again and said, “How can you not respond to the other person’s messages? So rude. Hurry and respond.”

“ZhouDu, knock it off.” XiaYao twisted around in embarrassment.

ZhouDu continued to tap on his cell phone.

The phone in XiaYao’s pocket vibrated again. He sighed inwardly, then dug out his cell phone once again.

“I missed you last night. When I was dreaming, I even dreamed about you.”

“Guess what kind of dream I had?”

XiaYao tapped on the keyboard, and he paused for a quite a while before he sent out his edited message.

The cell phone in ZhouDu’s palm lit up. He quickly opened it and looked, and saw that XiaYao’s message had only two words—“Spring dream.”
t/n: This means erotic dream

ZhouDu’s face immediately turned red.


The bus was driving very slowly, and XiaYao had woken up very early. They hadn’t been on the road for long, when he became drowsy and fell asleep.

ZhouDu was originally leaned back against the bus seat, dazedly watching the back of XiaYao’s head bob up and down. When he saw that XiaYao’s entire body was leaning toward the window, he quickly reached out a hand to support XiaYao’s head and brought him to his side.

When XiaYao touched ZhouDu’s shoulder, he began to sleep on that instead.

ZhouDu’s heart felt sweet and soft. He looked at XiaYao’s flushed cheeks as he was sleeping, and couldn’t help but want to take a bite out of them.

However, in his mind he remembered what XiaYao had said; his warning that they couldn’t reveal the relationship between the two of them in front of strangers.

ZhouDu felt like a frenzied kitten had been caged inside his heart, scratching him from the bottom of his feet and itching to the top of his head.

The bus parked at the entrance of the city stadium, and several large buses were already parked here. XiaYao was still sleeping deeply, and ZhouDu was reluctant to wake him up. However, almost all the people on the bus had already gotten off. In the end, when there was only him and XiaYao left, ZhouDu had no other choice but to wake up the XiaYao that was resting on his shoulder.

XiaYao opened his eyes, about to apologize to ZhouDu for leaning on him the whole time. Next to him, ZhouDu suddenly reached out a hand and pulled shut the curtains in front of the bus window. Then, he pressed XiaYao against the window and gave him a quick kiss.

“Are there still any people?!” The loud shouting from the bus driver startled XiaYao and he abruptly shoved ZhouDu away. He turned pale with fright and said to ZhouDu, “Are you crazy?”

ZhouDu smiled and didn’t say anything. He pulled XiaYao up and raised his voice to answer the driver’s words, “Coming, coming. We’re getting off now. Overslept.”

After getting off the bus, XiaYao and ZhouDu were separated by the teachers. ZhouDu, as an athlete, was taken away to the other athletes by the physical education teacher, and they all left together. Meanwhile, XiaYao, as a volunteer, was taken away by the other teachers who were in charge of volunteers.

XiaYao followed the other volunteers into a conference room. A well-dressed middle-aged woman was currently standing in the middle of the room. She said to XiaYao and the others who had just entered, “Come inside quickly; let us have a short meeting.”

The sports competition officially started at 9 o’clock. After the meeting, XiaYao picked up his uniform and sign, and entered the field.

This time, he was responsible for the audience area. Mainly, to prevent members of the audience from running from the bleachers onto the field.

He entered the stadium early and followed along the perimeter of the stadium, checking whether or not the bleachers were properly roped off. Suddenly, someone shouted unsurely from behind him, “XiaYao?”

XiaYao felt that he had heard this voice somewhere before, and when he turned his head around to look, he discovered that the person behind him was someone he had met not too long ago.


“Fang Zeyu.” Fang Zeyu said to XiaYao with a grin, “This is quite the coincidence.”

XiaYao smiled at him. Fang Zeyu walked over to him and said, “Are you a volunteer here?”

XiaYao nodded.

Fang Zeyu went on to say, “I’m in the long-distance running group. What about you?”

XiaYao didn’t turn his head to look at him, but only followed along the rope, and as he walked he replied, “I’m responsible for the bleachers here.”

Fang Zeyu said ‘oh’ and didn’t speak again.

The members of the audience were entering the stadium and beginning to slowly fill up the bleachers, and XiaYao couldn’t help but quicken his pace a bit. However, Fang Zeyu, as a sports student, could still leisurely stroll along with him.

“Why did you toss away the rabbit last time?”

Fang Zeyu asked a question that XiaYao was unable to answer. He definitely couldn’t tell Fang Zeyu that it was because of ZhouDu’s jealousy that the rabbit was tossed away.

“I accidentally lost it,” XiaYao fibbed out of embarrassment.

“So it’s like that, and here I thought you just didn’t like rabbits.”

“No, the rabbit was very cute.” XiaYao forced himself to reply. He was about to open his mouth and ask Fang Zeyu, whether he didn’t have to get ready in advance, when two familiar figures suddenly appeared in the bleachers.

WangHao had also discovered XiaYao. He pulled ZhangYang from the entrance, and running quickly to the edge of the bleachers, he greeted XiaYao.

XiaYao also raised his head and smiled at them. He asked, “How come you guys are here?”

“What are you talking about? Today is ZhouDu’s big day; of course I’d want to come!”

“ZhouDu?” from next to them, Fang Zeyu suddenly asked. “Your little brother is here too?”

Only now did WangHao notice the Fang Zeyu next to XiaYao. He looked at him up and down, and his mind suddenly pulled the alarm.

This bastard looked like a poser, and WangHao didn’t know who he was. Could it be that he was a friend of XiaYao’s from outside of school?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that this wasn’t right. Hearing this person’s words, it seemed that he even knew ZhouDu. However, he had never heard ZhouDu talk about this person before.

Without batting an eyelid, WangHao smiled at Fang Zeyu and said, “What school are you from, buddy? What’s it called? How do you know our dear YaoYao?”

ZhangYang, hearing WangHao address XiaYao so intimately, couldn’t help but frown.

Fang Zeyu squinted. He seemed to unintentionally reach out a hand to put on XiaYao’s shoulder, as he said, “It’s a long story. Anyway, it can be considered fate that I’m with YaoYao.”

YaoYao! He went so far as to call XiaYao ‘YaoYao’!

WangHao was so angry that he was burning with rage. He put on a fake smile and said to Fang Zeyu, “I’ve never heard our dear YaoYao talk about you before. Hey, XiaYao, why are you frozen? Aren’t you a volunteer? Go quickly, go quickly. Get to work.”

ZhangYang knew WangHao’s every move; every subtle facial expression was as familiar to him as the back of his hand. Right now, just by hearing the tone of WangHao’s words and seeing his facial expression, he knew that WangHao was angry.

He was silent for a while, looking at XiaYao’s eyes with a hint of wariness.

XiaYao felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange. Moreover, Fang Zeyu addressing him so intimately made him very uncomfortable. As a result, he hid to the side and went on to say to Fang Zeyu, “I’ll get to work first. You should also quickly go get ready.”

WangHao had already pulled ZhangYang back to their seats. Before his butt even touched the seat, ZhouDu’s phone had already been called by him.

ZhangYang sat in his seat and looked at WangHao uncertainly. Only now did WangHao remember what ZhouDu had said—not to let other people know about the relationship between him and XiaYao.

He hung up the phone, and then pretending as if nothing had happened, he said to ZhangYang, “I’m going to the bathroom; I’ll be right back.” After he finished speaking, he didn’t even wait for ZhangYang’s response. Covering the ringing cell phone in his pocket, he quickly ran towards the bathroom.

ZhangYang stared at WangHao’s back and his eyes darkened.

At this time it was still early, so the bathroom was empty. WangHao picked up the phone call from ZhouDu, and without even waiting for the other person to speak, he hurriedly bellowed at him, “ZhouDu, quickly come to the stadium; there’s a pretty boy here trying to hook XiaYao.”

ZhouDu’s fingers suddenly tightened around the cell phone he was holding. His voice fell and he said, “Who is it?”

“Ah, I don’t know what his name is. You didn’t see him? Just a while ago he even went so far as to call XiaYao ‘YaoYao’ in front of my face! The two of them seem close. He’s from a different school, is quite tall, and he has short hair.”

ZhouDu gritted his teeth in anger and said to WangHao, “I know who it is now. That bastard; how has he still not had enough of being pummeled by me?!” After he finished speaking, he angrily hung up the phone.

WangHao was only left to return to the bleachers in confusion.

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