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Chapter 29: How could two men not be dating?

Translated by Andrew of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At first WangHao was taken aback, then he laughed hysterically and said, “You two have a good date then; I won’t bother you anymore, ha ha ha.”

When ZhouDu saw that WangHao was incredulous, he suddenly became angered. He said to WangHao, “The two of us are indeed dating right now.”

“Cough, cough. What did you say?” WangHao, who was laughing out loud, was so startled that he choked on his spit. He looked at the two people in front of him with a confused expression on his face. “Date, dating? You two?”

XiaYao stood silently at the side without saying a word. ZhouDu stared disgustedly at WangHao in front of him as though he were an idiot.

“What the fuck?” WangHao looked first at ZhouDu, then at XiaYao, and said, “Are you fucking kidding me? How could two men be dating?”

“How could two men not be dating?” ZhouDu frowned.

WangHao also couldn’t explain why two men couldn’t be dating. He opened his mouth wanting to refute him, but only said one sentence, “Anyway, they just can’t.”

XiaYao, white-faced, broke away from ZhouDu’s arm that was around his shoulder. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I will go back first.”

ZhouDu only now discovered that XiaYao’s complexion was not very good. He suddenly remembered that XiaYao had said they shouldn’t talk about the relationship between them in front of other people.

“That…” ZhouDu moved close to XiaYao’s side, and at a loss of what to do, he said, “XiaYao, don’t be angry. WangHao, he’s my childhood friend. He won’t…”

WangHao stared wide-eyed at ZhouDu who was acting submissively beside XiaYao, and only then did he really believe ZhouDu’s words.

“What the fuck? The two of you really are dating.” WangHao recovered from the shock, disbelief across his face.


The three of them were sitting in a quiet and dimly lit coffee shop. There were very few people coming to drink coffee at this time. ZhouDu chose a corner against the wall, and placed the small cake he had ordered in front of XiaYao, who was beside him.

WangHao, who was sitting across from the two of them, looked at the ZhouDu in front of him who seemed like a completely different person. He couldn’t help but stick his tongue against his back teeth, a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I say, when did you two become so hand in glove and tangled up together?” WangHao had just finished speaking when ZhouDu ruthlessly kicked him under the table.

WangHao grimaced in pain, bending down and desperately rubbing the injured leg that ZhouDu had kicked.

ZhouDu pretended like nothing had happened. While handing the milk to XiaYao, he threatened WangHao, “If you tell anyone else, I’ll beat you to death.”

WangHao: “…”

When XiaYao lowered his head to eat the small cake in front of him bit by bit, ZhouDu finally turned around and looked directly at WangHao.

“I’m only telling you this because you’re my childhood friend. Now I’ve indeed found a partner before you.” ZhouDu couldn’t help but start showing off.

WangHao used to mock ZhouDu for being destined to play a lifelong bachelor. After the two had had a fight about it, they agreed that whoever found a partner first would be the father. Now, ZhouDu found a partner, and the pitiful WangHao was still a single dog. Oh, no, he was a single dog who had just gained a father.

“Fuck!” WangHao slammed his fist on the table; then, pointing at ZhouDu, he said, “Oh, so having a partner is amazing, huh? I’m going to fucking find one tomorrow.”

ZhouDu snorted coldly and looked scornful.

WangHao still wanted to say something more when the phone in his pocket started ringing. It turned out to be his parents calling him home after they had finished their work.

“I’m leaving first.” WangHao pushed his chair back and stood up. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to say to XiaYao, “XiaYao, ah, I’m not trying to criticize you, but your taste is really not that great.”

“Piss off!” ZhouDu planned to use his foot to kick him again, but WangHao quickly held onto the chair for support as he jumped, and then ran out the door. Smiling like a dumbass, he made a hand heart at the two people inside.

XiaYao finished eating the cake in front of him without saying a word, and drank up the milk as well. Only then did he lift his head and say to ZhouDu, “Full.”

Like this, the first date of the two people ended in perfection.


After the weekend, the sports competition arrived as scheduled. ZhouDu, as an athlete who had participated in the long-distance running event in previous years, made it into the top three this year without incident.

“Not bad!” The sports representative put an arm around ZhouDu’s neck, then he hammered a fist to his chest and said, “Our class is probably going to have to rely on you to go out and compete.”

ZhouDu unscrewed the bottle of mineral water and asked doubtfully, “Go out and compete for what?”

“You don’t know? Last time the sports department held a meeting, and announced that the city decided to make the sports competition bigger this time by putting together the top three athletes from each school for another competition.”

“Sounds stupid.” ZhouDu lifted his head and took a sip of mineral water.

“Hey, who knows, it is said that this time, there will be eight high schools competing together. ZhouDu, do you have any confidence in getting a prize in the city? It is said that the local TV channels are all coming, and when they issue the awards you’ll be on TV, eh?”

“Too stupid. I won’t go.” ZhouDu refused without a second thought.

The sports representative shook his head and said, “This isn’t something that you can reject just because you don’t want to go. It’s based on ranking, you know?”

ZhouDu couldn’t stand having the sports representative’s sweaty arm around his neck anymore, so he reached out a hand and pushed him away, then he said indifferently, “Then I’ll go.”

Right when he finished talking, XiaYao hastily ran past him. ZhouDu subconsciously reached out a hand to pull him back and then asked, “Why are you running?”

XiaYao was holding gauze and antiseptic in his hands. He answered breathlessly, “Someone fell, so I just went to the infirmary to get some medicine.”

The sports representative also came up to them and said, “XiaYao’s logistics are quite good. For this city’s competition, every school has to send some volunteers. Why not have XiaYao go? I really can’t go since I bombed this monthly exam, and now I’m being forced to go to a tutor this weekend.”

XiaYao said okay, then he ran away holding the gauze.

ZhouDu couldn’t help but be happy. If XiaYao went, didn’t that mean they could be together again this weekend?

He cleared his throat and said to the sports representative, “The competition really is for the top three to go to. Oh, forget it. Since I’m the only top athlete in our class, I’ll go and let you guys gain face.”

When XiaYao ran to the side of the injured classmate, he had already been helped to sit to the side and was currently surrounded by some athletes who were resting.

XiaYao walked closer and saw that WangHao was also among those people. He and WangHao made eye contact with each other; then, embarrassed, they both stopped. WangHao currently had a sign on his back that said 013, and was sitting there using a towel to fan his own face.

XiaYao half kneeled in front of the injured classmate. He took out the iodine and said to him, “I’ll clean your wound for a bit first. This might hurt a little, so bear with it.”

The boy had probably just come down from the field, and there were still a few drops of sweat on his forehead. He gave XiaYao a big smile and said, “It’s nothing, just a bit of broken skin. Sorry to have troubled you.”

XiaYao also smiled at him. He took out a cotton swab and helped clean the dirt near the wound little by little.

WangHao sat to the side, not batting an eyelid as he sized up the interaction between XiaYao and the boy. Right now, XiaYao and ZhouDu were in a relationship, and he had to look out for his bro.

After XiaYao cleaned the dirt from around the wound, he looked up and said to the boy, “I’ll put on some medicine. It might hurt.”

The boy was wearing baggy athletic shorts. He lifted his leg slightly and said to XiaYao, “Come on, I’m not squeamish.”

XiaYao poured some of the medicine on his wound.

“Ouch~” The boy grimaced in pain. XiaYao subconsciously blew on his wound and said, “All right, I’ll just put on the gauze and it’ll be done.”

Off to the side, WangHao watched and he was shaken. He thought, this can’t be, XiaYao can’t be hooked by this pretty boy in front of them.

He got up and walked next to XiaYao. Patting his shoulder, he said, “I’ll put the gauze on him.”

“You will?” XiaYao asked doubtfully. “Do you know how?”

“What’s so hard about this?” WangHao pushed XiaYao aside and said to him, “Aren’t you very busy? You might be needed somewhere else. Isn’t this just wrapping gauze? What’s not to know about doing it?”

XiaYao stood to the side, suspicious. The injured boy put his leg out again, then laughed at WangHao and said, “Come, come, come. Even if you’re unfamiliar with it at first, you’ll be used it soon enough. I’ll let you practice your hand at it.”

WangHao gritted his teeth and his face darkened as he laughed. Next to them, XiaYao watched for a while. Seeing that he really did seem to know what he was doing, he then turned and prepared to leave.

He had just turned when from behind him, WangHao imitated XiaYao and softly whispered to the boy, “Liu Anjie, this might hurt a little, so bear with it.”

Liu Anjie said while laughing, “Hey, is this still WangHao? You didn’t eat the wrong medicine today–Ow!!!”

WangHao slapped the gauze onto the wound with a loud smacking sound, then he picked up the medicine and poured it on. After that, he pressed down hard with his hand and said, “I say, you’re a big man. A little pain, and you’re screaming like a pig being slaughtered. How shameful.” After he finished speaking, he used his palm to press hard on the gauze, rubbing Liu Anjie’s wound.

“Fuck your uncle, WangHao–“ Liu Anjie was in so much pain his face was white.
t/n: Saying fuck to someone’s family member makes it harsher I guess

After WangHao finished bandaging him, he walked back two steps, admiring his masterpiece for a bit. With a proud look on his face, he said to Liu Anjie, “I really am a fucking genius.” Before leaving, he gave Liu Anjie’s wound yet another pat.

Liu Anjie gritted his teeth. Glaring at WangHao’s back, he said to him, “Just wait you bastard, next time don’t fall into my hands.”

WangHao, hearing him say this, turned around and laughed out loud at him.

“Luelueluelue~ Come and hit me~”
t/n: Chinese people use the word 略 on the Internet for sticking your tongue out

The cheering on the sports field was deafening. WangHao proudly hummed a little tune; then, looking at ZhouDu not far away, he said silently to himself, “I can only help you so much, buddy.”

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