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Chapter 68

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Mother Xia and Uncle Feng applied for a marriage certificate not long after. The couple invited their friends and family to have a simple meal to celebrate it. Uncle Feng’s children, who had been living abroad, returned to their home country to witness their father’s ‘marriage’.

On the day of celebration, Xia Yao brought Zhou Du over. Although Mother Xia was elated, she didn’t say much about it. Uncle Feng had quite a good impression of Zhou Du. After everyone had left, he told Mother Xia, “Zhou Du seems to be a reliable kid to me; you don’t have to worry for YaoYao anymore.” Well, it wasn’t as if Mother Xia didn’t know Zhou Du’s character; she had had a liking for Zhou Du ever since she first met him.

Although Mother Xia and Uncle Feng’s wedding was modest, Uncle Feng’s daughter insisted on booking an around-the-world trip for them. Mother Xia declined it once she heard that. As she hadn’t been working for all these years, all of the household expenses fell onto Xia Yao, the only breadwinner of the family. The cost of the trip was not something an average person like Mother Xia could handle.

This time, Xia Yao took the side of Uncle Feng’s daughter. He assured his mother, “Mom, there’s no need to worry about the money. You’ve toiled your life away. Don’t you think your son couldn’t at least fork out that bit of money needed for your trip?”

Mother Xia let out a sigh, “Silly YaoYao, I’ve looked it up online. This trip will cost a few hundred thousand at the very least. Why waste money on this? Uncle Feng and I are getting on in years; there’s no need for us to go.”

Xia Yao continued, “Mom, don’t you understand? You should be travelling to take a look outside precisely because you can. Besides, you still have spare time. You’re just like any other working class, having plenty of money but not enough time. So, the discussion is over. You go have some fun travelling with Uncle Feng. No need to worry about anything else.”

Realising she couldn’t talk her son out of this, Mother Xia had no choice but to sigh in resignation.  

Despite shooting his mouth off to his mother, Xia Yao did find it rather challenging to cough up such a large amount of money right away. Thus, he decided to spend the remaining time to accept more translation projects.

Initially, Zhou Du assumed that after Mother Xia and Uncle Feng’s marriage, Xia Yao would be able to move over to his house. However, in reality, Xia Yao didn’t cohabit with him, but he would stay over three or four times per week. Zhou Du wanted to seize the opportunity of those three to four days to deepen their bond, but Xia Yao had been busying himself with work well into the wee hours of the morning. Following that, he would plop down to the bed and doze off; his body seemingly drained of every single energy.

It wasn’t long before Zhou Du found himself discontent with his desire being unfulfilled. One night when Xia Yao was busying himself with work, he took the chance to reach out his hands to Xia Yao from behind purposefully, blowing air to Xia Yao’s neck while seducing him, “YaoYao, look how wonderful this weekend night is. Won’t it be a waste if we don’t do something with it?”

Xia Yao remained unstirred, not even turning his head over. He replied while browsing over the documents, “Sorry, Zhou Du. This project is quite urgent; it must be given to the company by tomorrow.”

Pissed, Zhou Du shut Xia Yao’s documents and scowled deliberately, “Are you doing this on purpose? You’ve been working nonstop since you came here.”

Only then did Xia Yao turn over, lifting his head to meet Zhou Du’s eyes, “No, I really am not. I will try to get this done as soon as possible, then…” Xia Yao’s face was painted scarlet.

Zhou Du sighed, “Are you working so hard recently because you are tight on money?” Never did Xia Yao expect Zhou Du to make a correct guess about the problem he faced in just one try. Zhou Du shot a glare at Xia Yao when he was about to deny it, “Am I not your man? Is it so hard to tell me the truth?”

Xia Yao let out a sigh. Only then did he whisper out a reply, “My mom is about to go on a trip with Uncle Feng. I’m still a little short on money on my end.”

“How much do you need?” Zhou Du asked.

“Zhou Du, you don’t have to. I…”

“Xia Yao, are you not planning to be with me?”

Shocked, Xia Yao answered in a hurry, “Of course I am! That’s… that’s not what I meant.”

Zhou Du reached out his hands to lift Xia Yao from his armpits, setting him onto the study table. With his eyes on Xia Yao, he asked, “We are dating now, right?” Xia Yao nodded, prompting Zhou Du to continue, “Although we can’t apply for a marriage certificate like your mom and Uncle Feng, is our relationship the same as theirs?” Xia Yao carried on nodding. Thus, Zhou Du went on, “So that means we are also a family now, right? Your mom, according to custom, is also mine too, right? As your man, is there any problem you can’t share with me?” The tips of Xia Yao’s ears flushed red as he listened on in silence. Zhou Du questioned, “Or perhaps you are just going to treat me as an outsider, and never thought of spending your life with me?”

Xia Yao explained straight away, “That’s… that’s not what I meant.”

Zhou Du inched towards Xia Yao. While planting a kiss on Xia Yao’s lips, he murmured with a low voice, “If that is so, why can’t you accept my money? According to the law, our possessions are now marital property. It is rightful for you to use my money.”

Xia Yao couldn’t help himself from biting down on his lips to stop his moans from escaping. Before he realized it, Zhou Du’s hand had already crept under his clothes, onto his chest. The two of them lost themselves in lust momentarily. With his head lowered, Zhou Du kissed Xia Yao’s neck and collarbone while parting Xia Yao’s legs and having them straddle his waist. The documents on the table had been swept to the side by Zhou Du quite some time ago. “We haven’t done it in the study room yet, “Zhou Du whispered into Xia Yao’s ears hoarsely while nibbling on his earlobe.

Xia Yao’s breath grew ragged. He pressed his hands weakly onto Zhou Du’s chest, letting out a series of pants, “Zhou Du, wait… wait for a bit. Let me put the documents away… Ah~” Before he could even finish his sentence, Zhou Du gave his butt a hard pinch.

“Still thinking about your documents?” Zhou Du growled before releasing Xia Yao and standing up.

Believing Zhou Du was fuming, Xia Yao clutched onto Zhou Du’s lapel, “Don’t go.”

Zhou Du raised the corners of his lips, “I’m not leaving. I have a better idea that can let you continue on your work without preventing us from doing things.” He sat on the chair Xia Yao was on previously and pointed at his upper thighs, “Come over and sit down.” Blushing, Xia Yao flashed a glance at him while standing rooted to the ground. Zhou Du pulled Xia Yao over, holding him in his arms and pushing him down onto his lap.

Zhou Du’s body already had a reaction long ago; currently, his member was poking Xia Yao’s bottom. However, he leisurely placed the documents he had shoved away back onto the same spot—in front of Xia Yao. Zhou Du started taking Xia Yao’s pants off, “Now teacher Xia can do his job. As for me, I will be doing my own ‘job’, too.”

Every part of Xia Yao’s body began trembling. Zhou Du inched towards the back of Xia Yao’s neck and kissed there gently, “Teacher Xia, why aren’t you doing your work?”  

Xia Yao bit down his lips, whispering out Zhou Du’s name in a quivering voice. Zhou Du worked on with his hand below as he replied, “I’m here, baby.” He didn’t even forget to stuff a pen onto Xia Yao’s hand, “Alright. You should start working.”

Figuring out that Zhou Du was indeed planning on continuing, Xia Yao, with his face blushing, diverted his attention to the documents in front of him. It had to be submitted to the company tomorrow, so he must finish the translation by tonight. As Zhou Du noticed Xia Yao really started to shift his attention to translating, he mischievously squeezed Xia Yao’s waist. Xia Yao yelped out, unable to stop himself from leaning his entire body backwards. This way, his back was glued tightly to Zhou Du’s chest. While jerking his hand, Zhou Du smirked, “Okay, it’s time for both of us to start working.”

… Censored…

Zhou Du embraced the exhausted Xia Yao and was going to carry him back to the bedroom to let him rest. However, Xia Yao shook his head at Zhou Du, his hands supporting his sore waist, “I seriously have to rush out this translation by tonight. Since I’ve given them my word, I have to keep it.“

Zhou Du didn’t expect Xia Yao’s work to be genuinely urgent. His heart was filled with quite some remorse for succumbing to his lust, “Let me keep you company then.” Xia Yao knew he wouldn’t leave even if he declined, so he had no choice but to accept his request.

On the day of the cruise’s departure, Mother Xia held onto her son’s hands, making a fuss, “This trip will be long; will YangYang be alright?”

Xia Yao assured his mother, “Don’t worry, Mom. I will take good care of YangYang.”

Zhou Du spoke up too, “Auntie Xia, I will take good care of Xia Yao and YangYang.”

Only then did Mother Xia turn over to look at Zhou Du, worry plastered on her face as she told him, “Oh Zhou Du, Auntie will be troubling you then. YangYang is still young; I’m afraid Xia Yao isn’t able to handle him on his own. Help him out when you are free, alright?”

Zhou Du offered Mother Xia a smile, “Auntie, you don’t even have to ask. I will definitely take care of YaoYao and YangYang.”

Mother Xia did find Zhou Du to be reliable, so she bid farewell to Xia Yao reluctantly upon hearing Zhou Du’s reply. When Mother Xia left, the first thing Zhou Du did was to bring Xia Yao and YangYang back to his home. He had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time.

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March 23, 2019 1:05 pm

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January 31, 2021 7:53 am
  • I find it difficult to understand why XiaYao need to foot the holiday tour when the suggestion was made by his stepsister? Or don’t tell me that the stepsister will only pay for her father’s share and XY has to pay for the mother? Shouldn’t she give the trip as her present to the newly weds instead since it is her suggestion? This really annoys me to no end.

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