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Chapter 67

Translated by the distinguished fairy lord Ra of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Zhou Du assumed that Xia Yao said he wanted to go to his house with the intention to provoke Zhao WenHua, but when he saw Xia Yao really packed his things and was about to go with him, Zhou Du’s expression looked as if a pie just fell down from the sky onto his head. He asked, “You really mean it?”

Xia Yao looked briefly at him and said, “If it inconvenient then…”

Before Xia Yao could finish his words, Zhou Du spoke repeatedly, “Convenient convenient convenient, super convenient. Let’s go let’s go let’s go, come, let’s go…” He opened the door for Xia Yao. Xia Yao laughed and shook his head as they went out together.

When they were passing by a large supermarket, Xia Yao suddenly spoke up, “Should we cook at home tonight?”

Although this wasn’t the first time Zhou Du went to supermarket to buy groceries, this was definitely the first time he felt this happy to do so. He just wanted to put everything he saw inside the cart. Xia Yao stared at the groceries piling up inside the shopping cart and eventually asked, “Can all these fit inside your fridge?”

Zhou Du thought for a moment, “Well, should we buy another fridge?”

Xia Yao looked at him in silence, then he said, “How about we bring the whole supermarket back, then?”

Unexpectedly, Zhou Du really stopped to consider the possibility of Xia Yao’s suggestion. Xia Yao saw his intention, so he hurriedly grabbed his arm and said, “I was just joking, this is more than enough, so let’s go home.”

Zhou Du was so moved when he heard Xia Yao said  “Let’s go home” that he just stared stupidly at Xia Yao. Xia Yao was a bit confused, but Zhou Du had reached out his hand and pulled Xia Yao’s finger, “Mhm, let’s go home.”

It was almost 5pm by the time they got home, just in time for dinner. This was the first time Zhou Du’s golden retriever saw the kitchen lit up inside the house, and he was lured in by the fragrance of food. He kept circling around Xia Yao’s legs.

Zhou Du tried to drive him out several times, and when he was about use his last card by locking him to another room, Xia Yao stopped him.

The golden retriever finally found an ally; he looked up at Xia Yao with a dumb, drooling face. Xia Yao bent down and patted his head. Zhou Du refused to give in, as he also stood by Xia Yao’s side, stared dead at him.

Xia Yao ignored him, turned around and continued chopping the veggies. Zhou Du grabbed Xia Yao’s hand and used it to pat his own head. Then he hugged Xia Yao’s waist, put his head on Xia Yao’s shoulder and stole a kiss.

Although the air conditioning was turned on, the kitchen was still warm. Zhou Du’s hug, even if it was just for a short while, made his back felt hot.

“Don’t be a nuisance,” he pushed Zhou Du away behind him. “If you have nothing to do, go wash the veggies, otherwise go outside and wait.”

Why could his silly dog stay inside the kitchen but he couldn’t? or so Zhou Du thought. Thus, he picked up a handful of celery and stood beside Xia Yao obediently.

One did the washing, the other one did the chopping; with Zhou Du occasionally asking Xia Yao whether he wanted to eat this and that. Even though they only exchanged a few questions and answers, the atmosphere between them was warm.

It didn’t take them long to finished cooking dinner. Xia Yao made three main dishes and some soup—all very homely dishes. Although it was nothing fancy, this was the first time Zhou Du ever found dinner could smell this good.

Before, he only ate dinner if not on the wine table then it would be via takeouts. Ever since he bought this house, the only time he went into the kitchen was to open the fridge for water—not once did he touch the stove.

The empty fridge was now packed with groceries brought from the supermarket. Xia Yao opened the fridge, looked at the abundance amount of groceries and became worried.

“Can you cook?” he asked Zhou Du, who was standing behind him.

Zhou Du carefully told a lie, “No.”

Xia Yao furrowed his eyebrows. Groceries don’t last long during summer. Zhou Du most definitely wouldn’t cook, meaning most of those groceries would end up inside the trash can.

Zhou Du came by Xia Yao’s side and suggested, “Why don’t you come again tomorrow?”

Xia Yao glanced at him, “Come and cook for you?”

Zhou Du hurriedly shook his head, “Nuh-uh, if you come, I’ll cook for you.”

“Didn’t you just say you can’t cook?” Xia Yao questioned.

Zhou Du coughed, all because he forgot to pay attention and let his mouth slip, “Well, I can always learn to. As long as you come, I will cook different dishes for you every day.”

Xia Yao closed the fridge and said, “It’s impossible to come every day.”

Zhou Du immediately seized the opportunity, he put his hand around Xia Yao’s waist and whispered to his ear, “Once in a while is okay, I’m happy as long as you visit.”

Zhou Du’s hot breath made Xia Yao’s ears all tingly, so he turned away to avoid it. However, his action accidentally met Zhou Du’s wish, as Zhou Du immediately stole another kiss from Xia Yao, even if it was just a light one.

They leaned against the fridge for a moment; Xia Yao felt all sweaty and sticky, so he pushed Zhou Du away, “It’s hot, I want to take a bath first.”

Zhou Du grinned evilly and tightened his hug around Xia Yao’s waist. “Do you want to take it together?”

As a result, of course, Xia Yao went to the bathroom alone. Zhou Du stood outside the door and sighed with regret.

After he had finished his bath, Xia Yao walked out wearing Zhou Du’s pajamas. His sleeves were a little too long, only his fingertips were showing.

Zhou Du took Xia Yao to the balcony where they could see the riverside. He helped Xia Yao pour a cup of warm green tea. “Have some tea to digest. I’m going to take a shower in the meantime.”

Xia Yao hummed in agreement, then sat down on the cane chair beside him and exhaled, relaxing.

When Zhou Du saw Xia Yao’s half-exposed collarbone, he rushed to the bathroom with his pajamas, all excited. Of course, in order not to disturb his glamorous night with Xia Yao tonight, he locked his golden retriever away in the guest room.

The room was cool and quiet. Xia Yao looked out of the window, dazed. When he felt a hot palm stroke his face, his mind finally stopped wandering.

“What are you thinking?” Zhou Du sat next to him and asked.

Xia Yao shook his head. “Nothing, I was just lost in thought.”

Zhou Du said shamelessly, “I thought you were thinking of me.”

Xia Yao stared at Zhou Du’s face for a minute before his hand reached out and touched Zhou Du’s brows. His finger was carrying a slight touch of coldness. Zhou Du raised his head while rubbing Xia Yao’s finger, “Why is your hand so cold? Is it because the air conditioning is set too low?”

Xia Yao looked at Zhou Du’s half-opened lips. He suddenly came closer to those lips and whispered, “You can warm me up.”

Zhou Du was stunned for a good three seconds before he understood what Xia Yao meant. Ecstasy kindled in his heart, but his expression was blank as stared at Xia Yao.

Xia Yao’s face went red from being looked at, he embarrassedly withdrew his hand, but Zhou Du caught it immediately.

Zhou Du hugged Xia Yao’s waist and flipped him around. He sat down on the cane chair and let Xia Yao sat on his lap.

He put his forehead against Xia Yao’s and asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you being possessed by a fox spirit right now? Seducing me like this.”

Xia Yao was so embarrassed by Zhou Du’s words that he tried to get away, but Zhou Du’s restless hand had already moved up from the waist and slightly stroked Xia Yao’s chest.

Xia Ya’s breath hitched. Zhou Du took the opportunity and lightly bit Xia Yao’s lips.

Neither of them knew who was the first to take their tongue out. As their lips parted, both of them breathed heavily while a thin silvery string appeared between their lips.

Xia Yao’s waist went soft. He pushed away Zhou Du’s chest. His voice was tainted by his desire, “Let’s go back to our room.”

Even though the balcony where they were sitting was enclosed, next to them was a large floor length window. The sight of brightly lit street outside somewhat made Xia Yao embarrassed.

Zhou Du rubbed his head on Xia Yao’s neck, kissed it tenderly and said, “Is it ok here?”

A sweet and seductive moan came from Xia Yao. Zhou Du’s finger had unknowingly reached into Xia Yao’s pants.

Xia Yao strugglingly grabbed that sly hand as he gasped with difficulty, “Zhou, Zhou Du, don’t.”

Zhou Du moved his kiss down from the collarbone; Xia Yao’s pajamas had already been rolled up to his shoulders.

They didn’t know when they moved into the bedroom; the only thing Xia Yao knew was that he was stripped naked and felt a bit cold, but the coldness soon became boiling hot…

[Censor Censor Censor Censor ]

Xia Yao hid himself under the blanket. The stickiness from sweat and the unnameable liquids made him feel uncomfortable. Zhou Du was like a hungry dog, his hand firmly held onto Xia Yao’s waist while he kissed Xia Yao’s back bit by bit.

When Xia Yao opened his mouth trying to talk, he found out his voice had become all hoarse. He turned towards Zhou Du, cleared his throat and said,  “I want to drink some water.”

Zhou Du could hear something was not right with Xia Yao’s voice. He really loved to hear Xia Yao’s moaning voice under him from the lovemaking earlier, but now upon hearing that Xia Yao’s voice became all hoarse, his heart ached so much.

Zhou Du gave Xia Yao a quick peck on the lips and then went out naked to pour water for Xia Yao.

Xia Yao felt very uncomfortable at his backside. He had stayed single for so many years, and for his body to be opened up so suddenly by that thick thing, he found it hard to adapt.

After drinking, Xia Yao felt better.

He looked up at Zhou Du standing stark naked beside the bed, his eyes steered away in embarrassment. “I’d like to take a bath.”

It was past 1 a. m. at the moment. Seeing Xia Yao wanted to get out of the blanket, Zhou Du immediately grabbed the air conditioning remote and raised the temperature a little.

“I’ll carry you,” Zhou Du reached out his hand, intending to hug Xia Yao’s waist, but Xia Yao pushed him away. This caused Xia Yao to fall down onto the bed instead, and his face immediately turned pale.

Zhou Du felt sharp pain inside his heart, but he calmly lifted Xia Yao up. Xia Yao, dazed, didn’t even realize at first that they were headed to the bathroom.

It was already past 2 a. m. when they finished cleaning up. Back in the bedroom, Zhou Du gently kissed Xia Yao’s forehead and muttered, “Good night.”

Xia Yao was tired physically, but not mentally. He turned around, and face to face with Zhou Du, he whispered, “Zhou Du, you… Don’t you hate me?”

Zhou Du put his finger on Xia Yao’s lips and gave him a kiss before slowly saying, “When you broke up with me that year, after that for two or three years, all I felt was deep hatred whenever I thought of you.”

A trace of sorrow briefly creased Xia Yao’s eyebrows.

Zhou Du hurriedly changed his words, “But after that, I started to miss you. No, actually, I mistook my yearning for you as hate for those two years. I dreamt about us every night. Sometimes, the dream went back to our high school moments. You were sitting in the third row in the middle of the classroom, and I stared at the back of your head. My heart beat faster whenever you turned around and smiled at me. But in that instant, I would wake up to reality, because I realized that during all those years we spent in high school, you have never looked back at me.”

It was as if there were tiny needles stabbing Xia Yao’s heart bit by bit, each of his slow breaths deepening the pain inside his heart.

“Every time I could barely control myself from calling you, I’d throw my phone away in anger. I’ve destroyed several of them already. I even went to your school to find you on the second week after we broke up. I stood in front of your dorm for a whole night, but you never showed up… I hated you so much at that time.” Zhou Du lowered his voice. “I thought you were really…” He didn’t finish what he was about to say, but his eyes expressed it all.

Xia Yao smiled bitterly, “When my mother had an accident, it was my father who saved her. When he saw us hugging on the street, he threatened me to tell my mother about us. I was so terrified because I thought my mother would never agree with our relationship. My first intention was to tell her slowly after she got discharged and fully healed. But who would have known that she had discovered it long ago? She refused to eat and drink, and together with Zhao WenHua they forced me to break up with you and insisted on sending me abroad, I had no other option…” Xia Yao choked with sobs.

Zhou Du couldn’t help himself from pulling Xia Yao to his embrace; he hugged Xia Yao’s to his chest and kissed his head while remaining silent.

“Is Godmother still opposing our relationship? Yao Yao, tell me everything in the future. We can face it together,” he said eventually.

Xia Yao shook his messy hair while still burying under Zhou Du’s embrace, he continued, “My mother doesn’t want to stop me anymore.”

Zhou Du raised Xia Yao’s face in surprise and asked happily, “Really?”

Xia Yao softly replied, “Yeah. I think she may have thought it out clearly. Two years ago, she was still hoping to see me get married, but… I never agreed.”

Zhou Du agitatedly held Xia Yao’s hand.

“A while back, my mother suddenly told me that she won’t force me to marry anymore, and I can do whatever I want. But I… I always felt that I had no right to face you again.”

Zhou Du couldn’t help but hug Xia Yao tighter.

“I was afraid too,” Zhou Du said slowly. “I was afraid that you’d found a new partner. I was afraid that you didn’t love me anymore.”

Xia Yao touched Zhou Du’s face and kissed him on his lips. As their lips separated, he said to Zhou Du in the most sincere manner, “I love you, Zhou Du. You are the one and only person I will ever love in my entire life. No matter if it’s in the past or the present, I will always love only you.”

Zhou Du was overjoyed. He trembled and said to Xia Yao, “My wife, I love you too, and I will love you forever.”

The warm orange light from the bedside lamp reflected on their faces. A tear fell down from Xia Yao’s eyes as he happily embraced the man who had captured his heart for lifetime.

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