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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

Please do not spread this novel to other sites.

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Chapter 12

It was a rule in Kichirou’s life to never answer the door without first looking through the peep hole. How was it that he forgot on this particular day? Maybe it was the heat rushing through his system.

Whatever made Kichirou forget his rule, he didn’t care at the moment. His head was throbbing, the afternoon light was drilling into his eyes and he throbbed in places he never thought possible.

Even though he could smell the scent of lilacs, Kichirou did not see Jun outside his front door.

Kichirou forgot he had thrown open his front door. He squinted into the bright light and cursed when he saw no one. It was then, as he saw the man leaning against his porch, that he remembered why he didn’t answer the door without looking.

Jun wasn’t a beautiful man in all senses of the word but to him, he was engaging. At around six foot three, he stood taller than him by almost a foot to his five foot five. At that height, Kichirou had to stare up at him.

He wasn’t a handsome man by GQ standards, but to Kichirou, the way he leaned against his railing, his arms crossed over his chest and sunglasses covering his eyes, he was breathtaking. Or maybe it was his outfit that made him so hot to him. His black leather jacket pulled taut against the muscles in his arms and over his dark wash jeans he wore a pair of dark leather chaps.

Then he took off his sunglasses. Oh boy. Kichirou felt his eyes widen. His heat stirred once again and the pheromones that smelled like lilacs assaulted his senses.

Maybe this man was GQ material. had the body and his face, it was harsh yet, there was something about it that made Kichirou want to stroke his cheek. His jaw was angular and shadowed making his cheekbones stand out more. With a nose slightly on the long side but not wide it showed how his eyebrows flared wide over amethyst eyes. His lips were the color of peaches, the bottom one fuller than the top. The afternoon light hit his face, making his blonde hair seem lighter than it was.

Kichirou felt like a slug in his clothes from the night before. His fingers were still sticky with his cum. He knew his eyes were glazed and his cheeks flushed. Even with his sunglasses in his hand, his arms no longer crossed and more of his neck showing, Kichirou knew that this man would change his life. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, he didn’t know.

“Kichirou-sensei.” In every life, no matter how young, how old, there is always one moment that changes everything forever. Then there are more moments that continue to change the world as someone sees it.

“Jun.” He didn’t care why he was there. All he knew was that he needed Jun. He was throbbing and his tears were still staining his cheeks. Jun quickly covered the distance between them, closing the door behind him. He lifted his hand and wiped the tears from Kichirou’s face. Still in a daze, Kichirou shuddered.

“W-what are you doing?” His voice was ragged, the heat still rushing through his system. He felt like he was on fire.

“Touching you.” Jun’s response was quick and efficient.

“N-No..”Kichirou moaned, “What are you doing here?”

“I figured you would need help.”

“Help with what?”

“This.” Jun swiftly bent down, capturing Kichirou’s lips with his. Both of them groaned in usion as if it had been forever since their lips had last touched. In fact, it had only been three days since the incident in the chemistry room.

Kichirou’s mouth was dry, and his heart was in his throat, it was almost as if he couldn’t get any air into his lungs. He pulled away from the kiss, just staring into Jun’s eyes, and slowly, ever so slowly, he lifted a hand and ran a finger across Jun’s cheek bones. His face was smooth, his skin hot and it made Kichirou shiver.

Jun froze in place no knowing what to do. He just about stopped breathing. Then, to his ultimate surprise, Kichirou lowered to the wooden floor and began to unzip Jun’s pants. Jun was so aroused, and the scent of pheromones was almost too much to bear. But he clenched his fists and jaw, not daring to breathe as Kichirou slid his hands across his aroused self.

Kichirou’s touch was hesitant, as if he didn’t know what to do. His light exploring strokes were sending him into insanity. Jun clenched his jaw tighter as he felt Kichirou begin to stroke harder. He wanted to tell Kichirou to use his mouth, to nipple and caress, suck and cajole. He knew, in his heart, that that would only occur in a dream without prodding from him.

It only took a second, but Jun yelped out of sweet pain when his dream came true and Kichirou’s hot mouth slid over Jun’s aching cock. The instant he yelped, Kichirou pulled away, his bright blue eyes looking up in astonishment.

“I hurt you?” Kichirou’s grip lessened and he began to move away. “I’m just going to-”

Jun reached out and pulled Kichirou back to him hard. “You didn’t hurt me.”

“Then did I do something wrong?”

“No!” Jun almost yelled. He took a deep breath trying to stabilize himself. “Only that you stopped.”

Kichirou’s eyes brightened and Jun knew no more as those soft lips once again began to trail along his cock.

Jun fixed his gaze on Kichirou, watching every movement, feeling every sensation all the way to his bones. He was tentative with every stroke, every caress as if he was afraid of hurting Jun, this strung a cord in his heart and made him shudder. Soon, without even noticing that he was doing it, Kichirou was slowly undulating his hips as if every time he sucked deeper on Jun’s cock that it would somehow reach all the way to his core.

Suddenly, a waft of pheromones hit Jun’s senses, and where he was in control slightly before, all his composure left him. He ripped Kichirou’s mouth from his cock and claimed his lips with his own. Kichirou’s mouth opened for him, inviting him in. He knew that Kichirou liked kissing, so he kissed him with more heat. Trying to calm his senses down, hoping that heat would transfer away before he did something he would regret.

He began to move his hand along Kichirou’s back, while he slid the other one to his thigh. As he reached Kichirou’s thigh, he was slightly surprised to find out that he was not wearing any boxers beneath his sweat pants. As the two devoured each other, Jun began to wonder what the best way would be to make Kichirou his for eternity. He wanted Kichirou utterly and completely. Until he was beneath him, whimpering, and demanding more.

As he drew back, Kichirou’s hazy eyes fixed on him, his heat beginning to take over everything else. “You’re going to stop?” His voice was soft, as quiet as a breeze in the night.

“No,” Jun whispered, pulling off Kichirou’s pants in one swift motion. Kichirou sat in Jun’s lap, his cock grazing Jun’s stomach. Even though it was through his shift he could feel how hot and wet it was. Kichirou leaned forward, his nipples were perky and a soft pink color. Jun didn’t have enough self control at this point in time, he lowered his head and took the perky peak within his mouth. Kichirou bucked beneath him, but Jun slid both of his hands down, capturing Kichirou’s hips and pulled him down, grinding his own hard length against that soft entrance.

Kichirou groaned above him, his hands found their way to Jun’s hair and they lightly tugged at the strands. Jun thought he was going to be pulled away but surprisingly, Kichirou pulled him closer. It last maybe a few minutes at most, Jun grinding against Kichirou and Jun tangling his tongue around those perky nipples, savoring the flavor that was only Kichirou’s, before Jun was on top of Kichirou. His clothes were long gone, his face flushed, his cock hard. Kichirou could see the heat in his eyes, it felt like it stabbed into his soul. It stirred everything up.

Without warning and before he knew it, Jun thrust himself deep into Kichirou’s entrance, filling up that space that was craving more. Kichirou let out a soft scream, unable to cope with the quick invasion. Kichirou lost himself in the pleasure, he just wanted more. Their thrusts filled the small apartment with lewd sounds. Their moans and groans covered the room with noise that edged both of them closer to each other.

A wild hunger flared in Jun’s heart and he couldn’t stop himself from trailing his hand down and grabbing Kichirou’s hard member within his palm. He pressed his fingers against that hard length pushing Kichirou toward an orgasm.

Kichirou writhed under him, loving the weight of Jun over him. Jun tapped Kichirou’s thigh with his hand, and when their eyes met, Kichirou had the feeling that they didn’t even need to talk, every sentence was right there within those amethyst eyes. Kichirou lifted the small of his back and wrapped his legs around Jun’s waist, pushing Jun’s length farther into him, hitting that one sweet spot that made both of them shudder.

Jun leaned down and trailed kisses around the collar that Kichirou still wore. He sucked underneath it, keep kiss left a mark as they made their way back to Kichirou’s nipples. Once he reached them, Jun put one into his mouth and sucked hard. Kichirou shuddered beneath him. Against him, Jun smiled into the nipple, playing with it as he trust in sync with each suck and lick.

“Jun,” Kichirou cried, “Stop going so slow.” Jun froze, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“You want me to go faster?”


Jun breathed in deep then with one hard, long thrust there was nothing left to say as the passion took over. Jun’s body drove deeper and deeper with every thrust, claiming every part he touched as his own. The thrusts sped up as Jun felt Kichirou tightening around him. Their pants were loud even to their ears. Jun felt Kichirou tense beneath him, every muscle tightened. Kichirou bit his own lip, covering his scream as he exploded, his cum drenching everything it touched.

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Sopha Lanier (@soso)
September 26, 2019 1:13 am

Addis, just make sure someone edits your spellings. I know it is hard especially with these intense sex scenes. I have to stop several times to think for example,‘ is it shift or shirt’ ‘ pants or pantings’ In this case pantings work better. OK. I keep on reading. I would love to help edit your works, but not sure how. You said you want to be a damn good writer and you can, just make sure you have support from an editor. Gotta finish reading this… 🙂 thank you for keeping my imagination wild.

Dio85 (@dio85)
March 9, 2021 3:04 pm

He finally accepted, although not 100% but yes changes happen and sometimes they can be awesome! 🙂

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