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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 11

“Tanaka Sensei?” Natsuki’s voice was loud in the silence. Had he been a little earlier, who know what would have happened. Natsuki had gone to Kichirou’s classroom to see if he wanted to go out after the festival was done. When he got there though, Kichirou’s students had told him that Jun had dragged Kichirou away. He had then spent the next fifteen minutes searching for Kichirou. Upon reaching the door to the chemistry room, it’s lights still off, Natsuki heard voices from within.

Natsuki almost did not believe the scene before his eyes once his eyes had adjusted to the darkness. Sitting atop of one of the metal prep tables, Kichirou was panting, his eyes wide, his face flushed. He was also not wearing any pants or underwear. Without even thinking about it, Natsuki’s eyes wandered down Kichirou’s body. His eyes stopped on Kichirou’s now flaccid member, it dripped cum down it’s length. Slightly more red than what would be considered normal. Natsuki’s eyes followed this train of thought and looked over to his left.

Jun stood there, his eyes bright, and his lips moist. ALready figuring what had happened, inside, Natsuki grinned. This was going to go better than he had thought. For pretense sake, though, Natsuki decided to act shocked.

“What did you do to him, Arimori?” Natsuki thought that his voice was appropriately disappointed and held enough shock within it.

“Eh?” Jun said, his hand finding themselves in his pockets. He had a light smile on his face, but inside, he was watching Natsuki like prey. He did not like this Natsuki Sensei. He had always gotten a bad vibe from the guy. Thinking of Kichirou, still without pants beside him, and the heat that was still coursing through his veins, Jun laughed. “What we did was..”

But his sentence was cut off by Natsuki. “Don’t say it!” He held up his hand and looked away from the pair, acting as if this scene was actually affecting him. Jun watched Natsuki’s movements, waiting for him to show his real self. When he could find no faults in the mere seconds he watched this teacher, Jun decided that he would play along.

“I was just helping him out.” Jun explained, a devilish look in his eyes. His purple eyes were unwavering in the dark, like a bright light from a light house. Unconsciously, Natsuki shuddered. Even he could not deal with a direct look from an alpha without wanting to turn his eyes away. In the chemistry room, Natsuki could smell the scent of sex and most importantly, he could smell an omega’s heat. From this smell alone, Natsuki could guess what had happened.

“Eh?” Natsuki fake yelled. “How could you do such a thing! We’re at school and you’re his student no less.”

Jun just shrugged his shoulders, bending down to pick up Kichirou’s pants and boxers. He put them next to Kichirou, who was hiding his face in his hands, shaking. Jun did not know if he was laughing or if he was crying.

“Leave us alone.” Jun said to Natsuki, moving his hands in a shooing motion. He leaned forward toward Kichirou, his lips close to his ear before he said, “Ki-chan and I were enjoying ourselves.”

“Get away from him,” Natsuki growled, moving farther into the chemistry room. He was smiling on the inside, he hadn’t realized he could act so well. He pushed Jun away from Natsuki and stood in front of Kichirou. “If you so much as move,” Natsuki breathed, “I will report you.”

Kichirou still was hiding his face within his hands, completely embarrassed by being caught. He pressed his hands further into his face, the only thing stopping him were his glasses. How he just wanted to crawl into a hole and die!? He had never been this embarrassed before, not even when Jun was gazing at him with his lust filled eyes. He felt Jun get farther away from him and, involuntarily, he felt like his light was going out.

Jun laughed out loud, his smile wide, and his face aglow. “You can’t do anything to me.” Natsuki watched Jun, handing Kichirou his pants, waiting for Kichirou to get dressed while he waited for Jun.

“Just watch me.” Natsuki intoned, his mind running in circles. He watched as Jun laughed, leaving the chemistry room, his hands in his pockets, and a soft whistle coming from his mouth.

An hour later, after receiving permission from the principal, Natsuki took Kichirou home so that he could wait out his heat before returning to teach. Natsuki helped Kichirou into his house and found the medicine he had asked for within his bathroom. It did not matter to Natsuki whether or not Kichirou was in heat or not, as a beta, he could resist this type of thing. However, many betas took advantage of this situation, using omegas as their own playground while they reaped the benefits.

Natsuki was aware of Kichirou’s confusion towards Jun. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he was able to reap all the benefits he wanted to from this omega named Kichirou.

“Are you sure he didn’t hurt you?” Natsuki asked as if he was really sincere.

Kichirou shook his head, unwilling to admit that the heat still raged with him and that he actually hated Natsuki for taking away the solution for this heat. It shocked Kichirou to realize that he actually wanted Jun. No, he realized, it wasn’t a want, it was a need. The heat suppressant had yet to take full effect and he was beginning to lose all hope of being satisfied. Knowing that he would have to spend the next five days at home by himself, Kichirou hugged his knees tightly to his chest.

“I’m fine,” Kichirou muttered into his knees. “Please just go.”

“If you need anything, just give me a call. You’re heat doesn’t affect me, so I will be safe.” Natsuki patted the top of Kichirou’s head, a wicked smile in his eyes that Kichirou could not see. With one last look at Kichirou, Natsuki left his apartment, the smile on his face not faked in the least.

His plan was coming together just nicely.

Kichirou huddled in his blankets, the heat in his veins boiling even with the suppressants running through his system. He shivered and pulled the blankets closer. He knew from experience, that he would just have to wait it out, but after having tasted the sweet desire from Jun, Kichirou felt like he needed more, that just waiting it out would no longer work as it had before.

Kichirou squeezed his thighs together, feeling his proud length against his stomach. He was already hard and all he had done was think about Jun. Resisting a groan, Kichirou slowly moved his hand down his front, pausing when he reached his belly button.

Should he really do this? Was it smart to do this? Or would it actually make it worse? He had never masturbated before during his heats. He had never felt the desire burst through like it was this time around. Groaning, Kichirou slipped his hand inside his pants and gripped his shaft.

The feeling of his hand on himself, the slight heat from his palm made him shudder. His thoughts instantly went to Jun’s palm. Jun’s hands were larger than his, he could envelop Kichirou’s dick easier than Kichirou could. Kichirou wanted that feeling of being held, that weight of another’s body on his. His other hand skimmed down his front, until, it too joined his other hand at his groin.

Using one hand, Kichirou stroked his base to the tip, once, twice, three times. He shuddered from the contact. Using his second hand, he lightly touched the tip of his dick, feeling the pre cum spilling out against his fingers. Kichirou groaned, and began to move his hands in a more rhythmic motion. Slowly, he went, his pants light at first. Then he could feel the base of his balls tighten, his hands began to move faster and faster. More pre cum spilled out. His pants became erratic, and he clenched his butt cheeks, wanting more.

He could feel the phantom fingers of Jun, feel his length inside of him. It made him want more. Slowly, he moved his second hand towards his hole. And slowly, he inserted his finger. He had never played with himself like this before. He did not even own a dildo or a vibrator. However, the feeling of his hand on his raging cock and his fingers within his hole made him groan. He began to thrust in his hand in time with the thrusts from his fingers in his hole.

Under his administrations, it wasn’t long before Kichirou felt himself coming in his palm. His semen slightly sticky on his finger tips. It wasn’t enough. He needed more.

His blood boiling, Kichirou sat up in his bed in a daze. His ass was clenching, his dick throbbing. He needed more. He glanced around his room, looking, searching for anything that was the same length and girth of Jun. He needed more.

Whimpering, Kichirou glanced at his desk. Would a pen work? What would work? He was going insane. His body was screaming for more. So much so that even the heat suppressants seemed like they were not working. Groaning, Kichirou stood up and hobbled toward his bathroom. He needed to inject himself with a higher dose. His heats had never been this bad. Tears began to form in his eyes. He was beyond frustrated.

His sobs echoed in his room, his feet shuffled towards his bathroom. Suddenly, a knock came from his front door. Kichirou flinched. He did not want to deal with Natsuki again. Tears streaming down his frustrated face, Kichirou opened the door.

Heat and the smell of flowers wafted from the now open door. Kichirou stood there shocked. His eyes widening and his heat running down the length of his spine.

“Jun,” he whispered.

He wanted more.

He needed more.

He needed him.

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March 9, 2021 3:02 pm

That Natsuki Sensei is just critical!!

July 31, 2022 3:12 pm

What is it with that Natsuki? He’s obviously trouble. He obviously hates Omegas but seems to have a particular hate towards Kichirou who is a nice guy. Thank you for the chapter.

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