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Chapter 16

Rain poured heavily, drenching everything that it touched. Kichirou had his arms crossed over his chest as he stood facing Ren. Ren was smiling.

“Yo, Ki. What’s up?” Ren joyfully said. Kichirou shook his head, not knowing how he should respond. Eventually he sighed.

“Why did you come here?” Kichirou looked Ren directly in the eyes when he asked this. Ren just shrugged nonchalantly as if it was the simplest reason in the world.

“I moved back into the area.” Kichirou rolled his eyes and hit Ren on his arm lightly.

“I figured that. But why?” Ren seemed to lose the smile on his face and he looked down at his feet, his eyes glazing with so many emotions that Kichirou knew the answer in his heart before Ren even spoke.

“Well…Koutarou and I broke up.” Kichirou hissed in a breath, he knew, deep down that that would be the reason.

Ren and Koutarou had been dating for over five years, they had met in college and had fallen in love. Both of them were alphas so the chance for the two to actually have a long relationship, outside of an arranged marriage, was very low. However, the two of them were perfect for each other, Koutarou had empathy where Ren lacked it and Ren was out going where Koutarou preferred to stay indoors. Kichirou had hung out with the two of them many times before and he really liked Koutarou. His personality was hard to gage at first but after a few meetings, the man would warm up and his personality would shine through. He was a joker and actually a hard ass.

Kichirou didn’t know how many times Ren and Koutarou had gotten into fits because of something stupid Ren had done. However, the two of them had lasted five long years. It broke Kichirou’s hear to hear about their break up.

“Oh..sorry to hear that.” This was said sincerely from his heart. He didn’t know what else to say. What else was there to say?

“It’s okay,” Ren whispered, when his eyes looked up from the ground, there seemed to be a hazy mist in the corner of them. “It was almost half a year ago.”

Kichirou’s heart hurt, “But I know how much you loved him.”

Ren gave a sad chuckle and ran his hand through his hair, his green eyes darting away from Kichirou. “I can’t do anything about it now.” Ren’s upper lip gave a tremble and his eyes went back to the floor. The next few words were not forced but each one shattered out like broken glass. “He hates me.”

Kichirou did not want to see his friend cry, so he said sarcastically, “Sometimes I hate you too.”

This made Ren chuckle, his previous smile resurfacing and the gloomy atmosphere changing into a more upbeat one. “Oh, thanks. That’s a boost to my self esteem.” Ren laughed a genuine laugh and hit Kichirou up beside his head. “You’re such a great friend, you asshole.”

“My pleasure.” Kichirou smiled, and the two friends continued to make their way back to Kichirou’s home room. When they stopped outside of the classroom, Kichirou debated telling Ren about Jun, but he realized he didn’t quite know how his friend would take the information. Sighing in his heart, Kichirou dropped the matter from his mind. Maybe he would figure out an answer later.

“Here we are.” Kichirou told Ren outside of the room. He looked over at Ren and notice that his friend had finally gotten himself back together. “My class, as you know, is all alphas, so there are some troublesome students but most of the time they are usually good kids.” Ren nodded and the two of them made there way back into the classroom.

The other teacher noticed the two of them and he dropped his sentence, giving a head bow to Kichirou and darting out of the classroom. Kichirou ‘s students looked at him with questions in their eyes, he just smiled and looked at each one of them. Off to the side, his eyes caught Jun’s and Jun lifted an eyebrow slightly as if asking what was going on. Kichirou just shook his head and stood in front of the white board.

“This is Hayato Ren, he will be with us for a while as an assistant teacher, please get along well with him.”

Several of the students looked Ren up and down as if sizing him up for a meal. Kichirou almost chuckled, he knew that Ren would not be easily influenced by these advances.


The day passed rather quickly and Ren was soon use to the way the school operated. He stayed by Kichirou’s side most of the day and their friendship stayed strong as they rehashed memories from their school days. Before it was time to leave, Kichirou handed Ren his address telling Ren he could come over at any time. Kichirou figured that this would be the best way to tell Ren about Jun, outside of school on his own terms. Ren agreed that he would come over later that night.

Kichirou left for home with a smile on his face, liking that he had gotten together with his friend again. At home, Kichirou shut his front door and after taking off his shoes, he heard a small thump. Looking up, Kichirou saw Jun leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and his eyebrows lifted in question. .

“I’m home?” Kichirou said questionably. One side of Jun’s mouth lifted up and he shook his head. He strode forward, unlinking his crossed arms and before Kichirou knew it, Jun had pushed him down onto the entrance way floor. Jun straddled Kichirou’s hips, locking him beneath him.

“Um…”Kichirou was confused, had he done something wrong? Jun leaned down and bit Kichirou’s right ear. Kichirou flinched at the sudden sensation. “Jun?”

“I don’t like it.” Jun flat out said, his nose touching the tip of Kichirou’s nose. Kichirou’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“Like what?” He asked, tracing all of his memories trying to figure out what Jun was even talking about. Jun’s hands sneaked their way under Kichirou’s suit and his pinched a perky nipple. Kichirou hissed, his hips bucking up into Jun’s. Jun smiled at the response and ground his his down into Kichirou’s. Almost whimpering, Kichirou asked again, “What don’t you like?”

“When others are around you without me.” Jun leaned down again and bit Kichirou’s bottom lip. Kichirou trembled realizing exactly what Jun was implying.

“You’re jealous?” Kichirou whispered. Jun took Kichirou’s lips in his, weaving his tongue between the two folds. He explored almost lazily, teasing and stroking at the same time. His hand explored Kichirou’s chest and abs. He loved the feel of their skin touching, of their heat transferring. Jun pushed his erection into Kichirou’s stomach, the pressure adding to the pain. When he pulled back, both of them were flushed, their eyes dancing with inner flames.

“Yes.” Jun whispered, biting Kichirou’s lip once more. “Extremely.”

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June 30, 2017 12:39 am

I loved the chapter but I feel like Ren is a good guy so hopefully he doesn’t get in between our two lovebirds

June 30, 2017 12:56 am

I like it that Ki-chan just came out and simply admitted to being jealous instead of being all hissy and bitchy. Makes him more mature than I expected. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

June 30, 2017 5:23 am

just bite him alreadyyyy jun 😣

December 9, 2018 8:58 am

I am actually happy that Kichirou is thinking of Jun’s future and doesn’t let him bite him yet. I mean, even between any lovers in general, deciding to marry usually comes after years of dating. I’m not saying it’s cuz Jun ia still young (though he is) but it’s a good idea to let him feel how his life is with Kichirou and let him learn more about his lover before making the first step, even as fated lovers. So Ren is lacking in empathy…yikes. though it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. Now I wanna know what Koutarou is… Read more »

March 29, 2021 7:47 pm

Hmmm! I wonder what will happen next, I don’t think he will have an issue with Ren, they are just friends!

July 31, 2022 3:53 pm

The green-eyed monster has appeared. I’m glad Jun is able to admit his jealousy. I hope he realizes their relationship is based on pure friendship, at least I hope it is. Thank you for the chapter.

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