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Chapter 17

Knowing that Kichirou was hard beneath him, Jun couldn’t stand it anymore and reached down to grip the bulge within his pants. Kichirou’s body quivered and trembled, his hips rocking back and forth with a gentle movement. Unknowingly, he began to let out soft, uncontrollable moans. Jun smiled and his hand snaked it’s way beneath Kichirou’s pants to grip him skin on skin.

Sensing that Kichirou was close to coming, he began to move his hand faster. When Kichirou opened his mouth to give out a moan, Jun bent down and kissed his lips, moving his tongue inside that hot cave to tease and tangle. The double sensation made Kichirou cum immediately. Jun groaned into his mouth as he felt the hot semen coat his hand.

Without a single unnecessary move, Jun stripped Kichirou of his pants and, using the still warm cum, he inserted his fingers into Kichirou’s entrance. Flinching, Kichirou thrust his hips upwards sending Jun’s fingers in farther. Jun nipped Kichirou’s ear, his own member straining against his pants, wanting to be let out.

“Mmm,” Kichirou moaned, “Jun, we can’t…”

“No..” Jun whispered, biting Kichirou’s lips. He swiftly pulled off his pants and right as Kichirou was about to cum again, he thrust his entire length into Kichirou. Jun’s lips sealed Kichirou’s stopping the scream that was about to escape.

“Ki-chan,” Jun’s voice was little more than a growl. He lowered his mouth once more down to his lips. And this time, Kichirou kissed him back.

Kichirou could feel Jun’s heart thundering beneath his chest, and he vaguely thought to himself how strange it was to be the cause of it. As Jun began to pull back from the kiss, Kichirou bit down on Jun’s lip, stopping his retreat. Jun froze, shocked by the action. Even more shocked that Kichirou had been the on to do it. Suddenly, his erection became even stiffer inside of Kichirou.

Encouraged by the sound that escaped Jun’s throat, and by the way Jun stiffened. Kichirou lifted his hands from where they were clutching the floor, and he began to trace the muscles of Jun’s chest. His lips eagerly captured Jun’s and he took the initiative to sweep his tongue across those lips. As if he was frightened that Kichirou would pull away, Jun tentatively met Kichirou’s tongue with his own.

Jun shuddered inside of Kichirou, unable to keep the trembles still as Kichirou’s hands wandered across his skin, light as a feather. Giving tit for tat, Jun’s hands began to explore Kichirou’s chest again, his hands were large on his chest, even though he was younger, Kichirou could feel the strength hidden beneath those finger tips. Kichirou had the thought, as Jun’s hands wandered down towards his reaction, that he should capture Jun’s wrist and pull him away, stop this before it went any farther, but in that moment, he yearned too badly for another climax.

Jun thrust hard into Kichirou, the motion made both of them moan loudly. Unknowingly, Jun’s kissed turned possessive, his tongue rampaging inside of Kichirou’s mouth as he stilled his hips, wanting Kichirou to adapt to his length before he plundered with all of his being. This caused a wave of love to wash over Kichirou, it was as powerful as the deep lust he felt at the moment. He knew Jun was trying to restrain himself for his own welfare, but that need and that love twined together, causing Kichirou to feel as if he was in heat once again.

Without realizing he was using one of his karate moves, Kichirou had tossed Jun onto his back and hovered over him like a seductive woman in the night, his blue eyes shining brilliantly, a sea of calm before the eventual storm. With that single movement, all the restraint that Jun had shown flew out the window. He grabbed Kichirou’s waist and thrust his shaft into him. Burying himself into that tight, wet heat. His whole being longed to stay trapped within that cave for eternity.

Above him, Kichirou shuddered and began to move his hips in slight circles, undulating in a provocative manner. Jun groaned and dropped his head against the floor, giving up, almost as he let Kichirou hold the reigns. Kichirou loved the feeling of that urgent call within his gut, the one that pulled at his insides, longing to get closer, to push harder, to thrust Jun so deep inside that they would both lose themselves in the feeling.

That longing soon turned into an all out necessity, that pull was stronger than before and Kichirou could no longer resist it. Kichirou moved his hips urgently, thrusting Jun deep inside of him, trying to hit that point that longed for something. Kichirou lost himself in that tug of war within himself. He gave in, thrusting and pumping his his faster and faster. Kichirou was dimly aware that, between the groans and moans, Jun was speaking to him. He had no idea, in that moment, what every word was, but at one point, as he pushed his hips down as far as he could, engulfing Jun, Kichirou was quite certain Jun had said he loved him.

Jun’s hands gripped Kichirou’s soft globes and pushed himself farther into his entrance with every thrust. The two danced, harder, faster, longer, softer, until the both of them were coated in sweat, their muscles shaking inside with the feeling of imminent release. Both of their eyes were closed, their faces creased with an expression akin to pain. Each thrust was hard, bam, bam, bam. And then suddenly, as if that secret spot had finally been hit, filled with what it wanted most, both of them teetered over the edge, falling off the face of the earth, lost in their own pleasure.

This was, though neither of them knew it at the time, their very first, very consensual bout of lovemaking. They also didn’t know, especially Kichirou, that those pills he relied on day and night, had lost their medicinal properties.

As the two of them crawled back up into reality, they faintly heard the doorbell chime behind them.

In a flash, Kichirou was off of Jun, pulling up his pants and buttoning his shirt. He ordered Jun to do the same, who, surprisingly, didn’t fight at all.

“Who is it?” Kichirou called out, his voice shaking with the aftereffects of cumming.

“It’s Ren, Ki.” A voice called out. Kichirou jumped, he had almost forgotten he had invited Ren over to tell him about the situation with Jun. Glancing at the said person, Kichirou gave a light smile and walked towards the door. Jun caught Kichirou’s wrist stopping him from opening the door.

“Why is he here?” He hissed into Kichirou’s ear.

“He’s my best friend, I have to tell him.” Kichirou’s eyes were bright, trusting. He pushed his glasses up his nose farther.

“About us?”

“Yes, about us.”

“Are you sure?” Jun searched Kichirou’s eyes, looking for something he could not find. He sighed, knowing he would never find any resistance in those blue eyes.

“I’m positive. Ren won’t do anything.” That was the answer Jun knew he would receive.

“As long as you are sure.” Jun dropped Kichirou’s wrist, watching as he walked toward the door to pull it open.

It was now or never, it seemed, they would have been found out eventually anyway. The only sign that they had just had a bout of lovemaking was the light damp spot at the front of his underwear. And, it seemed, the hole in his heart that was eating everything and anything it could get it’s grip on.

It was an encompassing feeling.

This feeling of love he never thought he would have.

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July 4, 2017 1:15 am

Addis thank you so much for the update. That was really amazing. . cant wait for more

August 20, 2017 1:17 am

Wow…that was intense and titillating…more please 😛

January 3, 2018 3:31 pm

Ho ho ho ho…is there going to be a little bun in the oven? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is such a joy to read, thank you for writing such good read!

December 9, 2018 9:41 am

Oh sheet… I did expect those pills to be useless, since they’re peobably as old as his first heat, maybe, but I hoped…duude please nooo! Will Ren take responsibility for the child in Jun’s stead? Or will he confess and say he’ll accept both him and the child? Will Kichirou go for an abortion? Will the freakin school find out? Whatever it is, I hope Kichirou will keep on teaching, an omega working seems like a really rare happening and I would’t want him to become a housewife if he keeps the child or when he has another in the… Read more »

December 9, 2018 9:43 am

Btw why does Jun never wear a condom, like really, man … and Kichirou, you’re supposed to tell him that! Lol

May 7, 2021 3:10 pm

Please don’t let Ren be in league with Nasty and let them down 😬

July 31, 2022 4:02 pm

This couple is so intense with their love making. Thank you for the chapter.

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