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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 2

Kichirou stared at nothing, trying to remind himself to maintain his composure. ‘It’ll be all right,’ he tried to convince himself, ‘even if they’re all alphas, they’re still 16 year old brats, it’s not like I’m immediately vulnerable to them.’ Kichirou lifted his hand and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Class, please settle down,” he stood in silence and waited as for the murmurs to quiet. When the room settled, he begun to speak, “As I said, Joou-sensei is on maternity leave, until he returns or other circumstances, I will be your homeroom teacher. My sub-gender should be irrelevant to your education….” He trailed off and took a glance at the seating chart he was given, pretending as if he hadn’t just learned the boy’s name, “Arimori-kun.”

When he went to meet the young man’s eyes, again, he felt that heat wave wash over him. His throat felt dry and parched. His mind was in utter chaos. It felt as if the whole world was spinning on it’s axis. He felt the heat coming from the pit of his stomach and knew,at that moment, if he didn’t control it, his pheromones would engulf this class in madness. He had to support himself with the desk and shifted his weight onto his palms. Hopefully the students didn’t notice the slight twinge of pain etched into his features.

Kichirou resisted the urge to run his hand through his blue-black hair. He had never lost his composure in his three years of teaching. He was ten years older than this class in front of him. There was no reason to believe that these alphas would be detrimental to anything in his life. Not even the smart mouthed Arimori Jun.

Seeing the adult in front of the class in distress, Arimori couldn’t help but to curl his lips upwards, he felt the heat in the base of his groin. He glanced to the side to the boy who was so eager earlier.

“Lunch,” He mouthed to the boy, Fukushima Dai. Dai’s lips curled into a smile and the other boy from the group earlier caught it. He huffed, knowing he’d have to wait until at least after school to try to get Jun’s attention again.

Kichirou caught this entire exchange and frowned. He knew that young men were always on edge due to raging hormones but to blatantly show any type of playing around in the middle of class was….unacceptable. Kichirou huffed once more. Groaning out a curse word towards the principal.

“We will continue with the lesson Joou-sensei left off with. Please open your English books to page 87, we’ll be learning about verb conjunctions and…”

The rest of the hour went fairly well for Kichirou. However, due to Jun, all the students were now referring to his as Ki-sensei. This made him angry because it made him feel as though they were looking down on him.

Closing his book, Kichirou looked at everyone in the class once more. “Next you guys have science, so please pull out your books and Gotou-Sensei will begin after the next ten minute break.”

As he moved to leave, his eyes caught on those fiery purple eyes once again. Those eyes seemed to pour into his soul, catching everything, knowing everything. It felt as if he was standing at the edge of a pitch black sea and was slowly losing his foothold.

Kichirou turned away before letting those eyes trap him any longer.

Away from the alpha classroom, tucked safely in the teachers offices, Kichirou, sitting in his office chair, tucked his knees up to his chin and stared at his laptop. He could still feel the heat resting in the pit of his stomach, it felt itchy. He knew what would erase that feeling, but he couldn’t figure out what was causing it. He had just finished his monthly heat a week prior. According to his schedule, he had three more weeks before the next one was to begin. That residual heat was swirling and it creeped up into his face, painting his cheeks red with desire.

“Mmmh,” Kichirou moaned, gripping his legs tighter to him, hoping the pressure would calm his nether regions. He pulled a shaky hand away from his knee and pushed up his glasses. Did he have his heat suppressants with him? He thought about it and realized there were some in the nurse’s office down the hall. He needed them badly.

Kichirou stood up slowly, there was a slightly noticeable bulge on his front side. He rubbed his hands down his thighs and took a deep breath, then began his way towards the nurse’s office.

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January 12, 2018 10:48 pm

I have only read 2 chapters and am hooked ^0^
Your story is so well written and alluring!
Thank you & I will keep on reading~~

May 27, 2019 11:40 am

Oh my, so 16 vs 26 years 😀 sensei is in soooo much trouble 😀

March 5, 2021 6:38 pm

Poor Kichirou! it seems this young man is his fated mate??!! but somehow he is not connecting the dots! Soo good!:-)

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