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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 3

Arimori Jun stared out the classroom window at the empty courtyard. His hand rested lazily on his chin as the math teacher droned on and on. He hated math. He breathed in, and paused. Then breathed in again, through his nose this time. He could still smell it. That lingering faint flowery scent on that omega teacher. He breathed in a third time, closing his eyes as he did so. The scent hit him directly in the groin and he fidgeted in his seat, frowning.

No matter who he had bedded, whether they be alphas or betas, never in his life had anyone’s pheromones hit him so directly. It confused him. He could have anyone he wanted, but it felt like that small Ki-sensei would reject him. Why? How could that be? Jun thought back to the fevered look in Ki-sensei’s light blue eyes and he shuddered.

Well, Jun thought, apparently he hadn’t played enough with that beta girl the night before. He was craving more. He was craving the feeling of a soft, supple ass beneath him. The scent of smooth skin beneath his nose as he kissed it and suckled it.

Groaning, Jun looked up at the clock just as it rang. He clutched his stomach in an act to look like he was going to get sick. The teacher immediately noticed and frantically looked towards Jun.

“You need to get to the nurse’s office! Can anyone hemp him?” Dai instantly rose up, putting his arm around Jun.

“I’ll take him.” The two boys slowly made their way towards the nurse’s office, once there, they found it to be empty. The nurse was out, like she normally was.

Grinning at the floor, Jun pulled Dai by the arm and pushed him down onto one of the beds. Dai grinned up at Jun, his eyes already glazed over with lust.

“Well then,” Dai whispered. He moved his hand lower, ran it along Jun’s stomach, feeling his stomach muscles bunch beneath his palm. He undid Jun’s belt, the sound of the metal clacking in the silent room. Once it was undone, Dai continued onward and grasped Jun’s long shaft within his fist.

Jun sucked in a breath, and leaned down until his face was in the crook of Dai’s neck. His breath was hot as he whispered into Dai’s ear.

“Stroke me,” He commanded.


Kichirou grabbed onto his side, the heat was beginning to fade. Even at his previous school, he had never had a reaction like this. Considering he had only been teaching at this school for six months, none of those six heats had ever been late or early. Kichirou breathed in and pushed up his glasses, finally making it to the nurse’s office. He opened the door and stared into the room. He froze, unable to move, as did the two boys on the bed.

One was Arimori Jun, his pants around his ankles and the other was Fukushima Dai, he was kneeling on the floor by the bed, his mouth on Jun’s dick. The two boys stared at Kichirou and he stared back. Kichirou’s gut clenched viciously at the sight of Jun’s dick. His eyes wandered up and landed on those bright purple orbs. At that moment when their eyes met, Jun came into Dai’s mouth.

Dai choked and coughed several times, wiping at the cum oozing from his mouth.

“Warn me next time, would ya?”

Jun leaned back and ran a hand through his blond hair, his cheeks red and his eyes sparkling. Just looking at Ki-sensei brought the heat soaring back.

“We’re not done yet, Ki-chan-sensei, why don’t you join us?” Jun licked his lips, his erection standing firm, ready for whatever was to begin.

Kichirou stood there, in a daze, he was tempted to join, to reduce the heat within his gut. He was about to take a step forward, to do what, he did not know, when a hand landed firmly on his shoulder.

“What is going on here?” Kichirou shuddered at the sound of that voice and looked up at Fujima Natsuki sensei. He stood there, his green eyes staring daggers at the two boys within the room. His dark brown hair was neat, as was his suit. His hand tightened on Kichirou’s shoulder, warning him not to move.

From that contact, Kichirou shuddered, releasing a minuscule amount of that flowery pheromone. It hit both the alphas at the same time, and their eyes glazed with desire, but they dared not move an inch.

Fujima sensei’s hand left Kichirou’s shoulder, and he glanced down, a slight smile on his lips before he took a step forward. He moved swiftly over to the medicine cabinet, grabbing two different bottles. A blue bottle he threw towards the two alphas, written on it was ‘Rut suppressant.’ The other, a pink bottle, he threw towards Kichirou. Kichirou fumbled to catch it, almost dropping it to the ground. It was what he had originally came for. The heat suppressants.

Fujima looked at the teenagers, “Each of you, take one of those and get back to class. I don’t want to see another incident like this.”

Jun looked at the bottle in his hand, pulled out three pills, handing one to Dai, and keeping the other two within his hand. He threw the pill bottle back to Fujima. Standing he pulled his pants back up, watching Kichirou the entire time he did so. Jun’s pants were tight by the time his belt was buckled. Knowing that Fujima was still watching, he threw the two pills in his mouth and swallowed. He licked his lips, staring at Kichirou as he did so.

With Dai, running out of the room before him, Jun followed slowly, his thumbs in his pockets, a smirk on his face. He stepped beside Kichirou, breathing in his pheromones, a groan half escaping his throat.

“I will have you, little rabbit.” Jun whispered to Kichirou. “I want to erase that serious face and see you writhing beneath me in ecstasy.”

Kichirou stood there, shaking, images playing within his mind and hate beginning to form alongside that pleasurable heat within his gut.

“You’ll never have me.” Kichirou promised, his fist clenching on the bottle.

Breathing in one last time, Jun gave a chuckle and walked out of the room to continue down the hall.

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aida hanabi
aida hanabi
June 23, 2017 10:58 pm

Huhu… the seme is playboy… huhu… somehow… its make me… hurt… my hearts is broken. …

“Why u not virgin anymore? And I have to be virgin?” That what would I think if I omega and he is my alpha *beaten

June 24, 2017 9:51 pm

I really dislike entitled assholes like him.. Hope things are better in the future chapters

August 31, 2017 7:12 pm

I love your novel so far, please let there be no rape, no forceful consent and no under age sex.

March 31, 2018 10:38 pm

One rude brat and I think they are mates.

March 5, 2021 6:59 pm

uh-oh and so the chase begins!

May 7, 2021 12:19 pm

Arrogant little alpha.

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