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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

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Chapter 4

Fujima Natsuki was leaning against the windowsill, his arms crossed over this chest. Lines were knit between his eyebrows, and a look of concentration was stuck on his face. He had been a teacher since he graduated at twenty. That made it almost ten years. He knew that within a co-sub gender school that it was more likely to have many incidents just like this one. What he still wasn’t use to within this particular school, was the omegas.

Natsuki was a beta, even when he was in high school he was treated normal, and there were not very many omegas he had ever been around. He could only ever remember one omega back in high school. However, that omega had been raped during one of his heats and had ended up dropping out because he had ended up pregnant.

Even in college, he could not recollect any omegas that were around. It was always only alphas and betas. Natsuki was fine with the betas. They were just like him. Normal. It was one of the reasons he wanted to become a teacher. He could deal with the normal. Alpha’s and omega’s on the other hand…they irritated him. He couldn’t understand the elitism that came with being an alpha. Omegas….it’s like they shouldn’t even exist. They were a nuisance to society and the world would be better off without them.

Natsuki grumbled and looked across the room at Kichirou-Sensei, he was still standing at the entrance, looking at the pill bottle in his grasp, cheeks red and eyes blazing. This newbie teacher made no sense to Natsuki.

How was he able to even go through high school and, at that, even college? Omegas should just stay at home and do whatever it was they did. Natsuki couldn’t believe that Tanaka sensei was even there. How had he gotten this job so easily when he himself had worked so hard to even get into this school? Why was he even able to work around alphas?

“You should take one of those quickly, Tanaka-sensei. Even I can smell your pheromones.” That caused a blush to spread deeper across Kichirou’s face. He hurriedly opened the pill case and threw one of the pink pills in his mouth, swallowing quickly.

Natsuki stood there, watching Kichirou as he breathed in deeply, the blush beginning to fade. It reminded Natsuki of the way that blonde first year was watching Kichirou during the entire prior exchange.

“Hmmm…” he murmured. This situation could make this school year quite interesting. He loved alphas, playing with them that was. Uncrossing his arms, he gave Tanaka-sensei his best smile.

“Be wary of these teenagers, they’re always in a rut.” Kichirou looked over at Natsuki who slightly blushed, nodding.

“Before I transferred here I was an elementary school teacher. I’m use to the children not even knowing their sub genders. So to work with alpha students is…well…a bit harder than I had ever imagined.”

“Elementary school? Why are you at this high school then?” Natsuki couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Kichirou looked at the floor gloomily.

“My grandfather and father are good friends with the principal, and they wanted me to expand the area I could teach.” Kichirou huffed, his face looking even more gloomy.

“Did you not like working with the children?”

“No,” Kichirou smiled, thinking of the 5-year-old’s he was use to working with. “Most of them are sweet hearts. I love children. They can’t do anything wrong.”

Natsuki smiled, slightly affected by the pure love in Kichirou’s eyes.

“These teenagers aren’t your five year old’s. All of them have have hit puberty. And because you’re an omega, they can and will attack you.” Natsuki walked over to Kichirou, and lifted his chin with his hand staring into those blue eyes. “Be careful, Tanaka-sensei. If you ever need anything, you can always come to me.”

Kichirou looked completely flustered, he almost started stuttering, but held it together. “Thank you, Fujima sensei. I’ll keep that in mind.” He lifted up his hand and pulled slightly at Natsuki’s hand, bringing it back down to his side. He smiled slightly before turning away, taking the heat suppressants with him as he went.

Natsuki watched him go. His once friendly smile turning into a grimace. He turned around and washed his hands vigorously in the sink. He was utterly disgusted. But a plan was already forming within his mind.


Jun stood before his shoe locker and grabbed his outside shoes before replacing them with his indoor shoes. The last bell of the day had already rang and almost all the students were on their way home.

He muttered to himself, not wanting to go home. There were times when he went to parties just because he didn’t want to be at home. It was probably the reason why he had become a player. He would wander the night in search of something that made him feel like he was worth something. And sex was one of those things that made him feel that worth. The moans and screams of those beneath him who writhed in pleasure made him feel needed. Sighing, Jun finally put on his shoes and walked out of the school building.

It didn’t take him long to get home, but he stood at the front gate for longer than needed, staring at his shoes, deliberating if he should actually go inside. The sound of the front door awoke him from his pondering.

At the door was a girl about the age of twelve, she had the same blonde hair color as Jun and the same bright smile.

“Onii!” She yelled happily, running out the door ever without her shoes on. She jumped into Jun’s arms, hugging him tightly. Jun patted the girl on the back, smiling warmly. When he looked back at the front door, a woman stood there, a frown on her face and her arms crossed over her chest. She was glaring at Jun. Sighing, Jun put his little sister back on her feet and walked towards his home.

“Mom,” He muttered, passing by the woman. She wasn’t actually his mother. He had two fathers, and one of them had been an omega just like Ki-sensei. However, his omega father had died without ever being marked soon after Jun’s birth. His other father had then married this woman, Rika. A beta who only wanted the prestige of marrying into an alpha family. Once she found out that Jun’s father had been an omega, she began to treat him like he was nothing more than trash.

It hadn’t taken long for this new mother of his to become pregnant with his little sister. Hana was the only joy Jun found when he was at home. However, soon after her 12th birthday, they had found out that she was also an omega. This had destroyed Jun’s step mother. She no longer trusted her husband, claiming that the first time Hana was to go into heat, that her father or her older half brother would bite and mark her.

Rika chased Jun’s father from the house and he disappeared. They no longer had any contact with him. She was still trying, daily, to run Jun out of the house for fear of him marking his little sister. However, he had never even looked at her like that. He thought of Ki-sensei and the smell of the flowery pheromones that had wafted off of him.

Jun wondered if his sister would eventually have that same smell as Ki-sensei. He shook his head, that was a matter he should not dwell on. He could feel the heat rising in his loins once more. Sighing, Jun walked to his bedroom and shut the door. Maybe he should go out and find someone. He frowned, thinking of Natsuki-sensei, he hadn’t been able to get out his frustration because of the pills he had been forced to take. He could feel that if he didn’t get some tonight, then he would not be able to go to school tomorrow.

Jun went to his closet and changed out of his school uniform into a pair of dark wash jeans and a teal shirt. He donned some necklaces and ran a hand through his hair. Where would he go tonight? He felt adventurous. Grinning from ear to ear, Jun swung his leg out of his window and sneaked out of the place he called home.

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June 23, 2017 12:20 am

No more LMW?

March 2, 2021 8:16 am

I love this story—my second time reading it! Thanks for writing it!

March 5, 2021 7:00 pm

Fujima is a bit critical, not to be trusted!

March 5, 2021 7:01 pm

Also, why would his father just disappear and abandon his children like that, I can see he may not be near them, but to have that lady drive him out and he literary disappearing is critical! I feel for Jun!

May 7, 2021 12:30 pm

Think it’s going to be nasty Natsuki, sadly.

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