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Chapter 6

Kichirou stood in the back office beside his cousin, a frown on his face. His cousin looked a lot like him except he wore no glasses and was almost a foot taller. Rei was happily mated to his husband of five years. The two of them ran this host club and enjoyed every moment of it. The two of them liked to set up the customers with each other or with their workers. They had a one hundred percent success rate when they paired up people. That’s why the two of them were known as the Cupids of the red light district. It was as if they could see the red strings of fate between people. It made the name for their shop all the better, Cupid’s Den.

Rei was currently rummaging through a locker against the wall, throwing pieces of clothing articles at Kichirou, expecting him the grab them as he threw them. Eventually, Kichirou had a male’s waiter’s outfit within his arms.

“Go change into that.” Rei said, grinning at Kichirou. Sighing, Kichirou did as he was told, changing into the outfit he was given. Even though Rei and Hayato were the Cupids of the city, the two of them had never tried to hook Kichirou up with anyone. They had once told him that his partner was out there but that he was not ready for him yet, that was why they had yet to meet.

Dressed, Kichirou looked at himself in the mirror and grimaced. He was in black slacks that hugged his ass tightly, showing the shape of his pair legs through the thin fabric. The top wasn’t any better, the white long sleeve shirt was like a second skin on him, showing all the ridges and mounds of his arms and abs.

Even though he was a teacher, Kichirou tried to keep fit. It was one of the things he had learned when he was younger, to always be stronger than anyone who would want to attack an omega. Kichirou even had a black belt in karate. Not many knew of it though.

Luckily, the outfit also came with a dark black vest, that, when worn, covered his abs and made him look as though he was his normal scrawny self. It was always a good idea to catch anyone who wanted to hurt you unaware. Kichirou sighed as he tied the red tie around his neck, walking to Rei with a frown on his face.

“Aw, don’t be so mad, Ki.” Grinning, Rei jumped up off of the couch and reached over to do Kichirou’s tie for him. “Tonight will be one of the best nights of your life.” With an all knowing grin on his face, and a twinkle in his eyes, Rei leaned forward and whispered into Kichirou’s ear. “I can feel it.”

The door to the office slammed open and Hayato burst through the small opening. He had a big frame, and was even taller than Rei. His dark brown hair was up in a pony tail, tattoos peeped from underneath his shirt. He looked like he belonged to the yakuza.

“REI!” Hayato rumbled. Rei giggled, and pecked Kichirou quickly on the cheek before turning to Hayato with a smile.

“Yes, love?”

“Ugh, if I didn’t know that you love me and that Ki was your cousin I would be so jealous right now.” Hayato strode forward, the frown on his lips slowly turning up.

“OOooh,” Rei murmured, “Mmmmm, I like it when you’re jealous. Sex with you when you are jealous is so…mmmm…tantalizing.” A blush slowly crawled up the back of Hayato’s neck and he leaned over, snagging Rei’s waist, bringing him in close for a kiss.

“You mean our normal sex isn’t?” Hayato whispered across Rei’s lips. He gripped Rei’s ass within his big hands, pulling him closer.

“Mmmmm.” Rei murmured into the kiss.

Kichirou closed his eyes, sighing deeply. Those two were always like that, so he was use to it…but…today…for some reason, it made him want a love like that as well. It stirred his insides up and made him need…something he shouldn’t have. Clearing his throat, Kichirou opened his eyes. Hayato and Rei were still clinging together but they were both looking at Kichirou with familial love in their eyes.

“That really does look good on you Ki.” Rei exclaimed, his smile bright. Hayato nodded, agreeing to his husbands statement.

“Go out there and help the waitresses please.” Hayato chimed in. “We’ve already opened and there are guests waiting for their drinks.”

“Alright,” Kichirou murmured. “Let’s get this over with.”


Jun sat beside a rather handsome man. The man had light grey eyes and dark brown hair, his smile was nice to look at and his body even more so. Jun could tell, at a glance, that this man was a beta. While chatting with the man, who he learned name was Nachi, Jun started feeling relaxed. The smell that lead him here was still apparent, but it was calmer and easier to withstand. Jun liked talking with Nachi, he was well educated and from the glances he stole, Jun was positive he would be able to end the night in his bed. After talking for what seemed hours, Jun finally realized how hungry he was.

“Nachi, can I order some food?” Giggling a pleasant giggle, Nachi handed Jun a menu from which he ordered some food. Twenty minutes later, Jun became shocked as if a wire was coursing through his veins. The smell was back, and it was a thousand times worse then when he was outside the building. Breathing in that intoxicating smell, Jun grew hard. Pausing in mid sentence, Jun turned towards the smell.

Across the way, Jun could see a ass tight in a pair of black pants, bent over a table, wiping it clean. With every motion, that bottom swayed, the pants bunched and rippled showing tight muscles beneath the fabric. Jun was positive the smells were coming from that person.

“Who is that?” Jun asked, watching the waiter like a starving wolf. The member between his thighs was throbbing painfully, he could feel his heartbeat down below with every breath. The heat that was still slightly suppressed from the pills he had taken at school was cooling the effect down, but Jun knew had he not had those earlier, there would be no stopping him from pouncing on the male before him.

“Mmm. That’s the owner’s cousin.” Nachi answered, twirling his fingers through his hair, trying, it appeared, to look seductive. “He’s just filling in for tonight.”

That single sentence told Jun more than he needed. It meant that if he came another night, that tight delicious ass would not be here. It also told him that the waiter might not be use to the way the host clubs work. This meant, all in all, that Jun needed to work his moves out soon. He felt like he needed that ass in his hand soon, or else he was going to go insane.

“What is his name?” Jun asked. The waiter was finished with the table, and slowly stood up. He turned and as his face became visible, Jun was stunned.

“Kichirou.” Nachi and Jun said at the same time. Jun was frozen in place, watching as those blue eyes swept across the room. A slight smile appeared on his lips as he walked over to another male who looked similar to him.

Beside Jun, Nachi narrowed his eyes, “You know him?” The almost threatening tone had Jun clenching his hand into a fist. Instead of answering, Jun stood up, his face awash with so many different emotions. Ignoring the call from Nachi, Jun strode forward until he was right behind Kichirou. The scent was intense this close up.

With his back to Jun, Kichirou couldn’t tell that someone was behind him, but his body responded by fiercely shuddering. He flushed bright red.

Rei was standing in front of him, and stopping mid sentence, his eyes grew wide. And slowly, his mouth shut, his lips turning upward into a huge grin, he whispered, “The wheel of fate has begun turning.”

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July 20, 2017 8:05 pm

Ahhh.. so cute!

October 30, 2018 11:03 pm

Rei and Hayato.. are psychics? 😲

January 21, 2019 5:00 am

That mention about Kichirou having black belt in karate will come in handy later on right? This weak omega thing is always driving me batty, but it seems that this one is not the case.

March 29, 2019 7:34 am

WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Rei and Hayato playing cupid is so cute! Now I’m anticipating what would happen next…

May 27, 2019 1:16 pm

Oh, it’reminding me of Only mine and the cafe there. The tension is palpable

February 1, 2021 4:57 am

Well imagine that, it is the Cupid’s Den <3

March 6, 2021 10:27 pm

OMG!!! can’t wait! This is sooo good!!! Rei seems to know a bit too much!

July 31, 2022 2:10 pm

Cupid’s Den!! What a great name for a matchmaking establishment. Looks like Jun and Kichirou are going to be its next match made in heaven. Thank you for the chapter.

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