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Remember, this story is not a translation, it is an original novel written by the commander of Exiled Rebels Scans, Addis, for fun.

Please do not spread this novel to other sites.

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Chapter Seven

“What?” Kichirou whispered, though, he knew deep in his heart, that that was what Rei usually said when he paired up a couple. That statement sent chills down his spine and heat down his groin. Fate was never a word Rei used easily.

Turning slowly, Kichirou glanced behind him. The moment their eyes met, Kichirou’s whole body trembled. Those sharp, deep purple eyes made his knees feel weak. Like they could see through his clothes to his naked body. Kichirou understood immediately, the fact he had been denying the whole day.

Jun was his fated alpha.

Jun knew it as well, the moment their eyes met. He felt like he was drowning in a blue sea, the warmth of that sea reached his bones and made his head feel like it was on fire. He could feel his reasoning evaporating, and he tried to hold on to his sanity.

“Kichirou,” Jun growled out. Somehow, Kichirou knew what Jun was going to say and before giving another short gasp, he lifted his hands and pushed his glasses farther up his face. His face was bright red, his cheeks flushed with heat. It was spreading lower and lower by the second.

“This way.” Kichirou almost groaned as he looked over to Rei one last time, showing Jun to the back office. The entire time the two walked away, Rei was grinning, his entire face alight with happiness. As the door shut behind them, Hayato walked up to Rei. The two stood side by side just watching the area around their office door.

“It’s already knotted.” Hayato muttered under his breath. Rei nodded, his eyes watching a faint red line, that no one else but Hayato could see, slowly knot itself in the air twice over.

The line was what some would call the red string of fate. It attached others together by wrapping itself around a pairs pinky fingers. There was a difference in the folk tales though. Everyone was born with a thread, but it was not attached to anyone at birth. It took until puberty of both pairs before the thread connected. That was because that was when the sub genders became apparent in children.

“They know each other.” Rei whispered, stroking his chin. Hayato nodded, glancing at the disappearing thread with a expression of slight bewilderment.

“Resisting once is almost impossible. I don’t think I have heard of many instances. There won’t be a second time for them to resist.”

“No, there won’t.” Rei smiled. “Good for Ki.” Rei whispered. He knew how lonely his cousin was. They talked often and there would always be a difference between love for family and the love you had for a partner.

Watching his customers and workers mingle like normal, Rei gripped Hayato’s arm. “Love,” Rei whispered, Hayato glanced down at him, “Can you put up a do not enter sign on the door?” Grinning, Hayato gave a hearty laugh. The customers around them looked over, smiles on their faces because of the pure happiness within that sound. The employees of Cupid’s Den knew that laugh, and looked around the area, trying to find which couple had been blessed by the Cupids.

“Of course, because fates strings can never be completely broken.”


Jun shut the door as quietly as he could behind him, he clicked the lock. The sound echoed in the room. Kichirou stood with his back towards Jun, his shoulders heaving up and down with every breath. Pheromones were leaking out constantly. The onslaught was making Jun harder.

“Ki-chan.” Jun groaned taking a step forward. Kichirou shuddered and glanced over his shoulder at Jun. To Jun, the move was highly provocative because Kichirou’s face was bright red, his eyes were tearing up and his breath was coming in short frantic pants. The scene was too appealing to Jun. He moved forward and was at Kichirou’s side in the blink of an eye. Turning Kichirou toward him, they faced each other like statues.

Their eyes moved over one another frantically, their breathing syncing as time passed. Jun knew that the only reason he was keeping any semblance of rationality was because of the medication running through his system.

He breathed in deeply and lifted his hand slowly. Inch by inch it crept closer to Kichirou, until Jun’s hand lifted Kichirou’s chin and his thumb grazed across his lips. A fierce blush stained Kichirou’s face.

Jun could not help but let out a moan, he leaned in closer, his lips almost taking Kichirou’s. But, a shaking, fragile hand pressed against Jun’s lips.

“We can’t do this.” Kichirou whispered, his eyes trailing away from Jun’s.

“Why not?” Jun groaned, a desperate look etched across his face.

“Because I’m your teacher.” Kichirou muttered, biting his lip. That movement sent a shudder through Jun.

“That doesn’t matter right now.” Jun groaned sharply.

“Yes, it does. If the school finds out, then-”

“Fuck the school. I don’t care if they find out.” Jun growled, gripping Kichirou’s chin in his hand he bent down, dragging his lips to Kichirou’s. The moment their lips touched, both of them let out a moan as if they had both been starving.

Their lips clashed together in a dance as old as time. Slowly, Jun edged his tongue between Kichirou’s lips, waiting for them to part. Tentatively they did and Jun took the chance, tangling Kichirou’s tongue with his. Both of them were moaning, the sounds of slurping and kissing were loud in the small room.

Noticing Kichirou was out of breath, Jun whispered, “Breathe through your nose.” Each word caused shivers to race down their spines.

Their pants and moans echoed, increasing their lust. Both of them were hard and we’re straining against the fabric of their pants. Jun sucked on Kichirou’s lips, he then began to move his caresses. Following the line of his jaw, licking and nipping his ear before trailing down his neck, licking the same spot over and over.

“Jun,” Kichirou moaned, he knew what Jun wanted and his own hands went up covering his neck, depriving Jun of the access.

Jun grumbled, his hands roving down Kichirou’s chest, pinching his nipples as the wandered further down. Feeling Kichirou’s abs beneath the shirt, Jun moaned. Mmmm.

His hands still wandered lower as his lips and tongue ravaged Kichirou’s mouth. Undoing the belt swiftly, finally, at last, Jun took Kichirou’s hard member within his hand. This caused Kichirou to tear away from Jun’s mouth, panting heavily, his hands still wrapped around his own neck, he shuddered almost violently.

“Jun,” Kichirou moaned. His legs buckled beneath him, crashing him to the floor. Jun followed, his hand lifting Kichirou’s face to once again press their lips together. Kichirou didn’t resist as Jun adeptly slid his pants down his legs, leaving him in nothing but his shirt, vest and tie.

Loving the sight of Kichirou bare with a flush on his face, Jun moved Kichirou’s arms from his neck, dragging off every piece of clothing but that red tie. Jun groaned, his cock throbbing painfully against the seam of his jeans. Kichirou whimpered, his soft cries making it harder for Jun to resist. Bending down, he captured Kichirou’s nipple in his mouth. Playing with the stiff peak. Licking. Sucking. Nipping.

Kichirou’s hips bucked, and with one hand, he reached over, grabbing Jun’s bulge tentatively. He knew what he needed, but, at the moment he was afraid. He had never done anything like this before. He was embarrassed and more than anything, terrified. He was absolutely terrified because this was his student. It was one thing to sate your lust with a partner, but it was another thing to do it with someone who couldn’t even yet legally buy porn.

Jun’s cock throbbed in Kichirou’s hand. He could feel the pulses of it. It took a second but he then realized Jun had stopped playing with his nipples, his head was bent forward, his eyes closed tightly. He looked as if he was in pain.

“Ki-chan,” Jun growled out. His eyes snapping open, those purple orbs sucking in everything around him. Groaning, Jun moved his own hand, slowly taking Kichirou’s within his own. He lead their linked hand beneath his clothing, leading their skin to touch his cock with no barriers.

Kichirou shuddered when the warm skin beneath his hand pulsed as if it had a mind of it’s own. Tentatively, he ran a finger from base to tip. Jun sucked in a sharp breath, his hand leaving Kichirou’s to find it’s way back to Kichirou’s stomach. Both of them explored each other, their fingertips gliding along the surface. Never stopping, never hesitating for more than a single moment.

Neither of them could remember how, but the both of them had discarded their clothes, even that bright red tie was thrown onto to floor. They were on the couch, it’s surface creaking under their combined weight. Kichirou was straddling Jun, his arms locked behind Jun’s neck, their lips fastened together, tongues mingling. Moans escaped their lips.

Kichirou’s face was bright red, he flushed all the way to his ears. Jun’s hands ran down Kichirou’s back, moving up and down as if he was mapping out the ridges within his mind. Slowly, almost too slowly, Jun edged his hands farther down. They gripped Kichirou’s firm ass within his hands. Moaning, Kichirou bucked causing the tips of both their cocks to kiss. Feeling the heat of Kichirou’s cock against his, Jun pulled him closer until their bodies were mashed together. The warm feeling of pre cum dripping from Kichirou’s cock onto his stomach and Jun kneading the ass in his hands almost reflexively like a cat.

Carefully, Jun stroked his finger along the outside of Kichirou’s entrance. Shivers went down their spines. Hesitantly, Jun probed the hole before thrusting his middle finger all the way to the base.

Kichirou shuddered, his gasp sounding loudly within the room, “Ah!!”

Jun smiled, and moved his lips along the crook of Kichirou’s neck. Suckling here and there, leaving bright red marks along the pale skin. Jun pulled his finger out slightly before moving it back in.

“Ngh.” Moaning, Kichirou bit his lip, trying not to make any more sounds. Feeling Jun at his neck once again, Kichirou’s hands covered his nape. “J…jun.”

Ignoring the almost panic his his voice, Jun licked Kichirou’s hand. Thrusting his hand in and out, Kichirou bucked with each motion.

“W…wait…” He moaned, but Jun slid his finger out again before thrusting it back in, curling it slightly, feeling for that sweet spot.

“Ngh.” The cries of pleasure continued. Jun thrust his finger in farther, hitting a slight swell within Kichirou causing him to spasm above him.

His eyes full of tears, Kichirou gasped, “It… feels…strange…” Jun grinned and pushed against that swell again. “Ngh! Ah!” Loving the new cries, Jun pulled his finger back and using his thumb, slightly spread Kichirou wide enough until he was able to fit two fingers within the entrance. When both fingers hit that swell, Kichirou cried out.

“Your…” Kichirou moaned, “Finger…it…” Jun didn’t let him finish and thrusting his fingers in and out in a rhythmic motion.

“Aaahn.” Cries of pleasure continued cutting the sound of silence and squelching.

“Nnnn…” Jun added a third finger.

“No…no…more..ngh…” Kichirou was shuddering above Jun. His cock hard and pulsating, pre cum leaking down itself with every twitch. His pants became more rapid as the thrusting sped up.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Jun whispered into Kichirou’s ear. He nipped the lobe and sucked it into his mouth before kissing the side of Kichirou’s face.

“Nnn….” Kichirou squeaked. The pleasure was making it hard for him to think. “…I don’t…know…ngh…”

“You’ve really loosened up down here.” The three fingers inside of him spread wide, touching all sides of him.


“I could slide in easily.” The fingers slowly slid out. The squelching sounds stopped only for a second before Jun thrust all fingers back in.

“N…no…I…We…ngh…your teacher.” One of Kichirou’s hands was gripping Jun’s shoulder hard, his fingernails digging into the skin.

“Mmm…” Jun murmured. “I thought I told you that didn’t matter anymore.” Jun pulled out his fingers, Kichirou’s juices ran down his knuckles and all the way to his wrist.

“Ngh…but…” Growing slightly angry, Jun shifted Kichirou until he was slightly higher than himself. His entrance right above Jun’s raging cock. Jun’s hands squeezed Kichirou’s ass, spreading his butt cheeks wide.

“No buts Kichirou.” He commanded before pulling Kichirou down, thrusting his proud cock into Kichirou’s entrance.

“Ahhhhhn!!” Kichirou half screamed, the feeling of being filled was new to him and he didn’t know how to control his cries.

“Does it feel good?” Jun whispered into his ear.

“Ngh.” Each thrust upward caused another moan to escape Kichirou’s lips. “Ah.” Thrust. “AH.” Thrust. “Ngh.” Thrust. Until finally Kichirou whimpered, “Y…yes.”

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May 27, 2019 1:25 pm

It doesn’t sound the least like that young boy is young)))) huh, this was damn hot. Please wright more, it’s amazing!

March 6, 2021 10:40 pm

whoa! the scene was just wow! 🙂

May 7, 2021 1:20 pm

He’s not the teacher right now 😏
Well, if they’re fated, everything else is pretty irrelevant and Jun isn’t exactly naive or a virgin. What now?!

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Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable about teacher and a student intimacy (sex)😣

July 31, 2022 2:21 pm

Jun is Kichirou’s fated alpha. I’m glad they found each other early on. Though I’ve read this novel previously some of the highlights have escaped my memory. It’s like a new never before read novel and is very exciting from the very beginning. Thank you for the chapter.

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