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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu, as an extreme face-con, always had his eyes in the sky and wouldn’t look at anyone too ugly. He hadn’t expected this to be the first time in his life that he would be hit with such a tragic insult.

“…” He laughed and reached out to stop the person. “Don’t you know how to talk?”

Pei Yutu was 1.9 meters in height with long arms and legs, and his posture was inexplicably a bit like a kabedon, which almost put him in his arms.

This was a landscaped road. One side was a wall so Ping Mo couldn’t retreat. He was forced to look up at him a little. He only saw that the person’s features were very clear. He had thick eyebrows, a high nose, and a strong back and shoulders. The texture of his sportswear was soft and supported his style. With a head of untamed spiky hair, he had a kind of rough, handsome and youthful atmosphere.

Also, since he had just exercised, his sweat gave off a little of tequila scented pheromones that were crisp and spicy. With his sexy pure androgyny he was, in fact, a very attractive alpha.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo wasn’t interested in appreciating that fact, he only felt the man was too close. Extremely aggressive alpha pheromones stimulated his neck glands, and made him straighten up. Even his tailbone had a burst of itchiness. He wanted to kick this person away.

Ping Mo slapped his fist away with a warning click. “Get out of the way.”

Pei Yutu had been stationed outside the country for five or six years, where he treated weapons of mass destruction, and equipment like mecha and anti-aircraft guns like toys. So he didn’t take a verbal threat seriously. Instead, he stared at Ping Mo’s bare arms. He thought that this person not only had a beautiful face, but also had such smooth lines from his elbow to his fingertips. He was made of flesh and bone, but he was also tough, like a wild rose from a thorn bush. Very powerful.

Pei Yutu suddenly felt an itch, and grabbed Ping Mo’s raised wrist then laughed. “Student, I asked you with good intentions, but you ended up opening your mouth and telling me to fuck off and get out of the way. You have to apologize first!”

Ping Mo, “!”

Having his wrist grabbed caused the alpha pheromones to come in direct contact with his skin. Ping Mo’s sweaty hair raised like he had hackles, and he immediately tried to pull back his hand. However, Pei Yutu’s large hands were like iron pincers, and he couldn’t break free!

Ping Mo wanted to continue to struggle, but there were already many students who were passing by and looking towards them. Ping Mo hesitated. He could always get away from him in private, but if he couldn’t pull away in public it would be a big loss of face.

Ping Mo, as a man, could lose his life but not his face.

Pei Yutu still squeezed his wrist. “Why are you so grumpy? Can’t you just say sorry? Then this thing will be over!”

Such an excessively self-centered show off.

In front of so many people, it was absolutely impossible for him to apologize. Since brute force seemed useless for fighting this alpha…Ping Mo suddenly pulled out a bad smile, and raised his chin slightly towards Pei Yutu. “Your strength isn’t bad.”

He was born beautiful. His features were extremely outstanding, and with such a smile, it actually felt like spring had arrived along with the warmth of flowers as the ice melted. Pei Yutu hadn’t expected the little beauty to suddenly change face, and felt his mind drift a little as he was frozen in place.

But in the next second, he felt his belly go cold, and that something was slipping…It was his jogging pants!

Pei Yutu became too busy grabbing his pants to hold onto Ping Mo’s wrist, but he was still a few seconds too slow, and revealed his fluorescent yellow underwear. There were laughs in the immediate area, while a few girls turned around with red faces, but with no intention of leaving.

By the time Pei Yutu had fumbled himself together, Ping Mo had already pulled away from him, his arms folded as he raised his eyebrows. “You have a unique taste.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

He noticed that there was a sliver of hard light in Ping Mo’s left hand. It seemed to be a dagger. That should have been the thing that picked his belt. That man was able to complete a series of movements where he pulled out the dagger, then cut someone’s trouser belt with one hand in the blink of an eye and without touching his skin! That showed how skillful his knife was.

Ping Mo’s hand flickered, and he withdrew his dagger so fast that Pei Yutu could only see a blur of light.

“In close combat, you will find that brute strength is not that important.” Ping Mo gave him an even response before he left in style, which caused a few young girls who were watching to look at his back and whisper excitedly.

Pei Yutu watched, open-mouthed, as the man finished pretending to be X before he spit out an expletive, “Fuck!” Then he turned towards the crowd and glared. “What are you looking at?!”

Pei Yutu, who grew up in the military, was so serious and fierce that the crowd scattered.

Ping Mo moved steadily away from their line of sight until he got to the end of the path around the corner. He made sure no one could see before he leaned against the wall, and let out a long breath. That person’s pheromones were really strong. He had long ago reached his limit, and now his legs were weak.

Alpha pheromones, strength, and sexual ability were linked. Such an alpha could basically be judged as a human pile driver.

And omegas, especially an omega nearing their bonding heat, would find it difficult to resist. They would instinctively want to submit, and even…have the desire to spread their legs! It was written in their genes.

Ping Mo irritably ruffled his bangs. With no M-type inhibitors – that was ‘Therian-specific inhibitors’ – his future bonding heats would be very troublesome. Especially in a military school, where there were alphas everywhere. He took a moment to stand up straight again, and headed for the Dean’s office.


Outside the Dean’s office, Hu Lei poked his head over and put his ear to the door. Unfortunately, the soundproofing was too good to hear anything.

“Yo, Team Leader, what are you doing?” A female teacher asked.

Hu Lei was startled, then cleared his throat. “Nothing, and I’m not the team leader yet, so don’t shout nonsense!”

The female teacher quietly rolled her eyes, and was about to leave when she was called again.

“Hey, since he’s just an instructor, why does he need to report to the Dean personally?” It wasn’t possible that he, who had made friends with the Dean, would be replaced as the head teacher, right?

On the other side of the wall, Dean Zhou only had half of body in his chair. His upper half was leaning forward, the corners of the mouth were lifted in a smile, and he had an eager and respectful expression on his face. It was as if he weren’t waiting for a teacher to report, but rather like he was welcoming a leader.

Ping Mo leaned back on the leather sofa. With a large gesture he said, “The Dean doesn’t need to be so polite. I was disciplined, and sent here to come and repent on my errors.”

“Lieutenant Colonel Ping, what are you talking about? Before you came here, the leader of Group E told me to take special care of you. If you have any requests, just ask.”

“There’s only one really,” Ping Mo said. “I’ll be on leave more often, and you might not be able to contact me during my leave.”

Dean Zhou rubbed his hands. “Well…It’s not a problem to take a leave of absence. A teaching assistant has already been assigned to you. I’m just worried that if Group E or other leaders of the Military Ministry suddenly want to contact you–”

Ping Mo interrupted him abruptly, “Don’t worry about that. Group E will send someone else to ‘supervise’ me. I’m guessing I’ll be on duty soon.”

Dean Zhou was relieved, “That’s good.”


Pei Yutu was used to living in a group, and had no intention of moving into the house prepared for him by his family.

At that time, the male alpha staff of the dormitory, Lu DongWang and Cao LingXin had all heard about Pei Yutu’s lustful advances. They all wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare laugh. So they tried very hard to hold back.

Lu DongWang finally couldn’t keep it in, and asked the question, “So, he stripped your pants off in public?” 

Before Pei Yutu got mad, Cao LingXin wisely changed the subject. “I’m more curious about what that person actually looks like.”

Lu DongWang, “Yes. What kind of heavenly fairy could make Pei compliment their looks?”

Pei Yutu was successfully distracted, and fell into a retrospective-like silence. Cao and Lu waited with bated breath, and thought that he would be very clear and specific in his descriptions. However, after a long wait, they heard Pei Yutu say in a loud voice, “Evil, barren and good-looking!”

Cao LingXin, “…”

Lu DongWang, “…”

Pei Yutu, “It’s just that he’s so mean. He’s got such a pretty face for nothing.”

In addition to the ‘evil fairy’, Pei Yutu had another important person to meet today. That was the suspected ‘king’, Instructor Ping.

In fact, Pei Yutu had joined the army at eighteen and two years after joining, he was stationed on the extraterrestrial space station. He was not part of the ‘academy’, but also refused to rely on family relations. His military achievements were based on ability, and he spent just seven years to go from soldier to captain, so he had what would be described as a great future. Those who accomplished that naturally had some arrogance.

But this time, the army sent many ‘gold-thighs.’ Even Cao LingXin, a lieutenant, had come as an instructor. Pei Yutu could only be an assistant instructor, and he wanted to see with his own eyes this Instructor Ping. Maybe it would be enough to control him.


Ping Mo politely declined Dean Zhou’s enthusiastic offer to personally escort him to the dormitory. He replaced him with a student officer, an omega girl who seemed a bit shy, and blushed when she spoke as she stole glances at Ping Mo.

Ping Mo didn’t mind. He was very relaxed with the omega, and opened the door for her like a gentleman when he arrived at his destination. He was so gentle that she blushed even more than when she faced Pei Yutu before. “Instructor Ping, this is your dormitory.”

The staff dormitory was in good condition. It wasn’t so much a ‘dormitory’, as a small apartment with all the necessities. A separate bathroom, a balcony, and even a small living room, that was cleaned and tidy. His suitcases were neatly arranged near the door.

“This is a bedroom with two single beds, but you are the only one who lives here…aah!” The girl suddenly screamed in excitement. She pointed to one of the beds. “Isn’t this a gilt rose?!”

On the sea pine sheets there was a golden rose. It had layers of fiery red petals edged in gold, and yellow leaves all over. It overflowed with color and romance.

“I heard that this rose’s growth conditions are extremely harsh. The main planet can’t grow them, and its shelf life is extremely short. It was on the top of the ‘omega must receive a gift’ list! It’s super expensive! Many rich people use this to propose! What a surprise!” The girl was so excited that she forgot to be coy, and didn’t notice Instructor Ping’s instantly black expression. She asked in a gossipy tone, “Do you have a lover, Instructor Ping? Oh no, you’re an alpha…Is this something you’re going to give away?”

“There’s no lover. It’s an enemy.”

The last three words were so soft that the girl didn’t hear them. Ping Mo stared at the bouquet of roses with a heavy heart. He subconsciously rubbed the back of his neck, and his mouth automatically gave the order, “Tell Assistant Instructor Pei that today’s meeting is canceled.”

He wasn’t in the mood, nor did he have the strength to see another alpha today.

“Ah, but–“ He has been waiting for you all day.

Ping Mo raised his hand, and stopped her words. His long fingers waved in a ‘you can go’ gesture.

When he saw she was still standing there dumbfounded, Ping Mo remembered that he wasn’t with the Raptors, and she wasn’t his soldier. How could he scare the child? So in that position, he lightly patted the top of her head, and said as a compliment, “Girl, you have had it hard.”

Girl, “!!!”

She, she, she, she received a killing pat!!! The girl’s face instantly reddened, and she went out with the same hand and foot.

Five minutes later, a roar rang out from the end of the dormitory building. “He said he wouldn’t see me? I’ve waited all day for nothing!”

The man with the last name Ping was really an extortion king!


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Who’s out to unmask Ping Mo and why?
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Oh, now I need to know who is this enemy and what he want (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。) And PYT, don’t behave like a scumbag! I hope you will think twice about your behavior after this lesson (≧ヘ≦ )

Thank You for the new chapter (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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It’s getting hard to fake what you really aren’t. Good, really good this novel. Read a lot but this one is a 5 star starter!!

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