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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman’s breath hitched, and he immediately understood what had happened.

“An An,” he whispered to An Jin as his hand caressed the side of his face.

An Jin’s body was so hot that he could hardly distinguish between reality and dream. The familiar scent between his nostrils made him instinctively reach out and hug him, and his lips pressed against Norman’s neck.

Norman only felt the small mate’s lips felt fire, as if to burn him. He had dark eyes and rolled over and pinned the increasingly eager little mate underneath him without any rules.

An Jin woke up hungry. He had good eating habits, but after a long time without food, his stomach became slightly cramped. He wrinkled his brow in pain and opened his eyes to look at his stomach.

The room was dimly lit, and a warm yellow lamp was lit in the corner. He got up, his head a little dizzy from lack of energy, and he could not help but close his eyes.

Norman’s low, muffled voice came from his ear. “What’s wrong?”

An Jin heard his magnetic voice and his body felt like it had been electrified, as if his body had taken on a memory of the scene before he fell asleep. His face reddened. He was actually impatient to press Norman down! His soft voice urged Norman to help him!

And grabbed Norman’s hand and put it behind him!

Just think, a large hand in front of his eyes, and then his afterglow lit up.

After a while, when he adjusted to the light, the palm of his hand moved away and landed on the side of his face with a little force, and he tilted his head in response to the force.

Norman looked at him, measuring his expression, and saw his lips were slightly white and frowning. “I’ll have Hornád examine you.”

An Jin grabbed his wrist. “No, I’m just hungry.”

Norman sniffed and took out a fruit-flavored nutritional supplement. “Pad it first, I’ll have the cook bring the porridge over.”

An Jin took the nutrient and his bare arm came into view. He flinched, and his eyes moved up slightly to look at the shoulder. The hickeys were so dense that he could see the hot scene between them.

An Jin thought of him taking the initiative, even being rather domineering, and looked with some embarrassment. He drank the nutrient, and his stomach felt better without the empty feeling. He looked at the time, and his eyes slightly opened. “I slept for two hours!”

These two hours were after the two of them had finished their exercise.

Norman took the empty nutrient bottle and threw it in the trash. “I asked Dr. Rabe, this is a normal phenomenon after mermaid estrus, more sleep will restore strength as soon as possible.”

If he wasn’t sure it was a normal sexual reaction, he would have woken up the little mate. After An Jin replenished his energy, his thoughts were a little clearer, and last night became clearer and clearer. When he thought of something, his face changed slightly and he pulled the collar of Norman’s pajamas open, revealing his strong, lean chest, which he touched with his fingertips. He sounded chagrined and self-conscious. “I’m sorry.”

Last night he’d been too reactive, having tasted the bond and with his mate around, he’d had a hard time.

While Norman was removing the condom, his nails popped out and ruined the thing, and he pounced on Norman again, his fingers cutting a bloody mark on Norman. He was frightened, only to be quickly distracted by Norman, and he was so tired that he went straight to sleep.

Norman’s body immediately tensed up under his touch, and he grabbed the little mate’s hand and kissed it on the little mate’s face. “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, it’s already recovered.”

Then, the scratch indeed did not hurt. Even at that time, it ignited his entire body with fire and almost made him lose his mind.

An Jin’s spiritual sea recovered, and the physical fatigue was still there, but after a day, he returned to normal.

While Norman was not paying attention, he quietly asked the accompanying Rabe doctor if the rut would be increasingly reactive. He was slightly relieved to learn that no, his rutting period was related to the complete baptism and receiving the full inheritance, and that it would be at most this level in the future. He was really worried that it would get harder to control one at a time and eventually Norman would get hurt.

The Star Fleet was extremely large and did not encounter any danger along the way, and the voyage was smooth.

On November 22nd, the Starfleet arrived at the Siao airport.

Garrett led the military personnel to meet and greet the fleet, and according to the arrangements made in advance, all the accompanying personnel on Rabe were settled. The former breeders also got the news of their own mermaids and went to the airport to greet their mermaid friends.

Norman and An Jin were escorted to the palace by a royal escort and were greeted at the door by a butler droid. “Your Majesty, Empress.”

An Jin couldn’t help but feel home inside and smiled at the robot.

Norman took the little mate and asked, “The personal guard and accompanying doctor Joseph will make proper arrangements, do you want to rest for a while?”

An Jin shook his head, he was well rested on the starship, his spiritual sea full of energy, and did not need to rest. He looked at the time, it was still very early, at midnight Siao time.

“I’ll go to the back garden,” he said after thinking about it.

The two went together to the back garden. Siao’s weather in November was slightly cool, but the garden’s evergreen trees still looked lush. His planted melons with melon vines were all disposed of, and the land was left with only a small sapling. The rest of the empty land was planted with cabbage.

After the watermelons all ripened, Dean Collet said the land was empty and wasted and asked him if he wanted to plant something else. He didn’t know much about Siao’s climate, let alone which vegetables should be planted each season, so he left it up to Dean to make his own decision.

An Jin couldn’t help but laugh, the palace planting cabbage made him feel very comical.

“Like cabbage?” Norman asked when he saw him smiling happily at the cabbages.

An Jin knew he had misunderstood, thinking that he had grown watermelon, and it was okay to grow cabbage now, so he did not explain. He nodded in response to Norman’s question, “Mn,” he gulped as he thought of the food he had once eaten made from cabbage, “I want to eat kimchi.”

Norman saw his craving and touched his soft cheek. “Let the chef make it for you.”

An Jin hurriedly responded. Usually when ordering dinner, he never ordered pickles. It only occurred to him when he saw cabbage.

After checking the land, An Jin’s attention was drawn to the pool. Although there was a pool on the starship, there were other mermaids there so he did not go, and ended up going to the bathtub to soak.

Now that he saw the pool, his inner instinct wanted him to jump in and swim.

Soon, he put the idea into practice.

After lunch, Norman received a message from Dean Collet. He looked at it and moved the virtual screen to the little mate. “Collet wants to see you.”

An Jin looked up from the translated document the technical department had sent him not long ago, scanned the message, and immediately understood what Collet intended.

“He must want me to purify the soil,” An Jin said after some thought, “I’ll contact him directly.”

An Jin dialed Collet’s communication and Collet pressed on with his excitement. “Empress, I hope I’m not disturbing your rest.”

“No disturbance,” An Jin said, “I am willing to purify the soil, but if you want the plants to ripen without impurities, you have to make sure there are no impurities in the surrounding environment in addition to the soil.”

The watermelon without impurities was because the palace villa had an energy shield, and he purified all plants and insects within the energy shield at that time.

Collet replied, “I know, we found the problem when the soil was cultivated, now the plants were planted in vegetable greenhouses, using artificial pollination.”

An Jin thought to himself that he was really a professional. He discussed it with Collet for a while and agreed to meet him at the vegetable base in half an hour.

Norman accompanied An Jin to the vegetable base, and when they arrived at the base, Dean Collet was waiting at the entrance with two researchers. The three members of the plant research institute saluted them with excitement and then led them to the planting area of the base. The planting area was extremely large, with various rectangular metal sheds that could not be seen from the bottom.

The two researchers looked at An Jin with anticipation, and Collet opened the terminal and passed a document to An Jin. “Empress, this is the contract to grow pure plants with you. If you don’t have any objection, just sign it.”

An Jin opened the contract and browsed through it. The contract was very reasonable; it was equivalent to a technical share, and he would get a share of the profits from the plants that grew from his purified soil in the future, as long as they were sold.

An Jin seemed to see many star coins beckoning to him. He thought about it and signed his name. He scanned the planting area and asked Collet, “Which shed should I start from?”

Collet said, “Start from 001 on the left.”

An Jin took shed number 001, which was two meters wide by one hundred meters long and quite large. He used his power and began to purify the soil from the doorway. He had only a tenth of his spiritual power left and had purified about a third of the soil.

The three people were waiting at the door, and he then directly took out the beast core, absorbed energy, and continued until the soil in 001 shed was all purified, and then walked out. 

An Jin blinked. “001 can be planted directly,” he paused, “fruit should be okay but test again.”

The three of them were shocked and looked at the two hundred square meters of greenhouses, and Collet asked, “All- all purified?”

An Jin nodded. “Today, I can also purify such a large area again.” He said this while handing the future purification seeds to Collet. He took the seeds and realized the meaning of An Jin’s words, and hurriedly brought An Jin to 002.

After An Jin finished purifying the two barns, he returned to the palace.

The butler reported, “Your Majesty, the Empress, I have been notified that the wedding costumes have been delivered to the palace and are ready for the wedding photos.”

Norman wrapped his arms around An Jin. “Are you tired?”

An Jin looked at his glowing brown eyes and felt his anticipation, smiled, and shook his head. “No, let’s try on the outfits?”

The two of them moved to the main hall of the palace. An Jin realized that the palace was very festively decorated, with balloons and ribbons hanging outside many of the carved windows, and happy wedding messages written on the ribbons. Norman took him to the dressing room, and An Jin was blown away by all the colors of the outfits when he went there.

He said, “It was a lot more than we had picked out before.”

The palace dressmaker saluted the two men and then explained, “Empress, we have made all the designs, some of which are not handmade, and they will be your regular clothes from now on.”

An Jin thought that he might have enough clothes to change one set every day.

Siao’s costume was much more complicated than Rabe’s, so it took time to try on the outfits, and Norman suggested taking pictures along with them, so he had to adjust his makeup for each set. Both of them were in good physical condition, and their excitement was so high that they didn’t stop until dinner.

The next day, the main work was still dress fitting plus wedding photos, and Norman was still looking at the photos when An Jin was fast asleep.

In the morning, An Jin woke up and unexpectedly found Norman still sleeping. He suspected that he had stayed up late looking at the photos the night before. He looked at Norman for a while and prepared to get up and wash up, but when he moved his feet, he felt something wrong and immediately lifted the covers.

His blue tail was flat on the bed, and a white rag was pressed on his hip—the scraps of his underwear.


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