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Chapter 37: I Didn’t Expect It

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo never expected things to go this way, and could only follow along with the pleasantries. “Thank you. Protecting civilian lives and property is the duty of soldiers. In fact I’m not young either”

However, Chief Zheng’s enthusiasm was overwhelming. “If you’re not young, what about us old guys?”

The first-in-command told the joke in a personable manner, so the officers behind him immediately laughed heartily, and followed with compliments for the ‘hero,’ which made the scene quite lively. 

Hu Lei looked dumbfounded. That was heroic? What about the promised over-defense, the promised potentially dangerous elements?

However, this scene didn’t have a speaking part for him, Chief Zheng personally invited Ping Mo and Pei Yutu to the parlor. Even the young police trainee also followed, and left the head teacher alone in the reception room, without even a glass of water in the heat.

Hu Lei, “…”

The head teacher was very frustrated, but that person was used to subordinates and students who played for prestige. Since the head teacher was very weak, he could only try to swallow his anger.

In the meeting room, Chief Zheng personally accompanied Ping Mo. There wasn’t a word of blame about “unauthorized actions” or “didn’t notify the police.” The words, in addition to praising Ping Mo for single handedly breaking into the enemy camp to save the hostages, a heroic deed, also specifically mentioned that, “an old leader also attaches great importance to this, and specially called to instruct them on how to treat the hero.” Coupled with the attitude of Chief Zheng to Pei Yutu, Ping Mo gradually discerned the reason.

After the two left, Ping Mo asked, “Did you contact the old leader?”

Pei Yutu was taken aback. “How do you know?” They didn’t mention him!

Ping Mo looked at him and snorted, “I’m not stupid.”

The area around the police station was very green, and the two of them walked silently for a few moments in the dappled summer shadows before Ping Mo whispered, “Thank you.”

Pei Yutu was a little embarrassed by the thanks. “What’s the big deal? It’s just a hand up! I can’t just stand by and watch you get punished when you did the right thing in the first place.”

“Thanks to you.” Ping Mo shook his head. “You don’t know. I never want to be in an interrogation room again in my life.”

The latter phrase was spoken, almost with a little bit of fear; almost a tiny sign of weakness.

This was the first time Pei Yutu heard a weakness from Instructor Ping Mo. Ping Mo had swallowed his teeth into his stomach, and then had to show it. 1 He could be deemed a lifelong, honorary member of the Pretentious Church. For such a person to show the slightest hint of weakness even once, it was definitely a heartache.

Pei Yutu had no idea what he had gone through in the past. Pei Yutu was so distressed, that he wanted to take the person into his arms right there on the street, and help him give birth to a feeling of pride. “Don’t worry, I’m here.” 

I won’t let you go through anything bad in the future.

Ping Mo, however, was back to being the uncaring instructor boss. He patted him on the upper arm. “I appreciate your feelings, and I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll do my best in the future to help when I can be of use.”

Pei Yutu, “Anything?”

Ping Mo said solemnly, “Anything.”

Pei Yutu half-jokingly said, “Then you should give your body to me.”

Ping Mo blurted out, “You are also an alpha, how can I–“

He has been taking Therian-specific inhibitors for four or five years, but still lived a life of bloodshed and death in the Raptors, so he often forgot that he was actually an omega. 

It was just a joke, but after a brief pause, Pei Yutu got nervous. He was waiting for an answer, and even breathing lightly, but Ping Mo just laughed and said “Fuck. I’m fucking serious.”

Pei Yutu, “I’m serious too!”

Ping Mo said impatiently, “Cut the bullshit! I can’t even disclose my identity. Really, how do I look like an omega to you?”

“Why don’t you look like an omega? Which omega looks as good as you?”

When he heard the word ‘good’, Ping Mo’s face sank. “Pei Yutu, never compliment a soldier on his good looks. it’s the same as a direct provocation.”

Pei Yutu suddenly remembered when this man had just taken up his post, and took down an alpha student because the student had complimented him on how he looked like a doll. Ping Mo always wanted to save face, so perhaps he had just offended him with that comment.

Pei Yutu wanted to make up for it, but Ping Mo refused to continue the conversation, “This is the end of the matter. I owe you a favor. You will need it later.”

Ping Mo thought to himself, He doesn’t know my identity yet, and doesn’t know what it means for the former Raptors captain to promise to return a favor.

Not that he was boasting. Group E was independent of the other divisions of the Military Ministry, It was the Alliance’s most elite special operations team, and not just anyone could join. It was hard to imagine the benefits of this future favor when it was cashed in.

Pei Yutu didn’t want to piss people off, and no longer mentioned the promise. Instead, he said in a roundabout way, “Ping Mo, we don’t know when your adolescence, ah no, sexual maturing will end. Anyway, my house is quite large, and we are both idle so please live here long-term.”

Ping Mo still refused. “How can I keep bothering you? My inhibitors should be here soon.”

Pei Yutu said anxiously, “How can inhibitors work better than me? The doctor has said that you can’t rely too much on inhibitors. You have to follow the doctor’s advice, right? Besides, don’t you have to file to buy those things?”

“What can’t you buy with money?” Ping Mo said carelessly.

Pei Yutu said righteously, “You’re breaking the rules! How can you, a warrior and the Grand Instructor of the Alliance Military Technology University, take the lead in breaking the rules?”

Ping Mo looked at him a little provocatively, as his beautiful gray-blue eyes took on a glazed translucent hue in the sunlight. “Then go report me.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Damn! This guy was sure he couldn’t do anything about it!

Ping Mo returned to Pei Yutu’s house with a tentative victory mindset. It was hot outside and he just came home, so he opened the fridge, pulled out a bottle of cold soda and asked, “Do you want some?”

Pei Yutu gruffly said, “No! I’m going to work!”

Ping Mo looked at the time, and saw that it was really time for class, so he said evenly, “Mn. Go ahead.”

After he had made sure that Teaching Assistant Pei had left, Ping Mo immediately abandoned his mature and stable role as a boss, shoved the soda back into the fridge, and fished out a creamy ice cream from the freezer. After a mouthful of cold, sweet and creamy, ice cream, Ping Mo squinted his eyes and let out a pleasant sigh.

After he licked the ice cream, he went upstairs barefoot, since he intended to change out of this too-young outfit. To be honest, the pajamas that Pei Yutu bought were quite comfortable. It was true that you get what you pay for.

There was a full body mirror in the walk-in-closet. As Ping Mo glanced at the mirror, he suddenly remembered Pei Yutu’s ‘good-looking’, and couldn’t help but stand in front of it. He did a detailed examination of himself. If he was compared with an alpha, his height definitely wasn’t outstanding, but his body proportions were very good. His legs were long and straight, and his body also had years of training. He did an empty-handed swing as if he were holding a military dagger. His muscles weren’t exaggerated, but were sharp and stable and he could play the strength to the maximum.

It was just that there was the pink shirt, which set off his extraordinarily white skin, and his face that was too cute and too girly.

Ping Mo sighed in self-loathing. “So girly. Where is the beauty? Pei Yutu, what kind of taste do you have?”

He always disliked his overly delicate face. How can a man, even an omega, be linked to beauty? For a warrior, if you say beautiful, it should mean to have beautiful hands, or beautiful marksmanship. How else could they be beautiful? God knows how much Instructor Ping envied those rough-looking alphas. Pei Yutu was one in a million for being rough while still maintaining the quality of being handsome.

Ping Mo was still looking in the mirror when he abruptly felt something was wrong.

He had just decided that he couldn’t rely on Pei Yutu’s pheromones forever, but not long after he left, he almost turned into a cat! What could he do? If he were to go after him, it would be too late.

Even as he hesitated, his cat ears emerged from the top of the head. Ping Mo didn’t dare delay, and immediately began to take off his pants! Ping Mo moved quickly and skillfully, and stripped himself naked just before his tail emerged. He rushed out with quick steps to find his cell phone, and dialed Pei Yutu’s phone while he hid his clothes.

The hands-free dial tone stretched out indefinitely, then one or two seconds passed before the caller finally picked up.


Instructor Ping sighed with relief in his heart, and hurriedly opened his mouth, as he said the sentence all in one breath,  “I have to go out for something urgent. Don’t look for me!”

The other side of the phone got nervous. “What’s the emergency, Ping Mo? What’s wrong with you?”

However, the instructor who was about to answer disappeared into thin air. Then there was only  a fluffy, fat kitten on the floor.

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping shook his fur, and leapt onto the bed. In response to Pei Yutu’s questions, in a higher than usual tone, he raised one paw and pressed the phone to end the call. Then he ignored the callback, and laboriously used a claw to hit the mute button on the side of the phone. He had just hidden the phone along with the clothes, when he heard the rattle of the door downstairs. It was Pei Yutu coming back!

Ping Mo didn’t dare delay. He bowed and threw his tail to build up strength, jumped on the window, and struggled to squeeze out.

Pei Yutu searched around the house, but didn’t see Ping Mo’s figure. He really thought that person had encountered some unexpected accident, and left without saying goodbye. He was worried, but in the bedroom bed he found a white cat hair.


Pei Yutu wanted to pick up the handful of fur, but his movement stopped as he subconsciously glanced out the window. He was just in time to glimpse some kind of fluffy figure as it flickered away. Now he was more sure. It really was an urgent matter! He forced his heart from his throat to his chest, then slowly took out his cell phone and dialed Ping Mo’s number.

Tsk. Ping Mo was very clean. In such a short time he hid the phone, and he also stuffed his clothes who knows where, however…You didn’t expect it, but you dropped your fur!

Deliberately, Pei Yutu said loudly, “I don’t know where you ran to, but how can a large living person still be lost? I’m going to work!”

Then he peacefully went out of the door, ready to train students.

Ping Mo was outside the narrow windowsill and his paws were sore. When he saw Pei Yutu had left, he let out a long breath of relief. Then, he shook his little ears, jumped to the window sill below the guardrail and climbed all the way down. His four paws and claws were deft and silent as he landed.

What followed it was a mad dash in the direction of the big Alliance Military Technology University.

After he turned into a cat, his omega pheromones didn’t spill over, but the bad news was that the discomfort was similar to bonding heat. He was in desperate need of a dab of Pei Yutu’s alpha pheromones. Luckily the house wasn’t too far from the AMTC. Even a short-legged kitten could make it to his destination before the end of a physical training session, and create a ‘chance encounter.’

However, when Instructor Ping arrived at the familiar training site, no one was doing any serious training. The light weapons range was empty, and the rubber-surfaced track was empty. There was, however, an open space between the obstacle course and the outdoor equipment that was crowded with people. Pei Yutu’s voice was very recognizable, loud and clear above the noisy crowd, “Of course I don’t oppose it. However, this thing is voluntary! Don’t force others to do it as well, the time is almost up. Since you are so loving and righteous for the sake of the class, it is ending early today! I’m giving you a break!”

The students cheered. Pei Yutu seemed to be in a good mood, as he gave a tiny laugh then said something scolding. After that, he looked up to the canopy of old camphor tree branches. Out popped a fluffy round head. He met his line of sight with big, bright gray-blue eyes, and some licks to his nose, as if nervous.

Pei Yutu, “Heh.” I thought you didn’t care about my pheromones? Yet, you came after me so soon?

Ping Mo jumped down from the tree, four paws outstretched, accompanied by a “meow, ow, mee, ow,” eager cry, all the way to Pei Yutu, as he literally jumped into his arms.

A few students hadn’t gone far when they saw a small, glutinous, white hairy ball of rice pounce into the arms of the tall Teaching Assistant Pei. He was so tall and had such a big palm that he was able to clutch the little kitten in one hand. “Little thing, you still know how to come back?”

The kitten fluttered for a moment and struggled to squeeze its round head out of Teaching Assistant Pei’s fingers. It twitched its little ears, licked its pink nose and gave a milky “mee.”

The students were so enraptured by cuteness at this scene, that they didn’t leave. They were eager to try it out, and they wanted to touch it too. However, Teaching Assistant Pei was very angry and waved his hand. “Go, go, go! What are you dawdling about after class? Haven’t you had enough of the 400 meter obstacle course?”

The students were so scared that they ran away in a huff.

Pei Yutu slightly loosened his grip, and Ping Mo was able to breathe the fresh air, and shook his fur with vigor, and then, very greedy for his smell, he buried his round head near Pei Yutu’s heart and took a deep breath. Then with his four paws, he hugged Teaching Assistant Pei’s muscular arm, and slowly relaxed his body, leaving only the long fluffy tail that gently waved.

“Comfortable?” Pei Yutu poked the purring cat’s fat, round bottom.

Ping Mo was sucking Pei Yutu’s alpha pheromones happily and gave a perfunctory “mee” before he felt a pain on his butt.

There was a slap from Teaching Assistant Pei that landed on his butt! What the hell was wrong with this person? Why does he like to spank cats so much?

Then he heard Teaching Assistant Pei grunt, “You deserve it.” You still want to move out of my house, and you’re deliberately angry with me, but you don’t know that I know you’re a cat anyway!

However, even as Instructor Ping hesitated to give him a paw to set the record straight, he felt a big hand lift his long tail then a pull on his cat balls. 

Before the cat could fight back, Pei preemptively took him into his arms and rubbed him all over his fur and said, “Don’t ever make me angry again, little thing. I’ll show you a fun scene tomorrow, and to celebrate, let’s go to the supermarket and buy some stuff.”

Pei Yutu hesitated for a moment, tucked the little fur ball into his clothes, then said casually, “Don’t run around, or the supermarket clerk will throw you out.”

Ping Mo twitched his ears and expressed his disdain. He wasn’t a real cat, so he wasn’t going to run around in the supermarket. However, after about ten minutes, Ping Mo felt too stuffy inside the clothes, and wiggled upwards. Pei Yutu felt the fluffy, fat little thing wriggling against his belly, which tickled him almost to laughter, then a pair of small ears and a round head was exposed. The supermarket shopkeeper scrunched up her face.

It was not possible to say who was more shocked, because Instructor Ping had just breathed in some fresh air when he saw that his shopper was carrying a bag with ‘cat bikini’ written on it.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 打碎了牙齿往肚里咽- even though one’s teeth breaks off, you just swallow it up like nothing happened. It essentially means bottling up fury or emotions – no matter how awful you feel you hide it away.


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