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Chapter 38: A Chance to Take You Home

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“!!!” Instructor Ping was outraged.

He struggled to jump out, only to be pushed back with a finger from Pei Yutu. “Stop it!”

“Sir, we don’t allow pets in here.”

Pei Yutu grinned at the shopping clerk, and showed a mouthful of neat white teeth. “The little thing can’t leave me, I can’t help it. Please accommodate me this once.”

Teaching Assistant Pei looked fierce when his face was expressionless, but once he showed a smile, it cut through the fierce temperament, and his handsome face with its clear outline showed its advantages. It was a very alpha and very sunny smile. The clerk was a young girl, and after his smile, her face went a little red, and her attitude wasn’t as firm. “Then watch your cat. Don’t be seen by our manager.”

Kitten Ping Mo didn’t want to cooperate. Just after being pressed back down, it struggled to climb up again and fought to reveal its little head. Its snow-white fur was messed up because of all the rubbing, and the shop assistant thought he was so cute. “This cat is so beautiful. Can I pet it?”

Pei Yutu, however, changed his face in a petty manner. “No, he’s afraid of girls.”

Then he took the cat bikini and left, not forgetting to poke the fat body of Instructor Ping with his finger. “Why do you think you’re so good at attracting butterflies?” The cat has turned into a cat, but both were still so attractive to young girls.

“…” Ping Mo, “Meow, meow, meow, meow!”

who was attracting butterflies? And what’s with your bad taste? I’m a cat, but I’m a male cat! What’s with the bikini? And it’s fucking pink!

As it turns out, Teaching Assistant Pei’s desire to buy cat clothes wasn’t tempered by gender. In addition to the cat bikini, he also purchased a green grass skirt made of wool with a large red flower headpiece, and a pet drool scarf with the words, ‘my dad is so handsome.’ In addition, he also bought a cat scratching board, laser pointer and other small toys. He even bought a can of wet cat food and a bag of dry cat food on a trial basis.

When he returned home, Ping Mo collapsed onto the couch, expressionless, and turned himself into a flat cat cake in an attempt to dilute his presence as much as possible. However, Teaching Assistant Pei was so enthusiastic that the first thing he did when he got home was to dress up his cat, starting with the pink bikini.

The bikini was also made of wool, a very saturated rose pink, and was divided into four sections, like four human bikinis linked together. Eight pieces of fabric correspond to eight tits – never eight abs anyway! This thing must not be put on the body! 1

So when Pei wasn’t paying attention, he leapt over, picked it up and ran.

“?!” Pei Yutu chased after him. “You come back!”

However, Ping Mo was so agile that the little ball of fur leaped out of sight as soon as it moved around.

Instructor Ping eloquently squeezed back in, jumped to the coffee table to shake his fur, raised his round head, and provocatively gave a “meow.” The meaning was clear. If you dare to try and make me wear it again, I will kill you. 

Pei Yutu was amused by his little appearance. “Your running is quite fast.” He leaned back on the sofa and crossed his legs. “Come here.”

Ping Mo arrogantly raised his butt, flicked his ears, and ignored the pooper scooper’s order.

Then pooper scooper Pei made a killer move. “If you don’t behave, you can’t go into my room at night.”

Ping Mo, “?” I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but this sounds inexplicably a bit like a petite wife who was giving her husband rules.

No, I think it was just an illusion. However, as he was thinking about it, the tall, muscular and strong wife added, “And by the way, don’t touch me during the day.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Why was Pei’s play so over the top? Usually when he spent time with him, he didn’t feel that he had such a drastic side, but now he was actually playing house with a cat? Instructor Ping didn’t intend to spoil him. He shook his fur, jumped off the coffee table, then went into the bedroom, jumped onto the soft bed then closed his eyes and went to rest.

Whenever he turned into a cat, he would also be affected by the cat’s instincts, such as being easily sleepy, and wanting to lie down and sleep in broad daylight. However, after a short nap, Ping Mo woke up due to the discomfort brought on by bonding heat. In addition to the difficulty, there was a little physical pain. With the combination of the two, he was particularly eager to find his alpha pheromones.

He wanted to be soothed by the tequila pheromones and wanted to rub against the person.

When Ping Mo came out of the bedroom, he couldn’t find anyone, and thought, How long is a minute? It depends on whether you are in the toilet or outside the toilet. Instructor Ping felt that he was now in that critical minute, and the more time went by, the more intense the feeling that seconds were like years. He didn’t know how long it took, but Pei Yutu finally came back.

The moment the door opened, Ping Mo dashed out.

Pei Yutu couldn’t stay idle, so when the cat went to bed, he went back to school. After spending some time at the shooting range, he still didn’t feel satisfied, so he simply strapped on a sandbag and a marching bag, and ran 15 kilometers with his weight on his back, only to feel that he had barely used his muscles. He didn’t expect to be greeted by a cat when he got home. The glutinous rice dumpling-like kitten rushed into his arms and hugged him softly and glutinously. He rubbed his fur. “So enthusiastic? Are you a cat or a dog?”

Ping Mo inhaled a mouthful of ‘long-lost’ alpha pheromones, rubbed his round head against the palm of his big hand, and felt like the discomfort that had tormented him had subsided.

Pei Yutu thought this series of actions was so cute, that the corners of his mouth rose wildly. He thought, If only you were this good when you were human!

He was still sweating, so he picked up Ping Mo and said, “Let me take a shower.”

However, Ping Mo was looking at him as if he were a traveler walking in the desert who spotted an oasis. He wasn’t willing to let go, and meowed in protest, while he chased, rubbed and directly hugged his lap.

“Hey, hey, don’t be petulant. Then you’ll take a bath with me?” Pei Yutu picked up the cat and tucked it into his arms.

The man was sweating, and Ping Mo smelled his alpha pheromones, which were getting stronger from the exercise. He felt comfortable and a little disgusted at the same time.

The cat was carried into the bathroom. When the water was turned on, Instructor Ping’s hackles rose. Strange to say, after becoming a cat, he was unusually afraid of water. For him, it was as if the water mist was an untouchable boundary. Ping Mo stepped on the floor tiles, and tried to avoid the water mist. He wanted to approach Pei Yutu but didn’t dare approach the water.

Pei Yutu didn’t force him to wash with him, but because he remembered that the hairy thing was Instructor Ping, the bath was turned into a press conference. Teaching Assistant Pei turned in the shower 360 degrees to show off his strong body, trying to charm the kitty with his own fierce alpha temperament.

However, the only audience member’s attention wasn’t on Pei Yutu. Pei Yutu was turning too much, and Ping Mo was splashed by the water. His fur was soaked with moisture, and he couldn’t help but go into crazy licking mode.

Teaching Assistant Pei was freshly bathed and carried the cat out. Ping Mo thought he could finally hold his walking inhibitors and suck them up, but to his surprise, Pei Yutu pulled out the grass skirt costume like a trick.

“Put this on, or you won’t be allowed to touch me.”

Ping Mo, “…”

If time had been rewound a few months ago and someone had told him he would be threatened by an alpha with the phrase ‘If you don’t xxx, you can’t touch me,’ Instructor Ping would have scoffed.

But sometimes life was just that fantastical. Instructor Ping looked at the bright green knitted grass skirt and red flowers, then looked at the calm Pei Yutu. Finally he licked his nose, and his long tail curled around his paws. He put up a look of being at the mercy of the king, revealed a bit of Tiger’s aggrieved look, and admittedly conceded. 3

Teaching Assistant Pei’s cute heart also followed with a soft, rare introspective thought. But I just beat him again. However, he wasn’t to blame for this. Instructor Pin was to blame even though he was in cat form. He was so cute, fat and round. His hand was itchy, and wanted to slap. For the human form, he currently doesn’t dare to try it, but with a cat addiction, it was not too much, right?

He noticed the tip of the cat’s tail was also fluttering quite rhythmically. Pei Yutu’s big hand hovered over the fluffy ass, then rubbed it. “I didn’t hurt you, right? I didn’t use any force.”

The cat didn’t pay attention to him. Teaching Assistant Pei quietly petted the cat for a while before he realized something was wrong, and grabbed Ping Mo by the scruff of his neck to pull the cat out, and, indeed, pulled out the corner of his own coat as well.

Ping Mo’s sharp canine teeth were still gnawing on the corner of his coat with hatred, and made a creaking sound. Then Pei looked at the lapel. It had been chewed up.


Beautiful round gray-blue eyes met Pei Yutu’s gaze. For Ping Mo, hindsight was in vain. If this person again refused to let him rub himself against him, what could he do? So he let go with his mouth, and the ragged, chewed corner of the coat fell away. The cat’s limbs and paws also gave up struggling, and just hung down loosely, so the white fluffy fur was stretched long. He decided to try to pretend that he was just a little cat who knew nothing, as he nervously licked his nose, and milked out a “mimi.”

He even tilted his round head.

Pei Yutu, Fuck!

Teaching Assistant Pei knew that Ping Mo was pretending, but still raised a flag in surrender. Those kinds of cute blows, who could withstand them? I don’t care. What else can I do, but spoil him?

“If you want to chew it, then chew it.” Pei Yutu put the cat back into his arms. Anyway, as long as the clothes had been torn, who cared if it took a thousand dollars to make him happy.

Pei Yutu, while he petted the cat, organized the photos on his phone. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that Instructor Ping was cute as can be, and his face value could beat the world.

So he couldn’t resist posting a nine-picture collage on social media.

Title: [My cat.]

In only a short time, he already received a number of likes and messages.

Lu DongWang: [You took Mimi to the house! You abandoned me, but also abducted Mimi!! QAQ.]

Cao LingXin: [[thumbs up]]

Director Zou: [mansion [thumbs up] [thumbs down]]

General Dai: [very cute [smile]]

Mrs. Dai: [Son, you actually have a cat? It’s so cute! What breed is it? The big eyes are so beautiful, sapphire-like, do not give up on raising it! When you go back to the army, mom will raise it for you.]

Pei Yutu picked who to reply to. 

Pei Yutu replied to Mrs. Dai: [I’ll just raise it myself. I’ll have it home for you when I have the chance.]

The next morning, Ping Mo found that he still showed no signs of becoming a human being, and rolled around in bed, as he licked his fur carelessly.

Pei Yutu said with disgust, “Look at you. You’ve got fur all over the bed!”

Ping Mo rolled over, pointed his butt at him to show his disdain, then continued to lick his paws.

However Pei Yutu squeezed the back of his poor neck and lifted the cat into his arms. “Come on, let’s show you the world.”

Instructor Ping obediently placed his paws on Teaching Assistant Pei’s arms, but thought with disinterest, What world could he see that he hadn’t seen before?

Besides, even though he wasn’t at the school, he wasn’t closed off to information. He heard that several teachers, led by Hu Lei, who definitely disliked him, had instigated some parents to declare that he was a murderer and a dangerous person, and that they should not put their children in his hands. If he weren’t a cat now, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to step through the school door.

However, following Pei Yutu out was also a good thing. He could rub a little more pheromones which was conducive to his returning to human form as soon as possible.

However, when he arrived at school, Ping Mo realized what Pei Yutu meant by ‘seeing the world.’ It was actually a big show.

There was no morning exercise today, instead there was a neat and tidy procession with a banner that said, “Resist malicious slander! Return my instructor!”

The faces in the team were familiar to him, but the team was very different from when he first took over, when he had commented numerous times “haven’t you eaten?” and “what can we expect from you if you can’t even walk in formation?” The square-shaped formation walked neatly, and the slogans were shouted loudly.

“Resist malicious and serious slander! Return my instructor!”

Instructor Ping poked out his fluffy round head, and saw that the leader was Zhou Li, while several alphas who followed closely behind her and also shouted with red faces and necks, very vigorously.

Pei Yutu ruffled a handful of fur on the top of his head. “How’s that?”

These bear children, obviously they had been scolding them a lot.

Ping Mo twitched his ears. He tried to look cool and indifferent, but his eyes were inexplicably warm.


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Translator Notes:

  1. G: I couldn’t help it. I have to put a picture here. It’s pretty darn close. Pei you are horrible! LOL!
  2. 虎落平阳被犬欺 – A tiger will be bullied by a dog on a treeless plain./When the tiger comes down from the mountain to the plains, it is bullied by the dogs. Means a man who has lost power or influence may be insulted by an underling or someone with lesser power who couldn’t previously do that. [/efn_text]


    Cheng Cheng opened the anti-shield device, used the Military Ministry’s special military terminal, then connected to the top leader of Group E, Colonel Lu Feng in a video conversation.

    The camera wasn’t angled quite right. Only Lu Feng’s white sideburns were visible, Most of the colonel’s face was hidden by the glare through the window, so his face couldn’t be seen. His voice, however, was extremely stern. “I sent you to protect him, and the result is he has left the school without permission. Now you cannot even meet him?”

    Cheng Cheng sat upright, and guilt crept into his steely expression. “I’m sorry. However, there is one more thing, Colonel. Now the police want to pursue responsibility, so I beg you to intercede for him.”

    “He’s still so impulsive, putting himself in danger on the basis of his anger. How will he know to restrain himself if he doesn’t eat some pain?”

    “But, Colonel, he has a certain PTSD reaction to interrogation. That incident wasn’t his fault in the first place. Hunting down interstellar pirates was originally the Raptors’ duty–”

    Lu Feng interrupted him, “But he’s not the captain of the Raptors now. He’s a faculty member of the AMTC! How can extraterritorial means of action be used on the main planet? And you, I wonder whether you are unable to track people, or if you are too afraid of him to let go! Cheng Cheng, I’m disappointed in you.”

    Cheng Cheng lowered his eyes, his lips tightly pursed into a straight line. He didn’t argue, but also didn’t admit fault.

    Lu Feng sighed, “Am I not doing it for his own good? He’s an omega. He’ll only bring danger to himself if he gets carried away!”

    Cheng Cheng took a deep breath, “Then why not grant him the Therian-specific inhibitors? If there were inhibitors, with the captain’s skills, how could he be in danger? Why do you refuse to disclose his identity?”

    “Nonsense! I just want to sharpen his nature so that he can learn to be an omega!” Lu Feng eased his tone slightly and said, “He is not really an alpha after all. Is he going to live his life on a knife edge forever? Ping Mo’s identity must never be disclosed, for very complicated reasons that I can’t explain to you right now. Cheng Cheng, you and Ping Mo were both raised by me. You are like my children. As for the plea, you do not need to mention it again,” Lu Feng paused. “He is already safe.”

    Cheng Cheng said joyfully, “You mean–! It’s true that you are only harsh on Team Leader Ping, but you won’t let anything happen to him after all.”

    Lu Feng grunted, “According to my plan, I intended to grind him down a little more, but…” This kid had a valuable person to help, and was one step ahead of him. “I may come to Star City. You have to ensure Ping Mo’s safety.”

    Cheng Cheng gave a military salute. “Yes! Team Leader Ping will be very happy that you are here to visit.”

    Lu Feng, however, shook his head. “Visiting you is just a side trip. The main purpose is to track the movements of the White Hole.”


    Pei Yutu convulsed with laughter as soon as the emerald green grass skirt was placed on the cat’s plush body. Teaching Assistant Pei’s laughter was even more unrestrained when the large red flower headpiece was set on Ping Mo’s round head.

    “Hahahahahahahahaha! Fuck!”

    Ping Mo, “…”

    Ping Mo silently recited in his heart a hundred times “For the sake of pheromones, endure,” “A gentleman’s revenge was never too late,” “This person was not good in the head. Not with him in general,” “Can never let the surname Pei know that the cat was me, or I will have to kill him to silence” yet still could barely resist the urge to jump up, and scratch his own Teaching Assistant into shredded potatoes.

    Plus, it wasn’t over yet. Pei Yutu actually got out his phone and took several pictures, at least a set of nine, and threatened to keep them as a souvenir. Ping Mo scratched the corner of the sofa and reminded himself that he would be able to rub his pheromones soon!

    Teaching Assistant Pei changed his outfit again, this time to the scarf that said ‘My dad is super handsome, and was still taking pictures of the cat. “Okay, okay. I’ll reward you with a hug!”

    Ping Mo curled up into a little ball of fur in Pei Yutu’s arms, and cursed. “Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!” Without any translation, Teaching Assistant Pei guessed it was not a good word, so he slapped his big hand on that plush, fat, round butt. “Shut up!”

    Ping Mo, “!!!!”


    The slap didn’t really hurt, but it was particularly humiliating because of its position. Remembering the previous scene where he was forced to change his clothes, Instructor Ping was emboldened, and buried his head in Teaching Assistant Pei’s arms.

    Pei Yutu only saw the cat’s round buttocks exposed outside, like a small round dumpling, and could not help but venture a guess. Was this the legendary buried head kill? 2 Basically a “kill with cuteness” kind of move



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August 22, 2022 1:12 am

Eh, PYT ‘teasing’ is really getting to far… It’s more forcing and humiliating than showing interest or feelings =.= And LF doesn’t sounds like he seriously doing something good for PM, more like doing things that he thinks are good for PM without taking his feelings and desires into account <(`^´)>

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

August 22, 2022 4:10 am

OMG. Whoever even thought of, never mind made that AWFUL bikini, needs therapy. Poor cats subjected to such humiliation and unnatural behaviour being forced on them!!! I’m surprised PM could hold back 😾😆
PM is surrounded by powerful people ~ what will happen when identities are finally revealed and they collide?
PY, you’re attraction to PM and subsequent venting when he’s a cat, is becoming a concern!
Thanks for translating, the great notes and editing.

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