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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu covered his nose. “Why do you hit people as soon as you change back?!”

Ping Mo, “Heh.”

Pei Yutu, “!” Pei Yutu realized that he had said the wrong thing in the heat of the moment, so he tried to make up for it. “No, I mean, why did you turn into a human, and no, why did you suddenly appear–”

Ping Mo grabbed his collar and laughed coldly. “You weren’t surprised to see me change from a cat to a human because you already knew, right? Tell me! When did you know?”

“When? When what? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Pei Yutu wished he could come up with a good response, but the two were so close that their breaths became entwined and he felt his blood swooping downward, which left little for his brain to think with, plus he didn’t know where to put his eyes.

Those cat ears, the soft black hair, long eyelashes, nose, and then down to the delicate collarbone, then in front the two points of carnelian that were a beautiful cherry pink…it was really a dazzling sight.

“Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then I’ll let you remember!” Ping Mo swung his fist and punched. Instructor Ping was one thousand percent sure that this man already knew that he was a cat, even earlier than the discovery of the T-shirt, and he had been teasing him for so long!

If he didn’t beat him up, there was simply no excuse!

Pei Yutu, as a top alpha who has served in the extraterrestrial world for many years and had gone through countless real-life battles, and was able to resist both pheromone suppression and simple physical counterattacks.

This house was spacious with a total of two floors, and each floor was the equivalent of a large flat, so it provided Teaching Assistant Pei with sufficient space to escape. As he ran, he shouted, “How do you hit people with that move?! Ouch, ouch, ouch, it hurts!”

In contrast, Ping Mo was much more pragmatic, after half a sentence of nonsense, he gave chase and caught him. Pei Yutu was three steps from the stairs when Instructor Ping ran over, kicked Pei Yutu in the ass and almost knocked him down the stairs. Pei Yutu was barely able to catch himself and yelled, “Fuck, you really hit me!”

Pei Yutu heard a “click” behind him, as if Instructor Ping was moving his wrists and bones. Pei Yutu didn’t care to present a verbal argument anymore, just jumped up and continued to run. “You really have a temper! Hitting people for no reason at all!”

Ping Mo almost laughed at him. “How dare you say I did it for no reason!”

Pei Yutu suddenly remembered the clear slap marks on Ping Mo’s buttocks, and his nose almost bled again. Instructor Ping, who didn’t know his nasty imagination, continued to pursue him, and chased him around the second floor. Pei Yutu shouted as he ran, “Almost there! You can beat the ‘King of Fighters’ to the ground, so can you be a little lighter? Can you be a little more merciful?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Pei Yutu’s muscular arms braced against the staircase bannister and then he leapt. He landed firmly on his feet, which should have been a graceful and dexterous move, but unfortunately he was too big and heavy to be graceful. “Don’t you know that if you kill me you’ll be a widow?!”

Instructor Ping was successfully pissed off again. Without saying a word, he followed him in jumping down from the second floor. His jump was extremely light and elegant, actually cat-like with no sound. After he landed on the ground, he gave chase. Pei Yutu stepped on the sofa and leapt over it. “I was wrong, Ping Mo, don’t fight! Why don’t you wait until I close the curtains? You should at least put your clothes on!”

Pei Yutu thought of this, and took care of the job, as he pulled the curtains while he ran. He was afraid that his cat would be seen by others. He shouted, “Instructor Ping is acting like a pervert!”

Ping Mo, who hadn’t had a chance to get dressed, “…”

Instructor Ping got even angrier, and even the hair on his cat ears hackled, while the long tail behind him curled around the front, to cover the key part of his body.

An hour later, Pei Yutu’s big hand held an ice bag and pressed it on his cheek, while he shouted, “Hiss! Ahh!” in pain. As he peeped at Ping Mo, Pei Yutu saw that Instructor Ping was dressed properly, in a long-sleeved shirt with long cream pajama pants. The waistband of his pants originally were relatively high, but now because of his tail, the back was a little low, and his tail popped up through a slit, half-covered. Teaching Assistant Pei’s nosebleed indisputably started flowing out again.

Ping Mo seemed to feel something. He turned his head, and met his burning gaze.

“…” Pei Yutu reacted quickly and took a tissue to cover his nose, then argued, “You must have hurt me internally, look, it’s still bleeding!”

Ping Mo looked at him for a moment, and spat out the words, “Serves you right.”

Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t angry at being scolded, just jumped off the couch with a smile on his face and came over. “Finally, you want to talk to me! You’re not mad now?”

Ping Mo had just given him a good beating and felt that he had taken a bite out of him, so now he couldn’t really be bothered to talk to him.

This means that he had been relieved! As a matter of fact, the cat’s temper came and went quickly. Teaching Assistant Pei received a solid beating, but his heart was solid, so there was no energy in his words, “You hit too hard.” He lifted his shirt to reveal his strong waist and stomach. “It’s all bruised!”

At first glance, the bruises on the even wheat skin weren’t eye-catching, but if Ping Mo looked closely, the bruises extended from the mermaid line up to the rib cage, which was quite hideous and painful to look at.

Ping Mo was really angry but when he saw the ‘results’, he couldn’t help but feel some regret. “I was a little heavy-handed.”

Heavy-handed, in Instructor Ping’s language, was rounded up and equivalent to an apology. Pei Yutu crawled up the pole, 1 immediately covered his stomach and fell onto the sofa in pain. “You’re forbidden from hitting me! If I was a normal person and you beat me up like this, it would be inevitable that I’d be in the ICU.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping wanted to say, “Since you are alive and well and have thick skin, you wouldn’t care about superficial injuries,” but the visual effect of the bruises was really amazing. Also, Pei Yutu’s mouth was a little red and swollen, and his nose kept bleeding.

The nosebleed thing could be big or small and could hurt the brain. Was there internal bleeding? When he thought about that, Ping Mo sat down next to Pei Yutu, close to his face, his fan-like eyelashes down in a curtain, as he frowned slightly and asked, “Still bleeding?”

As Ping Mo approached Pei Yutu, a light but sweet grapefruit fragrance came to his face, which stimulated Teaching Assistant Pei’s nerves. His Adam’s apple bobbed, and he suddenly pressed a tissue to his nose and turned his head. “You’d better not come over.”

Ping Mo misunderstood. “Did you really break it? Then hurry to the hospital!”

Pei Yutu should be beaten, but for this person, although the dog had bitten him, he had also really helped him a lot, and he shouldn’t have hit him that badly. However, Pei Yutu was suddenly guilty of screwing himself over, and refused to let him check. He twisted his head, unwilling to turn back, but the more he resisted, the more he provoked Ping Mo’s rebellious psychology. The two fought for a moment then Teaching Assistant Pei suddenly gave up the fight. Ping Mo couldn’t stop his momentum and rolled into Pei Yutu’s arms.

At the same time, the tequila pheromones were suddenly strong. Ping Mo subconsciously wanted to struggle to escape, but Pei Yutu used his entire weight to press him down, as he wailed, “Don’t move! Don’t move! I’m dizzy!”

Ping Mo finally intuited that something was wrong with him, but he was afraid that Pei Yutu really had a concussion, so he didn’t dare to move for a while. Pei Yutu was afraid that he would hurt Ping Mo, so he quietly supported his body with one hand, and only let half of his weight press against him, before he buried his head in Ping Mo’s neck, and inhaled deeply. The sweet and fragrant grapefruit pheromones stayed on his lips.

This sweet grapefruit scent of Instructor Ping, I really want to eat it all. His thirst for Ping Mo seemed to be more than just because of being skin to skin.

And so on.

Pei Yutu also felt that he wasn’t right. Could it be that his susceptibility was coming on?

Ping Mo was tickled by his hot breath, and his fluffy cat ears twitched on top of his head.

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but rub his chin against the little ear, but the animal ears were a Therian’s most sensitive part, so it immediately caused Ping Mo to curse, “Are you looking for death?”

“Don’t move!” Pei Yutu continued to pretend, as he locked the man firmly in his arms while he grunted, “I’m dizzy and I want to throw up!”

It was too much of a coincidence that he got dizzy whenever Ping moved.

“…” Ping Mo said suspiciously, “Really?”

Pei Yutu, “Of course it’s true. Don’t move, just let me smell you.”

Instructor Ping’s special teenage experience made him not particularly sensitive to his own gender perception, however he was finding Pei Yutu extremely annoying, so he said politely, “If you keep moving around, I’ll diagnose your concussion and take you to the hospital myself later.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Teaching Assistant Pei was very reluctant to let go of the person, when he was suddenly blessed with an idea and changed the subject, “By the way, is your leg okay?”

Ping Mo, “!”

He had been in a wheelchair a few days ago, and it had been called ‘a hundred days injury’, but after he turned into a cat and then back into a human, his leg was miraculously healed. He actually forgot about his leg.

To anyone else, Ping Mo would never have made such a low-level mistake. Was his guard inexplicably lowered in front of Pei Yutu because he had been temporarily marked by him?

Ping Mo said vaguely, “It’s been so long, and my leg is healed. I was selected for the Chick Program when I was a child, so I am certainly in better shape than the average person.”

“Yes, yes, yes. My Instructor Ping is the best.” Pei Yutu didn’t care what Ping Mo said, the most important thing was that he was willing to let him hug him obediently. Just holding him made him feel content, and not just because of the most primal of impulses. Simply having this person made him incredibly happy.



Pei Yutu closed his eyes to enjoy this moment of warmth and ambiguity, but Ping Mo took a deep breath, and then opened his mouth, “Get lost.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was aggrieved. “Why are you being mean to me again?”

Ping Mo, “You’re fucking on top of me. You think I can’t feel it?”

Pei Yutu, “…”

“If you can’t feel it, why don’t I cut that thing off for you?”

Pei Yutu retreated right away. “You’re so violent! I’m a healthy, healthy alpha in my prime, and I’m holding such a big, beautiful omega. If I don’t have any reaction, I’m not a man. That’s what I think! It’s because you hit me! I got a concussion! I can’t even move now, I get dizzy and nauseous when I do.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Noticing Instructor Ping’s brief silence, Pei Yutu suddenly remembered Leng Li. Leng Li was obviously an alpha, but in front of Ping Mo was more of an omega than an omega. She had gotten close to his body for so many years. Pei Yutu didn’t know how to succeed in this mooching game, but she was a living success story!

Pei Yutu felt as if he had opened the second vein 2, and the acting god had possessed his body so he started behaving as if he was more aggrieved than it seemed, “Think about this, when your pheromones exploded, who was the one who sacrificed himself and temporary marked you? I’ve never had a relationship, and I’ve never even held omega’s hand in all these years! I’m still a big virgin alpha!”

Ping Mo, “…” What a big virgin alpha!?

The nearly 1.9 meter, steel-bar-breaking Big A continued to reason, as he said weakly, “Now that I can’t move, why can’t you return the favor and let me lie on top of you for a while? I’m still wearing my clothes, so let me stay. Why are you so stingy?”


Instructor Ping’s forehead veins jumped, but Pei Yutu mistook this brief silence for the dawn of victory, and was about to ask if he could rub a little through his clothes, when he heard the doorbell suddenly ring alarmingly.

Pei Yutu said forcefully, “Maybe it’s a salesman. Ignore it!”

“…” Ping Mo, “Get up. I’ll get the door.”

Pei Yutu returned to his delicate state in a second, and grunted, “I have a headache, and my stomach hurts, so I can’t move.”

Instructor Ping couldn’t stand it any longer and suddenly jabbed him in the waist. The position and force were extremely precise. Pei Yutu couldn’t resist the tickle, and began laughing uncontrollably. Ping Mo took the opportunity to jump off the sofa and asked from above, “You don’t hurt anymore?”

Fuck, I was careless.

Pei Yutu was about to perform a grimace when Ping Mo waved his hand, “Come on, don’t pretend.” He turned around and prepared to open the door.

With a pair of cat ears on top of his head and a long tail behind his buttocks that lifted his pants a crack, he was clearly not fit to see visitors.

The doorbell downstairs was loud and tireless. Ping Mo hurried into the closet, and looked for a hat to put on his head, however there was nothing suitable to cover his tail. Therefore, he simply entered the connecting bedroom from the walk-in-closet, pulled the bed sheet off and tied it around his waist. That barely made him fit for seeing people, although a little strange. Still, there was no problem with receiving a delivery.

When Ping Mo opened the door, he saw seven or eight workers carrying several toolkits and a huge box behind them, wearing coordinated uniforms with “Shengda Decoration” written on them.

The leading worker smiled politely at Ping Mo and said, “Are you Mr. Pei? We have an appointment today. Would you like to see the list?”

“Wait a minute,” Ping Mo said to the worker, then raised his voice and called upstairs. “Pei Yutu, you want to decorate?” 

Was he planning to live in this house for a long time?

Pei Yutu smiled and immediately stopped pretending to be a concussion victim. He slapped his head and said to himself, “I almost forgot. It’s a surprise for you, Ping Mo.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 顺杆爬 “crawling up the pole – means doing things others like/or playing along with that person
  2. 任督二脉 – the two veins in some martial arts setting, as if breaking through bottleneck and advancing to a higher level


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