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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu now hated these roses. He felt allergic to them, and asked the boy, “Who told you to bring this? Where is he?”

The child, “It was a courier uncle. He left a long time ago!”

Pei Yutu didn’t accept the flower, just rushed out to look around, but as the child said, the person had long disappeared. However, the child was quite dogged, and followed after Pei Yutu with short legs the whole way, as he shouted, “Uncle, you still have not taken your things!”

The child’s voice was quite loud.

Pei Yutu had no choice but to take the flower and open the envelope, which contained handwritten characters in strong and elegant handwriting.

~Legacy deserted base, there are surprises. See the flowers as well as the people. Expect you to find the surprise.~

In addition, the person wrote two lines of a poem. ~The stars are not like last night, for whom the wind and the dew stand in the middle of the night.~

Pei Yutu on the spot cursed a set of quality eighteen companies 1, and broke the valuable gilt rose.

“Uncle, why did you break the flower?”

“…” Pei Yutu, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

The child, “Wow, what a beautiful sister!”

Pei Yutu felt a presence, turned his head and saw Ping Mo. Instructor Ping had heard the commotion and came out after him. He was wearing a hat, and had a folded bed sheet draped around his waist. If this was an average person, they would be immediately sent to a mental hospital to live in a VIP ward and receive the year-round package. However, good-looking people in bed sheets were like fairies in skirts.

The child didn’t recognize him, and ran over. He tilted his head and asked, “Sister, are you a fairy?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu threw the rose aside, picked up Instructor Ping, and walked back inside with big strides.

Ping Mo was shocked, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Instructor Ping was also an adult male, but Pei Yutu’s strength was amazing. He only needed one hand to hold him, so he had a free hand on his buttocks. The slap was also very skillful, first drawing a circle to rub, and only then hitting the bull’s-eye, with a crisp and bouncy “pop.”

Before Instructor Ping could get angry, Pei Yutu preemptively said, “Forget it. Children’s words have no bounds! Don’t bother with children!”

Ping Mo held his hat with his hand, and gritted his teeth. “Who said I am mean to children?”

Teaching Assistant Pei ignored him, and just carried him like he was a sack. Back in the house, Pei Yutu closed the door with a bang, then only reluctantly put Ping Mo down, and quickly pulled out the note to save his life. “Don’t hit my face! Your letter!”

This letter really succeeded in attracting Ping Mo’s attention.

After he read it, Instructor Ping’s face was dark. Pei Yutu, having observed the situation, asked cautiously, “Who is that grandson?”

Ping Mo still shook his head and gave the same answer as the last time, “I don’t know.” Earlier, he had thought the person who was sending the flowers to provoke him was Ghost Ear, but now it seemed not to be so.

Pei Yutu asked sourly, “Maybe it’s one of your old flames. You’re so greasy. You write acid poems and brush words. This little girl is quite classy!” 2


The veins in Ping Mo’s forehead jumped, and he said coldly, “I don’t have any girlfriends.”

Pei Yutu was satisfied and said, “The grandson who sent flowers is quite a good one. He has done nothing but send flowers and make up stories, while Ping Mo doesn’t even know who he is.”

Teaching Assistant Pei went to the property manager to transfer surveillance and ask for information about the visitor, but the surveillance did not capture the face of the courier, so they had no clues about the courier for the time being, but they did accept the real ‘courier’ since the clothes ordered by Pei Yutu arrived.

Ping Mo originally thought that for a custom clothes delivery, one package was enough, but he didn’t expect so many pieces. The clothes were delivered by the brand itself, and there was also a special stylist. Pei Yutu himself hadn’t expected this additional service. He was afraid that his military instructor’s ears and tail would be seen, so he sent them away after he received the clothes.

Ping Mo recognized the brand and felt that the ‘rent’ he paid couldn’t be enough. A basic shirt in this house cost five figures in Alliance coins, and now he had many custom-made shirts.

With a headache, Ping Mo said, “You don’t have to spend so much.”

How can he afford to pay for it?

Pei Yutu, “It’s not a big deal. I’m his top VIP. These are made in your size, and the custom price is different from the regular price.”

It’s twice as expensive as the regular price. Ping Mo knew this, but the clothes were tailored to his size, so it was no good to return them, and he could only put them away.

A few moments later, Instructor Ping picked up a dress with a black face and asked carefully, “Did you ask for the wrong one?”

Pei Yutu, “Hi, yes! I didn’t know what style you like, but last time I saw you searching for women’s clothing online, so I picked out a few pieces. Your brother’s aesthetic is okay, right?”

“Pei! Yu! Tu!”

“Eh, eh, eh! You don’t come over, ah! Can you not hit my head? I have a concussion!”


Meanwhile, Pei Yutu’s own mother, Madame Dai, was on the phone with the stylist she just spoke to.

“How is it? Is his wife beautiful? Is she an omega? You didn’t see anything? He didn’t even let you in the door?” Madame Dai hung up the phone, and said to her husband with a sad face, “Old Pei, I suspect our son doesn’t have a partner.”

Father Pei was a beta, medium build, with the temperament typical of an elegant businessman. If his facial features didn’t have a few similarities to Pei Yutu, no one would believe that they were father and son. Pei Yutu’s father comforted his wife good-naturedly. “Didn’t your father say he might be dating a very good omega? It’s not like he’s buying clothes for someone else.”

Dai Xue looked to the left and right, and found that the nannies were not nearby before she waved her husband closer and lowered her voice to say, “He didn’t let anyone in at all! Also, besides the men’s clothes, he also bought women’s clothes. Old Pei, do you think our son would have promiscuous relationships with men and women?”

Then Father Pei also became serious, and put his arm around Dai Xue’s shoulders. He didn’t sound very sure when he said, “He shouldn’t.”

Dai Xue, “How can it be so hard to get him to talk? I’m so worried. I blame myself for always taking my son to the TV station when he was young.”

Madame Dai stubbornly believed that Pei Yutu’s extreme face-con had something to do with having seen too many good-looking big brothers and sisters growing up.

“Mmm.” Father Pei nodded in agreement.

Madame Dai, “…”

Father Pei was full of desire to survive, “No, it has nothing to do with you! He just likes pretty things. It’s genetic, just like me!”

Madame Dai, “Heh, that’s more like it.”


The students of the second square-shaped formation New Weapons Engineering School in the AMTC had been bursting with gossip lately as they welcomed back Ping Mo, their recovering instructor. However, that wasn’t the main point of interest. After all, Ping Mo had taken off work for three days, which everyone was used to. The important point was that Teaching Assistant Pei had lost his color, and on his first day back his handsome face was swollen and bruised.

What was more, he graciously admitted that it was his wife who hit him.

Since he was a popular figure on campus, the news spread, and some people sighed, He was so good, and quietly took down Teaching Assistant Pei, such a promising diamond kingpin. Others sighed, Teaching Assistant Pei was handsome enough, but also too fierce. Being in love with him must be very hard. Who knew what they fought about. If his face was cut, what did his wife look like?

The rumor gradually became Teaching Assistant Pei had used domestic violence, and hit his wife who was hospitalized. However, the legendary ‘wife’ himself was in a gossip insulator, and knew nothing about it. He was in the military instructors’ public office concentrating on topographic maps.

Since Colonel Lu Feng left the main planet, Ghost Ear hadn’t been heard from, and the Colonel had blocked the news so thoroughly that Ping Mo had no way to find out. Therefore he was leaving it alone for now.

“Instructor Ping, you’ve already started studying the topographic map? You’re well-informed!” Lu DongWang and Cao LingXin had pushed their way in, and spotted Ping Mo sitting at the table.

Ping Mo was concentrating, so when he saw that they were there, he asked, “What?”

Lu DongWang, “The topographical map of the desert base. The notice was just issued that the military skills competition will be held on this base. The place was big enough and the area must simulate an asteroid, right? And there is no one there. I heard that the weapons are also all high simulation empty shells. You can just hit anyone. This time, the four military schools want to play big.”

Cao LingXin added, “It’s not as exaggerated as an asteroid, but the terrain is very complex, and the environment is also harsh. The outside climate has the most difficult combat conditions. For the students, this is a huge challenge.”

Lu DongWang jumped at the chance. “The harsher the environment, the better the competition, and the more capable they can be!”

As he was listening to their excited discussions, Ping Mo only caught one thing, “The competition is scheduled to be held at the Legacy Base?”

So he had to go there. The man who sent him the gilt rose, did he already have it figured out? He had to have already been informed. Who was it that was so good at this, and why had he been teasing him for so long? He said he had a ‘surprise’ waiting for him. In the background was the sound of the buzzing office, while Ping Mo squeezed the corner of the map, and his bony fingers were slightly white from the force.

So, the answer was going to be revealed soon. However, could it be a trap?


Recently, Instructor Ping had been particularly serious and strict. Even the number of omegas who had always taken time off for the reason of ‘not being able to exercise near their bonding heat’ had been reduced.

It wasn’t not only Ping Mo who was more serious. Since the annual military skills competition was about to start, all the military instructors’ nerves were extremely tight. The entire Alliance Military Technology’s second grade was in intense training, as they vowed to rank in the top four of the ‘head military school’ large competition to win honor.

The hard training continued until the end of summer. The heat in the northern hemisphere of the main planet finally showed signs of receding, while the military instructors and students were also tanned a degree darker.

At this time, Instructor Ping, who wasn’t tanned, appeared more and more dazzlingly white. Many of the omegas who couldn’t handle the pressure of special training would take a look at the new weapon, the second square-shaped formation, then they’d look at the handsome man to relieve the pressure.

At those moments Teaching Assistant Pei would glare back fiercely, or simply use his body to block Ping Mo, like an old mother hen protecting her young. However, Ping Mo was still oblivious to this. He was wearing a complete set of training clothes, as he half-knelt on the rubber floor, and in the blink of an eye, he assembled the parts on the ground into a laser gun, while the observing students marveled at his movements.

Pei Yutu also looked a little proud. This was nothing. His Kitten Ping had all kinds of hot and cold weapons and would do this performance often at home. He was especially sexy when he was playing with the military dagger.

Instructor Ping tossed the gun to the alpha boys in the front row. “In real combat, time is life, and waste is bound to get you killed on the battlefield! What you need to do now is to practice your basic skills! All alpha and beta, start practicing in groups! Omegas gather around me.”

Instructor Ping was teaching the second square-shaped formation of the omega in this exercise. They were mainly responsible for technical operations, weapons maintenance and supply, however as his major secondary training, Ping Mo intended to teach them some life-saving melee self-defense techniques.

Instructor Ping’s seriousness and gentler attitude than when he was dealing with the omega students managed to light up the starry eyes of the students listening to the lecture, as well as the envy of the other square-shaped formation students, along with Pei Yutu, who wasn’t far away.

Why are the omegas so unreserved nowadays? Unfortunately, Teaching Assistant Pei had not yet finished muttering in his mind, when he heard another piece of bad news.

In the public office, the new Head Teacher Li was all smiles. “Recent training has been intense, and all the military instructors have worked hard! Let me announce something to relax everyone. I believe that some have already heard, the other three schools’ teams have arrived in Star City. A few days from now, we will depart on the same starship. Before that, in the spirit of humanistic care, several university school leaders decided to organize a large fellowship gathering.”

Fellowship? This year’s military instructors were drawn from the various troops, with years of service. They worked together every day and with the same sex, so the vast majority were bachelors. Head Teacher Li’s voice barely finished and the stage immediately resounded with an excited chatter.

Someone asked, “Aren’t the teams of those schools also led by military instructors? Who are we going to join?”

Head Teacher Li, “Everyone, calm down! This year, in order to provide benefits to all military instructors and to solve the personal problems of older single teachers, some single instructors from the other three schools have come to Star City with the team.” He blinked exaggeratedly. “I’ve inquired, and there are quite a lot of omegas!”

The crowd in the main office became even more excited, as the exhaustion of the recent hard training was swept away. They were talking loudly as Pei Yutu whispered to Ping Mo, “Are you going?”

Instructor Ping really wasn’t interested. “No.”

Unfortunately, before Pei Yutu could put his mind at ease, Head Teacher Li came over personally and said loudly, “All single military instructors must go. No one is allowed to take leave! If you don’t go, you don’t support the organization’s work!” Then he stood next to Ping Mo, and laughed, “Especially you, Instructor Ping. You are the face of our Alliance Military Technology University.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Ping Mo, “No.”

But Head Teacher Li suddenly bent down and worshiped Ping Mo like a Bodhisattva. “Instructor Ping, I know you don’t like to get together, but this is the target assigned to me by the top. I have only been on the job for a few days, and if the first big task set by the leadership falls off the chain, how can I do well in the future?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu heard the teacher’s nervousness. His kitten was soft, and not hard like he wanted everyone to believe. He would never tremble when holding a knife to someone’s neck, but at the same time wouldn’t be able to deny someone who begged him for help.

Head Teacher Li, “Give this brother some face! Just show up. Brother Li is begging you!”

Sure enough, Ping Mo said, “All right, I’ll go then.”

Pei Yutu, “…” He now felt that this Head Teacher Li was even more annoying than his predecessor Hu Lei.

Pei Yutu, “Then I’ll go too!”

Head Teacher Li smiled, and it was strained. “Ah, you’re going too?”

Pei Yutu retorted, “I’m not as good-looking as Ping Mo, but I’m not that bad!”

Head Teacher Li coughed lightly. “Only single people can go. Aren’t you, that is, with someone?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. He broke out in a set of 18 cuss words. LOL
  2. Sour/acid poems are used to describe poems that are sorrowful, filled with longingness for another, or it can also be used to mock writings that are vulgar and low. Brush words means calligraphy done using traditional means.


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