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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Title: Green Tea 1

“I don’t have a date!” Pei Yutu replied to Team Leader Li, but the words were directed at Ping Mo, as if he was eager to clarify.

Ping Mo, “Hmm.”

Head Teacher Li, “?”

Pei Yutu faced Head Teacher Li, and said, “I’m definitely going anyway, so give me an extra spot.”

This Teaching Assistant Pei was notoriously difficult to deal with, and Head Teacher Li, who was a scholar, didn’t dare argue with a soldier, so he agreed. In his heart, he was spitting. The rumors are true, he is really a scum! Domestic violence, not to mention, also wanted to tread on two boats. 

The real ‘domestic violence victim’, Teaching Assistant Pei, was still explaining things to Ping Mo. “I’m really not seeing anyone, so don’t listen to them. I’m still as single as I was when I left my mother’s womb.”

Ping Mo, “I know.”

Pei Yutu was about to be touched by his trust, when Ping Mo added, “You’re a virgin.”


“Haha! Instructor Ping, that’s how you describe it?”

Some of the people around couldn’t hold back their laughter, and Pei Yutu kicked their chairs one by one. “Don’t laugh!” This caused the group of military instructors to shut up in unison, except their shoulders couldn’t stop shaking.

“…” Ping Mo, “Are you a school bully?”

Pei Yutu grinned, lowered his voice and murmured to Ping Mo, “You’re right! I’m the big alpha, and I don’t know when I’ll give away my virginity, right?”

This action and attitude was really like a bad student whispering with his classmate.

Unfortunately, the student wasn’t a good boy, and even more of a school bully than Pei Yutu, “Not my business.”

The Star Ocean Military Academy, the Alliance Officers Information Engineering University, and the Alliance Armed Police Force University’s delegation came to the Alliance Military Technology University, so the fellowship get-together also arrived as scheduled.

The Alliance Military Technology University headquarters was multi-purpose and today the flags were fluttering. The young teachers were well-dressed, The military instructors usually only wore training uniforms and khaki shirts also changed into formal wear.

Ping Mo himself didn’t have any formal dress, so he picked the most ordinary black suit from the clothes Pei Yutu had prepared for him, as he tried to be inconspicuous. He was planning to let Head Teacher Li see that he was attending as promised, and then quietly slip away. Unfortunately, that ‘most ordinary’ black suit was worth six figures, and because it was tailor-made, the lines of Instructor Ping, from the shoulders to the waist, were outlined just right. His two long legs were straight and slender, his features were exquisite, almost lush, and his white skin had an ivory-like texture in the light. He immediately stood out from the crowd of tanned military instructors.

As soon as he appeared, he caused a commotion. Not only were the female beta teachers and omega teachers of the AMTC blushing and whispering, but also the teachers and military instructors of the other three schools were all focused on Ping Mo.

“Is this a teacher or a military instructor? He should be an omega if he looks so good, right? Then why is he standing in the military instructor team?”

“Can’t an alpha be handsome too? Look at his temperament, his eyes. It’s so alpha!”

“Ah, so handsome!”

Head Teacher Li wasn’t surprised by the response, and was quite proud. Instructor Ping was really the face of their Alliance Military Technology University. Look, he was just standing there, and the field was so heated. He cleared his throat and was ready to go up to the stage to start hosting, when Pei Yutu came in and went straight to Ping Mo.

When Teaching Assistant Pei found that everyone’s eyes were on his military instructor, he was a little proud and a little upset. He intentionally blocked Ping Mo’s body, and isolated him from the crowd’s eyes.

Instructor Ping felt that being stared at was uncomfortable, and was greatly relieved. He whispered to Pei Yutu, “Thank you.”

Head Teacher Li was the host of the day, and was wearing a sequined suit as he radiantly read out the day’s program, only to find that everyone’s attention still wasn’t on him.

“…” Head Teacher Li was depressed. Even if Ping Mo was handsome, they didn’t have to stare for so long, right?

When he looked over, Head Teacher Li found that the protagonist had changed. Pei Yutu had long legs, a broad back and shoulders, and his formal dress supported his style. His clothes showed off his muscles and were very tasteful. His looks didn’t meet the current mainstream aesthetic. He was too masculine with heavily silhouetted features, including a high nose bridge that set off his deep eye sockets. His deep charming eyes were overly sharp which made it difficult to approach him, even though his spiky hair was tamed with a softener today and convinced into shape.

“This military instructor is also handsome ah, but looks a bit fierce.”

“A good alpha, ah! I like fierce men. Compared to just now, that other military instructor is too milky, and not alpha enough.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on the conversation, but are you guys saying Instructor Ping is milky?” A teacher from the AMTC could not help but interject. “He is extremely alpha. I have never seen anyone more alpha than Ping Mo in my life. He once broke into an interstellar pirate lair alone to save his students. He was just one man with a knife, and the pirates were all killed by him!”

“Wow! So handsome?”

“What about the tall military instructor standing next to him?”

“Military Instructor Pei? He is quite brisk and righteous, and his family conditions should be very good. He owns a car that is worth twenty years of our salary. Although he’s rich, he never shows it. He only uses force to speak, but as a friend, he is quite good. He is a little scummy since he has a partner but insisted on coming to the party.”

Ping Mo found that he had been duped by this so-called party. It was impossible to show up and run. The organizers, that was the AMTC faculty, came up with a lot of tricks. The different gender interaction mini-games were endless, and he was caught in a loop.

Ping Mo was undoubtedly the focus of the audience, since he was with a group of omegas that couldn’t compete with him, and there was no chance to escape since he was in full view of the crowd. After a few games that warmed up the room, there was a buffet, but the so-called dinner was mainly drinking and chatting, and no one really intended to eat.

Except for Pei Yutu.

Teaching Assistant Pei was inexplicably cold today, and didn’t hit on any of the omegas, so his situation was comparable to Lu DongWang.

Lu DongWang scratched his head in annoyance and nearly messed up his hair, which he had spent two hours styling at the barber store, and sighed to Pei Yutu, “Pei, what do you think is wrong with me, am I ugly?”

Pei Yutu had a plate of the best-selling strawberry jelly, and seriously looked at him for a long time. He was watching Lu DongWang who subconsciously stood up and straightened his bow tie.

Then he heard Pei Yutu reply seriously, “Ugly.”

Lu DongWang, “???”

Pei Yutu said in a serious tone, “But it’s not your fault, it’s mainly because of me.”


Lu DongWang covered his chest. “If it weren’t for 20 years of brotherhood, I’d have to cut ties with you! You’d have no one to talk to today!”

Pei Yutu laughed out loud, but Lu DongWang said, “Eh? No. Brother Pei, how come no one is talking to you today? Since childhood, during these kinds of occasions, you have been the most popular. Ah, is it because someone who has a big mouth spread a rumor that you are a ‘domestic violence man’, right? How do you clarify that?”

The master chefs of the AMTC today were over-performing. The desserts were tantalizing and delicious, the presentation was exquisite, the colors and flavors were perfect. Pei Yutu picked another piece of mango mousse. “Spread the word. Having Instructor Ping is enough.”

“Excuse me.” Having eaten an unexpected mouthful of dog food, Lu DongWang finally couldn’t stand the blows, and angrily left. He didn’t go far before he turned back. “Report! Brother Pei, there is a situation!”

When Pei Yutu arrived at the scene with his carefully selected snacks, he saw Ping Mo’s back. He was sitting at the bar. His glass was already empty, and beside him sat a slim teenager who looked like he had drunk too much, while he faced Ping Mo with a smile on his cheek, and admiration in his eyes. Pei Yutu could just see the side of his face.

Teaching Assistant Pei was immediately alert, Although not as good as my Ping Mo by one millionth, he is still quite beautiful. Enough to seduce people.

He tapped his snack plate on the bar, which didn’t attract too much attention with the loud lyrical music and the bustling crowd, but was loud enough to scare the teenager. Ping Mo also looked at Pei Yutu. His white face was a little red from the alcohol, but his eyes were still clear as he frowned. “What are you doing?”

Pei Yutu’s attention was on the teenager. He was frightened like a rabbit, and actually jumped off the bar stool, hid behind Ping Mo, while his shivering hand pulled the corner of Instructor Ping’s coat. “Who is he? So fierce, ah.”

When Pei Yutu saw this, he was even more furious. He pointed at the boy’s nose and scolded him, “Who the hell are you pouting at? Let go of him!”

Ping Mo flexed his long legs and jumped down, then clutched Pei Yutu’s hand. “What’s wrong with you? How can you yell at an omega?”

At that moment, the teenager, who was like a shivering white rabbit, as he hid behind Ping Mo spat out his tongue at Pei Yutu.

Pei Yutu, “Damn green tea, I’ll beat you to death!”

“That’s enough!” Ping Mo did a very skillful tackle and stopped Pei Yutu. Pei Yutu refused to hurt Ping Mo and intentionally cooperated. However, this action still took effort and the two looked  dashing together

The adoration in the eyes of the teenager grew hotter by a few points. Then he took advantage of his victory, and straight out hugged Ping Mo’s waist. He deliberately released his omega pheromones out and rubbed on him as he whispered, “Instructor Ping, I’m so scared! Why does that big brother hate me so much? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“!!!!” Pei Yutu, “Where’s my knife?”

Ping Mo stopped Pei Yutu with one hand, and tore the boy off his body with the other. He rubbed the boy’s head soothingly. “It has nothing to do with you, it’s his problem.”

The teenager blinked his deer-like black eyes and said nicely, “It’s okay. Just stay with me for a while.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was so angry that he almost killed him on the spot, when he heard Ping Mo continue, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take him away.”

The teenager, “?”

Pei Yutu was dragged all the way out of the scene by Ping Mo. The night breeze outside was cool, and it blew away the alcohol in Ping Mo’s system. He exhaled a long breath, turned around, leaned on the railing and asked, “Are you still going back to play?”

Pei Yutu shook his head.

Ping Mo “Oh.” The tone of voice was calm as if nothing had just happened. He said, “Then let’s go home.”

Pei Yutu couldn’t hold back. He pulled him in, and asked, “What happened with that green tea guy just now?” After all, his Instructor Ping was different from the other omegas. He had been an alpha for too many years, and he actually thought he was an alpha. So no matter what gender, for Pei they were a potential threat.

Ping Mo thought for half a day and said, “I think he’s a staff member of the Star Ocean Military Academy delegation, no, he seemed to be from the Alliance Armed Police Force University?”

Pei Yutu, “…” So you don’t even remember where he’s from? “Then what were you doing?”

Ping Mo said rightly, “I was drinking and having a casual conversation.”

Pei Yutu frowned, “Usually you don’t like to drink. Didn’t you say that there’s no point in it? You’re not familiar with him, so why did you protect him? Why didn’t you accompany him after he said he was afraid?”

“I don’t know him, so why would I accompany him?” Ping Mo was puzzled by the questions, then added, “In the future, you shouldn’t yell at an omega. Especially unqualified omegas.”

“…” Teaching Assistant Pei was enlightened. Ping Mo was not defending the green tea, but simply disgusted with his own embarrassment!

Pei Yutu finally figured it out, so he happily grabbed Ping Mo’s shoulders and said as they walked, “Whether I have quality or not, it depends on the person. When I meet someone who is owed a beating, I not only have no quality, but also no morality!”

Ping Mo, “What kind of sophistry is this? How did that omega get beaten up just now?”

Pei Yutu, “You really don’t understand?”

Instructor Ping got impatient. “Tell me what you have to say.”

Pei Yutu was happy. “I won’t tell you.” 

That omega was just throwing his eyes at a blind man, so he couldn’t be happier. Why should he explain it to him?

The two of them walked through the insect-laden campus paths then walked down the sidewalks with the night breeze. Ping Mo didn’t open his mouth all the way, so Pei Yutu accompanied him, as he pretended to be deep. When they reached the business district, Pei Yutu suddenly said, “Do you think that when God created man, there were only so many skill points in total?”

Ping Mo, “?”

“For example, when he created you, all the skill points were added to your face, and that’s why you’re so dumb?”


“Are you fucking looking for a punch?”

“A gentleman moves his mouth, not his hands!” Pei Yutu picked up his feet and ran. Ping Mo chased him for two steps but stopped abruptly, then stiffened head to toe. Then his face finally developed an expression. The corners of his lips rose slightly, as he silently cursed, “Stupid, elementary school chicken.”

That ‘elementary school chicken’ surnamed Pei found no pursuers behind him, but also didn’t stop, and went straight into a convenience store. Ping Mo didn’t wait for the elementary school chicken to come back, and slowly walked alone to their neighborhood. He was used to the big man being beside him every day and felt inexplicably empty.

He did not expect that when he had just entered the neighborhood gate, the big man came back carrying a large shopping bag. “I suddenly remembered that I forgot to take the snacks I picked for you. These are to compensate you.” Pei Yutu shook the bag. “And a bowl of sobriety soup. Is your mood any better?”

“…” Ping Mo, “How did you know I’m in a bad mood?”

Pei Yutu, “Don’t look at me as if I have no abilities. I have a heart finer than a strand of hair for those I care about. Can you tell me why you suddenly ran off to drink your sorrows away?”

After a short silence, Ping Mo whispered, “Ghost Ear is dead.”

Pei Yutu, “What?!”

Ping Mo, “It was a message from Cheng Cheng, so there’s no mistake.”

Pei Yutu, “The timing is off. Did he die in a strange way? How did he die?”

“I don’t know,” Ping Mo shook his head. “It’s good that there is still the Legacy Base.”

Even if it was a trap, he wasn’t willing to let go of the last glimmer of hope.

Three days later, the delegation of the four universities participating in the military skills competition gathered on the Alliance 9 starship, and the radio broadcasted a rousing pre-competition rallying cry, “Our destination is Legacy Base, one of the large artificial space stations located off-world.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 绿茶 (slang) someone seemingly innocent and charming but actually calculating and manipulative


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