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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The fiery red petals and brilliant gold leaves stood out against the black and white tones of the abandoned base. Ping Mo moved to pick up the bouquet and study it carefully. The students whispered excitedly.

“Such a big bunch, how much does it cost? It could be worth a house, right?”

“Pick one up and go back to confess to your goddess. It will be successful.”

“Let’s give Instructor Ping one later?”

“I don’t dare.”

“I wouldn’t dare either.”

Teaching Assistant Pei couldn’t bear to hear it. “Are you all so smart? This is the only way to confess your love?”

An alpha male retorted nervously, “Rich people use these flowers to propose.”

“Superficial!” Pei Yutu said, “Can this shit be eaten or drunk? Is it not practical to send a mansion and villa? This thing is just a little more expensive flower. The price isn’t as good as a high-fashion dress!”

The students, “…” You make it sound easy. We can’t afford gilt roses. We can’t even afford a high-fashion dress. We can’t even think about a mansion or a villa, so when a rich kid like you talks like that it’s called ‘being oblivious‘! 1

Pei Yutu piled on and said, “Besides, flowers are the sexual organs of plants. Pulling off the sexual organs of other creatures and giving them to people, this behavior is simply disgusting and obscene. Those who send flowers are perverts!”

The students, “…” I don’t know why you have such a deep prejudice against roses, but you are a military instructor. If you say the sun is square, we don’t dare to have a problem with it.

Teaching Assistant Pei didn’t say more to the students after he had made his point, he paced up to Ping Mo as if nothing had happened, and said seriously, “Do you see what’s going on?”

Did you see what this pervert was up to?

Ping Mo handed Pei Yutu a greeting card, apparently from the bouquet, with familiar handwriting and a simple message, “I’ll pick you up today.”

Pei Yutu: Fuck!

Is this pervert delusional? Who was his family?

While on the back of the card was a foil map.

“I’ve memorized the location.” Ping Mo said.

“You’re going? What if it’s a trap?”

Ping Mo shook his head. “Ghost Ear is dead, and I have no other choice.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”

“What about the students?”

“They are such big alphas. They’re warriors, not unweaned children. What are they afraid of!”

Ping Mo still shook his head, “This skill competition is related to their future employment and enlistment. I can’t let my own affairs affect the students’ future. The marked destination isn’t far from our current location. I’ll bring my communicator and keep in touch.”

“What’s the use of keeping in touch? If you’re injured, far water can’t quench your thirst! 2 No way! I disagree!”

The students had long been conditioned to Teaching Assistant Pei’s loud voice, and they were all silent. The omegas and betas responsible for breaking up and sorting the technology, were joined by some alpha students from other colleges, who shivered and exchanged glances.

Teaching Assistant Pei really lived up to his name. He was so fierce, even dared to yell at his boss! Instructor Ping was so pathetic. 

At the same moment, Ping Mo’s limited patience finally ran out. “Don’t be a fucking bitch. I’m leaving. If you dare to follow me, I’ll dare to shoot.”

The new students, “!!!” Instructor Ping was so tough! What kind of alpha could stand this kind of provocation? Teaching Assistant Pei was notoriously difficult to mess with, so they would fight!

The students of the New Weapons Academy were calm and mouthed the words, Peace! They won’t fight. You don’t know how close the two military instructors are!

Then saw the fierce Teaching Assistant Pei calm down in a quick second. “Okay, okay. Look at you. You’re so grumpy.”

The new students, “?”

The students in the department nodded their heads in a profound manner, You just get used to it. After that, everyone witnessed as Teaching Assistant Pei dressed Instructor Ping’s wounds again, took inventory of his weapons and ammunition that was suitable for light duty, and even tidied up his clothes for him, like a mother of 1.9 meters.

The students didn’t know what urgent task Instructor Ping suddenly had, and didn’t dare to ask. They could only watch Ping Mo’s back disappear without Teaching Assistant Pei.

The roses, which were worth a lot of money, weren’t picked up by any of the students, but were trampled by Teaching Assistant Pei into a field of red mud.

Ping Mo, who had been undergoing the rigorous training of the Chick Project since he was eleven years old, was more adept at solo combat. After he left the team, he became less of a fish out of water. He moved silently through the combat vehicles of the two teams without being noticed, then arrived at his destination when it was still light.

Yes, the day and night of this deserted base was exactly the same as the main planet; with an artificial atmosphere, dirt and gravel, and an area so large that it was almost impossible to notice that it was a semi-abandoned artificial space station. However, as far as the eye could see there was no flora or fauna. It looked quite desolate.

The gilt rose in front of him was even more striking.

No, this thing was not a worthless stone. It was put here and no one actually moved it? Just like no one would be stupid enough to take a seat with a cell phone, to leave a secret message, no one would ever use such a flashy and expensive thing.

So the person who placed the rose should be nearby!

Ping Mo silently pulled his laser pistol from his waist, looked around and said in a cold voice, “Come out.”

There was silence all around. As far as the eye could see were the ruins of a rusting factory and the empty shell of a crumbling laboratory. A huge model of a rotor carved in iron was half buried in yellow sand, and only the gravel rustled in the southwest wind.

“Could I be wrong?” Ping Mo muttered to himself as he walked towards the cut flower. He made a gesture to bend down and pick it up, but suddenly a point blank shot sounded.


A tanned male alpha rolled out from behind the rotor.

Ping Mo raised his gun and narrowed his eyes. “Did you send the flowers?”

The man rubbed his nose with his thumb. “Mister’s little friend really lives up to his name. The flowers aren’t from me. I’m just leading the way.”

“Where to?”

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Ping Mo had small bones and narrow shoulders, but stood straight, like a feline poised to strike. “Why should I follow you?”

“My family’s – Mister instructed that once you see this flower, you would understand what it means. He said you would definitely follow. Since you found it, why not just follow?”

The words were right. After all, this was a question that had plagued him for years. Even if it meant to break into the dragon’s den, he still wanted to know the answer.

“Yeah.” Ping Mo raised his gun and shot.

The tanned man had expected it, and instead of retreating, he advanced, then actually took the initiative to bump into the gun. “If you aren’t afraid of losing the trail, you can kill me!”

Ping Mo subconsciously turned the gun.


Ping Mo was afraid of the gun, the hand that was holding the gun was under pressure, but the tanned man shot faster! In the light of day, “bang, bang, bang!” With just a few gunshots, the gun actually flew off, and didn’t fall into anyone’s hands after all, but at the same time, the man pulled out a dagger from an inner thigh holster.

The dagger was also known as a bleeding knife because of its overbearing design. If it pierced the flesh, and then was twisted in the wound, blood would flow unstoppably along the blood groove. In close confrontation, a tough alpha couldn’t resist such blood loss, let alone if the  opponent was a Therian omega.

“He forbade me to hurt even a hair on your head unless it was a critical moment, but I guess this is a critical moment.” The man stabbed out but Ping Mo’s body moved so fast that it was almost a residual shadow. In the blink of an eye, the person instantly moved behind him, and the next moment, a tactical short knife was already against the man’s neck.

“Don’t move. This knife is called ‘Death Scythe’.” Ping Mo said. “I’ve always preferred cold weapons, you know why?”

The tanned man had obviously heard of Death Scythe and was afraid to move with such a deadly weapon against his vitals.

Ping Mo then told him, “Because of the strong sense of control. I couldn’t write, but I knew how to use a knife. The knife in my hands is more like my own son. Obedient hand stability is the most important skill. I can peel your skin off and not touch a millimeter of your muscle. Believe that?”

The man had realized by this time that Ping Mo had lost his gun not because he wasn’t as skilled as others, but because he had planned from the beginning to change to a weapon that was more handy and more suitable for threatening him.

“Instructor Ping, actually your husband has no ill will towards you. You don’t have to be like this.”

Ping Mo, “What did he mean by ‘go home’? Do I know him? Who is he?”

“I think you know him. He has been referring to you as ‘wife’ – um!!!”

A trickle of blood snaked down the man’s neck before Ping Mo eased up on the tactical dagger a little. “Talk properly.”

Beads of sweat trickled down from the corners of his forehead as the man gritted his teeth. “Those are his exact words, I’m not lying to you. What exactly he is and what surprises he has prepared, you’ll know when you get to the place. The family rules are very strict. Even if you kill me, I don’t dare to say more.”

“Good, some backbone.” Ping Mo said. “Worthy of White Hole. Ghost Ear really was a hard-hearted retailer.”

Tanned man, “!!!”

“Why do you say I’m from the White Hole?”

Ping Mo asked instead of answering, “So I guessed right. You guys did kill Ghost Ear.”

“…” Tanned man, “I really don’t know about that.”

Ping Mo, “Ok. I won’t embarrass you, but let me ask a question you must know the answer to. How many ambushes are there at this ‘destination’?”

“Twelve people.”

“Why is it so painful this time?”

“Sir said that in case you ask, I can tell the truth. Will you still go?”

Ping Mo turned Death Scythe against the flesh of his neck, and the man didn’t dare to move under the cold touch, yet as Instructor Ping said, his hand was extremely steady. Even though the blade slid quickly against his flesh, it didn’t hurt him a bit. The man, however, was already cold and sweaty, and had completely given up on the idea of a sneak attack. The best of the best often understood details. If it came to fighting alone, he was no match for this Therian.


Led by the tanned man, the two men headed straight southeast, going in a straight line like there was no end in sight. Just when Ping Mo suspected they were getting close to the border of the circular electronic protection grid, a group of assailants with loaded guns and camouflage painted all over their faces suddenly rushed out.

“Are they some of your men?” Ping Mo asked, as he clutched the hilt of his knife.

“No, no, they’re not!” The tanned man was clearly confused as well.

Unfortunately, the group pulled out their guns without saying a word and actually shot the tanned man on the spot!

“The boss has instructed that the rest of us need to catch the live one!”

Boss? Ping Mo heard this word, but suddenly recalled that recurring dream.

“There are so many of us with guns, and he only has a knife. It’s absolutely impossible to get away!”


Without Instructor Ping, Teaching Assistant Pei, who was leading the team alone, seemed to be very absent-minded and perfunctory. He was either making phone calls, sending text messages, or staring at the screen in a daze. In short, focused on his communicator all the time.

Pei Yutu abruptly said, “He is close to the border!” He stopped the convoy and instructed the students, “You’ll have to deviate slightly from the established route.” He circled a location on the map. “There will be a military instructor, Lui, here to meet you. Everything is under the command of Military Instructor Lui.”

The students looked at each other, but also quickly guessed what emergency should have come up. Several New Weapons Academy alpha boys led the way, “Teaching Assistant Pei, don’t worry and go. We’re already warriors and can stand alone, not small chicks hiding under the wings of the military instructor.”

Teaching Assistant Pei was relieved, and then drove off alone in a mecha tank.

The position on the communicator didn’t move. Pei Yutu had slipped a locator in when he finished tidying Ping Mo’s clothes. Had he stopped? Or had he met with some kind of accident? However, after another moment, the signal broke. Pei Yutu’s heart sank so hard that he almost drove the lumbering battlefield mecha at spacecraft speed, as he flew through the sand and even provoked an attack by the Blues.

Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t in the mood to play games with the Blues, and continued his sprint while he gave them a greeting of heavy weapons without getting hit. When he reached the edge of the electronic fence, he was almost shocked by the situation in front of him, while his heart, liver, spleen and lungs trembled together.

“Ping Mo!!!”

The ground was strewn with corpses and wounded, and about five or six alpha men armed with all kinds of cold weapons were in quite a mess, as they confronted Ping Mo warily. Instructor Ping was a man fished out of the blood. The wound on his arm was long, and the military dagger in his hand dripped with sticky black blood.

Such as the blood bath Shura. 3

He looked so fierce but Pei Yutu’s heart seized up. He was ready to ruthlessly rush into the battle to help Kitten Ping get revenge. He saw the military instructor make a sharp backflip, and rushed over. They very tacitly formed a back-to-back posture against the enemy.

Pei Yutu saw that his reach was still quite robust, which slightly put his mind at ease, “Hurt? Does it hurt?”

Ping Mo’s long fingers were holding Death Scythe steadily while the blade continued to drip sticky blood, and he replied, “Yes.”

Although it was only one word, it was a little aggravated at the end.

Pei Yutu knew that Ping Mo was most afraid of pain. Today’s pain was serious, and he couldn’t help but feel even more distressed. Immediately after that, Ping Mo’s blood-stained white fingers pressed against the knife and he pointed. “That’s them!”

To judge from the actions and the expression of the big, fierce alpha man later on, the words could automatically be translated as, ‘they are the ones who bullied me.’

The enemies who were beaten to death, “?” Who was bullying who?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 何不食肉糜 lit. “Why don’t they eat meat?” (said by Emperor Hui of Jin when told that his people didn’t have enough rice to eat) – means for rich/upper-class people to be oblivious to other people’s plight
  2. 远水解不了近渴 -distant water cannot quench present thirst. Means that aid will be too far away to help.
  3. Shura is the Japanese version of Asura “a class of beings from Indic (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh) religions. They are described as power-seeking clans related to the more benevolent devas….the asuras are in constant battle with the devas. Asuras are described in Indian texts as powerful superhuman demigods with good or bad qualities.”


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