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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu was like a parent who got furious after his child came home to complain. This ‘parent’ wasn’t very reasonable, and without asking questions, took up his weapon to avenge his baby. Pei Yutu stopped Ping Mo, and rushed into the battle alone. “You take a break, I’ll take care of the second half.” 

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping actually didn’t play the hero, only stood quietly and watched Teaching Assistant Pei kill the enemy. He saw him, fierce and brave, as he fought with momentum, then peacefully hid aside; lazy.

Although Ping Mo’s body was excellent, his physical strength was far less than an alpha’s. For him, this kind of outnumbered battle of attrition was very deadly. At the time the flower delivery person was ‘surprised’, there might be a hard battle to fight, but naturally, they had to fight to get time to recuperate.

Besides, the injuries all over his body also hurt like pins and needles.

Instructor Ping shook his head and thought, He’s been hurt before, but when he met Pei Yutu, how come he suddenly became so delicate? Ping Mo held back the pain and raised his voice, “Don’t kill all of them! I have something to ask them.”

“Okay!” Pei Yutu was lifting a camouflage-faced person up and trying to smash them against the huge iron rotor. He paused for a moment and changed direction. With a high-pitched and frightened cry of pain, the man was slammed to the ground with a bang.

At least a breath of air was left, and he didn’t immediately faint, but because of the severe pain his screams became more miserable. The remaining enemies were so scared that they couldn’t even hold their knives.

They had just been ‘bullied’ by Instructor Ping and suffered heavy casualties, but never expected to have a more difficult helper join halfway. If Instructor Ping was a deadly tactical shadow, Teaching Assistant Pei was a powerful miracle. He was such a pure, strong physical attack that no one could withstand him.

Pei Yutu and Ping Mo only had hot weapons loaded with military exercise special, empty shells, that were long-range and designed to only cause superficial injuries. If they really used those when they fought the enemy, the effect actually wouldn’t be as good as cold weapons and hand to hand combat. The other side didn’t know that the enemy had obviously brought weapons, so why also accompany them in physical combat?

With the camouflage-faced person pulled off to the side, they began to do what they needed. However, before they could finish cleaning up the living forces, a second wave of camouflaged reinforcements fell from the sky, and the number was significant.

“Damn! This must be half a company, right? How did they get in?” Pei Yutu kicked an enemy and cursed.

Ping Mo also refused to hide from the unconscious camouflaged men, He seized a G16 laser gun from the body of an unconscious camouflaged man, and strafed a wide range of enemy troops, Pei Yutu also picked up a weapon, and leaned against Ping Mo, back to back, the two covering each other.

Ping Mo, “It’s empty shells!”

No wonder these men didn’t continue to use hot weapons, it turns out they brought in limited live ammunition.

“It could have been an advance ambush. It could have followed some school, or even blended in with the Blues.” Ping Mo said after a pause, “or more likely, it’s to catch us alive.”

Dare to capture his wife? They were really tired of living! Pei Yutu was enraged. “Whatever the reason, let’s kill them!” No one can snatch Ping Mo!

Instructor Ping’s judgment was correct. The second batch of camouflage fighters still hadn’t brought in enough live ammunition, and never used killing moves on Ping Mo in the fight, so they were more or less tied up. These guys were very skilled, not like wild fighters, but seemed to have received formal training.

Mercenaries? Recognized army? Or some extraterritorial pirate’s carefully trained killers? But they shouldn’t be White Hole people. What other organizations had the ability to train so many dead soldiers? Nevertheless, now wasn’t the time to think about that.

Pei Yutu was like Ping Mo’s personal bodyguard, not moving a single step away as he guarded his military instructor. With only his strength, he would protect Ping Mo completely, and even Ping Mo could not stand to see him hurt, “Pei Yutu!”

“It only hurts when you hit me! I’m thick-skinned. This doesn’t hurt!” Pei Yutu received a heavy backhanded punch, and responded with an over-the-shoulder drop. The sneak attacker was thrown to the ground. He was hurt, but his heart felt wonderful. Look, Kitten Ping already cared about him!

Taking a punch was worth it!

However, even though the two were very skilled, the number of enemies was too many. Soon, there was a third wave! This was fighting a war of attrition. 1 They were close to the edge of the electronic fence, and it was unlikely that either the delegation of several schools or the Blues they were fighting would be in this area.

“Ping Mo, should we call for reinforcements?” Pei Yutu fought and retreated, as he calculated in his mind, These people are like locusts and can’t be cleaned. This wasn’t the way to go on. I can hold on, but what about Ping Mo? The way he looks, he’s already a bit worn out. This kind of physical exertion, not to mention for an omega, even an ordinary beta couldn’t hold up.

Ping Mo bit his lips, but didn’t answer immediately. He was also torn. Calling for additional staff was certainly a solution, but first, far water can’t quench the thirst of the near, and second, if the additional staff really arrived as scheduled, he wouldn’t see what the flower delivery person left him as a ‘surprise.’ How would he explain everything to the students as a military instructor?

However before Ping Mo could make a decision, the tide of battle turned once again.

White Hole arrived. 

In fact, both sides were wearing camouflage uniforms similar to those of the Reds and Blues, but with opposite temperaments. It was immediately obvious that this group was White Hole’s pirates.

The purpose of the pirates and the camouflaged men was the same, to capture Ping Mo alive. Instructor Ping had a bright idea, and whispered to Pei Yutu, “Give up resisting.”

Pei Yutu didn’t understand at first. “What?”

Ping Mo, “They won’t kill me. You protect yourself. We’ll save our strength first.”

Teaching Assistant Pei wasn’t slow to react, and quickly understood what Ping Mo meant. “You mean, we wait for them to snipe?”

Then they could reap the benefits of the fisherman. 2This was a dangerous move, but was also the only way. At this time the situation was critical, regardless of whether a call for additional staff could be rushed over immediately.

Ping Mo pretended to be physically exhausted and was grabbed by a camouflaged person. At almost the same time, the pirates from White Hole rushed over to grab him, and fought with the camouflaged person.

Ping Mo’s physical combat moves were filled with a ruthless strength, like a knife that would scare people, but he could pretend to be weak. Although most of that came from his appearance.

Instructor Ping, as an omega, was medium-size with slender bones. Underneath his always tense, thin, powerful muscles, he was like a fair and slender teenager. Put in all the bruises and blood which added three points of wretchedness, and it was easy to forget that he was brave and invincible.

Soon, both sides automatically defined him as a harmless trophy, and in order to fight for this trophy, the bloodshed began. You live and die.

Pei Yutu, in order not to interfere with Ping Mo’s performance, automatically found a position not far from him to play pacifist, but always kept his eyes on the situation, afraid that he would be hurt.

Pei Yutu found that although the two groups both wanted to catch him alive, their attitudes were different. For the group of formally trained camouflaged men, as long as Ping Mo didn’t die, it was fine. It was the other group, the pirates, who didn’t dare to hurt Ping Mo in the slightest.

In the end, it was the smaller group of pirates that won, with one of the alphas having an outstanding record. The man was called “Brother Bomb” by his peers and was tall, with a body size comparable to Teaching Assistant Pei’s. He was extremely ruthless, with a deadly blade, and had some of Instructor Ping’s style.

Ping Mo noticed that this was the only person who took dozens of the camouflage people down. This person’s ability to fight alone was very strong. If he was a Raptor, he would be a top soldier.

Just as he was thinking that, in the next moment, Brother Bomb took Ping Mo personally and received the spoils of war.

Ping Mo, who was already bruised and battered, took two soft steps backwards, as if he was terrified, but Bomb was in a good mood and snickered, “You’re really a beauty. No wonder your husband told me not to hurt you. Such a beautiful face, who wouldn’t be hurt if it was scratched?”

Ping Mo’s sight went past him, and thick black long eyelashes covered the beautiful gray-blue eyes. Brother Bomb couldn’t see where he was looking, so he also turned his head. “Oh, that concubine of yours? Already caught, selfishly.”

Ping Mo motionlessly shook his head towards Pei Yutu. Then he exhaled. The hand behind his back quietly pinched a new injury on his thigh. The immediate pain caused him to produce physical tears. Then he raised his head, with his pair of beautiful gray-blue eyes already filled with tears, and let out a desperate cry as he asked, “Your Sir…What exactly is the surprise that your Sir said he would give me?”

If he was an actor, Instructor Ping’s expression control could only be considered barely passable, but the good thing was that his acting skills were augmented by his features. When such a handsome white face cried, the pirates were uniformly dazzled. Brother Bomb also relaxed his guard. “Want to know? I’ll show you, right now. As for that concubine of yours, hey,” Brother Bomb smiled. “Let him watch, and then kill him.”

Ping Mo quietly reached for his waist to close around his weapon, then slowly released it. Without moving he exchanged looks with the ‘captured’ Pei Yutu. They obediently followed them to the legendary ‘surprise’ location.

In front of him was a metal wreck similar to the old industrial units in other parts of Legacy Base, but at Bomb’s command, his men removed the camouflage. Pei Yutu was expecting to see a sickening bouquet of gilt roses, but his imagination was still poor.

It was a flying machine decorated with those flowers.

“Fuck. This taste is too vile.” The captive surnamed Pei was sure he had been diagnosed with “gilt rose allergy.” He wanted to vomit at the sight of this stuff, and also wanted to punch someone, so he turned his gaze to Ping Mo and asked, “Can we do it now?”

Ping Mo, however, remained steady. “What does that mean?”

Bomb, “Your husband had something happen at home, so he couldn’t come. He asked me to take you back.”

“Where to?”

“To take you home.”

Again, Pei Yutu could not resist the urge to punch someone, but at that moment, the smell of sweet omega pheromones suddenly exploded in the air.

There was no warning.

Pei Yutu violently broke free from his restraints. Ping Mo’s cheeks flushed red, and he glared at Bomb in shock and anger, but the group of pirates also looked at each other.

Bomb even took two steps back in panic. “What’s wrong with you?!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. “Attrition warfare is a military strategy consisting of belligerent attempts to win a war by wearing down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous losses in personnel and materiel”
  2. 鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利 – “If a snipe and a clam are locked in fight,it is only to the advantage of the fisherman.” Means letting mutual enemies beat each other up while you take the rewards.


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Thanks for translating, the T/Ns and editing.

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