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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When the topic came up, Pei Yutu stopped talking.

At the time, Ping Mo had still been in the most uncomfortable time of his bonding heat. His consciousness was blurred, but the request to “find an alpha to mark him,” and “any alpha will do,” but not Pei Yutu was obviously an instinctive request.

Pei Yutu knew that Ping Mo didn’t have a heart, but he himself didn’t want to go deeper into the matter, so he said vaguely, “I don’t want to know.”

Ping Mo lifted his face and turned his head, “?”

“What are you looking at? Never seen a handsome man before?” Pei Yutu pressed his head back, and also tweaked his cat ears. Then, as if in anger, he squeezed Instructor Ping’s buttocks into various shapes, like he was kneading white dough.

The most difficult time of bonding heat had already passed, but the love affair was so intense that Ping Mo was still limp and weak, and had no energy to fight with Pei Yutu and let him toss and turn him.

Ping Mo remained lying on his back, put his chin on his elbow, shook his cat ears and said to him, “If you had found a random foreign pirate, I could have killed him without guilt, but I can’t kill you.”

Pei Yutu’s ‘kneading dough’ movement paused, and it took him a moment before he cleared his throat to ask steadily, “You mean, you didn’t look for me because you can’t kill me?”

He suddenly remembered that he had discussed the topic of complete marking with Instructor Ping, and Ping Mo’s answer at that time was “If I’m unfortunate enough to be completely marked by someone, then I would kill him.” Proud Instructor Ping, how could he accept being tagged by an alpha? How could the only Raptor captain accept that he was involved with an alpha?

When he got this answer, Pei Yutu had mixed feelings in his heart. It ironed out his happiness but at the same time there was some guilt. He wanted to say ‘don’t worry, I will be responsible for you’, but he knew it was probably the last thing Instructor Ping wanted to hear.

He had to shut his mouth and continued to ‘knead the dough.’ Ping Mo actually thought it was a little comfortable, like doing horse slaying chicken, and became drowsy. He heard the massage master finally open his mouth, “Ping Mo.”

No response, Pei Yutu simply gave his buttocks a brisk slap, then received a glare. Teaching Assistant Pei gave a satisfied, heated smile, and then pretended to carelessly ask, “If the mark wasn’t me, would it be Cheng Cheng?”

Ping Mo said without thinking, “He wouldn’t dare.”

“What if he did?”

“Pei Yutu, are you a fifteen year old girl?”

Pei Yutu said, “I’m not a little girl, I’m a jar of vinegar. The kind with a large capacity.” He asked unrelentingly, “If he did, would you kill him?”

“…” Ping Mo, “Yes.”

As a subordinate, the most important quality was loyalty. Even if that couldn’t be guaranteed, if he violated his superior, then he definitely would be killed.

Pei Yutu was satisfied. Outside of Instructor Ping’s line of sight, the corners of his mouth rose wildly, as he thought gleefully, I really am different in his heart!

“And what if it was Leng Li?” Teaching Assistant Pei asked addictedly.

“She’s too afraid.”

“What if she just forcibly marked you?”

“No end to it?” Ping Mo felt a headache, and actually felt an inexplicable illusion, this was as if he was a poor man being interrogated by his new wife about his exes.

The new wife, who was nearly 1.9 meters, had a small heart. “Why can’t you say anything? Can’t I ask?”

“…” Instructor Ping was so annoyed that he said perfunctorily, “Leng Li just likes to take the things she says too far, but I have always treated her as a sister.”

Oh no, the sister card. This card was similar to the ‘good guy card.’ Pei Yutu was a little satisfied, but not satisfied enough. Was Ping Mo avoiding the question? So he changed the question, “Do you prefer a handsome alpha male with sunshine, or a female alpha with big breasts and heavy makeup?”

“…” Ping Mo was finally so annoyed that he couldn’t stand it anymore, and didn’t even want to receive the ‘horse-killing chicken’ anymore, so he rolled over and sat up, but as soon as his butt hit the mattress, his handsome face scrunched up.

“Is it bad? Does it still hurt so much?” Pei Yutu immediately stopped asking questions, and quickly picked up the person in his arms. Instructor Ping sat on his lap. “It shouldn’t. The swelling has gone down, should I look again?”

“You can’t look at crap!” Instructor Ping was so embarrassed his entire body was red. His skin was originally pale white so the red halo made his skin turn a beautiful cherry pink. In order not to be checked, his long tail tightly clamped his legs together and his two long legs also tensed up.

“Why so embarrassed? I will take a look for you.”

In the end, Ping Mo didn’t stop Pei Yutu from checking. With this look, both became heated once again. Ping Mo didn’t know how many times Pei YuTu ‘checked’ and how many times it became swollen again. It wasn’t until the diaphanous blue sky had darkened, and the room was full of grapefruit scent.

Ping Mo also didn’t remember when he lost consciousness. When he woke up the next day, he still felt sore and limp. His waist felt like a company of war mecha lined up and repeatedly crushed him. His back felt overly ravaged and was hot. With the slightest movement, it hurt, which caused him to frown.

He thought that having sex once after a permanent mark would be the end, but he was really too naive.

This could not be completely blamed on Pei Yutu. Last night Ping Mo experienced what was called pain and pleasure, when his consciousness was blurred, he even actively cooperated. It was just that a top alpha’s physical strength was too amazing.

Wait! Wasn’t he seriously injured?

Ping Mo propped himself up on his elbows and tried to crawl out, but Pei Yutu took him back into his arms, and grunted dazedly, “Baby, sleep a little longer.”

Who the hell is your baby?


“Ugh!” Pei Yutu covered his head, now completely awake, and looked up in anguish. “That’s domestic violence!”

“That is intentional injury,” Instructor Ping corrected with a scowl. He lifted the covers again which he had found in the mecha tank’s walking bag, then examined Pei Yutu’s arms and back.

Pei Yutu didn’t know what to expect, thought Kitten Ping was admiring his fit body, and so he was peacocking his muscles, “How does it look? This body is okay, right? With my clothes off, I look so much–”

“Pei Yutu,” Ping Mo interrupted him. “Your back doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Yesterday, Pei Yutu had used his flesh and blood to support the collapsing ruins and to that degree. It wouldn’t be simple trauma, organ damage was inevitable. When he carried Ping Mo to the vehicle, Ping Mo could still smell the heavy scent of blood.

From his performance yesterday, he was really brave, so there should be a lot of injuries for his sake.

Pei Yutu touched his back and felt a handful of scabs. He moved his shoulder blade, “Yesterday I thought the bones were cracked and that I hurt my internal organs. Now it doesn’t hurt much.”


Pei Yutu’s heart experienced a surge of warmth. Look, his Kitten Ping was concerned about him! He was just a tough talker, but he still thought about him, cared about him. This caring was like, was like also love?

“You don’t have to worry, I’m in good health!” He smiled ambiguously. “You should know well how strong I am.”

“…” Ping Mo, “Did you recover from your previous injuries so quickly?”

Pei Yutu didn’t care much. “It depends on the kind of injury. Your brother has crawled out of the dead, has thick skin, and a fortunate life. I took a bullet and also survived, so maybe yesterday it was only a superficial wound.”

Pei Yutu’s idea was in line with normal human perception. Otherwise there was no way to explain healing so quickly.

Ping Mo thoughtfully touched his arm. It still had a circle of gauze on it where Pei Yutu had bandaged him after he had been injured in the red-blue skirmish yesterday, after he had captured the leader of the blue army.

“Enough about that. You’re hungry, right? I’ll go to the mecha to get some dry food out. What do you want to eat? Nutrients or porridge? You have to eat something soft. Nutrients are too hard to eat. Or I could cook porridge and add a little canned meat. It’d be nutritious, and good for digestion.”

Pei Yutu was still talking, as he created a warm atmosphere of home life, which almost made him forget that this was the crisis-ridden Legacy Base; as if the two were on a trip.

Not only that, Teaching Assistant Pei also took it upon himself to give Ping Mo a kiss on the cheek before he left. After the kiss, without giving him a chance to react, he turned around and ran away on unexpectedly light feet, like a 1.9 m child.

Ping Mo, “…”

Instructor Ping didn’t get angry, just rubbed his face in frustration, and wrapped up tightly in the small quilt.

What the hell was going on here?! An omega’s body was really hard to control when he was in heat. Now that he had somehow slept with Pei Yutu, what should he do in the future? What kind of attitude should he take with him?

A superior and a subordinate? Comrade-in-arms? A fuck buddy? It couldn’t be a couple, since a couple should like each other. Did he like Pei Yutu? Ping Mo thought long and hard, but couldn’t find an answer. He grew up alone in the E Group, scared and lonely. After adolescence, he was in a state of panic with a big secret. How could he know what it was like to be in love?

He only knew that even if Pei Yutu had marked him, he couldn’t kill him.

Did Pei Yutu like him? Not really. He might like his body, he might like a beautiful omega, but there were so many beautiful omegas in the world, what was so special about him, Ping Mo? He didn’t think he was pretty either. How could white skin and big eyes be called beautiful? A man should look like the kind of masculine beauty that Pei Yutu had… 

“Damn! Ping Mo! Ping Mo, come out here and look!”

Pei Yutu’s loud voice, full of masculine beauty, interrupted Instructor Ping’s thoughts. Ping Mo rolled out of bed, stepped on the ground, and couldn’t help but wrinkle his face again. The long tail behind him also curled up. He quietly rubbed his buttocks, and exhaled a breath before putting on Pei Yutu’s jacket, and walked out barefoot.

The moment he pushed the door open, Ping Mo was shocked by the view in front of him.

In theory, this location was the inside of the electronic fence, at least dozens of kilometers away from the fence border. It should have been gravel, abandoned laboratories, and factories. But what caught the eye was green. Overnight, mutant plants had invaded here, and these plants were very different from those on the main planet.

For example, the magenta mushroom with fluffy white polka dots at the entrance that was taller than Pei Yutu, or the unidentifiable vine that was devouring their mecha tank at a rate visible to the naked eye. The mutant creatures of Legacy Base were truly living up to their name.

Instructor Ping was dumbfounded when a white light flashed in front of him. It was a rabbit as big as a small pig, with two long fangs glowing with a cold light. Ping Mo instinctively reached out to draw his knife, forgetting that these were Pei Yutu’s clothes, while Pei Yutu instinctively blocked Ping Mo, and shielded him behind him.

“Watch out!” Ping Mo blurted out.

The two of them didn’t forget the fierce reputation of the mutated creatures in the deserted base, and tensed their muscles to be ready for a battle with the monster. However, instead they watched as the rabbit passed over their heads and pounced on another rabbit, then immediately started mating like nobody’s business.

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Pei Yutu coughed lightly. “It’s the nature of rabbits.”

Then he wrapped Ping Mo into his arms with a start. “Oh, why are you dressed like this? What if people see you?”

Ping Mo, who was wearing a camouflage jacket that was too big for him, squeezed a sentence out of his teeth, “What do you think?”

Pei Yutu remembered his own feat of tearing other people’s clothes yesterday, and his heart was weak. He looked for a remedy. “Actually, it doesn’t matter. The base is so big, and now that everyone is scattered, how could there be anyone here?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a heartbreaking scream came from the grass. “Help! Is there someone up ahead? Please help me!”

The man did not know what horrible thing was chasing him, and he was running out of weapons. He had stepped on the grass and scared away two shameless rabbits. However, when he got close and saw Ping Mo, the man’s face became even uglier, as if Ping Mo himself was a horrible beast, then he looked like he wanted to turn around and run.

Ping Mo was also shocked, and was about to make a grab for the man, when Pei Yutu got the jump on him. Before anyone could react, he kicked him in the chest, and nearly made him vomit blood.

“Where the fuck are you looking? You don’t want to look at me, do you?” To see an omega undressed and still fucking stare, and then blindly look your eyes out!


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September 15, 2022 4:39 am

What a funny chapter, where PM’s feelings were opened up quite a bit.
Weirdest sounding massage enjoyed by PM on his buttocks; can’t kill PY; PY acting like a teenage girl; lots more sex. They’ve come a long way in a short time (excuse the pun 😏).
Who is this that’s turned up (not Bomb I hope) and if a vine has eaten their mecha, how will they get back? PM needs clothes at the very least!
Loving this.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 16, 2022 12:19 pm

They are so cute. Can’t wait until Ping Mo realizes his feelings for Pei Yutu so he can freely reciprocate all the feelings, actions and words that Pei Yutu has been dishing out. Thank you so much for translating! 谢谢!

September 20, 2022 9:33 am

STOP SLAPPING! It is neither an expression of love nor sexy, it merely humiliates the other person =.= This is only acceptable if you are in a relationship and both parties agree to it!

Thank You for the new chapter (。’▽’。)♡

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