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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Oh, yes, yes. A temporary mark, I’ll help you first.” Pei Yutu licked his lips. He felt that the more he licked, the drier his lips became. “Then mark you, and you can go again. But time waits for no man. We can only get through that small hole.”

The screams outside the collapsed ruins gradually stopped, but the sounds became more and more noisy, as if more and more people were gathering, Pei Yutu could even feel that someone was starting to dig.

Maybe the students had arrived, or maybe those who had survived the lab collapse were looking for him. Either way, it was time to get Ping Mo to safety.

Pei Yutu looked at those watery gray-blue eyes, and felt reluctant to part, not knowing if he would see them again. If he had the misfortune to be here in glory, would the heartless little one still remember him?

“Ping Mo.”

Ping Mo twitched his cat ears, “Hmm?”

“If the conditions here don’t allow it, you close your eyes.”

Pei Yutu, with the metal roof and the invisible but substantial electronic protection network, formed a solid triangle angle. Outside the protection network was the green ‘primeval forest’, but all living things, even a leaf of grass, couldn’t pass through, so it formed a closed space.

In the narrow space, the two people’s breaths intertwined, and the tequila scented alpha pheromones were spicy with ambiguity.

Ping Mo’s body was soft, his cheeks were hot, and the burning reaction also slowed him a beat. Very seriously, he asked, “Why?”

Pei Yutu said coaxingly, “You’re supposed to close your eyes when you kiss. That’s the rule.”

“Okay.” Instructor Ping, who was in heat, was so well-behaved that his eyelashes twitched, and he closed them tightly.

In fact, for the ‘temporary mark’, they had slept in the same bed, and had intimate physical contact. However, Ping Mo never kissed him, as he always called it “disgusting.”

This was their first.

Pei Yutu almost religiously kissed Ping Mo’s lips. Instructor Ping’s lips were thin and cool, but unexpectedly soft and sweet.

The sweet grapefruit scented Instructor Ping was, for once in his life, obedient. The cranky devil military instructor was now at the mercy of others, and remained motionless. Only the cat ears and long eyelashes gently trembled. Without knowing whether it was nervousness or eagerness, Pei Yutu couldn’t wait to immediately eat this person completely. He was afraid that he would lose control, but in turn, he couldn’t escape in time.

After he closed his eyes, Ping Mo’s senses were infinitely magnified. He felt the lips on his were hot. Their intertwined breaths had a heavy impact on his ears, and even his heart was rumbling, as his blood hit his temples. Subtle movement was also clearly discernible, and he could even hear the rustling sound of the wind rolling leaves.

The tequila pheromones were becoming more and more rich and sweet, which stimulated every inch of Ping Mo’s peripheral nerves. He was in a period of intense heat, and instinctively thirsty for more, but he felt the hot lips suddenly leave.

Ping Mo opened his eyes in confusion, and saw Pei Yutu was staring straight ahead.

“Ping Mo!” he lowered his voice excitedly, “Can you try and get out?”


“I saw a leaf being blown in by the wind. The protective net may have broken.”

Pei Yutu was bracing himself against the collapsed board and couldn’t move, Ping Mo tentatively reached out his hand and it really did go through the electronic protective net! How could this protective grid suddenly break?

This thing had been running smoothly for decades, and there had never been a mistake, not to mention the four Alliance higher military academies were in this place for exercises and competition. Pre-arrival inspections were bound to occur, so there shouldn’t be an equipment failure!

Outside the ruins they could still faintly hear, “He should be inside!” 

“Here. The pheromones are so thick, so sweet.”

And the sound of people and digging soon changed to screams of fear. They apparently also found the electronic protection network rupture. Although there were dangerous unknown creatures in the outside world, at this time the protection net rupture also solved their urgent needs, like helping them out.

Ping Mo didn’t dare delay as he forcibly endured the weakness of his body. Even though it was hard to bear, he struggled to climb out. Beyond the protective net, it was a completely different world. If inside the electronic protective net was the remains of the old industrial base in ruins, then the outside world was the endless primitive forest.

Ping Mo managed to get out. Pei Yutu gave a low roar, stomped his feet hard, and pushed himself out. As he flung himself onto the green grass, behind him, the abandoned laboratory collapsed, completely falling to the ground.

“Back from the dead.” Pei Yutu had just exhaled a breath when he felt his hand being grabbed by Ping Mo.

It was hot, soft, and fragrant with the rich, sweet scent of grapefruit.

“Pei Yutu,” Ping Mo said in a hoarse voice. “I suspect I’m really in heat this time with the inducer.”

“Are you trying to say that the temporary marker doesn’t work anymore?” Pei Yutu suspected he was being nakedly seduced by Instructor Ping, and he gulped, but his mouth was still dry with insufficient saliva as it burned like fire.

Ping Mo’s grip on his hand tightened a bit, but his body curled into a ball. “I need-“

“A permanent mark?”

“Yes, a permanent mark,” but Instructor Ping’s next sentence doused Pei Yutu’s burning heart. “Find an alpha for me. Preferably one from White Hole.”

“What?!” Pei Yutu suspected that he had heard wrong.

Ping Mo, however, curled back up, and sounded impatient, “Find me an alpha!”

“You mean find a random alpha?” shocked, Pei Yutu heard himself squeeze this question out of his clenched teeth.

Ping Mo curled himself up with his long tail behind him, the tip of which he waved anxiously, “Yes!”

Better still, the White Hole kind. The kind that’s guilty of ten evils and he would have no regret in killing. After being permanently marked, there was a subtle connection between an omega and alpha, with a greater desire for each other’s bodies. Especially for an omega, which was undoubtedly a fatal weakness for a warrior.

There were only three ways to release the mark; surgical removal, the alpha’s death, or being marked by a more powerful alpha. He neither wanted to be subjected to anyone, nor could he afford to kill Pei Yutu.

The best solution at this moment was to find a random outlaw from White Hole, let him mark him and then kill him.

Pei Yutu, unaware of Ping Mo’s thoughts, repeated in anger, “Any alpha will do?!” 

Then why not me?

Ping Mo felt his body lighten as his whole body was lifted on Pei Yutu’s shoulders. He exclaimed in a weak voice, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Pei Yutu took him in his stride and walked around the old lab, which was in complete ruins, towards the battle mecha. The electronic fence suddenly collapsed while everyone who had gathered in the area had already run out.

“Put…down.” Ping Mo was so sore and weak from the waves of raging bonding heat that he couldn’t speak a complete sentence.

However, he was answered with a loud slap. Now Instructor Ping’s buttocks were burning hot, and he heard Pei Yutu’s fierce two word reply, “Shut up!”

Then he shoved him into the battlefield mecha, while Pei Yutu himself got into the driver’s seat and drove off in the mecha.

“Where are you…mn…going?” Ping Mo was so impatient that he almost wanted to rub himself against the back of the seat, and his voice broke.

“Someplace decent,” Pei Yutu said. “Even if conditions don’t allow it, at least we should at least go somewhere safe where no one will disturb us.” 1

Neither of them knew how long it took to drive. Pei Yutu parked the battlefield mech outside an inconspicuous dilapidated building. He went in through the narrow door. There was a hole in the roof, but the inside was spacious, and there was even a big bed, though the sheets had long been tattered. Pei Yutu lifted the sheets off along with the dust, rolled it up and threw it away. Then he carried Ping Mo in, and pressed him into the mattress.

As soon as Instructor Ping entered the door, the room’s damp, rotten, and musty smell was replaced by a sweet and tempting grapefruit fragrance. Ping Mo went wide-eyed, as he gasped and clenched his teeth. “Pei Yutu, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Fucking you!” Pei Yutu had restrained his anger long enough. He jumped on the bed, and tore off Ping Mo’s combat uniform. The temperature of the base remnants was similar to the main planet’s late summer and early autumn temperatures. Instructor Ping, like all the others, had dressed lightly. Pei Yutu easily stripped off the shirt, and even his pants were ripped into tatters.

Ping Mo’s long tail curled up helplessly, and could only cover his key parts in the front.

“Oh? Ping Mo, this part is more honest than you.” Pei Yutu plucked away the obtrusive tail to show the already trembling, standing at attention penis. Pei Yutu caressed it with a finger, and Ping Mo immediately shivered, as a groan tumbled out.

Pei Yutu’s eyes were deep as he perched over him, and fiercely kissed Ping Mo’s lips. Their previous shallow kiss was completely different from this one. The pure androgynous scent of tequila came to the surface, dominant and rough, and even some punitive meaning.

Their saliva and tongues intertwined, tequila and sweet grapefruit entangled in one place, and when they were separated, the thin lips of Instructor Ping were already slightly red and swollen with a rich, watery glow. Pei Yutu rubbed Ping Mo’s lower lip with his thumb, as if he were suppressing anger. He said hoarsely as if aggrieved, “Ping Mo, you’re in heat but you’d rather find a random alpha to fuck you than me. Why?”

“You are different from those people. Because those alphas-mnnn!”

However, Pei Yutu didn’t seem very eager to know the answer, and he bit the instructor’s flat, cherry blossom-colored nipple.

Pei Yutu even ground his teeth with malice, and made Ping Mo’s moan seem pained. It was a bitter and sweet moan. Before Ping Mo could even catch his breath, Pei Yutu leaned down again, and took Ping Mo’s trembling penis into his warm mouth. 

Ping Mo, “Ah!!!”

The hair on the tip of Instructor Ping’s tail hackled. Since he was born, he had been single and spent more than twenty years as a pseudo-alpha. Where would he experience this? Feeling that pleasure was like a flood that had been released from the floodgates, the momentum rushed into all of his limbs.

“Pei YuTu, you…Hoo…Are you crazy? There…how dirty…How can you use your mouth…mnnn…”

Assistant Pei Yutu buried his head deeper, and suddenly sucked hard. The untouched virgin Instructor Ping was quickly disarmed.

Ping Mo almost lost his mind, and completely forgot to struggle. He was like a fish out of water, and gasped for breath as he looked at Pei Yutu. He could only see Pei Yutu spit out some of his semen, while he also smacked his lips and said, “Sweet. Grapefruit flavor.”

Ping Mo felt a ‘boom’ in his heart, and burned up as his cheeks flushed. Since he had just cum, he didn’t have any momentum to curse and said, “Gross.”

Thick-skinned Pei YuTu calmly replied, “I have a disease, and only you can cure it.”

Ping Mo inexplicably had a bad feeling, and in the next second, his premonition came true.

Pei Yutu turned Ping Mo over. The camouflage combat pants were quite slim, and even if they had been torn and tattered, they still faithfully wrapped around Instructor Ping’s round, upright buttocks and straight, slender legs.

The round buttocks popped out with a tug. The fleshy, firm and round buttocks were white and delicate like a good piece of tofu in contrast to the combat pants, which were stained with black blood and mud. They almost glowed white.

They were so white that Pei Yutu wanted to add some color to them.

Pei Yutu only felt his temples jump as thoughts began to spread like insects through his brain. 


A slap sounded against Ping Mo’s very rich fleshy upright buttocks. His white buttocks were printed with a scarlet slap mark, very lascivious. Ping Mo’s tail hackled as he gasped, “Pei Yutu, you motherfucker!”

“No, I’ll fuck you, though.”

Pei Yutu ripped all the remaining fabric off Ping Mo. Instructor Ping was like a peeled egg, complete and intact in front of his eyes.

Not waiting for Ping Mo to get up, Pei Yutu held him down. One of his large hands captured Ping Mo’s hands while the other hand quickly peeled off his own pants.

“Don’t be afraid, and don’t pucker up your ass. I’ll mark you completely.” Pei Yutu said coaxingly, “Let me bite your glands. Your pain will be over then. Your heat this time is more fierce than ever, isn’t it? Maybe because of the disaster, you’ll finally finish puberty. I will teach you to be a mature adult, okay?”

Pei Yutu was incredibly strong and Ping Mo simply couldn’t break free, not to mention that his body was honestly eager to be marked and possessed. Those different feelings were superimposed, and almost swallowed up his reasoning.

Ping Mo used the last trace of his spirit to hoarsely say, “Pei…YuTu…if you…completely mark me…it’s over…between us…”

“There will be no turning back.” Pei Yutu bit the back of Ping Mo’s neck. With the dominant masculine alpha pheromones injected, the writhing Instructor Ping completely gave up resistance.

“You could have turned your head. We won’t go back!”

Ping Mo suddenly felt a cold sticky wet touch near his entrance, was very uncomfortable and twisted his waist.

“Don’t move. Shut up!” Pei Yutu’s hoarse voice called out. “If you moan again, I can’t fucking hold back. This is your cum to help lubricate you and expand a little. It’s so that you will not feel uncomfortable.”

Immediately after, Instructor Ping felt something rough go into his body. It was Pei Yutu’s calloused fingers. Rough fingers scratched his tender inner wall.

“How is it? Does it hurt?”

Ping Mo faintly shook his head. The cat ears on the top of the head trembled, and showed he was extremely comfortable. Then he felt the fingers go from one to two to three. Ping Mo began to shake his head violently. “No, no more. Too much.”

Pei Yutu couldn’t stand this long torture. He pulled out his fingers with a gasp, but put them in front of Ping Mo’s eyes. “Look, they’re all wet like this. You shouldn’t hurt too much without lubrication.”

Ping Mo felt that his entire body was burning up and gave up. He turned his face away. “Hurry up. Speak less nonsense.” 

Pei Yutu replited concisely, “Okay!”

Immediately after, Ping Mo regretted it.

The thick alpha cock pressed against the mouth of his entrance, and had just inserted half the glans, when Ping Mo screamed, “No, no! It hurts! Get out, get out!”

This tone was like a reluctance to welcome, and Pei Yutu immediately began to panic. He couldn’t bear to withdraw, so he simply froze, stuck in the same place, and whispered coaxing words, “I’ll slow down a little, and then it won’t hurt!”

His words weren’t at all convincing, because his cock was as hard as iron, and actually gained more girth as it swelled. Ping Mo was in pain, and the cat ears on top of his head were hackled. He desperately shook his head. “No! Get out!”

Pei Yutu didn’t get angry or force him. When he saw Ping Mo was crying out in pain, he lost his mind trying to figure out what to do. He ran his fingers through Ping Mo’s hair as he soothed him. “What about your rut?”

Ping Mo was really quiet. 

Pei Yutu said again, “The first time will always hurt a little. Once I go in, it’ll get better.”

A few moments later, Ping Mo finally spoke, “…Then slow down a little.” 

Pei Yutu got the order, and really endured. Little by little, he pushed his girth in, but Ping Mo was still in pain, and felt like he was going to be torn apart by that massive cock.

Why did he decide to continue? Was this even half of it? Ping Mo remembered that once upon a time he had seen Pei Yutu’s penis when flaccid. The size of the thing was enough for an alpha to be proud of the capital, it was so big. How could being pierced with such a thing not hurt?

But now the arrow was on the string, and it was too late to regret it.

Ping Mo really couldn’t stand such torture, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Faster.”


“Hurry up! Didn’t you say it wouldn’t hurt if you came in?” Long pain was worse than short pain.

Pei Yutu had also endured with difficulty, so when he heard those words, he thrust his entire cock in.

“Mmm!” Ping Mo let out a cry of pain. Pei Yutu didn’t dare to move again. Ping Mo was like a dehydrated fish gasping for breath. He could only let out a cry with a soft, almost petulant sob, “You lied to me!”

Pei Yutu could no longer hold back, and bit Ping Mo’s neck glands, while he slowly thrust inside that warmth.

Ping Mo couldn’t help but curse the quality of the 18th company. However, because this was his subordinate now, the momentum was far less than than when he was on the training ground as the irascible devil instructor,

His curses turned into soft moans, and occasionally interspersed with, “Pei Yutu, you are too big,” and “slower,” but it only succeeded in provoking the beast. As the thrusts widened him more and more, Ping Mo almost couldn’t support his kneeling position.

Gradually, Ping Mo’s curses turned into sticky gasps and moans. The rhythm of their thighs slapping together was accompanied by a room full of sweet moans.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, does it?” Pei Yutu gasped roughly. He would like to pull Ping Mo into his arms and to the ground.

However, his violent thrusts shattered Ping Mo’s answer.

The only thing that remained was a moan that seemed to be both painful and pleasurable. The moan suddenly rose, and Pei Yutu felt the tight intestinal wall suddenly contract violently, so that he almost couldn’t stop himself from cumming.


Ping Mo didn’t answer him, but only took that moment to clench his back entrance.

“Me too,” Pei Yutu ejaculated at the same time and bit Ping Mo’s neck. He integrated his pheromones into Ping Mo and at the same time, the end of his cock suddenly swelled with a knot and stuck in Ping Mo’s body.

This was a true and permanent mark.


Ping Mo’s bonding heat was successfully calmed down. The rich sweet grapefruit omega pheromones had dissipated a lot, but the smell in this room wasn’t very fresh. It was the scent of heather after sex, which caused Ping Mo smell and recall the madness just now, and made him blush. Pei Yutu brought a basin of water from somewhere, cleaned Instructor Ping inside and out and was now staring at Ping Mo with an earnest smile.

“…” Ping Mo, “Get lost.”

“Look at you. Your voice is hoarse, and you’re telling me to leave. Does it still hurt there?”

Ping Mo shook his cat ears, and said uncomfortably, “Pei Yutu, aren’t you ashamed?”

“No,” Pei Yutu replied crisply. “I want my wife to be shameless!”

He now figured out that it didn’t matter if Ping Mo didn’t treat him well. As long as he persisted in treating him well, water would drip through the stone, and even a hard heart would be moved. Pei Yutu was confident that he would be able to stay with him for decades.

“Who is your wife?” Ping Mo furiously grabbed his military dagger. The Death Scythe had originally been stuck in his military boots, then thrown off the bed by Pei Yutu along with his clothes and pants. At some point, he picked it back up.

The knife was pointed at Pei Yutu, but he didn’t get angry, just began coaxing him like a child, “Well, well, I know you want face. Don’t shout! As long as you are willing to give me a name, calling me wife is fine too.”

Ping Mo, “…”

Ping Mo let out a long breath. In the end, it was difficult to beat a smiling man. He fiercely set the military dagger on the foot of the bed, then lay back. “Don’t say anything stupid.”

All the clothes he had to cover his body had just been shredded, so at the moment, Ping Mo was clad only in Pei Yutu’s combat suit jacket. The thin jacket was pressed against his body. It outlined the indentation at the waistline, and Pei Yutu couldn’t help but feel a little bit more excited. He lifted the bottom of the hem as if he didn’t mean to. “Let me see if it’s still swollen. I’m not sure if you need medicine.”

Ping Mo’a long tail sweeped out, which indicated an annoyed refusal, so Pei Yutu gave a serious explanation, “We can’t ignore injuries. The electronic protection network has broken, and outside the mutant plants and animals are uncontrollable. WIth the protective network ruptured, it should have also damaged the satellite communication system. I just tried them and our communicators have become scrap metal! Before we left, the military instructors’ military terminals were confiscated. Now we can’t contact each other. The remains of this desolate base are vast and sparse. Even if the rescue response is fast enough, I think we’ll have to spend a while here. If you’re injured, how can you fight?”

Ping Mo was really convinced, but still blushed. He simply buried his face into his arms, shook the fluffy cat ears on top of his head, and took the initiative to move off the long tail behind him, as he said in a muffled voice, “Then look.”

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but tug on his cat ears before he looked at the spot, and then sighed. “The swelling has gone down! It’s not red anymore, it’s pink again!”

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but think of more tricks he could do in the future, as he didn’t expect his cat to be so talented.

Then Ping Mo sullenly spoke up again, “Do you know why I refused to be marked by you in the first place?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Little TN for the NSFW scene:
    Addis, Kirio and Rara set off into the vast wide world of the internet in search of the long lost item needed to complete their lives: 3000 words of smut deleted by the author. 

    Addis issues the quest during Rara and Kirio’s midnight hours, waking them up from across the world to dig up any information and to stalk weibo comments. Rara went on a mission to scan through comments to find ways or see if anyone could send a link of the past screenshots. Kirio excitedly thought she had found the pot of gold, but when she bit into the shiny prices, it was nothing but chocolate wrapped in foil. 

    Then, a breakthrough in the cloudy skies! 

    Kirio found a hint! A small treasure map hidden in the author’s bio! 

    One must show proof of purchase of all the chapters on JJWXC and screenshot the proof to the author on her Weibo. Addis, excited, threw out screenshots of her proof of purchase like she was trying to save a dying man with rain. Kirio sacrificed herself and followed the author on weibo then dm-ed the author (first time in her life). While anticipating the response, she procrastinated at work. 

    Then, against all odds, only 5 hours into the quest, the smut was found!! Gifted to their hands by the author herself! Glorious day! 

    The entire NSFW passage from “Neither of them knew” to “this was a permanent mark” was originally never posted on JJWXC and posted onto the author’s weibo, however, the author took it down because it violated a rule for being too smutty. So, this is a passage that was deleted.



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