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Chapter Six

With that last syllable ringing through his head, clashing like ocean waves against his soul, Ren sat there on the floor, rooted to his spot unmoving. Shouta watched, biting his lip, waiting for any type of response. As they both stared at each other, their eyes motionless, both of them remembered that fateful encounter from a month ago.

“Hey Ren, it seems like we ran out of milk, can you go buy some?” Akira was staring at the empty fridge with a confused look on her face. “I know we just had some in here yesterday, where did it all go?”

Ren stared at Akira with one eyebrow lifted, chewing on the piece of toast he had in his hand. His auburn hair was ruffled and unkempt, as if he had just woken up. But the truth was, since it was Sunday, Masaki didn’t have preschool so he had slept in. After drinking a lot the night before, he had a slight hangover and could feel that his responses were delayed. He seemed to have remembered drinking something when he got home, had it been the milk?

Thinking this, he realized that he probably was the reason why they were completely out of milk for the customers.

“My bad..” Ren muttered after he swallowed his bite of toast. Akira lifted her eyebrow at him, and looked as if she didn’t know what to say.

“Whatever,” she grumbled, shaking her head, blonde hair bouncing, “just go get some milk please.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll be back.” Ren muttered under his breath and sighed before leaving the cafe to go buy some milk.

Grumbling the entire way about his headache and why he would even think about drinking all that milk after being drunk, Ren made his way to the grocery store. Once there, he decided he would go get some medicine from the pharmacy so he headed over that way. Waiting in line to get the medicine, Ren was relieved when he finally was able to talk to the pharmacist.

After receiving the medicine, Ren smiled to himself and went to go get the milk he originally came for. However, as he turned around the corner to that aisle, he collided harshly with someone. That someone fell completely over onto their butt, as did Ren.

Still groggy, Ren rubbed his aching head and looked up and over to bright teal eyes. The young man he had run into was a handsome man with light brown hair that faded up, leaving bangs and hair long enough to pull into a bun. His bright eyes were like looking into the ocean after a long day, relaxing and somewhat lonely.

“I’m so sor-” Ren didn’t finish his sentence as it had finally hit his nose. There was a scent assailing his nostrils that he had never smelled before. It smelled like fresh baked cookies with the small flare of spice in it.

Shit, Ren thought belatedly, an Omega in heat.

He felt his body heat up at that scent, and his heart pounded in his chest. Not being able to take his eyes off of that handsome face before him, Ren just stared with his mouth agape. Shouta did the same, his eyes widening as he felt his own body heat up even more than it was.

Shouta was on the last few days of his heat, and his body had calmed down enough for him to stop by the pharmacist to grab his own medicine as to not bother his parents. But at the sight of this man, and the feel of his skin against his, his heat came flaring back. His breath came out in gasps and his face flushed red.

Ren shuddered visibly, his pupils contracting as Shouta’s pheromones became stronger with each breath he took. Customers in the aisle began to chatter around them, even they were beginning to smell the leaking pheromones. If Shouta was not moved away from a public place, then there was a high possibility of attracting more alphas than just Ten could take care of.

Growling under his breath, Ren hissed, “Do you have a pheromone shot on you?”

Shaking his head slightly, Shouta said, “Instant medication doesn’t work on me.”

“Shit,” Ren growled, standing up and dragging the other man up with him. His eyes searched everywhere in the area they were in, but since they were in a store, there was nowhere to hide Shouta until his heat calmed down. His house was in walking distance, so without even asking the omega, he dragged him out of the store, his body on fire at where their skin touched.

Shouta didn’t even fight, his body was melting and his breaths were coming quicker as he began to lose himself in the feeling of that hot skin against his. He could feel himself losing all of his senses as he was pulled along, but suddenly he had some awareness.

“My house, medicine.” He panted out, his eyes dilating. He tugged Ren in another direction, both of them almost stumbling under the heat coursing through them. Somehow, they made it to Shouta’s apartment, but Shouta’s hands were shaking so much, he had to hand his keys over to Ren to unlock his apartment door. Ren’s hands were not much more stable, but he finally got the door unlocked and the both of them hurried inside shutting the door loudly behind them.

In the silence of that hall, the two stared at each other, unmoving. Their breathing rapid, their eyes dialated, and at that moment, Shouta thought, oh shit, I think he’s my mate.

Then Ren reached out and pulled Shouta to him, devouring his lips as he yanked at both of their clothes, slowly moving farther into the apartment until Shouta’s legs hit the baseboard of his bed and he fell backward. Ren was staring down at Shouta, panting, his eyes almost pure gold in that dim lighting. Shouta was limp on the bed, his shirt on, his pants half undone. Ren’s eyes followed that slim train of hair that led beyond the waistline of the pants and he licked his lips.

“I wonder if it’s tasty…” Ren whispered aloud without even knowing. Under the flames of his heat, Shouta wiggled on the bed, twisting his hips, his hand slowly sliding down his stomach to come in contact with the top of his pants. His other hand was by his mouth and he was biting his skin lightly, his face flushed and his eyes smokey. His heat was spiking the lust in his body, making him more aware of those golden eyes following his every movement.

“Hmm? Why don’t you check for yourself?” Shouta whispered sensually, his hand going further and further into the unexplored territory. Ren growled and rushed forward at the same time he ripped the rest of his shirt and pants off. He stood there in all his glory, only a pair of slim black briefs highlighting the stiff member awakening beneath his navel.

Oh, it’s big, Shouta thought, biting his finger and his eyes alight with lust. It didn’t matter that he was turned on by his heat, or that Ren was his mate, looking over that lean body, those tight abs and that auburn hair that kissed along his shoulders was enough to turn him on in itself. Ren was completely, and totally Shouta’s type. It was also the same for Ren, he could get hard looking at Shouta alone, there was no need for the extra incentive of the pheromones.

Ren reached out and pulled Shouta’s pants off until he could see the treasure beneath the fabric. He stared at the member straining against itself, shooting straight toward the ceiling in a high salute.

“It’s amazingly hard,” Ren whispered, before he moved forward and touched his lips lightly to the base of Shouta’s cock. Shouta shuddered beneath the feeling and moaned. Remembering that omegas were supposed to be ready at all times, Ren couldn’t help it as his finger explored Shouta’s lower entrance with his fingers without full insertion. Shouta suddenly became embarrassed and tried to close his legs, but Ren put a hand out to stop him, licking from the base of Shouta’s penis all the way to the top.

“I want to see the place I’m putting it in.” Ren groaned, panting. Shouta shivered and continued to bite his finger, and slowly moved his legs further apart, showing his entire self.

Displayed wide open, his abs taut, penis twitching every so often, Shouta couldn’t stop the embarrassment that flushed his cheeks. He nibbled at his finger again, waiting a few minutes in silence, just watching Ten look at him with a glazed expression on his face.

“Can you, see…?” He asked embarrassed.

“Yeah.” Ren growled before taking Shouta’s penis all the way in his mouth before moving his three fingers deep inside of his shuddering hole. Shouta squirmed beneath Ren and couldn’t help it as he reached his hands out and yanked Ren up to his lips, kissing him hard. Ren groaned into the kiss then moved away to nip lightly at Shouta’s exposed neck.

“Ah, no. I’m weak there…” Shouta cried out as Ren’s fingers hit a certain nub inside of him. Moaning out loud, Shouta almost bucked off the bed in pleasure. Without even a pause, Ren removed his fingers and replaced it with his hard member. He thrust in one go, not letting Shouta get a single breath in before he pulled all the way out and thrust in fully once more.

“It reaches so deep inside…” Shouta groaned in pleasure, his hips bucking beneath Ren. “I can feel it…” He panted, and then Ren pushed in as far as he could, hitting Shouta’s womb with the tip of his cock. “No, there…Don’t touch there…” Whimpering in pleasure, Shouta bucked his hips to try to get Ren in father even as his words said otherwise, it hurt but at the same time there was nothing but intense pleasure.

Grunts came from Ren as if satisfied by the moans coming from the person beneath him. Then he flipped Shouta over onto his stomach, his hand pushing down onto Shouta’s lower abdomen as he thrust in again and again. Shouta couldn’t help the cries of pleasure that escaped with each thrust. It was almost more than he could bear as lights seemed to flash before his eyes. Shuddering, Shouta moved his hips in accordance to the rhythm Ren set, his whimpers shaking Ren’s entire foundation.

“Inside,” Shouta cried into the pillow he was clutching as Ren hit his womb again, “that spot from earlier…”

Ren let out a breath and thrust in a faster and harder tempo, hitting that spot again. Shouta cried out incessantly, his pheromones leaking out more and more. Crazed from the scent, Ren reached over and pushed Shouta’s head down father into the pillow, revealing his pale, slim neck. As if it was in slow motion, Ren bent down and licked that pale neck.

“Ah,” Shouta cried, “No, not…yet…” But insane from the pleasure and the heat, Ren didn’t listen as he bit down as hard as he could on that pale, glistening with sweat, neck.

Shouta’s orgasm ripped through him at that contact and he cried out, arching his back, moving Ren deeper unconsciously. Even as Ren started to come, Shouta knew that he would now forever be trapped by the chains that wrapped around his neck. And in the back of his mind, he was the most excited and happy he had ever been.

It’d been only a year, but, finally, finally he had Ren within his grasp.


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I am so in love with this novel so far. Thank you Addis-sama💜

January 10, 2018 4:25 pm

Finally we know the story behind Ren and Shouta become mate.. 😍 in this so hot and sexy! 😍😍😍
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January 10, 2018 7:34 pm

It’d been only a year, but, finally, finally he had Ren within his grasp.

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Ren boi, you should accept that everything was your fault from the moment you closed the front door to Shouta’s apartment from the inside and not outside lol. Can’t help you there brah.
The scene was sexy doe, really liked it. Expected Ren to have more self-restraint though but alas we already knew the outcome of this meeting. Finally we know how it happened though.
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Sue R
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