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Chapter 303: Strict Demands

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After five days, Tong YueXu finally came out of the Cultivation Center.

Yu XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had decided against actively seeking out information on red cards.

Since even if there was an easier way to get a red card, it definitely wouldn’t be something they could accomplish in a day, there was no need for them to actively seek out such information.

The two stayed in their room; You XiaoMo occasionally refined pills, went to the Cultivation center with Ling Xiao or did some speed training in the dimension, keeping himself busy, all the way until Tong YueXu came back. Living in the room next to theirs, Tong YueXu’s return was something they were immediately informed of.

Hearing them ask about red cards, Tong YueXu didn’t hesitate to tell them everything he knew, even though he thought it strange.

Tong YueXu said, “In regards to red cards, there are two ways of obtaining one. You already know the first way: you need ten thousand points. Very few accomplish this and I doubt you have the patience, so you can only rely on the second method.”

You XiaoMo was elated. “Just as we thought, there’s another way. Quick, tell us.”

Tong YueXu said, “The second method is very competitive and you’ll have to mentally prepare yourselves. That method is The Trials.”

You XiaoMo was taken aback. “What’s that?”

Tong YueXu explained, “The Trials refers to an annual competition held in Ward A and the rewards are very abundant. The winners can chose their reward, and one of the rewards is a red card, but…”

You XiaoMo anxiously asked, “But what?”

Tong YueXu said, “But the rules of The Trials are very strict and demanding; even famous powerhouses that rank high up on the rankings might not necessarily achieve them.”

You XiaoMo was very confused.

Ling Xiao asked calmly, “There are requirements for the top five?”

Tong YueXu continued, “That’s right. From what I’ve heard, there has never been more than four who could fulfill these requirements in the past years. Some might rank high, but they might not be able to fulfill the requirements, and end up with nothing but the ranking. However, the school would still give some small rewards to encourage the students.”

You XiaoMo held his own chin. “There are so many powerhouses in the school, yet some can’t fulfill the requirement; how hard is it?”

Tong YueXu smiled lightly. “It’s just as you say. There are so many strong people in the school, so there will be many competitors aiming for the top every year. The school didn’t used to have such high standards and rules, but since the competition was so intense, there would always be casualties. Some of those casualties really had potential. So, to prevent students from killing each other, the school had to establish strict rules. Now, if you want to complete The Trials, you’ll have to rely on teamwork.”

Ling Xiao asked, “When are this year’s Trials?”

Tong YueXu glanced at him. “It’s been five months since the last Trials, so there’s another seven to go. There will be plenty of people signing up then.”

You XiaoMo declared, “No matter what, we should have a try.”

“By the way,” Tong YueXu suddenly seemed to remember something, “I forgot to say; the Trials have requirements for signing up, too, but it won’t be hard for Brother Ling. The only requirement is to be a powerhouse on the Hundred Man Rankings.”

Ling Xiao then inquired, “How are the Hundred Man Rankings ranked?”

Tong YueXu replied, “The latter fifty are ranked by cultivation level. So long as you’re a high enough level, you can get on there immediately. The first fifty are ranked by strength in battle. If you want to rank, you have to challenge someone. If you win, you can take their rank.”

You XiaoMo glanced at Ling Xiao. He really wanted to say that that was too easy.

The rankings for the Hundred Man Rankings were similar to the rankings in Ward B, very much independent, except…

You XiaoMo noticed a problem. “The Trials you just mentioned seemed to be for practitioners only; are there none for Mages?”

He had expected Tong YueXu to shake his head, but instead he nodded, “Of course there is. There was something I hadn’t mentioned yet. The Trials aren’t just for Practitioners. In fact, it is a Trial for Practitioners and Mages as one.”

You XiaoMo hadn’t understood. “I’m confused. If the competition is for both, then wouldn’t Mages be at a disadvantage?”

Tong YueXu shook his head, “It’s not as you think.”

Ling Xiao spoke up, “It’s a cooperation, right?”

Tong YueXu affirmed it, “You could call it that. Practitioners and Mages have to rely on one another, so on the competition each year, each participant has to have a Mage to form a temporary contract with and will only be released from it when the competition is over, so the Trials don’t just test Practitioners.”

You XiaoMo exclaimed in excitement, “That’s great!”

And he had been thinking it was a shame he couldn’t participate with Ling Xiao.

Tong YueXu then added, “Regarding the contract, I hear that the powerhouses on the Hundred Man Rankings have already started looking for powerful Mages to contract with though the competition isn’t in until seven months later.”

These words weren’t for Ling Xiao to remind him to hurry and find a good Mage. He knew that if Ling Xiao participated, then there was only one Mage he would contract with, and that Mage was You XiaoMo.

After Tong YueXu left, the two didn’t continue with the topic.

It was still early so Ling Xiao didn’t need to hurry into this Hundred Man Ranking. However, they could only do their cultivation separately from now on.

On this day, You XiaoMo gave the pills he had refined to Ling Xiao.

Though they had quite a few points stockpiled, but if they kept using points without earning more, they would be broke soon enough.

Today it was his turn to go to the red card zone, so You XiaoMo decided to get Ling Xiao to go and sell pills for points.

Ling Xiao had no complaints. It wasn’t the first time he had sold pills in lieu of You XiaoMo. Plus, half the pills would end up in his stomach.

The two parted outside their room and You XiaoMo headed for the Cultivation Center.

To cultivate together with Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo hadn’t gone to the red card zone yet. This was his first time.

Outside the white, circular building, there was always quite a lot of people entering and exiting. Today, it seemed his luck wasn’t very good.

Just as he prepared to line up like a normal, law-abiding citizen, chaos erupted in the line in front of him as well as the sounds of arguing.

You XiaoMo usually wouldn’t get involved in these sorts of things and prepared to turn away, but it was then that he saw Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang. The two seemed to be the main acts of this drama. He walked over curiously.

“Excuse me, do you know what’s happening?” You XiaoMo turned to a young, amused spectator.

The young man didn’t recognize him, didn’t guess that he was a new student and wasn’t annoyed, he just said, clearly enjoying the misery of those involved, “Two new students got on the wrong side of Stone Gate. They’re pretty unlucky to have met Stone Gate. Stone Gate is infamous for being unreasonable.”

Stone Gate? Was that an organization in Ward A?

You XiaoMo asked in confusion, “Isn’t the Cultivation Center a public area? Are there also specified areas for different groups?”

Hearing this, the young man scrutinized him, “You’re a new student, too? No wonder you don’t know. Though there’s no specific designation for groups, there’ll always be people who like to cut in line and the people from Stone Gate are people who always do that, unless there’s someone stronger.”

You XiaoMo then asked, “What sort of background does this Stone Gate have?”

The young man seemed more than happy to share and said, “Stone Gate is the sixth most powerful group in Ward A, and there are about a hundred members. Apparently, their creator was from the Chai Family of the Four Families of Yan City. Though that guy isn’t in the school anymore, his authority lingers, and I heard the young master of the Chai Family, Chai Zheng, has arrived.”

The Ch-Chai family?

You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes; were these devils everywhere?

Thinking of this, he immediately waded through the crowd and entered the “area of affect”. Those he pushed frowned, but revealed mocking expressions upon realizing where he was heading. What an arrogant idiot. He even dared to interfere in Stone Gate’s business.

“Brother Rong, Brother Qin,” You XiaoMo called out towards their turned backs.

Hearing the familiar voice, the two turned around in shock. Their faces split into smiles upon seeing him. They hadn’t seen each other since they enrolled because they lived in different areas.

Rong Xuan smiled, saying, “You’ve caught us at quite the embarrassing moment, Fellow You.”

Seeing You XiaoMo’s unimpressed look, they knew that he had figured out what happened.

You XiaoMo replied, “Some despicable people just can’t leave things well enough alone; it’s unavoidable.”

Rong Xuan didn’t even have the time to turn his head when Stone Gate’s people became enraged. A guy who looked about twenty five glared in anger and raged, “Who’re you calling despicable?”

You XiaoMo turned his turn to roll his eyes at the man. “I’m talking about who I’m talking about.”

The man’s eyes looked like they were about to start spitting fire. “You brat, do you know who I am?”

You XiaoMo retorted, “I don’t know who you are, but I know that you’re one of Chai Zheng’s dogs. Is he not here today? That’s sad. He won’t get a chance to see you get your ass kicked.”

The man didn’t know how to reply. He knew who this young man was now.

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