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19 Years Later

“Do you guys really have to be here?” Yuuta asked Misaki and his older twin brother, Yuuichi. “I don’t really mind Rikuo being here but, you two…”

Yuuichi was leaning against the wall with his head in his hands. Misaki was next to him with his head on his shoulder. Yuuichi was only older that Yuuta by a few minutes, and throughout the years, the two had realized that the Misakai and Rikuo brothers were their pairs. It was kind of an odd feeling, since they had always known who they would end up with for the rest of their lives. Misaki was even able to see the fate strings, so all four could not deny what the world had in store for them.

Misaki was currently in his first year of graduate college to earn his masters degree while the other three were still in their first year of college.

“My head hurts….” Yuuichi whined. Yuuta put his hands on his hips and looked over at Rikuo. Rikuo was his mate, and although Rikuo was the alpha between the two, with Yuuta being the omega, sometimes he acted as if it was the other way around. Rikuo looked much like his omega mother with striking black hair and bright blue eyes that sometimes shone with amethyst light. He shrugged his shoulders causing his black hair to fall into his eyes.

“I told them not to go drinking with Nana last night.” Yuuta looked back at his older twin. The two twins were identical with their father’s auburn hair and their mother’s teal eyes. Throughout their lives, many had tried to hit on them just for their looks alone. Yuuta had lost count the number of times they had been asked to become models.

“So basically it’s your own fault.” Yuuta sighed. “Again, let me ask you guys why you are at the daycare center?” Yuuta growled at the two drunks on his floor. Two little girls ran past the trio giggling with their Barbie dolls. Misaki groaned and turned his face towards Yuuta.

“Well, this is a daycare right? Take care of us then.” Yuuta glared at him and ran a hand through his hair. The day was going well and these drunks decided to show up. They were so lucky they were related to him.

“Alright, but on one condition.”

Yuuichi whined in his hands, “Anything! Just make this headache go away!!”

Yuuta chuckled, ‘it’s called a hangover,’ he thought.

“Pay me my hourly fee.” Yutta smirked. Misaki and Yuuichi’s heads popped up.


Yuuta shrugged and laughed. “You said anything.”

“Boo, anything within reason!!” Yuuichi shouted. Rikuo laughed where he was sitting, playing dinosaurs with some boys. Yuuta smirked and walked away leaving Misaki and Yuuichi grumbling.

“And I thought he liked children.” Misaki muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Yuuichi to hear.

“Children, yes. But Misaki, my dear, we aren’t exactly children anymore.” Yuuichi said as he waved his arm around trying to get a point across. Like his younger twin, Yuuichi was also an omega, while Misaki was an alpha. He had heard that while his mother still carried him, Misaki would often claim one of the unborn twins as his own. Sometimes, the thought of this, pissed Yuuichi off. What if he wanted to choose his own life? But, after nineteen years with Misaki, Yuuichi had learned that there really was no other person for him. Misaki was his and he was Misaki’s.

Yuuta came back with a water bottle and four aspirin. He handed two to Yuuichi and two to Misaki.

“Now, don’t overdose on these.” He muttered as he walked away. Rikuo shook his head and left to follow his mate, leaving the boys to play by themselves.

“You should have just let them suffer.” He said when he reached Yuuta’s side. Yuuta looked back at the couple who were wearing grins.

“I know, and now that I think about it, they are going to be beyond hyper when the meds kick in.”

Misaki said as he eyed the meds. “How do we know it’s not poison?”

Yuuichi rolled his eyes. “Would Yuuta kill his family in a daycare?”

“Yes.” Misaki said with a straight face.

“Shit, you’re right.” Yuuichi replied. “Oh well, it’s better than this fucking headache. Bottoms up!”

“Don’t use the F bomb!!” Yuuta shouted from across the room.

“What word?!” Misaki shouted back.

“I said the F bomb!”

“The what bomb?”

“THE WORD FUCK, YOU IDIOT!” Yuuta yelled before he stopped and thought about it.

“See Rikuo, I got your mate to use a bad word!!!” Misaki shouted at Rikuo. Misaki and Yuuichi traded high fives.

“Easy as pie.” Yuuichi said as he grinned at Yuuta. He knew everything about his twin, which included everything that would make him mad.

“Shit. Shit. SH- I mean crap no I mean ARG!! I HATE YOU BOTH!!” Yuuta yelled before turning to the children and began explaining why not to use any of the words that were said on this day.

“Ok, Yuuichi, how many children do you think we can corrupt in a day?” Misaki asked as he counted the kids.

“Oh, at least half no, more like three fourths of the class.” He said as he counted too.

“I HEARD THAT!” Yuuta yelled as he swung around.

“Shh… Yuuta, it’s nap time soon.” Misaki said in a loud whisper. “You wouldn’t want to wake up the children.”

Yuuta turned around and put his head on Rikuo’s shoulder. Rikuo patted the auburn head that belonged to his mate.

“I know. I know.” Rikuo whispered, eyeing his older brother, “They are worse than children.”

Yuuta sighed and turned to the twelve children. “How many of you would like to play a game?” He asked.

All hands went up.

“PICK ME PICK ME!” Yuuichi yelled after he stood up and jumped up and down. “Ow… my head.” He muttered.

“I guess the hangover isn’t over yet.” Rikuo whispered into Yuuta’s ear.

“I have five minutes max.” He whispered back. “And maybe they will like forts as well.”

“Forts are AWESOME!” Misaki said randomly. Yuuta’s grin grew larger. Misaki was currently being attacked by two kids. One was riding him like a horse and the other was tugging his hair. “Ow! Not the ear. I need that to listen to and hear stuff with.” Misaki said as one of them tugged his ear. “OW!!! Oh fu-” Yuuta glared at him. “Fudge.”

“I’m starting to love today.” Yuuta muttered. “All right class, I have a special project! Today, before nap time, we are going to make our own forts!” All the kids cried in excitement. Rikuo left and returned with green wrestling mats.

“You will take these mats and do whatever you please.” All the kids ran forward and grabbed their allotted amount of mats. Construction of individual forts was soon underway.

“Oh, Misaki plus forts plus little children equals something very, very bad.” Rikuo said as he noticed the glint in Misaki’s eye.

“Oh, it can’t be that bad.” Yuuta said as he watched Misaki with a weary stare.

“Oh, it can.” Rikuo said.

“And it will.” Yuuichi said as he stood next to them. “I’m not even going to try to stop him.”

“Well, fudge.” Yuuta muttered.

“RAWR!! Misaki-zilla attacks the defenseless forts!” Misaki shouted as he chased the little children around.

“How in the hell can he not have a bad hangover?” Rikuo wondered out loud as he watched two kids run away in fake fear.

“I wonder about that every time we drink.” Yuuichi said.

“Oh no!” Misaki said as two kids jumped him. “Misaki-zilla is attacked by two mini rangers! He cannot escape!”

By the time all of the children were exhausted, it was nap time. Yuuta wanted to laugh when he walked over his brother and Misaki passed out in each other’s arms on the floor, sleeping soundly. Their arms were wrapped so tightly around each other that one could barely tell where one of them began and the other started. From above his brother, Yuuta had a knowing smile spread across his lips at the sight of a brand new bite mark that was a flaring red on the back of his neck.

Yuuta shivered in his coat as he and Rikuo stepped out into the chilly January air before he smiled up at Rikuo when he put his arms on his mate’s shoulders. Yuuta grinned when Rikuo took his mouth in a deep kiss. He released a breath when he pulled his mouth away.

“You know we are still in public, right?” Yuuta whispered, all the children around them were still sleeping.

Rikuo grinned, glancing around quickly. “If we do anything indecent, it will make Misaki and the others run farther away.”

Yuuta smiled into Rikuo’s next kiss. “You’re right,” he muttered against his mate’s lips, “that may be for the best.” He smirked when Rikuo bit his lower lip.

“But,” he said, “I don’t want to get arrested on the most perfect day of my life.”

“Thus far.” Yuuta muttered grinning at the old joke. Rikuo chuckled.

“Thus far.” He repeated taking Yuuta’s hand. Pausing again, Rikuo lifted his hands to his lips and blew some warm air on them. “Your hands are freezing.” He whispered against their intertwined fingers. He rubbed their hands and then kept Yuuta’s left hand in his when he said, “Put them in your pockets, I don’t want to explain to Yuuichi why his little brother is missing fingers tomorrow.”

“We will just tell them a story about crocodiles.” Rikuo’s eyebrow rose, and he watched Yuuta put his hands in the pockets of Rikuo’s jacket, taking his left hand with his.

“Crocodiles? I must hear about this story you plan to tell.” Rikuo smiled and waited, watching the expression on his face when the back of his left hand hit the present in his pocket. He let go of his mate’s hand watched as Yuuta froze, before Rikuo pulled out the velvet box, and his mate gaped like a fish out of water.


Rikuo chuckled and closed Yuuta’s jaw with the tip of his finger, taking the velvet box from his trembling hands.

“Shhh.” Rikuo laughed, opening the box to show him the white gold ring nestled inside. His jaw dropped again, his entire body was trembling and his eyes misting over.

“Yuuta. You’ve dealt with me for the past nineteen years, and although we know we were destined to be together since day one, I want to ask, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” Yuuta trembled, his body frozen, and eyes wide as he waited for the words. “Yuuta, will you marry me and forever be my mate?”

Although the two of them had been together since they were born, they had yet to actually form a mated pair bond. When they were both still in high school, they had sat down, after finding out their sub genders, and had decided that they would wait, because no one knew what the future could bring. And, so, even to this day, the two had connected in every way except by creating that everlasting bond. They had both wanted to be sure, even if they loved one another, they were still unsure of their own futures.

Smiling, Yuuta crossed his arms over his chest and stared up at Rikuo. “Thank God you didn’t put the ring into my glass because I would have swallowed it.” Reaching his arms out, Yuuta put both of his hands on Rikuo’s cheeks. “But wouldn’t that have been an interesting story to tell our children.”

Rikuo chuckled and kissed his mate. He wanted so badly to mark him right then and there like his brother had done to Yuuichi the night before.

“Don’t worry, our children already have many stories of your klutziness.” Yuuta groaned and laid his head on Rikuo’s chest.

“I hope our children don’t inherit it.”


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