Only Mine Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty One (End)

“T-t-twins…” Kichirou was staring at Shouta completely dumbfounded. The five of them were gathered at Shouta’s parent’s house. Chika and Osamu were also in the room as Ren and Shouta had decided to tell everyone at the same time. Where Chika looked absolutely excited, Osamu had lost some of the color from his face as he stared at his son.

Kichirou was the most active, running to Shouta after being dumbfounded with an overjoyed expression on his face. “Congratulations! If you need help, just ask me!”

Shouta laughed loudly, “They’re due around the same time as your baby is, I’m pretty sure you’ll be too busy to help with Misaki.”

Misaki was currently sitting in Osamu’s lap, holding on to the bigger man’s yukata and playing with the sleeves. He was giggling to himself as he shoved his face into the opening, disappearing to only pop back out.

Suddenly, with Misaki in his hands, Osamu stood up, the table clattering as his knees hit it. “It’s decided!” He yelled as Misaki giggled.

Everyone else in the room was startled. Ren looked at his future father in law with an odd expression. “What’s been decided?”

“Before those babies are born, the two of you will move here and I will help with my grandchildren.”

Chika clapped her hands, “Oh, that is a great idea. The sooner the better.”

Ren and Shouta had such differentiating expressions that Jun laughed. Kichirou looked at his husband then at his good friend. “I also think it’s a good idea. Misaki alone was a handful, so I can only imagine two.”

“Ren?” Shouta looked over and noticed the conflicting expression on his face.

Ren finally sighed. “Whatever will make it easier for Shouta, I’ll go along with it.”

Osamu lifted Misaki up in the air, making the small child giggle as he said, “Tomorrow then!”

“No, no, no. That’s way to soon!” Ren spit out, not liking that idea.

“Why not? I want to spend time with my son!”

“You’ll have plenty of time to do that later!”

“Those who are getting along well.” Kichirou laughed as he said this to Shouta.

There was a content smile on Shouta’s face as he watched the two argue. It was a pleasant sound, the two fighting over him with love in their every word. “This is the greatest future.”

“You’re right. And the two of us will do our best to bring these children into this world to the best of our abilities.” Kichirou chuckled even as Jun’s hands lightly caressed his back.

Shouta said hoarsely, “What did we do to deserve them?”

Kichirou sighed, “The same thing they did to deserve us—nothing. We were ourselves and that was enough.”

Seven months passed by in a flash. When Shouta was nearing his third trimester and his belly inflated so much he wasn’t allowed to work did the two finally move in with Shouta’s parents. Osamu was like an old maid, fluttering here and there to anything and everything Shouta said.

Ren would wake up earlier than normal and open up the cafe. Any food he had left over would be brought home with him for the rest of those in the house to eat. The two did not want to find out the genders of the babies so only their doctors knew. They had two names picked out for each gender so that no matter what the twins ended up being, they had a name the minute they were born.

The night Shouta’s water broke, surprisingly, Kichirou’s broke as well. The two were in the same hospital with their respective mates being yelled at throughout the entire time.

Kichirou gave birth to another small boy. The couple names him Rikuo because that was the name Misaki had picked for his little brother.

Four hours later, Shouta gave birth to two twin boys. They both had Ren’s auburn hair and what looked to be their mothers turquoise eyes. Yuuichi was born first, he came screaming into the world. Yuuta was born second, and he silently watched everything around him even as his brother screamed.

Both couples knew that even throughout the strong winds, heavy rains, bright sunshine or the snow flurries; throughout all of their ups and downs, they could do anything because they were with their mates.

Six months later

Misaki lay on the small bed with his little brother and the two small twin boys. Even as the four peacefully slept, bright red, glittering threads wrapped around them connecting Misaki and Yuuichi and the other connecting Rikuo and Yuuta. The four little boys were connected to each other by fate. But this is a story for another for another day.

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  1. 😭😭😭 I’m so sad should part away from this story.. 😢😢
    I did not expect this is the last chapter.. 😢 but then I also happy Shouta and Ren life happily now and they have twins! 😍
    Well the twins is not long will be belongs to others though.. 😆 hehehehhee
    I’m curious which one alpha and which one omega between Rikuo and Yuuta.. 😀
    And I don’t want burden you but I really want more stories about Misaki x Yuuichi and Rikuo x Yuuta.. 😢 surely they will cute! 😁 Hehehe
    I just want you know if you have plan to make more about their stories I will absolutely read and support you.. 😊 *but I don’t have intention to burden or preasure you
    Thank you Addis for this wonderful, cute, sweet, hot, and great story.. 😊😁

  2. Sob Sob I like this so much I’m so sad that its over it was so fluffy and sweet where am I going to get my sweet & fluffy fix (sobbing) nothing else I’m reading is at this level of cute Thank you for all your hard work 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. I am so sad that this is the end of the story. I wanted it to go on and on, waiting anxiously for the the next chapter to appear.
    I thought of so many conflicts that could happen, extending the story; i.e.: someone from a rival yakuza attacking the heir, Koutarou regaining himself and plotting Ren’s destruction again, a member of Shouta’s own group attacking Ren out of jealousy…
    So many things that could have happened.
    Now that it has all come to an end, I can’t wait for the children’s stories.
    Good luck Addis. I am always looking forward to any story you write. They are just soooooo gooooood. Thank you for all your time, effort, and the wonderful stories.

  4. I had been checking everyday for updates and I’m SO HAPPY to see the update today. THIS IS TOO CUTE. ❤❤❤❤❤ I looove it thank you addis for this wonderful story :’) The ending was so cute man :> and awwww the babies found their fated person so early on ❤ imagine the shenanigans lololol.

  5. Its the end!! I feels like just yesterday when i read about you wanna make a story about ren and his mate. Time really flew fast when you enjoying it.
    Thank you for this story addis 😚😚😚 even though its ended now, i feels like they will always having their own story some where in my fantasy. 😄😄😄 well maybe if you wanna write the continue of the story then it will be different story 😊😊😊😁😁😁

  6. This was such an amazing, beautiful and heartwarming story ❤
    I love your writing style and characters you create.
    And the end is just gorgeous.
    I’m waiting for these little ones’ story 💕💕💕

  7. I do not agree with this. No Addis. You can’t end it yet. That was too short. I just started reading this whole thing last weekend. I was soooo excited on what could happen next and what their future conflicts would be like. I was so excited when you updated. Omg, how will I survive after??? I mean, yeah mangas may suffice. But they don’t update quite as regularly as you. And you deliver the best cheesy stuffs, which I soooo love. Because dammit if my boys don’t deserve to just cuddle and be domestic. Which, no offense to mangakas, sometimes what a fujoshi solely needs. (Or maybe that’s just me.) Nonetheless, I hope you do write more. I do have a thing for the omegaverse genre. The sad fact is, only a few are being made and fewer are the good ones to read. And you just deliver them in a manner which I dig so much and what I’ve been searching for in this genre.😋😋😋

  8. Super cute! Thank you for bringing them to the adorable ending. I’m a sucker for happy ending!
    I adore omegaverse genre (whethe in comics, fanfics, or original stories like this) and would love to read more. Thank you again!

  9. I just want to say, please, Please, PLEASE, keep writing, Addis. Your stories are fantastic and I love all the characters, their struggles and their happily ever afters. I finished both stories in two days, because I was so immersed in them, that I didn’t want to stop reading until the end. You are an amazing author, and I can’t wait to see what new worlds spring forth from your talented brain.

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