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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si had forgotten how long it had been since he’d been back, and after he left three years ago, he never thought about coming back. After all, the only person who could hold him here three years ago was Jian Nian, and after Jian Nian ‘died of a heart attack’ he had no more reasons to come back.

Carrying a travel bag that he would usually use for work, Shen Si stepped on the snow and walked back with his hands in his jacket pockets. His home was in a small, run-down county; it was a small place, with no features. It was a combination of urban and rural counties that could be forgotten immediately after hearing about it, and the slightest thing could be spread from east to west on the same day.

Shen Si grew up here, and lived here alone after his parents died.

He walked all the way to the entrance of the neighborhood. Before Shen Si went in, he was stopped by the guard of the gate, although this was an old neighborhood, it was close to the school, and the price of housing had always been high. The entrance to the neighborhood had always had a guard at the gate.

“Hey, who are you?” The guard looked at Shen Si suspiciously, “Where did you come from? Who are you looking for?”

Shen Si looked at him for a moment before speaking, “I live here.”

“Liar.” The guard was obviously not convinced, “I’ve been watching the gate here for more than two years, how come I don’t remember that you live here?”

“But I really live here.”

“I don’t believe you, unless you find someone to prove that you really live here!” The guard was adamant.

Shen Si looked at him helplessly for a moment, and then took out the key from his pocket, which had the room number on it, “Look, I have the key in my hand, if I don’t live here why would I have the key?”

Find someone to prove that he really lives here? Forget it.

After his parents died in the accident, he inexplicably became the scourge of the area, and all sorts of rumors spread, as if everyone was sure that he was the one who killed his parents, and all sorts of people who called themselves witches and fairies kept saying that Shen Si was the scourge, causing him to be ostracized in school.

Of course, there was nothing to say about the simple school violence, and he was never threatened. That’s why he and Jian Nian were able to be together. Because they were both ostracized in this environment.

“Even having a key doesn’t mean you’re from here.” The guard stared at the key in his hand, “You’d better find someone to prove it.”

Shen Si lowered his head, and just then, barring a sound, something fell to the ground behind them. Shen Si and the guard looked back, and about two meters behind them, a woman in a red down coat looked at Shen Si with wide eyes, and the bag in her hand fell to the ground.

“Shen… Shen Si?” the woman looked at Shen Si, even her fingers were trembling a little.

“You are?” Shen Si looked at her, trying to recognize who this person was after three years.

Unfortunately, she didn’t give Shen Si this opportunity, the ear-piercing scream came, the volume that almost stung the eardrums made Shen Si subconsciously take a step back. He looked at the woman slightly confused, not knowing why she was screaming.

The woman stepped on her high heels, picked up the bag and ran over to Shen Si with a scowl on her face, throwing the bag in her hand at him.

“Why did you come back? You calamity! Scourge!” The woman’s tirade reached Shen Si’s ears, “Everyone connected to you is dead! Do you want to come back and get us all killed?”

Shen Si looked at her, and by her grimace, Shen Si finally remembered who this person was.

His neighbor, a very gossipy woman who lived not too close, was a full-time wife, and had two sons. After Shen Si’s parents got into the accident, she visited Shen Si a few times, but soon there was a rumor, and people everywhere said that Shen Si killed them. Later, Shen Si learned that she was the one who spread the rumor by spicing up to the story.

Although he didn’t understand why this person did this, Shen Si did see a deep disgust and fear in her expression.

“You killed so many people, why don’t you go die yourself?!” The woman’s tirade continued, “No one related to you will end up well, it’s all your fault!”

Shen Si looked at her puzzled, and soon several people gathered around her, among them the woman’s husband ran over, pulling the woman, “What are you freaking out about?”

“He’s back!” The woman pointed at Shen Si, “He’s coming back to kill everyone!”

The man froze, he looked at Shen Si. After reacting, he gave the woman a slap, then smiled apologetically, bowed towards Shen Si, then pulled the woman back through the crowd.

By the way, Jing Lian seems to be somewhat related to this woman’s husband. Currently, Jing Lian should be in the Special Unit Hospital, because he had privately embezzled the company’s money and was unable to make up for it, it seemed that after the treatment was completed he would be taken away by the police, and would face more than ten years in prison.

Looking at the backs of the two men leaving, Shen Si suddenly spoke, “Legally, that house is in my name, you have no right to keep me from coming back, unless you are prepared to pay to buy it out, in which case tell me in advance how much you are prepared to pay.”

“You!” The woman grimaced and turned back, her face twisted, “You!”

Not listening to the woman at all, Shen Si left directly through the crowd, he crossed over two people and walked forward, neither his footsteps nor his breathing fluctuated in the slightest, as he looked completely unaffected.

The guard looked blankly at Shen Si’s back as he left, and after a moment he looked at a familiar person next to him.

“Who the hell is that person? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

“He, ah, is the owner B Building’s 3rd floor 02, a pretty miserable kid.” The inquired tsked twice, “His parents and relatives were in an accident, and he’s been alone since. He hasn’t been back after going to college. I heard that ah, someone said that this child was ostracized by everyone at that time. That woman was one of those who did this to that child, and seeing the child show back up, grown, it’s hard to see him.”

The guard frowned, “What feudal superstition idea, how are accidental deaths the child’s fault?”

B building, 3rd floor, 02… Maybe he would send up some bacon over. The child was pitiful being alone. 

On the third floor, Shen Si frowned slightly. In front of his doorway on the floor, there was a pile of messy things. Those people living around him had piled up miscellaneous things. Did they really think he would never come back?

Stepping directly over the pile of clutter, Shen Si inserted the key in his hand into the keyhole, and just as he was about to open the door he froze for a moment.

The door was unlocked?

The next instant, a warmth different from that of the outdoors rushed out directly.

Walking into the room, Shen Si closed the door. He looked around and noticed the large furniture was covered up with dust cloths and it looked no different from before he left. He used his finger to touch the cloth, His finger was immediately stained with dust, and it also didn’t look like someone had come in.

Did he forget to lock the door when he left three years ago? He didn’t think so.

Continuing on, Shen Si walked to his room with his bag on his back, and just then he saw that the door to his room was slightly open, and the moment he approached it he heard the sound of someone breathing.

Was there really someone?

Shen Si looked inside, but the gap was too small to see anything, so three seconds later Shen Si directly pushed the door open, and saw the person lying on the bed.

After standing in the doorway for a few seconds, Shen Si sighed helplessly as he walked into the room and stood by the bed. The person on the bed didn’t notice his arrival at all and was sleeping quite peacefully.

“Running into someone’s house by yourself without their consent, I really don’t know when you got such a hobby. Jian Nian.”

Survivors were always very alert, especially S-Rank Survivors, if Jian Nian was a careless person, he would have died in the unlimited flow world. The moment Shen Si opened his mouth, Jian Nian realized that there was someone near him, and the moment Shen Si said his name, he opened his eyes, and then there was a five-second-long stare-down.

“Shen Si?” Jian Nian sat up from the bed, “Why did you come back?”

“If I hadn’t come back I wouldn’t have known you were living in my house.” Shen Si looked at him, “I don’t think I let you stay here, right?”

“It’s because you always hide the key in the same place, I come over to stay for the night when I have no place to go, today was an accident.” Jian Nian laughed a little as he handed Shen Si the key in his hand, “I can leave now if you don’t want me here.”

After taking the key from Jian Nian, Shen Si looked at it and then looked at Jian Nian, who still looked a little dazed, as if he was not awake.

In fact, Shen Si didn’t have the habit of hiding the key, until now only this one key, and had only hidden this one key until now. He only told Jian Nian about the place because Jian Nian would occasionally run away after his parents scolded him, and then he would stay at Shen Si’s house for a few days.

This key was left for Jian Nian.

Looking at Jian Nian, who seemed to have fallen back on the bed, Shen Si stuffed the key in his hand into his pocket, and then turned around to arrange the dust cloth on the furniture. If he was going to stay here for a while, he couldn’t keep the dust cover on.

After Shen Si walked out, Jian Nian slowly opened his eyes, his dark eyes stared at the ceiling, before he turned his head to look at Shen Si’s back. Shen Si wouldn’t want to come back here under normal circumstances, after all, this was Shen Si’s very annoying past. For him to think of this place must be because something happened and it was more trouble than being here.

Sitting up from the bed, Jian Nian pulled open the window and watched the sunlight cast through. He squinted his eyes slightly, and in the window directly opposite, there was a person who pulled the curtain up instantly after seeing him.

Although only for a moment, Jian Nian still saw the person’s panic.

It seemed that Shen Si was rumored to be a calamity after his parents passed away. At that time, Jian Nian’s health was not good. He was sick for a long time, and he was dizzy, so he didn’t really understand.

But why in the world would Shen Si be talked about like that? Was it simply because his parents had an accident? Was that enough to convince those people?

“What are you looking at?”

Jian Nian blinked as he turned his head and Shen Si stood in the doorway looking at him, “Come and sort things out when you wake up.”

“Huh? Okay.” Jian Nian pulled up the curtains.

He’d ask Shen Si when he had time.

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