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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The rice left in the cupboard and the eggs in the fridge that hadn’t gone bad barely made a bowl of sticky fried rice with eggs, but he had put too much water in and the rice was soft like porridge. Shen Si turned on the TV to the noon news, and the TV was broadcasting the latest events.

The traffic problem was worse due to the heavy snow, but if things went well, the traffic would be reopened tomorrow and the next day; the playfield problem was still the top priority. The news of the Special Unit and the Inspection Unit wouldn’t only be released on the forum, but also be highlighted on the news again, and finally, the situation abroad.

To be honest, the whole world was suffering from the ravages of the playfields, especially the crowded places where a playfield was highly likely to appear. Countless people had left their homes, making the chaos spread.

“It’s like the end of the world.” Shen Si chewed his mouthful of fried rice and murmured. He had just eaten half a bowl of rice when his cell phone rang. Shen Si blinked as he picked up his phone and glanced at it, slightly relieved to see that it was Yi Mingzhi.

Luckily it wasn’t another insurance salesman.

“Hello?” Shen Si picked up the phone, “Yi Mingzhi?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Yi Mingzhi smiled, “I heard you were recently hospitalized? You should stay home from now on, don’t wander around.”

Shen Si answered, “Have you found a new job?”

“Pretty much, I’m not starving.” Yi Mingzhi coughed, “Actually, I’m calling to ask you one thing, do you have a good relationship with those people in the Special Unit? And also with Jian Nian as your friend, I thought I should ask you.”


“Have you heard of that Survivor organization, the Underworld Trade Union?” Yi Mingzhi’s voice filled with a little helplessness, “The people there are pestering me to join their organization. Before I was an ordinary person, and now I’m a Survivor but I am still really annoyed.”

Shen Si: … 

“Ah, this matter.” Shen Si subtly touched his ears, “I also have been annoyed by the Underworld Trade Union, asking me to join them, although I immediately refused.”

Yi Mingzhi was silent for three seconds before sighing, “That’s not really even the point, the point is, Shen Si, the fact that I entered the playfield and became a survivor, no one knew about it except my family. I spoke with the Special Unit before I left, and the Special Unit specifically told me that all of this would be kept secret. Why would those people know that I was a survivor of a playfield?”

Shen Si paused, he put the spoon back in the bowl, then stood up from the couch, “Is it possible that it was unconsciously leaked out or guessed?”

“No way, I don’t know any of those people, they have no reason to know about it.” Yi Mingzhi said, “Moreover, people in that organization not only know that I am a survivor, it seems that they also know that I have awakened my ability, so they keep looking for me.”

“… Yi Mingzhi, you have awakened your ability?”

“You see, even you didn’t know.” Yi Mingzhi helplessly shook his head and smiled and spoke, “Now you understand, I don’t know where my news has been leaked.”

The Survivor’s news was leaked, maybe others Survivor’s news was also leaked, this matter if it went on, it would be a devastating blow to the Special Unit.

“Of course, I am not saying that this is because of the Special Unit, I know very well that the Special Unit is an organization that is trying to help us, and I relied on them to stay alive when I was in the hospital, that’s why I am calling to ask you.” Yi Mingzhi’s voice was a little low, but it was full of sincerity, “And Shen Si, be careful, and also, thank you for saving me at that time.”

“No need to say thanks so solemnly, in that case as long as you were a human, I would choose to offer first aid.” Shen Si walked to the balcony, eyes looking at the snow outside the window, “I will help to convey this matter to the Special Unit, once there is news, I will immediately tell you.”

“Understood, you must be more careful. My details leaked, so yours should have been as well…”

Shen Si sighed, “To be honest, I really don’t think I have any good news. Is there any benefit to knowing my information? Can you pick up money knowing it? Why would so many people do something that doesn’t have any benefits?”

“Who knows?” Yi Mingzhi laughed and hung up the phone.

Tucking his phone into his pocket, Shen Si looked out the window. Just then, a light hit Shen Si’s eyes, only the light was fleeting. Shen Si moved his eyes and there was only a white, white expanse in front of him, tilting his head slightly, the clock stopped behind him, and time paused.

During the time pause, he sat back down on the couch. Then time began again, as if nothing had happened.

Outside the window, the man holding the camera blankly removed his white hat, he rose from the snow and proceeded to look at his camera.

“Where is the person?” He poked at his camera screen, “I clearly saw him on the balcony just now.”

How could he disappear in the blink of an eye?

Shen Si sat on the sofa and ate the rest of the fried rice while calling Xia Leyu. In the Special Unit, Ning Yangze, as the team leader, had always been very serious, but Xia Leyu was slightly milder in character or otherwise, and exchanged contact information with Shen Si before he left. Of course, Shen Si wasn’t going to make this call when there was nothing going on.

“This is Xia Leyu of the Special Unit Group, may I ask who you are?” Xia Leyu yawned heavily. He was so tired because he had to work overtime, and even his voice was a bit disheveled.

“Shen Si.”

Xia Leyu rubbed his eyes, “Mr. Shen ah, have you gone home? Is it to report peace?”

“No, there is another matter.” Shen Si seriously replied, “Just now Yi Mingzhi called me, saying that he was pestered by people from the Underworld Trade Union, as if his information was leaked, does your group know about this matter?”

“Information leakage?” Xia Leyu couldn’t help but groan, “Another news leak.”

After Xia Leyu’s words, Shen Si understood. The information leakage did exist, and the Special Unit had already noticed, Xia Leyu’s overtime should be due to this matter, but thinking about it, the Underworld Trade Union was doing it so openly, of course the Special Unit would notice.

“All right, given that you are not considered irrelevant now, I will tell you one thing.” Xia Leyu’s voice was serious, “We have been investigating this matter of information leakage, the person who stole the information is still unclear, not only your former colleague Yi Mingzhi, at the time we noticed, your information was also leaked.”

Shen Si blinked, “Mine? My time ability?”

“Yes, so we didn’t update the information afterwards and transferred it to a paper file.” Xia Leyu burrowed out of the pile of information, “Be prepared, there will definitely be Survivor groups to contact you.”


“Of course because you are the only one who has awakened the ability of time.” Xia Leyu put the information he had just turned up on the table, “Don’t be presumptuous, Shen Si, your ability is at the top of the list even among senior Survivors, and that group of Survivors all have one characteristic.”

“Seeing one’s ability as the only criterion of judgment.”

But was it necessary?

Shen Si put down his phone, and looked at his palm. After a moment, he looked at the balcony. The flowers on the balcony had just been watered, but they still looked a little wilted because of the lack of water.

…So troublesome.

After finishing the rest of the rice in the bowl, Shen Si put the bowl in the kitchen, but since he didn’t really want to clean the bowl for the time being, he put it aside to clean later.

Lying on his back on the sofa, Shen Si began to think about the current situation.

The collapse of the unlimited flow world was the first thing that happened, then the return of the Survivors, the birth of the Special Unit, then it was confirmed that the playfield would open in the real world. Ordinary people had a small probability to obtain the ability in the playfield and the country, with the Special Unit and other people’s efforts, was still considered stable, not even the social order was broken.

After the situation stabilized, some Survivor organizations gradually appeared. Originally, in the unlimited flow world, Survivors would gather together like the Underworld Trade Union and Parasite, and in order to adapt like Night, there were still more organizations hidden in the dark.

And now, it seemed that these organizations would come to him because he had awakened the ability of time? Shen Si, who didn’t like contact with strangers at all, looked at the ceiling with a blank expression.

How about going out for a while? But where would be the best place to go?

The house that his parents left behind was his old home, but he wondered if the people who kept calling him a plague would say something annoying.


“Yes? He’s already back from the Special Unit, it’s good.” Lin Chao slightly hooked up the corners of his mouth, his already undignified face looked extra sinister because of this smile. He sat on the chair, but his voice was full of sincerity, “Make sure to get him to join our organization. By the way, make sure to focus on telling him Xi Luo is here when you do so. The probability of us being able to get him is greater than other organizations.”

There was a gum-chewing girl who wore a pitch-black leather jacket and her eyes showed a very bizarre purple color; if you look closely you will see that her eyes had huge pupils, “Why would you do that? That’s just an ordinary person who awakened his ability by fluke, right? We have the S-Rank Survivor, why do we have to fight for this person? Just because he’s related to Xi Luo?”

“Don’t think like that, the more powerful people there are for us, the better.” Lin Chao smiled and soothed her, “To become the biggest organization in the present world, Survivors alone won’t work at all. We have to get him, someone who is in the middle of being an ordinary person and a Survivor.”

The girl who didn’t understand at all blew a bubble, then waved her hand perfunctorily, “I know, just need to get him to join, right? I’ll go now.”

Watching the girl disappear at the door, Lin Chao slightly hooked the corners of his mouth, “It’s so smooth, it’s almost like the heavens are helping me. Soon, with his information, even overpowering the Special Unit is just around the corner!”

He didn’t even notice the black butterfly on his suit, nor did he know that someone had already heard all his words.

Xi Luo pushed the finished paper away, then sighed.

The Special Unit had just sent him a message, and they said that Shen Si had left directly after asking Bai JunYi to watch the plants on his balcony, and saw that he had bought a ticket, intending to go back home.

So, if the woman just ran to harass Shen Si, the only one she could come across was Bai JunYi.

He hoped she would be polite, otherwise Bai JunYi might directly bury her in the snow.

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March 31, 2021 2:34 pm

No no no don’t let her be polite, Mr. Bai please do bury her in the snow!
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 31, 2021 10:19 pm

Why do I get a major “cannon fodder!” vibe from this Lin Chao and his soon-to-be-snow-buried female friend? And seeing how only Mr. Bai is able to say that Shen Si used his ability, those people won’t stand a chance. And Xia Leyu, hang in there, your overtime will finally end. Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 15, 2021 8:47 pm

Ha, ha, ha… that very last bit 😆 🤞🤞
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Poor Shen Si just wants peace to play with his plants but he keeps getting dragged into trouble.

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