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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Whether or not there was a real problem with time, Shen Si was right, no one but Shen Si could have detected it, and now there was an additional Jian Nian, but Jian Nian wasn’t going to tell anyone. He would always choose to be on Shen Si’s side, and he certainly wouldn’t tell the Special Unit when the situation was not in Shen Si’s favor.

“By the way, there is one more thing about why that woman came to your door and set fire to your house.” Jian Nian walked backwards with a playful smile on his face, looking like he wanted to be complimented, “Maybe it has something to do with this.”

Shen Si looked at him, “Did you threaten someone?”

“How can you call that a threat? I neither hit him nor scolded him, I just asked the question gently, and he answered me gently.” Jian Nian said, “The old man said he saw you on his balcony returning home with blood on your school uniform, but soon heard that you were at the scene of the accident. Did you go home that day?”

“In my memory, I didn’t go home, I just remember being taken to the police station with the police.” Shen Si put his hands in his pockets, “You really didn’t get into trouble?”

“Huh?” Jian Nian tilted his head, he was really beautiful, the feeling of sickness on his body only deepened his exquisite looks. In the snowflakes, Jian Nian’s face was even more dazzling than the star on the billboard next to him, a person who was hard to forget when you see him.

“Shen Si, are you worried about me getting into trouble? I’m so happy.” Jian Nian smiled happily in the snow, “Shen Si, does this mean that you still care about me?”

Shen Si looked at him expressionlessly, and after a moment he lowered his head, “Can you talk to me in a normal tone?”

“Isn’t this normal?” Jian Nian turned around, his hands in the pockets of his jacket. Shen Si could see that he was wearing only a thin shirt inside in addition to his jacket. It was too thin, did he not feel the cold?

“Where are your clothes?”

“Aren’t I wearing clothes?” Jian Nian unbuttoned to show Shen Si his inside clothes, “With no long-term residence, I also didn’t buy many clothes, so this is enough.”

It was like he was living like a homeless person… 

When Jian Nian grabbed his hand just now, Shen Si did feel that Jian Nian’s hand was as cold as ice. This guy had been sick for so many years, but at this time, he didn’t know how to treat his body properly, did he think he wouldn’t get sick after becoming a Survivor?

When he returned home, Shen Si took off his jacket, he shook his body and felt relieved when his body became warm, then he looked to the side, Jian Nian had already made it to the sofa and even turned the TV on. Shen Si walked over, reached out and touched Jian Nian’s bare hand, then was stung by the cold temperature of his hand. It was cold, but it felt like it was warming up.

It was a little strange that Jian Nian didn’t seem to have any concept of temperature, and it was a little abnormal. Even though he had gone from the extremely cold weather into the room with heating, his body didn’t change. He was in the winter weather, wearing thin clothes and running around, and his body being as cold as ice didn’t affect him. 

“Shen Si what are you doing?” Jian Nian looked at him, and after a moment he pulled up his sleeves. Exposing his pale wrist, “Do you want to touch it?”

“No.” Shen Si turned around and walked into the kitchen. Yesterday he had put the kitchen in order, although there was no food in it at all, he first needed to see what was missing, and would later go to the supermarket to purchase household goods.

In the living room, Jian Nian pulled his sleeves down, then he leaned his whole body on the back of the sofa.

“I thought you wouldn’t come back here.” Shen Si spoke as he counted the items in the kitchen, “You should hate this place more than I do.”

“For being socially dead? Being treated as a heart attack death or even all being written off?” Jian Nian laughed, “Wouldn’t that be more interesting for someone who had been treated as dead suddenly appeared in front of them? People with ghosts in their hearts will immediately explode and spit out some true statements, I’ve seen it before.”

“Is that why you came back?”

“Sort of.” Jian Nian tsked, “Actually, I was contacted by them before, saying something about making up for me, hoping I could forgive them and other remarks. I wanted to come and see what they were fighting about, but it turned out to be the most mundane things.”

Shen Si gave him a look, “You’re an S-Rank Survivor, it’s normal for them to want to rely on you.”

“Yes, that’s it.” Jian Nian nodded with amusement in his voice, “Do you know what I saw when I went back? They called the police, hoping they could rely on the law to identify me back, telling me that they and I are family and should love each other, a joke I could laugh at for a year.”

Shen Si took note of what was needed before walking out, “Wanna go out shopping together?”

“Hmn?” Jian Nian froze for a moment, “With me?”

“Yeah.” Shen Si went into the room and looked for the clothes he had brought back, because he didn’t plan to stay long, he had very few clothes with him, just a change of clothes and a jacket. Throwing the jacket to Jian Nian, Shen Si spoke, “Change into this jacket.”

Giving a weird look at the clothing in his hands, Jian Nian then looked down at his own thin windbreaker jacket. He nodded then, without the slightest hesitation, took off the clothes and threw them to the side.

For him, nothing was necessary, except Shen Si, he could give up anything else.

Jian Nian hadn’t been out with Shen Si like this for a long time. Three years ago, Shen Si broke up with him and left to go back to school, and that was the last time they went out together.

Shen Si was really a very good lover, as long as Shen Si decided to do something, he would go do it. He would give Jian Nian maximum tolerance, would care about Jian Nian’s body, would remember and give Jian Nian everything. He would do everything possible for Jian Nian, as long as… it was the right thing to do.

That was why Jian Nian liked everything about this person.

There were not many people on the street, the snow was still falling sparsely. Shen Si walked on the street, Jian Nian walked side by side, but the distance wasn’t close.

Although it seemed that they got along quite well, Jian Nian wasn’t confident that he could approach Shen Si at will. Shen Si was a very indifferent, but very determined person, he didn’t change his mind easily, let alone become indecisive.

So there was still a long way to go.

The weather was really cold, and his bare hands were stung by the cold wind. Shen Si turned his head and looked at Jian Nian, who was also carrying a bag, but he didn’t seem to feel the cold at all. His knuckles were red, marks from the bag’s tight handles, but otherwise, he didn’t even shake his fingertips.

As expected, Jian Nian’s perception of cold was very low.

Was it because of what he encountered in the world of unlimited flow that he was like this?

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been out together like this.” Jian Nian suddenly spoke, “Can I still come out with Shen Si in the future?”

Shen Si looked at him and didn’t say anything.

“So, no?”

“Are you asking this question because you think I’m in a good mood now?” Shen Si looked at him helplessly, “But in fact, I’m in a very bad mood, all your requests are not necessary for me to grant, do you understand what I’m saying?”

Jian Nian looked at him, and after a moment he nodded, with a little despondency in his eyes “…I understand.”

“If you don’t do anything to cause me to get into trouble, then you can stay at my house, or you can go out with me.” Shen Si suddenly changed the subject, “I’m afraid you’ll freeze to death outside.”

Slightly stunned, Jian Nian looked at Shen Si, but unfortunately Shen Si didn’t intend to repeat or explain, and didn’t even look at Jian Nian. Looking at Shen Si’s back, Jian Nian smiled. He carried the bag in his hand to follow Shen Si, but the smile on his face was obviously more real than just now.


Shen Si didn’t like to go out, and he came back this time because he was avoiding trouble, so there was no need to go out, and the afternoon was spent playing a mobile game.

The time passed quickly, and in a flash it was evening. Jian Nian’s body wasn’t much better than an ordinary person’s, so this time being out in the cold for so long without fever was lucky enough, not to mention that he didn’t sleep all night last night in order to interrogate the old man. Around eight o’clock, he was sleepy enough to go back to the bedroom to sleep.

Shen Si was the only one left in the living room.

Looking at the time going forward, Shen Si stood up from the sofa. He glanced through the window across from his home, after a moment he reached out and pulled up the curtains of the window. If the opposite side could see him in the house, it would be from the balcony that he saw this side, in the room closest to the balcony.

He stretched out his hand and the clock floated in the air. The clock trembled for a moment, then turned into points of light and coalesced around his hand.

The image kept rotating, and Shen Si pulled the point of light back, all the way to the day he remembered.

His impression was that he didn’t return home, but the old man across the street said he saw him at his house. If he really wasn’t home, the time template wouldn’t have appeared, because the ability to view time was limited to Shen Si’s surroundings, and the only thing he could detect to manipulate was what was happening around him.

With a click, time reached the location of the event, Shen Si looked at the image in the air, he couldn’t see the specific information, but… 

It was indeed a viewable state, but it was true, in one of those two flashbacks in time, he was at home.

With his hand hanging down, Shen Si lowered his head slightly.

“How far do I have to be in control to see the memories of that time?” Shen Si murmured, “I don’t think it’s a good thing to care about the past, but if a person doesn’t have a past that exists, then there’s not much reason for him to exist as a person, so, as much as I hate it, I still want to know what happened.”

With those words, Shen Si stretched out his hand, pressed it down towards the point of light, and he could see the point of light was trembling, as if something was about to jump out of time, followed by a not so loud explosion. The point of light quickly disappeared, as if it never existed in the first place.

“Shen Si?” Jian Nian, who heard the sound, came running out of the bedroom.

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he lowered his head to look at his hand, blood running down his wrist to his fingertips and falling drop by drop onto the floor.

Sure enough, it wouldn’t be that easy.


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April 5, 2021 7:00 pm

Shen Si being indifferent is mainly Jian Nian’s perception of Shen Si, I think. Shen Si wouldn’t be that unemotional, to the extent of not caring for another. Or Shen Si’s sudden worry for Jian Nian is out of his perception of what is right and wrong?

Such a complicated character. 🤔

April 5, 2021 10:51 pm

Why is that incident so much different from what he remembers? It’ shouldn’t be possible and yet… I hope that bleeding is nothing serious.

Thank you for the chapter!!

May 18, 2021 1:17 pm

Fascinating, although complicated.
Thank you for translating.

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