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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The white bandage was wrapped around Shen Si’s wrist, but it was soon stained with blood, the red on the white looking unusually conspicuous. Jian Nian frowned slightly, he untied the bandage, and then re-applied it to stop Shen Si’s bleeding.

It wasn’t that Jian Nian hadn’t been injured in the world of unlimited flow, almost every senior Survivor had some emergency bandages to stop the bleeding.

The good thing was that Shen Si’s injury wasn’t in an important location, and it was only grazed by the explosion, slightly more pressure on the wound would stop bleeding. Jian Nian unwrapped and sprayed the iodine on, then rubbed some medicine on it, and only then did he rewrap the bandage. Shen Si was quietly sitting the whole time without any expression.

“What just happened?” Jian Nian put the rest of the drugs back in order, “Obviously there was an explosion but I didn’t see anything else damaged here.”

“It’s okay.” Shen Si leaned back on the back of the sofa, “It’s just that I accidentally didn’t manipulate the time properly and caused an imbalance.”


“Yeah.” Shen Si sat up, “Before leaving, Team Leader and I talked, and he told me that every ability with S-Rank potential isn’t strong at first, and even seems to exist like a light. Due to this, S-Rank Survivors abilities can become stronger step by step, mastering their abilities. Unlike you, my ability was overwhelming from the start, it evolved too quickly; so quickly that I had trouble following its evolution.”

Jian Nian blinked, “The ability went out of control?”

“That’s it.” Shen Si nodded, “I can’t fully control this ability for the time being, but it’s still evolving at an unimaginable rate, even to the brink of collapse. I can barely suppress it now, once it can no longer be suppressed, I may be controlled by time.” Shen Si’s tone was very nonchalant, the way he narrated it was also unexpectedly calm, as if telling an insignificant story.

But why so calm? Being controlled by an ability? Isn’t that a very scary thing?

Jian Nian had seen Survivors consumed by their powers, and it wasn’t unusual for anything to happen in the world of unlimited flow, including, of course, those who couldn’t control their powers, and they often ended up dead. The ability for the Survivors was really just a self-protective prop, an alternative natural skill given to each player by the unlimited flow world to keep the game going, but when this self-protective ability became a burden, it was only a matter of time before problems arose.

“Is there a solution? Did you discuss with Team Leader He?” Jian Nian hastily inquired.

Shen Si looked up, “I need to go into a playfield.”

“What?” Jian Nian stood up, “Is the only way to stabilize your ability is to go into a playfield?”

“I don’t know, probably just make my ability control a little higher, completely keep up with the evolution of the ability is almost impossible.” Shen Si’s voice was calm as he looked at his bandaged wrist, then fell back onto the couch, “I don’t know why, but my ability and a playfield seem to present a great fit, so the degree of mastery will be higher in a playfield.”

“It’s too dangerous!”

“I also think it’s dangerous, so I didn’t try it.” Shen Si sighed, “It’s so strange, obviously I shouldn’t live such a life, playfields and all, how come it can’t leave my life?”

Jian Nian opened his mouth, after a moment he closed it and carefully sat next to Shen Si, about a minute passed before Jian Nian spoke slowly, “Why haven’t you told me about this before?”

“Was it necessary?” Shen Si looked at Jian Nian, “There is no solution even if I tell you, then it’s better to just leave it like this and try to enter a playfield when I can’t bear it, there is no difference.”

“You have no concept of your own life?” Jian Nian somewhat naggingly spoke, “Whether it’s into a playfield or whether your ability will go out of control, Shen Si, you seem to have always had a strange attitude towards life. In non-essential situations, seemingly completely unconcerned about staying alive.”

Shen Si froze for a moment, he blinked, “…What?”

“No one is as calm as you are when they know they might die.” Jian Nian’s voice was a little lower, slightly husky, “I don’t really recommend you go into a playfield, even if you are very capable. No concept of your own life, not much sense of self-help, once or twice is okay, but I worry that one day you will…”

Jian Nian didn’t continue to speak, but Shen Si knew what he meant, he realized that he was just worried that he would die in the playfield because he had little Survivor awareness. But, was he really so devoid of survival?

Shen Si fell into silence, he began to think about the way he had been behaving, thinking about his own code of action, and finally concluded that… 

Jian Nian’s brain was thinking too much.

There should be no one better than him to tend to avoid harm, filled with rational satisfaction of living, none of his actions neglecting life.

The most beneficial, the easiest, probably… and the most uninteresting.


The Special Unit hadn’t been idle, as they had been investigating the Survivor who was suspected of having electricity or cyber abilities. This person had been in frequent contact with the organization Underworld Trade Union, a lot of information about power-users and survivors was provided by him to this organization, he and the organization had been in a state of cooperation.

“So, still haven’t found out what he looks like?” Xia LeYu squatted in the warehouse and ate noodles while talking to Xi Luo.

“The other party is very cautious, even if the exchange of messages is put on the network, using a virtual image, the voice has also done voice change processing, not very easy to distinguish.” Xi Luo’s voice was a little low, “I saw that the name he used for contact was: Right, yes, the ‘right’ of ‘left and right’, nothing else has much reference value.”

“The contact name is Right, but I’m not sure if it’s something he’s always used or just taken at random.” Xia LeYu took a sip of noodle soup, “Okay I got it, thanks for your help, you can leave anytime if you don’t get anything else.”

Xi Luo spun the pen in his hand, “Is that okay?”

“No problem, this in itself is the problem of our Special Unit, it’s our fault for not finding out in time, you’re already thankful for helping us spy to this extent.” Xia LeYu glanced at the mountain of documents behind him, “I’m checking the paperwork now, I’ll definitely get some insight when I’m done.”

Xi Luo raised his eyebrows, and after a moment he spoke, “Mn, there is one more thing I think I can tell you.”

“Hmm?” Xia LeYu blinked, “One more thing?”

“I saw his hand.” Xi Luo remembered the man who was covered with numerous layers, with only one hand quietly on the keyboard, “His right ring finger had a slight sign of irregular trembling, it should have had a fracture or some other injury.”

Xia LeYu blinked, “A right ring finger fracture?”

“Not sure about the gender.”

“Got it.” Xia LeYu hurriedly nodded, “After this I will screen out people with injuries to the right ring finger, and I will definitely find this person this time!”

Hanging up the phone, Xi Luo packed up his textbooks, then stuffed them into the backpack next to him. He walked inside with his backpack, with little extra expression on his face, but because of his young age, he had a childish look, with the energy and vigor of youth.

At this time, a black butterfly flew over, Xi Luo looked at the butterfly, as it fluttered its wings and landed on Xi Luo’s finger, and the next instant, a set of images was transmitted to Xi Luo’s mind.

Lin Chao threw a tantrum, the ground was full of broken porcelain, only a mirror was spared, Xi Luo saw the picture of Lin Chao running to the mirror, he reached out and knocked the mirror, his face still had residual anger.

“What should we do next?”

The Lin Chao in the mirror made the same expression and said the same words. Just at this moment, suddenly, the mirror’s surface shook for a moment, at which time, the Lin Chao inside collected the shocked anger on his face, and compared to the Lin Chao outside the mirror, he looked extraordinarily cold and mechanical in the mirror.

“Can’t find that person? If you want to proceed to the next step, you must get that person to join in.”

“But…” Lin Chao hands against the mirror, “We don’t know where he ran away to, the Special Unit concealed it very tightly, even ‘Right’ cann’t find out for the time being!”

The Lin Chao in the mirror sneered, “It’s okay, he will be found, don’t rush.”

The black butterfly instantly dissolved into a cloud of black and melted into the air, Xi Luo put down his backpack, and looked to the side as if he was looking at something strange.

Sure enough, Lin Chao was not the real leader of the organization Underworld Trade Union.

The real leader of this organization was actually Lin Chao’s ability, the ‘Lin Chao’ in the mirror.

On the other hand, after hanging up the phone, Xia LeYu started to look for the ability with the injury on his right hand, hoping to get some information from it. Just then, his phone rang, so he hurriedly climbed out from the pile of files, and it took him a full half minute to find his phone.

“Hello, this is Xia LeYu from the Special Unit.”

“It’s me.” Shen Si sat on the sofa, his voice calm, “It’s like this, can I ask if there will be a playfield opened in the near future?”

“Uh? A playfield?” Xia LeYu hurriedly glanced at the caller and made sure it was Shen Si before he blankly continued to ask, “Are you serious, Mr. Shen? You’re asking me about a playfield? I remember that you have never been very fond of getting involved with playfield matters.”

Shen Si responded, “That’s true, but now I think I can try, maybe I can make my ability control a little stronger.”

“But why?” Xia LeYu looked at the center of the file, “When you were discharged from the hospital and Team Leader and I said that you need to go to a playfield to increase your ability, you said you wouldn’t do it unless you couldn’t hold on. You said that you would try only then to go into a playfield to find a way to control the ability. It’s not yet to this degree, right?”

Shen Si silent for a few seconds, a moment later he sighed slightly, “Actually, it’s okay, except that suddenly I found a reason to use the ability, although it’s not that urgent to say the least.”

“Since it’s not urgent…”

“I just wanted to try it out.” Shen Si glanced at the balcony where Jian Nian stood, the cold wind blowing his coat, but he still welcomed the wind as if he couldn’t feel it, “Suddenly I want to try what it’s like to have a goal and work hard for it, after all, to say the least, I’ve never had much focus in my life. So, think of it as trying something new, taking the initiative to do something.”

Xia LeYu tilted his head in confusion, and then he spoke, “Are you trying to understand someone?”


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April 6, 2021 4:29 pm

We seriously need more scenes with Xi Luo in it- It’s so interesting!

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 7, 2021 12:41 am

They desperately want Shen Si. I bet they will get a chance, but just like Parasite before, they will fail miserably and be eliminated by the Special Unit guys. Thank you for the chapter!!! I seriously think this needs ‘psychological’ tag, cause this is heavy, especially considering Shen Si’s situation.

May 18, 2021 1:35 pm

Is it wrong of me to want Shen Si to give Jian Nian another chance? If he can control his possessiveness that is. I feel so much sympathy for him.
I wonder what the physical consequences of using time might be for Shen Si, too.
Thank you for translating.

May 23, 2021 7:46 pm

Could the bad guy who threw the tantrum actually be ‘left’ to the unseen character ‘right’? And both be reflections/dopplegangers of the mirror?

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