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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si searched as much as he could for something different about this person, and to be honest, there was something different between the Cha Li outside and the Cha Li inside. At the very least, Shen Si didn’t see the Cha Li outside with a drawing of his daughter on him.

“Ah, here it is!” Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind Shen Si, a teenager pointed to the picture inside, then he pulled out his card, behind his card was a pattern like Shen Si’s, “Get out of the way! This thing is mine!”

Shen Si didn’t get out of the way, just looked at the teenager standing in place, and was surprised that he claimed to have passed the first level.

“Hey, did you not hear? Get out of my way, or I’ll cut you down!” The teenager’s voice was filled with hostility, as he fished out a knife from his pocket, “If you do not want to get stabbed, get out of my way!”

“Are you like this outside?”

“What? Scared?” The young man looked like the sky was not as big as he was.

Shen Si moved out of the way and he gestured to the teenager, “You go ahead and try.”

Seeing Shen Si move out of the way, the teenager’s eyes flashed with suspicion, but soon he felt that it was Shen Si was afraid of the knife in his hand, so he walked over full of pride, just in the moment of seeing the drawing, the teenager ruthlessly plunged his hand directly into the rainbow wall, trying to snatch it.

At that moment, the Cha Li in the iridescent light hissed and lunged, his body turned into sharp thorns. The thorns viciously stuck in the teenager’s hand, the teenager let out a miserable scream, put his arm in the air and fell backwards. His hand was directly pierced, blood flowing like a river.

“Ah! It hurts! Help!” The teenager cried and looked at Shen Si, “Help me, please help me.”

Although pretending to be heaven and earth, when encountering difficulties that couldn’t be solved, the teenager would still subconsciously turn to an adult.

With a slight sigh, Shen Si squatted down and looked at the teenager’s wound, although it was a penetrating wound it was relatively small, so it was not fatal. Shen Si did emergency treatment before he stood up, “Okay.”

The teenager’s eyes were red as he looked at his hand, he gave Shen Si a hard stare, then turned and ran, and soon ran out of Shen Si’s sight.

“What a rude kid, carrying around a knife, probably a little bastard who learned to be a gangster.” Shen Si stood up, he sighed in a small voice, then turned his head to look at the place where he was just now, and the very moment he saw the iridescent wall, Shen Si’s eyes widened slightly.

Because the person on that wall was no longer Cha Li, but someone familiar to the bone.

It was himself.

Shen Si rushed over and put his hand on the wall, but the self inside didn’t move, just lowered his head, his white hair swirled as if blown by the wind. The white didn’t look dyed, because there was no black at all visible on the roots, and when his eyes were closed, even his eyelashes were white.

“Hey.” Shen Si tapped the wall, “Who are you?”

Seemingly hearing the sound, the person inside opened his eyes. He didn’t speak, nor did he make a horrible expression, he just smiled at Shen Si, then put his hand in his pocket and fished out a card, which was exactly the same as the one Shen Si had gotten before.

There was a big question mark painted in white, like some kind of magic prop, which Shen Si had said about it earlier. In the iridescent wall, the card began to metamorphose, a light flashed, and the patterns on it arranged and reorganized, finally forming a brand new card.

A joker.

In the playing cards, there were two jokers in addition to the normal 52 cards, the red king and the black king. Shen Si touched his previous card from his pocket, and sure enough, he found that the card had turned into a red joker. Turning the card over, Shen Si also saw the use of this card.

【Joker: special card that can save/copy an item in the playfield】

But what could this card be used for? Before Shen Si could ask, it was thrown out, Shen Si subconsciously caught it, and when he looked inside again the person had disappeared.


Shen Si opened his hand and looked at the item in his hand, it was a badge with a star painted on it, both the color or shape exactly the same as the drawing just now. Shen Si looked at the badge, after a moment he pulled out his card from his pocket.

The moment he took out the card, the picture on the card began to echo, which told Shen Si that this thing was indeed the thing he was looking for.

But why?

Just at that moment, the sound of hurried footsteps made Shen Si subconsciously clutch the badge as the teenager lunged out from beside him and slammed hard on the ground.

“Give it to me!” The teenager sat on the ground and hissed, he stared at Shen Si viciously, his eyes full of hostility, “Give it to me or I’ll kill you!”

Shen Si looked at the teenager in bewilderment, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“Of course I do! I know I will die if you don’t give me this thing!” The teenager got up from the ground, “I get it, you tried to kill me, and I’m going to finish you off before you finish me off! That thing is mine, and the one who gets out alive is me!”

Shen Si didn’t understand why he would think that way, in this case, maybe it’s true that the only way to make sure one stayed alive was to rob someone else of their chance to survive. But was it really okay to be like him?

“If you don’t give it to me, you’re killing me! This is your fault!” The teenager hissed brutally, “I’m not an adult yet, and according to the law you can’t kill people!”

Shen Si looked at him puzzled, “How did you get past the first round?”

“By killing the bastard, of course!” A teenager who wouldn’t let anyone else kill him, who said the law didn’t allow killing, rightfully said he got through by killing someone else? Wasn’t that a little too peculiar?

Shen Si knocked on the wall, then pointed to the man in the wall to show the teenager, “The drawing is still in his hand, I didn’t move it. If you want to live you shouldn’t come to attack me, but figure out how to get it yourself.”

“Then what is that thing in your hand?” The teenager stared at Shen Si unbelievingly, “Don’t think you can fool me!”

Without paying any more attention to this brat, Shen Si directly turned around and left, whether the teenager went to find another way or tried to snatch the drawing from the rainbow wall was his own business. Shen Si and this teenager didn’t know each other, and helping him with his wounds before was already all the kindness he had.

A kid who didn’t know how to be polite and kind, he also didn’t bother to teach.

The teenager watched Shen Si cross over to him, he clenched his knife in his hand, like in the TV show and yelled and lunged.

It was not as easy to grab something from a ghost in the wall as it was to grab something from a human! People were so fragile, as soon as the knife was stuck in there would be red blood flowing out, in the absence of treatment, the person would soon die, the undead could see and touch, and maybe get hurt themselves. Of course he would not be so stupid!

With a tick, the teenager’s action froze, time stopped, Shen Si’s footsteps didn’t slow down as he walked towards the outside and snapped his fingers ten meters away.

The teenager pounced, and looked around in bewilderment, but couldn’t see where Shen Si was at all.

“Hey, where are you? Coward! Come and solo PK 1 me if you dare!” The teenager let out a grumpy and intent voice, “Bastard! Coward!”

For a minute or two, no one spoke or appeared, and the teenager shut his mouth as he looked to the wall and finally walked over to it with a wrinkled brow, “…Damn it.”


When Shen Si arrived at the spot there were already several people waiting, those few people were sitting on the ground to rest, most of them showing no fear, regardless of how much they talked. In this situation, Survivors really had to be much more calm than ordinary people; with special abilities, they also had more capital to live.

“Welcome, and congratulations.” Cha Li jumped down from the wall, he smiled a bit forlornly, “But since you are here, that means that memory has disappeared, right?”

Shen Si looked at him inexplicably, “So?”

“I’m just regretting, after all, that’s my past, no matter how much I want to let go of it, I’ll still be sad after all.” Cha Li looked at him with a little sorrow in his eyes, “Maybe you don’t understand what I think, a man who has lost everything and will always miss the past.”

A woman let out a cold laugh, her cold laugh was completely mocking Cha Li, not even the slightest bit disguised.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, let me congratulate you all on winning this game.” Cha Li didn’t feel offended, he was still in a good mood, “You were recognized as winners by the playfield when you passed through this door, those who were looking for the same thing as you would have been ruled defeated outright. I know this fight is really sad, but you can think that you are one step closer to survival.”

“That’s a good thing!”

Shen Si leaned against the wall not listening to Cha Li or any of the people around him. Presumably feeling a bit frustrated, Cha Li sighed and then disappeared into thin air.

“You’re Shen Si, right?” He was wearing a hood and a white mask, showing nothing but his eyes, “The legendary time power, rumor has it that you regressed the entire playfield in time, allowing everyone who entered the playfield to leave unscathed, is this true?”

Shen Si looked at him, “Who did you hear that from?”

“The story has long spread, there are several organizations there, the group of guys are either broken mouth or scum, see a senior survivor can take advantage of blowing themselves to the sky.” Another man picked up disdainfully, “Hey, can you still do something like that?”

“Something like rewind the playfield to before it opened?”

“Of course.” The man spoke with great annoyance, “I just went out to buy a vegetable, is the game not fun enough or the cooked rice not tasty? I don’t want to go into this kind of shit!”

Shen Si thought about it, “Doing it can be done, but it requires paying a price.”

Once the price was mentioned they understood, and didn’t continue to ask.

There were only two reasons why a time-capable person wouldn’t want to go back in time: one was that he needed to get something in this playfield, and the other was that the cost of going back in time was really something he couldn’t afford.

For them, no matter which reason they were given, there was no reason to force Shen Si to make a decision, they were Survivors but they weren’t aggressive scum either.

They needed to find another way.

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Translator Notes:

  1. PK – gamer term, Player Kill, PvP


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