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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The people who found the items came back one after another. They looked tired and most of them had injuries. Shen Si counted them, and there were only a dozen people left in the end, hardly any people like Shen Si who even had neat clothes.

The teenager also didn’t return.

The scene was very quiet, everyone rested, no one spoke at all, not even next to each other, and unlike in the beginning of the game field, when they sat together in order to feel safe, now they had no way to trust the people around them, so they stayed alone as much as possible.

Who knew who would become the enemy in the next game.

Leaning against the wall, Shen Si fished out the cards he had received from his pocket, and the nature of the playing cards, this big ace was labeled a joker, but the picture in the middle was a joker-like design, but he didn’t understand what it meant.

Just then, the male wearing a hood and mask looked up, “Have any of you ever seen a special card?”

“Special card?” The older man next to him looked at him suspiciously, “What are you referring to?”

“The joker.” The male voice was flat and spoke in a small voice, not much more than a murmur, “There are two jokers per deck. Our deck was a regular deck with 52 cards, but with the jokers, where did the big and small trump cards go?”

“Who knows, maybe there is no such thing as these two cards.” The uncle next to me spoke up with a rather unconcerned look, “The cards are just to distinguish the identity.”

“Heh.” The female sneered.

The older man frowned at her, “What are you laughing at?”

“Since these people give us cards for identity, it means that this playfield and the cards are very relevant. The reason why Survivors are called Survivors is to get out of their own way in the rules, even the slightest crack cannot be spared.” The female looked at the older man coldly, “I really doubt how you survived in the unlimited flow world.”

“You!” The older man stood up, then he sat down again decadently, “If I can find a way to leave, I will think about this joker.”

Seeing their argument stop, the male once again spoke calmly, “Is there anyone inside you who is assigned a card that is a joker?”

No one answered.

“Is it possible that the person holding the joker has disappeared?” One of the individuals opened his mouth to raise the possibility, “After all, there are only a few of us now.”

“Impossible.” The male spoke very firmly, “The joker has always joined as an outsider in the deck and has a very powerful and destructive nature, and wouldn’t die so easily.”

“Then go ask that Cha Li?”

“No, I don’t trust him,” said the male touching his hand to his pocket. He fished out a pile of playing cards from his pocket, “This is the cards I collected outside, everyone can report their card numbers, this will also save us from suspecting each other.”

Said the male and took out the cards in another pocket, “10 of Diamonds.”

The crowd looked at eachother. To be honest, in this situation, they really no longer wanted to hurt each other at all, who knows who their next opponent would be, how could an ordinary person defeat a Survivor? Although they doubted how the man had collected the others’ cards, but… it would be great if there really was another way.

After the silence, they each took out their decks and showed them off.

Shen Si took out his 5 of Hearts, and after the crowd had compared them once, the male showed all the cards in his hand.

“Missing some relatively unimportant common cards as well as two jokers,” the male put the cards back together, “It doesn’t look like there are any joker decks present between us, I just don’t know if there are any jokers present in the other playfield underground.”

The crowd looked at each other, and finally they looked at Shen Si.

Shen Si blinked, “What are you guys looking at me for?”

“That flying bird was looking for you last time, right?” The male looked at him calmly, “Was that S Rank Survivor Jian Nian? You have a good relationship with him, even separated into two playfields but can still stay in contact. In that case, can you please do us a favor and let him consolidate the cards of the bottom playfield to determine if there are joker cards present?”

“So which one of you has the bonus item of the bird of prey?”

“This one.” The male threw a card to Shen Si, Shen Si caught the card, the reward card had a bird drawn on it. Shen Si looked at the male, the male nodded towards him, Shen Si wrote out a note, the flying bird caught the note and quickly flew out, after about ten minutes, the flying bird flew back, Shen Si’s note only replied with two words.

No joker.

“Jian Nian said no.” Shen Si returned the bird card to him, “Are you sure there must be a joker card?”

“Thank you for your help, as well as the latter question, there must be an ace card.” The male tapped one hand on the ground, then he looked up, “Have you guys ever been in that alley at the end of the playfield where Cha Li’s memories are recorded on the walls? I saw from those fragmented memories that the man Cha Li was teamed up with had a card in his hand.”

“That card should be the little king, the black joker.”

“So the joker deck must exist, and maybe there are additional effects present.”

The older man nodded, “So, are we now looking for these two joker cards midway through the game?”

“That’s right.” The male nodded, “I suspect that there are other ways to pass this playfield, and this pass is related to the two joker cards that we haven’t seen.”

The crowd looked at each other, and finally they nodded, with a little determination in their eyes. If there really was another way that would be really good, what ‘the entire playfield only allows one person to get out alive’… such cruel things must be false!

The crowd scattered, although they would believe, most of them had planted a seed in their heart. If the joker card really existed, they had the outlook that they could leave alive, they would also think about finding this card and then take possession of it for themselves.

Some people also decided to look at the memory to determine if the joker card really existed.

Shen Si stood in place, his hands in his jacket pockets, his black eyes calmly gazing at his feet, and in his pockets were two cards.

A red 5 of Hearts, and a red joker.

Now no one could be told that he was holding a joker.


Cha Li hummed onward, he was in such a good mood that he couldn’t contain his joy at the thought of the guy in the wall being cleaned out. After all these years, he was finally gone!

How could Cha Li not be happy that after so many years of his existence as a hated, thorn in his side, and even after being taken out by himself, he was still inside threatening his existence, he was now finally safe! At the moment he looked in, Cha Li’s eyes widened and he slapped his hand on the wall, his eyes full of horror.

In the wall, the person with the image of Cha Li unfolded the drawing paper in his hand and watched it, his eyes were full of love, the love that couldn’t be concealed turned into a spike, stabbing Cha Li’s heart fiercely. He could feel his heart stinging, he could even feel the taste of blood rolling around in his throat.

No, he has no sense of taste, even if there was blood gushing out he couldn’t taste it.

But how could that be?!

Cha Li slapped the wall so hard that his hand sank right in, turning into a rainbow-colored light in the wall. As if startled by his action, the man in the wall raised his head to look around, and after looking around he continued what he had just done, as if he couldn’t feel any danger.

Of course not, because Cha Li couldn’t attack him from the beginning, they were all part of the playfield, so even if they attacked each other, they couldn’t do any damage, unless… 

Cha Li pulled his hand out of the wall where it was trapped, and the iridescent hand turned back into its original form after leaving.

To first figure out what the hell was going on.

The item Shen Si was looking for was undoubtedly the drawing in the guy’s hand, but now that the drawing hadn’t been snatched away and the memory node hadn’t been destroyed, how did Shen Si get past the playfield screening? Could there be two more such paintings in this playfield?

Must go to him and ask for clarification!

Forcing the malice he couldn’t conceal on his face under control, Cha Li pulled his face hard to reveal a smile, then his figure disappeared into the air. The next second, he stood in the space where he was used to standing. From his spot, he was able to see Shen Si standing against the wall, relaxed, his entire mental state not quite like anyone else around him.

“Aren’t you worried?” Cha Li was the first to speak up and make his presence known, “Only one person in this playfield can get out alive, everyone is the enemy, won’t you feel embarrassed?”

Shen Si didn’t turn around and his voice was flat, “Worried about what?”

“You have not wanted to kill anyone until now, nor have you attacked anyone, but that is not realistic. Soon you will have to attack others, or even in the end to have a life and death duel with your friends, such a thing, is not very cruel?”

“It won’t happen like that.”

“What?” Cha Li froze for a moment, “Why do you say that?”

“Intuition.” Shen Si finally turned his head and he looked at Cha Li, “What are you doing here to talk to me?”

Cha Li put his hands behind his back and reached out, subconsciously showing a self-consciously amiable look, “I want to know how did you get through? It was awesome to find him still there when I went to check! I thought you had gotten him…”

“Isn’t that nice?”


“He’s a precious memory to you.” Shen Si smiled a little, dark eyes with a little subtlety, “After all, you were so sad to see your past disappear, with a face full of grief, so I had to let him go to find other items instead, and fortunately, I did find it. Are you happy that your memories were preserved?”

The corners of Cha Li’s mouth twitched as he barely suppressed the veins on his forehead, “Yeah? I’m really… happy.”


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Now I know that woman Shen Si met is his daughter! Can’t wait for what happens next!
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So the playfield created Cha Li was collecting various senses to make his artificial life fuller? That’s vicious. God of time, Shen Si, please clean this guy quickly.

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When will be the next chapter be released? I’m so excited that I can’t help but ask… Oh and the translation is excellent tbh…

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Ha! Take that creepy man. Shen Si never gives the play field what it wants. Great chapter!

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