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Chapter 12: Peaceful Forest

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Myka was still hiding in the woods when he saw Princess Hyacinth coming out with the soldier Inkoso.

The castle was too small and there was a canal pretending to be a moat outside. The beautiful elves walked across the wooden bridge to greet the elven soldiers and Knights.

Myka was looking for Hollis everywhere. Anyway, it seemed that the dark elf had failed.

The princess took a step forward, raised her hand and said in a high voice, “Warriors! Thank you for helping us in a time of crisis! Lansuo Valley would like to gift the grapes of this season!”

With a wave of her hand, the elven soldiers who were originally guards actually ran to the back garden to help the Knights pick grapes.

Then Princess Hyacinth and Inkoso stood on both sides of the outer end of the small wooden bridge. The princess continued to recite, “Now, let’s meet the hero of Lansuo Valley! My king, my father, the dawn and stars — His Majesty Relinfall of Lansuo! Our king himself captured the leader of the evil army!”

“Is that an army?” Myka secretly looked at them with a complex expression.

“Speaking of His Majesty Relinfall,” said Sylar in a low voice, “Myka, do you know what the name means in the language of the Lansuo Elves?”

Myka shook his head, “I can only understand some greetings and magic terms in general elvish, but I can’t understand Lansuo’s language.”

“In fact, ‘Relinfall’ means ‘I’m hungry’.” Sylar said.


“This is a beautiful talk in Lansuo Valley,” Sylar seemed to bear a smile. Even if it was not normal, he would think it was stupid. “Many years ago, His Majesty’s mother suffered from dystocia during childbirth and was tortured all day long. Thanks to the elves who invited a mage of Theosophical Double-Cultivation, she finally gave birth successfully — by the way, as far as I know, it seems that many women and babies are related… Was it a pink spell?”

“Yes, but I didn’t study those… Then?” Myka asked.

“Then the mother gave birth to the little prince with the help of magic. The maid beside her asked her, what’s the name of the child? Maybe she was too tired, she just repeated, ‘I’m hungry…’”

Myka looked at the castle in disbelief, the door slowly opened, and the Elven King named ‘I’m hungry’ was about to come out.

Sylar added, “The name of a Lansuo baby must be given immediately after birth, so that the God of Abundance, Aruben, can protect their soul. When the mother recovered, it was too late… The baby was already called Relinfall.”

“It’s good to just listen to the pronunciation,” Myka said, rubbing his eyebrows. “His daughter’s name is normal.”

“The name of Princess Hyacinth was chosen by her mother, who was a city elf. She and His Majesty Relinfall fell in love with each other. Later, because she no longer loved the beauty of Lansuo Valley, she resolutely returned to her country and never paid attention to the father and daughter pair. In the common tongue, the name of Hyacinth is very beautiful. In the Lansuo language, the pronunciation of the word means…” Sylar said and stopped, with a look of compassion, “Belch.”

“Your statement is too implicit,” Myka said. “We generally call the behavior of the Elven King’s ex-wife as abandoning husband and child, and the name of His Majesty and his daughter… We call it human tragedy.”

The Elven King came out — Myka didn’t see him in person the last time he was commissioned to play as an evil mage.

His Majesty Relinfall was taller than the general Lansuo Elves. Indeed, there was a king’s heroic temperament. Myka didn’t know if it was because he had eaten a lot since he was a child. There was no crown or ornament on his head, his black hair hung straight to his shoulders, his face, with a solemn courtesy smile, was clear and his age was as unpredictable as all the elves.

The only thing that seemed to spoil his image was the purple robe he was wearing. And he was barefoot, with two soft indoor shoes of different colors.

He was carrying a slender fellow, the King Hollis, who was tied up in all kinds of ways.

“What happened to the dark elf?” The Druid was puzzled and squinted.

He found that the dark elf looked strange. His head was down and his limbs were weak, it looked like he was hit by failure. How did the disordered hair, slightly reddish black skin, moist corners of his eyes and misty look come about… 

“I think I did it, “Myka said. “I used a spell on him before he rushed over. Because I saw that he was going to dive directly into the house, I used some small means to interfere with him.”

“Slow magic?” Sylar asked.

“No, ecstasy,” Myka said, looking at the dark elf’s appearance, and feeling quite accomplished. “As long as it successfully worked on him, he will feel… It’s a very real sense of pleasure. He will shiver, and stand unsteadily, nevermind being able to fight with people. I’ve heard that some of the recipients can’t help screaming. The duration of the spell is quite limited. He has been caught…”

After Myka finished speaking, he heard from afar the beautiful Princess Hyacinth recite the crime of ‘this evil army’, but the Druid by him didn’t speak for a long time.

Looking back, he found that Sylar opened his eyes, bit his lips and looked at him, blushing.

“Myka, you’re really good at it.” He was like a little girl again.

Myka quickly turned away and didn’t want to respond. He was most afraid to meet such people — there were also such people as his customers. If one talked about magic and strange things calmly, none of them will be embarrassed. Some people liked to make a fuss and blush when they saw a pillow that could say perverted and witty things… It was rather embarrassing.

The princess was still dancing to express her feelings. At this time, the captain of the Knights had to interrupt her recitation, “Madam, when can we leave…”

“My warrior, at least wait for the soldiers to wash the grapes?”

“No, your grapes have flattered us. We really don’t need any more trouble. We can take them back and wash them ourselves…”

“What do you think they will do with the robbers?” Myka decided to take the opportunity to change the subject, “I’m a little sympathetic to the prisoners. They certainly don’t want to be locked with orcs… In the past, sometimes the Knights would take the prisoners to the territory of Todd, where there was an area dedicated to punishing the criminals with labor.”

Sylar didn’t say a word, standing behind Myka like a tree. Myka could even feel two eyes pinned to his back, and he decided to try to ignore it.

“Did you hear me? His Majesty caught the leader of the robbers,” Myka went on, “It’s true that the Lansuo Elves, as victims, have the right to deal with the culprits themselves. But I’ve heard that the surface elves and dark elves hate each other. I don’t know if they can treat Hollis fairly…”

Sylar was still silent, Myka still didn’t want to look back, and didn’t want to face the eyes of the strong and shy guy at this time.

“I don’t like the dark elf, but…” Myka went on, “That Hollis, after all, he was so… stupid. I’ve read some books and heard that the society where the dark elves live is very cruel. Since Hollis is on the surface now, I think he should get the chance to learn.”

At this time, Myka saw that the Knights were ready to leave, and Inkoso, the son-in-law of the Elven King, took the dark elf, who was still limp in the king’s hand, and asked, “My Lord, where should I keep this villain?”

“Put him in jail.”

“My Lord, but there is no prison in Lansuo Valley?”

Princess Hyacinth patted the back of her fiance’s head, “Don’t lose face! Those humans haven’t gone yet! Prison means the basement of the sundry warehouse!”

“But last time you were kidnapped by the evil mage and black dragon, the warehouse was burned…”

Myka couldn’t help but want to use a magic voice to remind them: since they were afraid of being heard, why didn’t they speak in elvish…?

And this little kingdom never built a prison! How peaceful and happy they were!

“Then shut him up in the basement of the castle, and gather up a room to shut him up,” said His Majesty.

“My Lord, a batch of pickled food and plum wine have just been put in the basement of the castle, and there is no place for the newly made fabric curtains…”

“Then shut him in the attic, remove the curtains, let the morning sun shine into the cell, let this evil and beautiful dark creature reflect on his sin in the light!”

Myka thought the conversation was horrible, but the bound Hollis knew how to cooperate. The dark elf struggled helplessly, and cried desperately, “No! You vicious surface goblins! And that sinister, perverted pink robed mage! I will never forgive you!”

“Wow… In this case, I can express my anger seriously. The dark elves are terrible.” Myka muttered in tears and laughter.

“Take him down… No, put him up! ” His Majesty Relinfall waved solemnly.

As Inkoso and Hyacinth pushed the dark elf into the castle, King Relinfall opened his hands to the other elven soldiers, “My people! You were brave in today’s battle! Move tomorrow’s breakfast to tea time in the morning! We will sleep in!”

The elves responded in unison, with a voice as majestic as a prewar oath.

“It’s so stupid that I can’t watch it anymore…” Myka was still in the woods, watching the scene in shock.

Since then, Sylar hadn’t said a word at all, which was strange to Myka. At the same time, he was afraid to look at the shy Sylar, so he didn’t dare to look back. The cow with Myka was still eating grass. Myka was no longer worried about the treatment of King Hollis, and decided to consider how to go home. 

When he looked back, he almost fell down: there was more than one cow behind him. Beside the calm cow, there was a large black buffalo over six feet tall and a body over nine feet long.

And the two cows seemed to be chatting in ways that humans couldn’t understand… 

“Sylar?” Myka asked tentatively. If not for the experience of the giant crocodile before, Myka would have used a floating skill to climb up the tree when he saw the animal.

The cow hummed a few more times, and slowly moved to one side, as if to say, ‘Today’s conversation is very pleasant, do your business, friend.’

The big buffalo nodded to the cow, then walked a few steps to Myka, and touched Myka’s waist with his nose. He was probably answering Myka’s greeting.

Behind Myka was the trunk of the tree. There was no place to hide. In fact, he thought that cows and sheep were lovely, but he felt sick when he thought that buffalo was Sylar… He couldn’t imagine equating the head of a cow with that of Sylar… Sylar nosed his waist… 

The buffalo trod on the ground beside Myka a few times. Myka looked down and saw that there was a palm leaf on the ground. He had written with a charcoal pen, [I’ll take you back. It’s a long way.]

It looked like Sylar left it before he changed. Myka couldn’t understand why he couldn’t say such a sentence directly. When he stared at the buffalo’s eyes, the buffalo also blinked shyly.

In Myka’s mind, there are giant crocodiles and a little mouse, as well as Sylar’s candid letter, and the omnipresent sight of meat… He shook his head firmly, “No. I… I’ll just ride that ordinary cow.”

The buffalo hummed. After a few responses, the cow turned around and ran away happily, faster than when it arrived.

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sylar we need to talk XD

August 13, 2020 10:09 pm

The naming sense of the elves of Lansuo is… tragic, but I couldn’t help rofl-ing hard when Sylar explained it to Myka. And now Myka will ride a bull… lol XD
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Sylar told the cow to run away!!! How mischiveous!!

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Oh my, those names were hideous seriously! I loved how Myka broke down that the mom left husband and wife lol

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What stops Sylar being creepy, in my mind, is his shyness and kind of innocence. He obviously has the hots for Myka at the same time though, but that doesn’t feel pervy. It’s weird.
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Let him take you home, Myka 🐃😊
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