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Chapter 2: Seduction?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


After a rustle, Hu Yu appeared in front of Fu Anli with his clothes slightly undone.  

“Why are you here?” Fu Anli was getting more and more confused. There’s no reason to lock someone up with the same person who wanted to teach them a lesson?  

Hearing his voice, Hu Yu’s eyes dodged around. He looked left and right, but never directly at the man in front of him.   

Being locked up with Hu Yu in this relatively closed space made Fu Anli feel inexplicably upset, “What do you want to do?”  

Hu Yu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, he gritted his teeth, and his mind was full of ideas. He raised his hand and took off his school shirt. When Hu Yu unbuttoned it, his hands were shaking, and he almost didn’t pull the button through the hole correctly.  

Looking at the naked body of the young man in front of him, Fu Anli’s pupils shrunk abruptly. He does not notice the chill in his voice, “What are you doing?”  

Hu Yu took off his pants, walked over and hugged Fu Anli, his face flushed, “I really like you.”  

Fu Anli slowly raised his hand to touch the white and smooth body, but just as his fingers touched the other’s skin, he pulled back his hand as if he had been scalded.  

He pushed Hu Yu away as if he had suddenly regained his mind. There was a trace of panic in his voice, but he sounded more disgusted, “Is this the way that you fox spirits seduce people? Strip and present yourself on a silver platter? It’s a pity that it’s useless on me, you can’t seduce me. Besides, are you trying to slap your own face? Do you have to rush up and plaster yourself on me? Is it because I refused you too much?”   

Hu Yu, who was pushed away by the other party, fell down on his butt. The contempt and disgust in Fu Anli’s eyes made his face pale. In the face of the other’s vicious words, Hu Yu felt ashamed and embarrassed. He kept shaking his head, “I didn’t want it to be like this…”  

“I don’t like it when you’re in front of me, I’m not used to you flirting with me.  I don’t want to be teased by you, I’m not used to it.” He said, regardless of Hu Yu’s reaction, then vigorously kicked the door.  

Shen Yu, who had not gone far away, was shocked when he heard the banging. He ran to open the door so it wouldn’t be broken. As soon as the door opened, Fu Anli left in a hurry, as if he was hiding from the plague. He passed Shen Yu without looking at him.  

Shen Yu looked into the equipment room and saw Hu Yu sitting on the ground, ashen-faced and naked. He breathed slowly and ran to him, “What’s the matter? Did he hit you? Fuck! I have to call him back!”  

Hu Yu grabbed Shen Yu’s arm, “He didn’t hit me…”  

Hearing this, Shen Yu calmed down for a moment, “So this is… He refused you? It’s okay. It’s okay. Next time…”  

“There’s no next time…” Hu Yu’s eyes were red, he picked up his shirt and trousers and put them on.  

Shen Yu was shocked for a moment and felt a little surprised. No matter how many times he tried to persuade him in the past, the other party always fought  for Fu Anli to the end. So why did he give up when he was rejected this time?  

“What happened? Did Fu Anli tell you something?”  

Hu Yu hung his head and the thought of giving up Fu Anli made him feel a burst of pain in his heart. “I was wrong. I should have given up after being rejected at the beginning. If I had changed my love earlier, this would not have happened today.”  

But Hu Yu knew in his heart that this was impossible, because he would only like Fu Anli in his life.  

Shen Yu is worried about Hu Yu’s current state, “Don’t do this. Today is my fault. I shouldn’t have given you such a bad idea. Don’t cry… or should I beat him to vent your anger?”  

Hu Yu stopped crying, “Okay, who will you beat?”  

Seeing that he didn’t cry, Shen Yu was a little relieved, “Okay. Okay, I’ll let him go. Now that you are out of Fu Anli’s misery, brother will introduce you to a better love someday.”  

Listening half-heartedly, Hu Yu didn’t hear the last words. He nodded absently, “Mn.”  

Seeing him nod, Shen Yu raised a big smile, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to milk tea today!”  

Today is Friday. The school had been inspected by the Education Bureau previously, so they didn’t dare to give students extra lessons on the weekends. They can go home early today.  

As soon as Hu Yu got home, he asked about the flavor of the meal and his favorite roasted chicken wings with honey sauce. He wanted to cry again, but he couldn’t. So he sorted out his emotions and  changed his shoes as he entered the door.  

“Back?” Father Hu brought out a cup of chicken soup from the kitchen and put it on the table.  

“Mn.” Hu Yu raised his lips in a smile. “It smells delicious. I’m hungry.”   

“Go and put your school bag away, wash your hands and come out to eat.”  


Hu Yu returned to his room, closed the door and dropped his bag. Hu Yu patted himself hard in the face, “You can do this! Cheer up! Don’t let your parents worry!”  

During the meal, he didn’t know whether Mother Hu intentionally or unintentionally asked Hu Yu whether he liked someone.  

Hu Yu stiffened and stammered, “No… no, why do you ask?”  

“What are you nervous about?” Mother Hu glanced at him. “We are not human parents. It’s normal for us to like someone at this age. After all, you are an adult.”  

Hu Yu quickly swallowed a few mouthfuls of rice and shook his head, “Not really!”  

Father Hu added a piece of chicken wing into his wife’s bowl, “Yes, you are. You have grown up. You have someone in your heart. Don’t go into heat in public.”  

“Mm-hmm.” Hu Yu nodded again and again, wanting to quickly put the topic to rest, but also did not hear what the other side said.  

Sure enough, after that, Mother Hu stopped worrying about whether Hu Yu had a person he liked.  

Hu Yu returned to his room after dinner and began to shut himself off again.  

Hu Yu was angry. His heart and his self-esteem were presented to Fu Anli with both hands. However, the man not only discarded it like a dirty old shoe, but also crushed it severely. Now he was even more angry. Even though he was treated like this, he still liked Fu Anli.  

What’s so good about Fu Anli? Besides being handsome and being smart, what else was there? Why did he have to like him? Why can’t it be someone else?  

“It can’t be like this,” Hu Yu said to himself as he lay in bed. “If I call out to him again, I’ll be punished for being a chicken  my whole life!”  

He did not believe this, how can a fox demon only like one person in his life? He must like a second person, let all the other demons see them, and then this fox demon will not be hanged from a tree! Hu Yu thought with red eyes.

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August 27, 2020 11:49 pm

At last Hu Yu can open his mind.?.hore …hore

August 28, 2020 5:32 pm

Thank you for the story. Poor kiddo!

September 18, 2020 3:41 pm

Thanks for the translation!!
Poor Hu Yu (ㄒoㄒ)

November 19, 2020 7:15 pm

I perfectly understand Fu Anli’s reaction here. This was a cheap move from any perspective. Also, wouldn’t it be disappointing for their character if the person you like pounces on you just because you striped in front of them, after so many unfruitful confessions ?

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