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Picked Up By a Zerg

 by Molly Zhuang

被Zerg撿了回去 by 莊molly

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, drama, nsfw, zerg, interstellar, weak gong, strong shou, harem, short, polygamy, m-preg

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 4 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: GaeaTiamat

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~

Chapter 1: Inseminating a Female Zerg

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Admiral Clarence John was about to die because his SSS bloodline was agitated due to not getting the favor of a male Zerg. This wasn’t the first time Clarence John had lost control. The Empire was also trying to help him find a male Zerg. The hope was that a male Zerg could use his spiritual power to calm Clarence John’s spirit, but as a female Zerg with a natural bitch face and sharp eyes, he had even scared one young male Zerg into crying.

Most male Zerg had been blacklisted for marriage due to Clarence John’s bad reputation and arrogance. Now, Clarence John wasn’t wanted even as a female.

The Empire felt sorry for the only existing SSS female Zerg. It would be their greatest regret if such a high-class lineage was lost. They didn’t know when the next SSS ability would appear. They may have to wait centuries.

The planet to the southeast was bright and wild, with an ecological balance of plants and animals, lots of greenery, and calm seas; a rare natural planet. No starship dared go near it, since everyone knew that Admiral Clarence was there as he prepared to spend his last days. Who would want to go there and die?


Gu Yi had been in this primeval forest for two days now. He had found a sea, but it was of no use. What he needed was a way out. Two days of wild fruits and dew weren’t very filling, and he wanted to eat something high in calories and carbohydrates.


“Is there anyone there?” Gu Yi was going crazy. He had been traveling with a camping team, but had unexpectedly slipped, fell into a valley, and got separated from the team. It was his first time camping. He didn’t know how to survive, and he was hungry because of the instinct to eat and drink.

“Ah…ua!” Gu Yi was so scared that he screamed, then he realized he shouldn’t shout and covered his mouth with his hand.

Mom, why is there such a big insect in this world!? Even in the dinosaur era, it wouldn’t exist, right…?


Clarence’s intelligent brain alerted him to the fact that the pheromone fluctuations of a male Zerg were detected around him, so he flew through the blue waters and into the jungle to find Gu Yi.

It was indeed a male Zerg.

Clarence was attracted by his pheromones. The air was filled with the perfume of this male Zerg, and he was unable to stop himself.

I want to keep it for myself…

Want to suck all the pheromones in his chest…

Want to swallow him…

Gu Yi moved his legs and ran, but after only a few steps, he fell to the ground with weak legs.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. I…”

Gu Yi hadn’t expected the insect to speak! It was a demon beast!

The insect also stretched out its tongue and licked him, so now its saliva was all over his body. It got even more excited, licked him, and tried to use its tongue to move him into its mouth.

Clarence should be taking the male away since there were troops on duty around the planet, and they would protect the male’s safety. But his head was about to explode from pain, and all he wanted now was to take possession of the male.

Clarence rolled up Gu Yi with his tongue and into his mouth, then spent a few minutes looking for a cave.

The Admiral discovered that Gu Yi had gotten an erection, and became even more excited. He was glad that the male had reacted.

Gu Yi wanted to slap himself a few times. He was in an insect’s mouth, but he was still thinking about sex.

The insect concentrated on licking his bottom, and Gu Yi was so comfortable that he ejaculated twice. Both times the insect swallowed all his semen. Any man would be proud to see his own semen swallowed, so Gu Yi was very happy.

When Gu Yi came back to his senses, he found that the insect had become smaller, then gradually morphed into a human. The pattern on his forehead and insect wings on his back showed his identity. Three minutes ago he was still a full insect.

After having cummed twice, Gu Yi was tired. Clarence didn’t give him a hard time. He made a thatch bed for Gu Yi to lie down, then put their mouths together and tangled their tongues in a kiss.

Clarence had just returned to his human form and was naked. He held Gu Yi’s erection, then shoved it into his ass, but he had to stop several times because of dryness.

Gu Yi was in pain, but no words came out of his mouth.

Clarence used the kissing techniques he learned in physiology class to try to distract the male, but the results didn’t seem very good. He couldn’t resist anymore and simply sat down directly. The torn back hole oozed blood and moistened the intercourse area.


Gu Yi and Clarence both hurt, but the Admiral was even more eager. He lifted his hips and, though he shook just as he was entered, he spat out a little cum and then thrust deep, as if he wanted to swallow both of Gu Yi’s balls.

Slowly, Gu Yi got used to it. He started to enjoy it, and sought more intense pleasure. Clarence couldn’t help but moan, and let go of the lips that had been kissing him.

Gu Yi came twice in that hot hole before Clarence let him go because he really couldn’t cum anymore.

With a male Zerg having soothed him, Admiral Clarence regained consciousness. He went out to catch Gu Yi a wild animal, and roast it for meat.

“What do you call yourself?”

“My name is Gu Yi.”

There was no more conversation after that.

When the Admiral saw he had stopped eating, he asked, “Have you eaten enough?”

Gu Yi nodded his head.

Clarence leaned over, and grabbed Gu Yi’s cock.

“You’re not an adult yet, are you? You look like you’ve never mated.” Clarence stroked up and down, as he teased the cock that had cum in his ass that afternoon.

“Give it back…I…don’t have anymore…”

“Please…just once…”

The Admiral casually spread his asshole a few times, loosened it a bit and then shoved the hard cock in.

The male was obviously not an adult yet since he couldn’t even hide his pheromones. He was probably about to become an adult, and had just entered the rebellious period. He probably had a quarrel with his family before he left home to come here.

Clarence raped a male Zerg cub in order to live, which was undoubtedly a capital crime under Imperial law.

The rape of a male Zerg was enough to put even a SSS class in prison for life. It was impossible to say there was any reason when it was done to a cub, regardless of class.

Now his only way out was to get pregnant and become the mother of a larva. That would keep him from being executed immediately after he was found. His expected time of death was one month, so in a month, the army would send someone to check on him. If he wasn’t pregnant by then, he’d be dead.


There were many female Zerg who’d been unable to conceive young for decades after marriage. Of course there were reasons why male Zerg were less likely to help them conceive, but there are also reasons why female Zerg had difficulty conceiving themselves. However, the military doctor said he would have it easy conceiving, so if he could be inseminated for a month by this male Zerg, he shouldn’t have a problem.


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Wow I nearly missed this Zerg short story. Can’t find it listed anywhere and hardly anyone else seems to have read it

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🙈🙈🙈steamy beginning

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